Vampire Hexmage

Vampire Hexmage

Creature — Vampire Shaman

First strike

Sacrifice Vampire Hexmage: Remove all counters from target permanent.

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Vampire Hexmage Discussion

Ungodlyfreak on It's Tax Time!

1 month ago

Oh, and I added Dark Depths to go with Vesuva, & Vampire Hexmage. I swapped Hexmage in over Thrull Parasite as a move against counter cards/decks, so i figured depths was a logical next move.

Apollo_Paladin on Still the One

1 month ago

Neat build!

I'm not saying it NEEDS a revamp, but if you want to toy around with it:

Have you thought about splashing Black into this deck? That could help a lot with your control vs. creatures (particularly in Legacy format).

Vampire Hexmage is pretty much the other staple combo card with Dark Depths. You might also toss another Thespian's Stage in there as well just to complete that combo set for "speed Depths" too either way.

Slow Motion can be evil recurring control for you, I've got a midrange deck that uses those to devastating effect. It can be fun to stack them up on a creature the opponent is hell-bent on saving, only to lose out and return them all to your hand for a repeat.

Propaganda is another card I use in my blue control deck and it's quite effective (especially with multiples in play).

Index can be quite helpful in a deck relying on combos for speed. 1 mana for Scry 5 can be brutal and give you a massive advantage off the draw.

RiotRunner789 on Need Help Developing an "Ertai, …

1 month ago

Vampire Hexmage get's rid of counters on any one target (though doesn't prevent them).

I think an aristocrats strategy would would best with theft as a sub-theme but if you do go theft, you'll probably want mill as a sub-theme to give get more targets from the yard.

Also, don't forget about Ertai's Meddling. Amazing counter spell that is under appreciated. It can counter the un-counterable as well.

Elmoisamac on Kokusho Reanimator

2 months ago

Great list! I think you should consider reducing the numbers of 4-6 drops to speed the deck up a bit.

Cards to consider removing: Dusk Legion Zealot - only drawing one time seems minimal Steel Hellkite - Maybe too pricey Vampire Hexmage - Not very impactful imo Thief of Blood - Keep an eye on this one, the floor seems low.

Cards to consider adding: Phyrexian Reclamation Victimize Necropotence Phyrexian Arena Wound Reflection Darksteel Ingot Zulaport Cutthroat

DemonDragonJ on Double Masters Speculation

2 months ago

Further reprints of Thespian's Stage and Dark Depths are very nice, and the fact that WotC is also reprinting Vampire Hexmage in this set makes it clear that WotC wishes for players to be able to summon Marit Lage without excessive difficulty.

SilentPlague on The Vampire Mechanic

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions. I was mainly playing with what I already have. I think I have Vampire Hexmage and Duress. I'll probably go for those. Definitely been looking at getting more Captivating Vampires/ Thanks again.

Undead_Assassin on The Vampire Mechanic

2 months ago

I'm not sure if the following cards are remotely playable in constructed.

Butcher's Glee



There are simply better options in these slots, Urge to Feed, Feast of Blood, Victim of Night, Go for the Throat, Duress, Vampire Hexmage, Indulgent Aristocrat, Stromkirk Condemned all would have better utility in the modern format and are all very budget friendly.

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord, Thoughtseize, Champion of Dusk more copies of Captivating Vampire, would be the $$$$$$ upgrades I would suggest.

jacobpmesser on Vengeful Crab

2 months ago

I wouldn't waste any slots for spells because you'll probably mill them. Maybe creatures you can fetch with etbs, Vampire Hexmage, Plague Engineer, Reclamation Sage, Plaguecrafter, Fulminator Mage. (because of Fiend Artisan). But honestly, I don't think it works here. I'd probably use Lazav, the Multifarious. Pay 1 turn it into a Crab. Play a land for mills. Pay 1 to turn it into a Supplier when it's targeted.

Spells I do use are like Raven's Crime, Darkblast, Worm Harvest for obvious reasons.

Creeping Chill is a card.

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