Riku of Two Reflections

Riku of Two Reflections

Legendary Creature — Human Wizard

Whenever you cast an instant or a sorcery spell, you may pay UR. If you do, copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay GU. If you do, put a token that's a copy of that creature onto the battlefield.

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Riku of Two Reflections Discussion

whatskraken on Ulasht Tokens

1 week ago

Hi, Glollum.

I play a Riku of Two Reflections token build, so I may be able to help you out.

No tokens deck is complete without Parallel Lives, and if you have the budget, Primal Vigor and Doubling Season.

Avenger of Zendikar, Hornet Queen, Siege-Gang Commander, and Brood Monitor all make a lot of tokens on ETB.

A Conjurer's Closet would allow you to not only blink your ETB tokens creatures but you can also blink your commander, allowing you to remove all of the +1/+1 tokens from him every turn and then get them back at the end of your turn. A Kalonian Hydra will also increase the counters on your commander.

These are just thoughts, so do what you want with them. Happy building!

Cyberninja16 on Jhoira of the Goodstuff

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the comments Dalektable and dalinius97!

Right now, I'm currently still building the deck, (that's why it's both help-tagged and in prototype), so she's built on the estimation of how well she'll do against my future meta. My play group is casually competitive...for now. We've actually have had people retire their super strong Narset, Enlightened Master or Riku of Two Reflections decks because the power balance was so off. However, recently this sentiment has changed due to the temporary death of standard before SOI, ($200 just for lands for a viable deck is stupid...I digress). In recent months, things have gotten a hell of a lot saltier, and everyone has slowly been adding more power to their decks. Talk around the shop says that everyone is building up a much more powerful deck, so I finally started towards building Jhoira in response to this. That's why suggestions are so important right now!

As for stopping turn 3 wins, I've rarely had a problem with getting either a counter or removal in hand by turn 3-4 while play testing. However, Jhoria is not what I'd call a "fast deck." Even with the perfect hand/draws she would have trouble winning a pod before turns 5-6. Compare this to Zurgo Helmsmasher who could run through people by turns 2-3 with the right hand/draws. Unless you have Show and Tell in your opening hand..... that's a whole different beast.

Finally, despite that $1100 price tag this deck is the cheaper version of what the "Ultimate" form of it would be. Let's look at my current acquireboard at TCG low prices shall we?

Bazaar of Baghdad - $636.00
Jace, the Mind Sculptor - $65.00
Mana Crypt - $135.96
Mana Drain - $169.58
Rishadan Port - $58.99
Scalding Tarn - $64.28 (non-expediton)
Temporal Manipulation - $62.99
Timetwister - $527.65
Volcanic Island - $210.00

Added moneys needed = $1930.45 Damn, cardboard is expensive!

Wulle123 on Intet Landfall

4 weeks ago


Thank you for your input! I know it's taken some time for me to reply, and I apologize for that. The idea with Intet, the Dreamer as commander is, as stated in the discription, just to open up the temur colors and because of the utility of her triggered ability as it pretty much opens a second hand as long as she remains in play with free spells. I don't really need her in play for the deck to work, however I do believe that she should be in play by turn 4-5, possibly turn 3 if I'm very lucky.

As for the other commanders, Animar, Soul of Elements wouldn't really fit as I don't have that many big creatures to cast in the deck and he's also a bit too expensive for my current budget. Riku of Two Reflections could work, but I don't really like him. That's just my opinion, so you can run with him if you want. He is also very easy to remove, as you hinted yourself, and quite expensive in terms of budget. The only commander that really piqued my interest is Surrak Dragonclaw. Not really because of the trample (don't get me wrong that is quite powerful with all my tokens) but because he makes all creature spells I cast immune to counterspells. And you can use him as a sort of counterspell since he has flash. I am considering him as a potential replacement for Intet, the Dreamer, but I'm not quite sure. :-/

TranquilWyvern on Intet's Dragon Brood of Dreams

1 month ago

I've been meaning to replace Inferno Titan with Bogardan Hellkite or Dragonlord Atarka for a while now but have not got around to doing it.

Riku of Two Reflections is actually pretty good for this deck, but before I put him into this deck, I think I would put Animar, Soul of Elements since he makes all my dragons cheaper.

Huh...Riku also works well with Deadeye Navigator by giving me a outlet to flood the field with dragons for 1UUG each. It'll take a while to get there, but it could work.

ThePlaytester on Intet's Dragon Brood of Dreams

1 month ago

I love me some Inferno Titan but I don't think he fits the feel of the deck. If he's a monster in the deck, great! But if not, maybe try Riku of Two Reflections? If you're not worried about mana efficiency he can be great to get another couple of spells or creatures on the stack. Let me know what you think.

CommunistBastard on Time Stop.

1 month ago

So I play Riku of Two Reflections and was wondering if I play the spell Time Stop and copy it with Riku's ability, does this end two player's turns? Or just the first? Only reason I ask is because we've been at that point where we just need one more turn to finally go off and win and I think this could be my answer.

Thor_the_Defenestrator on Intet Landfall

1 month ago


Interesting deck you got there, the GRU combination seem to be really nice for landfall.

Have some questions regarding the commander though, is the high cost compensated by extra land drops from abilities? When can you expect to get him into play?

Have you considered using Surrak Dragonclaw instead? He is 1 CMC cheaper than Intet, the Dreamer, and buffs all your creatures. Since he gives all creatures trample it opens up for other choices among your high CMC creatures.

Another guy that might not be as fun but at least might be worth considering is Riku of Two Reflections. You would be able to get extra triggers for cheap, but he would probably be a high priority target though.

And I think Animar, Soul of Elements would be really, really interesting in this deck too. Casting your heavy hitters earlier would be nice. And he is cheap, so if he died a few times it wouldn't be a big deal.

What's your take on the commanders in this case?

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