Vampire Hexmage

Creature — Vampire Shaman

First strike

Sacrifice Vampire Hexmage: Remove all counters from target permanent.

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Vampire Hexmage Discussion

Daedalus19876 on alesha testing

2 weeks ago

n0bunga: It's always a good day when I get a comment from you, they always help so much to flesh out ideas...

Mindclaw Shaman was there to try and grab Expropriate from someone, since there's a guy who plays it all the time. Still, you're right that it's one of the more conditional ones. I think this deck will have a rotating sideboard of silver bullet effects that I can side in...

While I do like Hatebears in this deck, Oppression is also vital to this deck because it lets me drop my reanimation targets into the GY while also curtailing many other combo decks. My biggest problem in preliminary testing is that I don't have cards in my GY by T4, when Alesha is first able to attack.

I still think that Thief of Blood is a really good substitute for Vampire Hexmage. Steal everything from everyone, beat face, repeat. Glorious.

What other sac outlets should I be playing? I need to find ways to put my relevant creatures back in the GY.

Daedalus19876 on alesha testing

2 weeks ago

n0bunga: Thanks for the fast response! Here are my thoughts on those:

Archetype of Finality was an attempt to make sure Alesha (and the reanimation target) survives combat. Did you not find it useful enough in that role?

I see your point on Azorius Justiciar.

I have Stonehorn Dignitary in here already, but I thought it might be handy to have Blinding Angel for redundancy (and since it has evasion, it might stick around to keep one player locked down while I use my recursion on something else).

Awwwww, I like Dauthi Mindripper to make Alesha into ": Target opponent discards three cards."

Kor Cartographer was there to grab Shocks, and the Flagstones/Crucible/Stack combo is WAY too much money if I plan to build this IRL.

I also see your point on Noosegraf Mob. Getting ten power for 2 mana is pretty sweet though...

Netherborn Phalanx is too conditional, I guess...

I can't afford Fulminator Mage. For now, Goblin Grenadiers will have to take that slot. There is frequently someone with no creatures in my meta, though, so I think he'll go through a reasonable amount of time.

Vampire Hexmage kills planeswalkers and neuters Atraxa. I'm a fan...But maybe Thief of Blood could do the job better...

Oppression is so viciously fun, though. And I don't plan to cast many spells, since much of my deck works by recursion from the GY...

Possibility Storm is in there for the lock with Eidolon of Rhetoric/Rule of Law. Nobody gets to play non-commander spells ever again!

n0bunga on alesha testing

2 weeks ago

Okay, let's get at 'er. Let's weed out the ones that offer the least amount of misery and perhaps contemplate more hate:

Let's cut the non-staxArchetype of Finality - deathtouch is nice, and I thought of this in my alesha build but ultiamtely it's not going to be something you buried alive or entomb for.

Azorius Justiciar - similar reasons as above.

Blinding Angel -- swap for Stonehorn Dignitary

Dauthi Mindripper - discard is nice, but we can get meaner

Kor Cartographer - ramp is fine, but we've mana rocks for this, and and I'll be perfectly honest I was never in need of it. If you want to go that route, Flagstones of Trokair, Crucible of Worlds and Smokestack can help recur that.

Noosegraf Mob - not feeling this, you've the ability to create 5 zombies as sac fodder, which I totally get, but I feel we can do more, or that your other creatures do more outside of token gen.

Netherborn Phalanx - contingent on others always having a creature. I'd rather you board in Reveillark to complete the Karmic Kombo.

Goblin Grenadiers - swap for Fulminator Mage

Vampire Hexmage - unless you're planning on going Dark Depths, I'm not too keen on this dude.

Rotting Rats, Delirium Skeins, Oppression - I like the idea of these. Their detriment is your benefit, but Wild Guess helps you in that you choose when you discard, and you draw from that. Nahiri, the Harbinger could also benefit greatly here. She's card advantage and filtering, removal and a useless ultimate we don't care for.

Possibility Storm - Why's this here?

Crackbubba on Snakes on a Planeswalker

2 weeks ago

Birds of Paradise should be replaced with a fatter dork or a mana rock and Blood Artist is wasted space. You have so many -1 to all creatures you are better off with something else. Rendclaw Trow suffers because he likely can't persist, but wither makes him useful still. Hex Parasite and Vampire Hexmage would help, but only as a way to remove counters from your creatures.

5_Emmas_in_Main on Marit Lage Turn one win!

3 weeks ago

I play Dark Ritual already! For Example: Gemstone Caverns , Lotus Petal , Dark Ritual , Vampire Hexmage , Dark Depths and Lightning Greaves! So you play the Gemstone Caverns first, then Dark Ritual and Vampire Hexmage . Now you can play Lotus Petal and Lightning Greaves! You play Dark Depths and sacrifice it into Dark Depths to get Marit Lage on which you equip the Lightning Greaves! Attack and you just attacked for 20 Damage.

srolli on Karador's Graveyard Harvest

3 weeks ago

Not certain if you have considered it already, but I would recommend Vampire Hexmage. Absolutely wonderful for sniping planeswalkers and other pesky counter using cards while being easily reusable in Karador.

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