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Marshal's Anthem

Marshal's Anthem


Multikicker {{1,W}} (You may pay an additional {{1,W}} any number of times as you cast this spell.)

Creatures you control get +1/+1.

When Marshal's Anthem enters the battlefield, return up to X target creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield, where X is the number of times Marshal's Anthem was kicked.

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Marshal's Anthem Discussion

landstalker10 on Human/Angel (HELP WANTED)

3 hours ago

Midrange always need control.

Drop Herald of War , I want to make it work to. Bottom line is it takes 2-3 rounds on avg to work once in play.

Drop 2x Seraph Sanctuary Add 2x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

Drop 4x Luminarch Ascension Add 4x Precinct Captain

Drop 3x Gather the Townsfolk (doesnt fit with Sun Titan Add 3x Elite Inquisitor

Drop 2x Marshal's Anthem Add 2x Brave the Elements

This is a start. You will see on testing that bit a HUGE change.

Gotta work in some exiles

Budget use these which work wellBanishing Light Oblivion Ring

OtherwisePath to Exile Swords to Plowshares

These changes mostly are cheap, except nyx, but if you are going mono anything its a must have card.

SpringingTiger on Mono-White Tokens (Help Wanted) - v2.0

2 days ago

OK. I've made some major adjustments, and this is the result. For reference, here are the cards that I've added:

Windbrisk Heights , New Benalia , Emeria, The Sky Ruin , Eiganjo Castle , and Mistveil Plains ; Strip Mine and Wasteland ; Soul's Attendant , Soul Warden , and Angelic Chorus ; Enlightened Tutor , Idyllic Tutor , and Academy Rector ; Darksteel Mutation ; True Conviction ; Oblation , Condemn , Banishing Stroke , and Unexpectedly Absent ; Vedalken Orrery ; Armageddon and Ravages of War ; Wrath of God ; Ajani, Caller of the Pride ; Akroma's Memorial ; Coat of Arms and Obelisk of Urd ; Crucible of Worlds and Smokestack ; Strionic Resonator ; Duplicant ; Solemn Simulacrum ; Sensei's Divining Top and Scroll Rack ; Worn Powerstone and Thran Dynamo ; Snow-Covered Plains , Scrying Sheets , and Extraplanar Lens ; Aven Mindcensor and Hushwing Gryff ; Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Linvala, Keeper of Silence ; Stoneforge Mystic ; Raksha Golden Cub ; Sword of Feast and Famine , Sword of Body and Mind , and Sword of Fire and Ice . I've also removed Marshal's Anthem and Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon" .

Now for the card-by-card breakdown:


I think that Raksha Golden Cub looks really sweet, so he's been added. I've also added three of the Swords, and Stoneforge Mystic to find them. I added Sword of Feast and Famine because you suggested it specifically, Sword of Body and Mind because it puts on a token, and Sword of Fire and Ice because it will draw me cards. My only potential problem with that configuration is that I don't have a Sword that grants protection from white, so I'm thinking about switching Sword of Fire and Ice to Sword of War and Peace . I'm also wondering about adding Kemba, Kha Regent , because she makes cat tokens if she's equipped, and I already have Swords in the deck for Raksha. Something else I'm wondering is if Ajani's Chosen is good enough to play, because he also makes cat tokens.

Aven Mindcensor , Hushwing Gryff , Avacyn, Angel of Hope , and Linvala, Keeper of Silence have been added as well. I decided not to add Iona, Shield of Emeria in at this point. Also included are the soul sisters, Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant , for life gain, Academy Rector as a tutor, Duplicant for removal, and Solemn Simulacrum for ramp. I also removed Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon" , because he's really just a 4-mana anthem that's easy to kill (although he gets boosted by most of the anthems, so maybe that's a mistake).


Akroma's Memorial , Obelisk of Urd , and Coat of Arms were easy includes. (With Coat of Arms , If I have Brimaz, King of Oreskos , 3 cat tokens, and 2 soldier tokens, Brimaz and the cat tokens will each get +3/+3, and the 2 soldier tokens will both get +2/+2, because Brimaz is a soldier as well as a cat, right?) I wasn't going to add Adaptive Automaton , but after adding Raksha Golden Cub I'm reconsidering. I also added three Swords, as well as Snow-Covered Plains , Scrying Sheets , and Extraplanar Lens . (The Snow-Covered Plains count as basic in regards to the singleton rule, as well as being searchable via Land Tax or an opposing Path to Exile , right?) The other two pieces of ramp I added are Worn Powerstone and Thran Dynamo . (I decided not to go with the slower options you mentioned, just because they're slower, although I'm reconsidering Caged Sun , because it's also an anthem.) I've also added Crucible of Worlds , Smokestack , Strionic Resonator , Sensei's Divining Top , and Scroll Rack .


