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Marshal's Anthem

Marshal's Anthem


Multikicker {{1,W}} (You may pay an additional {{1,W}} any number of times as you cast this spell.)

Creatures you control get +1/+1.

When Marshal's Anthem enters the battlefield, return up to X target creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield, where X is the number of times Marshal's Anthem was kicked.

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Marshal's Anthem Discussion

ReggaeTrolI on Defeat at Iroas' hands is inevitable...

1 week ago

Hey dude, thanks for commenting on my Aurellia deck!

I really like your creature base! Only card I would add is Solemn Simulacrum

I think your deck is a bit heavy on the enchantments and land. Maybe consider swapping a couple of lands and enchantments for mana rocks like Sol Ring , Boros Signet , Mind Stone , Gilded Lotus , Darksteel Ingot and Boros Cluestone (I normally don't like cluestones but BW has trouble with card draw and every little bit helps). This would help your deck get a more explosive start.

As for the enchantments, I would cut a few of the low impact ones and add Marshal's Anthem and Legion's Initiative (awesome against wipes).

To address the card drawing problem that BW decks have, I feel that cards like Staff of Nin and Mind's Eye are almost mandatory, you could try running Reforge the Soul since it's already in your maybeboard.

Last suggestions that come to mind are Mistveil Plains for your sunforger package, always nice to get used instants back into your deck. Return to Dust is also a stronger card than Wear / Tear in the modern age where you need to deal with theros gods.

Oh and Blasphemous Act is AWESOME when you have Repercussion on board.

Hope these suggestions help!

Headers13 on A Kiss With A Fist Is Better Than None

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions. I've just done an in and out list based on suggestions I received earlier. When I've got time tomos I'll try and work your suggestions into that list as well. Sol Ring . Marshal's Anthem . Soul of Shandalar and Slayers' Stronghold look very appealing.

FancyTuesday on A Kiss With A Fist Is Better Than None

1 week ago

Thanks for the +1! I've taken a look at your deck and here's some first impressions. I see you're on a budget so I'll steer clear of the Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite types.

Sol Ring > Khalni Gem: I know you're on a budget, but you can buy/trade for ugly/beat up white bordered Sol Rings pretty cheap. At 4 Khalni Gem comes out late for a "ramp" card and sets you back pretty hard, especially if someone destroys it. In a format where board wipes like Akromas Vengance and Nevinyral's Disk are so prevalent you'll be doing yourself a huge favor.

Coldsteel Heart > Boros Keyrune: 2 drop mana rocks that come in tapped are better for acceleration than 3 drops that don't come in tapped. Early game/opening hand it's the difference between having 3-4 mana open on turn 3 and spending that turn dropping a rock, and late game coming in untapped just means they give you back the 1 mana you aren't spending on a 2 drop.

Mind Stone > Pristine Talisman: See above. You don't really have the lifegain triggers (Searing Meditation, Well of Lost Dreams, etc) to benefit from regular lifegain. Best case scenario you get it out early and it gives you 7 or 8 life over the course of the game, but more often than not you'll get more out of the faster ramp and the potential to cycle the card in a pinch.

Jeska, Warrior Adept / Kruin Outlaw  Flip > Akki Coalflinger: You have very few creatures that don't have first strike innately, and Coalflinger can't attack and give first strike so in the event that it's giving someone else first strike it's not swinging itself. I'd give a slight edge to Jeska here since she has haste and her plinking gives you some utility.

Brion Stoutarm / Assemble the Legion > Blaze Commando: You only have 3 cards in the deck that will trigger Blaze Commando, so the odds of him getting any work done are pretty low. With Brion you get a sac outlet and lifelink in a cheaper creature, and Assemble the Legion can overwhelm people within turns if they don't have an answer.

Marshal's Anthem / Celestial Crusader / Angel of Jubilation > Dictate of Heliod: Marshal's Anthem can get you back in the game quickly when someone wraths and gets better as the game goes on. I mention Celestial Crusader and Angel of Jubilation as well because for a deck that depends on creatures swinging 25 is a little light.

Other cards I think would fit in without specific replacements (and without breaking the bank):

Mirran Crusader - A little pricey $$$-wise, but double strike is a beating and the extra protection is a bonus.

Duergar Hedge-Mage - Wear / Tear with a 2/2 body to chump or trigger battalion.

Soul of Shandalar - 6/6 first strike for 6. Late in the game he can smack people directly for 6 and burn their board, with Gisela you can double that. If/when he dies it's direct damage from the graveyard. Soul of Theros is also good but is more dependent on you having a favorable board state.

Slayers' Stronghold - The real strength of this card is that late game the utility of giving a creature haste for 3 mana is very valuable. With Gisela out or double strike the buff is +4/+0, with both it's +8/+0 and vigilance is just icing on the cake.

Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep - Nothing spectacular, but it's cheap, slots in for a Mountain and gives Aurelia, Tajic, and Iroas first strike. Brion too if you add him in.

241543903 on Gods of Theros: Challenge!

2 weeks ago

So I did the redo of that match. As Boza said, it didn't matter in long run but I had to be sure. Anyway, enjoy today write-up!

