Hammer of Nazahn


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare

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Hammer of Nazahn

Legendary Artifact — Equipment

Whenever Hammer of Nazahn or another Equipment enters the battlefield under your control, you may attach that Equipment to target creature you control.

Equipped creature gets +2/+0 and has indestructible.


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Hammer of Nazahn Discussion

usaDiabetic on Human EDH

20 hours ago

Sweet build friend. Maybe Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots to protect Sigarda and as a haste enabler, even Whispersilk Cloak. I also like Darksteel Plate and Hammer of Nazahn for indestructible.

usaDiabetic on The Dead Fuel the Strong

21 hours ago

Maybe add Lightning Greaves Hammer of Nazahn and Darksteel Plate to protect your creatures. Once you start putting counters on them they're going to have some big bullseyes on them.

Either way sweet build!

DuTogira on Competitive Sunforger package

22 hours ago

With Hammer of Nazahn being a thing, you actually don't need that many "equips cost 0" cards in the deck, since anything that can grab an equip can grab the hammer. It makes running a ton of artifact/equip tutors almost a much higher priority.
I've found Rakdos Charm especially good with forger, because it can destroy artifacts, can nuke someone trying to do some sort of infinite creature/Primal Surge strat, and can Exile yards in a cinch. Really good tech card that one.

czarkingrex on Big Black Ihsan

2 days ago

Here we get to some VERY IMPORTANT additions, Equipments!

redace10 on Ojutai's Prodigy

1 week ago

Cool deck, I love how Taigam just amps up the value of instant/sorceries to crazy high levels.

My main qualm I see with this deck is that you have very few ways to protect Taigam. Reconnaissance is powerful and all, but it doesn't get around the fact that Taigam is still targetable/destroyable. A few suggestions:

Darksteel Plate, Hammer of Nazahn, Shield of Kaldra, Indestructibility, Shielded by Faith, take your pick. Taigam has to stay on the field at all costs, you lose him, your deck slows to a crawl. Heck even Bastion Protector would be worth a look.

Keep him untargetable with the help of Champion's Helm and/or Diplomatic Immunity. Lightning Greaves should also be in there. Shroud can be a bummer, but having Taigam spot removed is worse.

Counter spells should also be in this deck to help protect Taigam. Supreme Will immediately comes to mind, with rebound it's fantastic. Blue has a long list of counterspells, I suggest you find your favorites and run a few. Cryptic Command would be the MVP of your deck if you had it.

Hope this helps, happy spell-slinging :)

NensouHiebara on Sram, Senior Edificer | Equipment Voltron

2 weeks ago


Silverblade Paladin is another card I'm planning on replacing, but with what is still up in the air. I'm waiting until after the full Ixalan spoiler before I start finding potential additions.


Hammer of Nazahn is an immense upgrade over Darksteel Plate for Equipment Voltron. The power boost and free equip trigger is well worth the loss of Plate's own indestructibility.


Having to discard cards due to a overloaded hand is a significant annoyance, and Sword of Fire and Ice's mandatory card draw trigger can fill my hand faster than I can empty it. Reliquary Tower is something I'm playing with to see if its inclusion is necessary.

jan75 on Balan, Wandering Knight

2 weeks ago

Update after having played the Deck a few times, some things need to change:


I'm swapping Kemba, Kha Regent with Balan, Wandering Knight. This leads to the removal of Kemba's cat tokens and thus (cat) tribal cards must go. I'm also exchanging some other stuff just for efficiency.





In the end i've removed one wipe, removed tribal cards and swapped ineffective equipment with better equipment.

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