Darksteel Mutation and True Conviction have both been added, as have Enlightened Tutor , Idyllic Tutor , and Academy Rector . (The highest cost enchantments I could find for Academy Rector are Celestial Mantle , Eldrazi Conscription , Martyr's Bond , Touch of the Eternal , and True Conviction - and I haven't added any of them yet, except for True Conviction .) I also added Angelic Chorus , which is similar to the soul sisters, except it's an enchantment and gains me more life, and I removed Marshal's Anthem .


Oblation , Condemn , Banishing Stroke , and Unexpectedly Absent have all been added, as have Wrath of God and Armageddon , as well as Armageddon 's functional reprint, Ravages of War . I also added Vedalken Orrery . (Brimaz is still a nonland card, even though he's not in my hand, so I can cast him at instant speed with Vedalken Orrery , right?) I didn't put Crib Swap , Three Dreams , or Plea for Guidance in, although Plea for Guidance is interesting. (And Three Dreams can't get Heliod, because it only finds auras.) I also left Devout Invocation in for now, but that could change.


Ajani, Caller of the Pride has been added, but I'm wondering if he's really worth it, because I don't see him getting to ultimate very often, as I'd expect that he would usually be killed before he got to 8 loyalty. I'm also wondering about Ajani Goldmane and Ajani Steadfast , but my guess is that they're not good enough overall to put either of them in for their middle ability. The other 'Walker I'm thinking about is Gideon Jura .


I've added Scrying Sheets , Emeria, The Sky Ruin , Eiganjo Castle , and Mistveil Plains , as well as New Benalia and Windbrisk Heights . I also added Strip Mine and Wasteland . As for basics, I added 25 Snow-Covered Plains . I'm also wondering about Evolving Wilds and/or Terramorphic Expanse , as additional shuffle effects for Sensei's Divining Top and Scroll Rack .

I'm now at 110 cards, so I need to make 11 cuts. If you have some more advice, that would be GREAT! Once again, thank you SO much!

Dritz on Communist Fist (Boros EDH, Help Please!)

5 days ago


You can't use Sunforger effectively with X cost spells. From the rullings:

10/1/2005 The card is cast from your library, not your hand. You choose modes, pay additional costs, choose targets, etc. for the spell as normal when casting it. Any X in the mana cost will be 0. Alternative costs can't be paid.

Besides that the rest of your suggestions are pretty solid.

I'd also recommend things like (laundry list incoming):

Ajani Vengeant (versatile), Aurelia, the Warleader (lots of devotion and powerful ability), Slayers' Stronghold (potent utility), Disenchant (versatile), Intimidation Bolt (removal + combat control), Grand Abolisher (protect your turns), Eiganjo Castle (utility), Homeward Path (utility), Sword of Vengeance (Beaters become threats), Opal Palace (make Iroas, God of Victory more of a threat), Assemble the Legion (win-con, good with Fight to the Death as well), Darksteel Mutation (Threat becomes chump blocker), Faith's Fetters (utility removal), Marshal's Anthem (anthem + recursion), True Conviction (gives your field some oomph), War's Toll protect your turns by forcing commitment on theirs), Return to Dust best artifact + enchantment hate you can find with Sunforger ), Steelshaper's Gift (basically Sunforger two).

There are a bunch more things I could suggest that are mostly listed in the List of EDH Staples and Power Cards. There are also lists that are more refined that you can locate through Google search by searching for the original list.

When it comes to things to remove I'd suggest some variety of the weaker aggro creatures like Akroan Hoplite and/or the weaker token generators, they have minimal synergy with Iroas and they don't give great rates of power in EDH.

That's my hastily put together two cents. Good luck!

(Also, I linked enough cards that it won't suggest the cards after Faith's Fetters though the suggestion system.)

Validis on The wrath of Kaalia

1 week ago

I love Kaalia lists, that being said, I love seeing kaalia play out really aggressively, so I recommend the use of a card that makes all creatures cost 3RR, Aggravated Assault , because everyone likes kaalia attacking more than once a turn. that being said, Sword of Feast and Famine makes a neat combo, for infinite combat steps as long as you are hitting. also Sol Ring , Boros Signet , Rakdos Signet , and Orzhov Signet , because turn 2 kaalia is really quite impressive.

You wanted defenses? Well, kaalia decks are great for reanimator targets, so things like Beacon of Unrest & Unburial Rites (which you already have), Rise of the Dark Realms , Balthor the Defiled , Dread Return , Marshal's Anthem , and Living Death .

I can't think of any creatures to reccomend at this point in time, but maybe I'll come back later and see.

None on

1 week ago

At a glance, it seems to me that you're somewhat unfamiliar with the EDH format, so forgive me if some of the things I say sound a little obvious.

In EDH you generally want sustainable and lasting value out of your cards, since the games tend to go long, and temporary effects/tempo plays won't get you very far. Recursion is also extremely good in EDH. Since this is a multiplayer format, and games go very long, your graveyard will fill up and have lots of options for you to choose and reuse cards with great value.