Boza's Karametra, Primal Genesis VS brokendwarf's I've got recursion out the ass


Recurssion wins the roll and decides to start.

Recurssion keeps this hand: Plains, Swamp, Volrath's Stronghold , Phyrexian Arena , Marshal's Anthem , Zombify and Sepulchral Primordial .

Genesis keeps this hand: Plains, Forest, Concordant Crossroads , Eternal Witness , Bear Umbra , Sigarda, Host of Herons and Reya Dawnbringer .

R1: Plays Swamp and passes.

G1: Draws Forest and plays it into Crossroads. Passes.

R2: Draws Hero's Downfall . Plays Plains and passes.

G2: Draws Forest and plays it. Passes.

R3: Draws Unburial Rites . Plays Stronghold and Athreos, God of Passage . Passes.

G3: Draws Plains and plays it. Passes.

R4: Draws Stitch Together . Passes.

G4: Draws Forest and plays it. Passes.

R5: Draws Restoration Angel . As he haves 8 cards in hands, he discards Angel. Passes.

G5: Draws Plains and plays it. He plays Karametra, God of Harvests . Passes.

R6: Draws Plains and plays it. He plays Zombify on R-Angel and passes.

G6: Draws Solemn Simulacrum . He plays Plains and Sigarda, Host of Herons , fetching by Karametra Mistveil Plains . Passes.

R7: Draws Scrubland and plays it. He plays Phyrexian Arena and plays it. Passes.

G7: Draws Gilded Lotus . Plays Forest and Bear Umbra on Sigarda. He plays with remaining mana Solemn, fetching for Plains and Forest. He swings with Sigarda and Karametra and Solemn, Angel blocks Karametra (R31/G40). Genesis pays 3 life for R-Angel (R31/G37). Genesis untaps mana thanks to Umbra and casts Reya Dawnbringer . Passes.

R8: He draws Hell's Caretaker and Body Snatcher . He plays Snatcher, discarding Caretaker. Passes.

G8: Genesis draws Genesis . He plays it (fetching Forest) and Gilded Lotus. He swings with everything he haves, Karametra got blocked by Minion. (R14/G34). Genesis pays 3 life for Minion, reviving R-Angel. Passes.

R9: He draws Blind Obedience . Recurssion surrenders.



Recurssion decides to start.

Recurssion keeps this hand: Plains, Swamp, Entomb , Bloodghast , Zombify , Rescue from the Underworld and Defy Death .Genesis keeps this hand: Plains, 2x Forest, Yavimaya Elder , Burnished Hart , Mirrari's Wake, Luminate Primordial .

R1: Plays Swamp and Entomb, burying Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite . Passes.

G1: Draws Courser of Kruphix . Plays Forest and plays it. Passes.

R2: Draws Betrayal of Flesh . Plays Plains and passes.

G2: Draws Plains and plays it. Passes.

R3: Draws Plains and plays it into Athreos, God of Passage . Passes.

G3: Draws Plains. Plays Forest into Courser of Kruphix , revealing Champion of Lambholt . Passes.

R4: Draws Swamp and plays Zombify , reanimating Elesh. Passes.

G4: Draws CoL, revealing Forest. HE plays that Forest (R40/G41), revealing Plains. HE plays Yavimaya Elder , who automatically dies, tutoring Forest and Plains, after shuffle revealing Forest. Passes.

R5: Draws Restoration Angel . He plays it (no blink) and swings with Elesh. (R40/G37). Passes.

G5: Draws Forest revealing Plains. He plays it. (R40/G38), revealing Mistveil Plains . He plays Mirrari's Wake. Passes, discarding Plains because he had too many cards.

R6: Draws Vault of the Archangel . He plays Bloodghast and swings with R-Angel, Elesh and Athreos. The third one got blocked by Courser (R40/G29). Passes.

G6: He draws Mistveil Plains and plays them. He plays Primordial exiling Elesh (R47/G29) and then Champion of Lambholt . Passes.

R7: Draws Plains. He plays it and plays Betrayal of Flesh , killing Primordial. He swings with R-Angel and Bloodghast, Genesis lets them go through (R47/G24). Passes.

G7: Draws Forest. He plays Forest, Karametra, Hart, uses Mistveils ability on Courser and cracks Hart. The Champion is left as a 4/4 with 2 counters. Passes.

R8: Draws Land Tax and plays it, then uses Vault of the Archangel s ability. He swings with R-Angel and Bloodghast, Genesis decides to let them go through (R52/G19). Passes.

G8: Draws Kor Cartographer . He plays Plains and Kor, fetching Plains and Forest. He uses Mistveils ability on Primordial. He swings with CoL (R37/G19). Passes.

R9: Land Tax triggers, picking up Swamp and two Plains. He draws Plains and plays it. He uses Vaults Ability and swings with R-Angel (R41/G15). Passes.

G9: Draws Forest and he plays it. He uses Mistveils ability on Yavimaya Elder. He swings with Carthographer and CoL (R37/G15). Passes.