My suggestions are as follows:

First, for board clearing, I'd add Hour of Reckoning , as it doesn't interfere with your token strategy as much as something like Planar Cleansing does.

For ramp, I'd add Nissa's Expedition and Explosive Vegetation . These put lands directly onto the battlefield, opposed to some of the cards you're using that put lands in your hand, which makes them slightly better.

For recursion, I'd add things like Restock , Eternal Witness , and Marshal's Anthem .

For removal, I'd add Acidic Slime , Return to Dust , Condemn , and Beast Within . Condemn in particular allows you to tuck an opponent's commander on the bottom of their deck, making them unable to recast them from the command zone. Similarly I'd use Oblation or Unexpectedly Absent , but that's up to preference.

Finally, for cards that generally support your strategy Avenger of Zendikar , Geist-Honored Monk , Angel of Jubilation , Increasing Devotion , and Collective Blessing are my suggestions.

Good luck on your deck, and welcome(?) to the EDH format.

ForEverLost1 on red/white ally

2 weeks ago

I run a deck very similar. For me, I run 2X Sun Titan in order to get back creatures. But, Marshal's Anthem is a good spell for that as well. Honestly, I'd drop your Tuktuk Grunts. For the mana cost vs. their stats, it'd be more better to run a full play-set (4 ea) of the Evangel. Splinter Twin would also be a nice addition, because the copy token would activate the trigger of each of the allies. Just, reinforcing what qwert1trewq said, almost all red based decks should run a play-set of Lightning Bolt s. A play-set of Akoum Battlesinger would boost your fast Aggro output. Just to recap: Drop Tuktuk Grunts and the Pumas for 2X Sun Titan and a play-set of Battlesinger. Drop some of your Equipments, War Paint, and Manabarbs for a play-set of Lightning Bolt, Join the Ranks , and Splinter Twin . One last note, that particular Ajani looks like it's work well. Just be aware, Ajani is a bit of a target once he hits the field.

YoyoCobra on All dat life gain

2 weeks ago

Hey guys, thanks for the reply's.

MagicalHacker Lol I lowered the amount of Celestial Mantle 's so that helps with lowering the card count. I went and looked at some of the decks you've made and my god! You have made a lot of decks! which is awesome! Yeah I'm happy to listen to any advice you wanna give.

nobu_the_bard so i went Through and removed Solemn Offering , Survival Cache , Ray of Dissolution ,Orzhov Keyrune , Ajani's Mantra , Nyx-Fleece Ram , Chalice of Life  Flip , Healer of the Pride , Eidolon of Countless Battles , Soulmender and Wall of Omens . With most of those cards I got blinded by the life gain and didn't weigh up the cost to benefits.

I'm still not too sure about removing these cards. Archetype of Courage I like all my creatures having first strike, it also makes opponents a little wary about attacking me especially with Archetype of Finality out as well. Shattered Angel seems like it could provided a lot of health in a four player game. I left Radiant Fountain in because taking it out won't decrease my card count as I would replace it with a land card, it doesn't enter tapped and even though it's colourless mana it may be useful.

FancyTuesday I was a little hesitant with replacing Avatar of Woe with Ashen Rider as Avatar of Woe just seems like a really scary card to have out but with Ashen Rider I can use him to attack as well, which is something I probably wouldn't be doing with Avatar of Woe .

Souls of the Faultless will get me life if I can get some combat damage on him but that's way to reliant on my opponents. I think I was hoping to be able to boost him up and using him to block for days. so I did swap him out for Archon of Justice

Mind's Eye is definitely a card I needed so that went straight in. Marshal's Anthem is pretty handy as well seeing as there is quite a few low strength creatures. I was a little hesitant to put in Darksteel Ingot and Coalition Relic as i've never really needed to ramp much or been out ramped and lost due to that but I figured it's proably better to have them in. Coldsteel Heart is a nice card so that went straight in.

At the moment price is an issue so I'm going to have to leave out Sheoldred, Whispering One , Duplicant , and Karn Liberated . But I'll keep them in mind, if the deck proves to be fun, I'll keep on improving it and adding more expensive cards as I go along.

I think my main win con was to have Sunbond attach to a life link creature and then swing like crazy but being EDH there would be a lot of answers for that. When Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts was my commander I was going to boost her up and swing away but with the change of commanders that's not an option. So I guess the main win con is remove most of the opponents defences and swing in, most of my creatures have flying so if there is something I haven't removed I can still evade. I still have the ability to exploit Sunbond & Indestructibility so that's another one there. Also the combo of Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond can take out everyone.

I'm also thinking of adding Painful Quandary , any thoughts? Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.2 $0.63 $1.74 $2.23
Color(s) W
Cost 2WW
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.76
Avg. cube pick 4.22


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake Rare