R10: Draws Profane Command . He taps-out for it for X=5, killing CoL and decreasing Genesiss life (R37/G10). He swings then with R-Angel (R37/G7). Passes.

G10: Draws Worldspine Wurm . He plays Plains and plays it, fetching Plains. He also uses Mistveils ability on CoL. He swings with Carthographer (R34/G7). Passes.

R11: Draws Phyrexian Delver . Plays Swamp and swings with R-Angel with VotA ability triggered (R37/G4). Passses.

G11: Draws Admonition Angel and plays it and Forest, exiling Restoration Angel . He swings with Kor, Wurm and Karametra (R12/G4). Passes.

R12: Draws Swamp and plays it. Seeing that he wont make it till next turn, he surrenders.


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twilight_sparkle907 on Boros 3.0

2 weeks ago

Great looking deck! You have all the components of a very good EDH deck. The only thing I can suggest are simply that: Suggestions. Take them if you will.

Weak cards

Nomads' Assembly
This card is a powerhouse when it works, but also does nothing when it fails. It requires you to already have an army in play in order for it to work, which, if you have an army in play already, why do you need to add to it?

Boros Battleshaper
The problem with this card is simply that he's outclassed by Odric, Master Tactician . Odric is cheaper, has first strike, and influences almost the entire enemy board. However, the Battleshaper can do some cheeky things in multiplayer EDH, so there's that.

Evangel of Heliod
There are plenty of better token producers. This guy falls into the same category of Nomads' Assembly in the sense that you need to have a board state before this guy is any good. His body is poor, and at that mana cost his army isn't very impressive.

Sundial of the Infinite
Not entirely sure why this card is in here. Often times, interactions with this card aren't good enough to warrant its inclusion.

Light of Sanction + Lightmine Field and Powerstone Minefield
This interaction is too small and narrow to be worth running. Often times the cards will be dead in your hand, or hurt you if one of the pieces gets removed but you can't remove the other one.

Suggested Replacements

Marshal's Anthem
White/Red is a color combination with little-to-no draw, and so other means are required to get back into the game when you are behind. This handy enchantment not only brings back the all-important angels/army-makers, but also buffs up your guys.

White Sun's Zenith
I can't tell you how many games you're going to win with this card. It's instant speed, which means you can suddenly threaten lethal at any given moment. Not only that, but it also shuffles back into the deck! Nobody expects it the second time!

Odric, Master Tactician
His ability must not be overlooked. Getting him down and swinging with him almost always means you get a free ride straight to your opponent's face. And if that's not important, gather up all the weaklings your opponent has and smash their faces with your swords.

Cloudgoat Ranger
This guy is in almost all of my token-decks because of how cheap he is, and how much power he represents. Early on, you get to swing it for 6 damage, but once your opponent grows a defense, you can get him up into the sky. A cheap, early army-in-a-can.

Hall of the Bandit Lord
An absolutely necessary land in a Boros deck. Giving your creatures haste for the surprise attack will let you win games from seemingly out of no where.

Goodstuff Cards

Command Tower
Literally every EDH deck should have this.

Path to Exile
Not a very fun card, but it's the reason why white is such a powerful color in EDH. In an aggro deck like this, keeping your removal low-cost is always a good idea.

Council's Judgment
The new EDH allstar removal. It'll get rid of anything you want, with the added benefit of possibly getting rid of even more things.

Coalition Relic
The best mana rock you can get your hands on. Great mana fixing, allowing you to store mana, just everything about it is great.

Blasphemous Act
One of the cheapest board wipes in the game. This card will almost always cost 1 mana when you need it to. Auto-include in any EDH deck playing red.

Eldrazi Monument
I win the card. If they can't deal with this, you just win the game.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
One of the worst cards for you to go against also happens to be one of the best cards to have. It powers up your guys, shrinks your opponent's guys, attacks, blocks, just does everything. And at a fairly reasonable price too.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope
If you get this card out, there's almost no possible way for you to lose. They can't do a thing to any of your guys. Or anything really. The game suddenly becomes a Titan versus a couple of kittens.

RussischerZar on Legion of the Sliver

3 weeks ago

A few anthem effects maybe? Marshal's Anthem especially, and/or Collective Blessing , the new card Obelisk of Urth, Dictate of Heliod .

Otherwise Dictate of Erebos , Mirror Entity , Adaptive Automaton , Chameleon Colossus , Brass Herald , Cavern of Souls , Opal Palace .

And if you're willing to chance an interruption in Primal Surge maybe also Distant Melody or Harsh Mercy for the lolz.

BlazeRyder on Thalia and Staxes

3 weeks ago

The problem with Anthem effect is that if they're not on a creature they will always cost 1 more since Turn 2 is Turn Thalia. Despite their potential to swing games, I'm unsure if Spear of Heliod and Marshal's Anthem are worth spending 4-7+ mana on in this deck. The one noncreature anthem I might potentially run is Eldrazi Monument but the sacrifice clause is very risky. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.2 $0.63 $1.74 $2.23
Color(s) W
Cost 2WW
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.76
Avg. cube pick 4.22


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Worldwake Rare