Marshal's Anthem

Marshal's Anthem

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Multikicker 1,W (You may pay an additional 1,W any number of times as you cast this spell.)

Creatures you control get +1/+1.

When Marshal's Anthem enters the battlefield, return up to X target creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield, where X is the number of times Marshal's Anthem was kicked.

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Marshal's Anthem Discussion

Potatoswordman on Gisela's tower of laser power

4 days ago

I will swap out the Crater's Claws for Devil's Play but i am not subbing out Shivan Meteor its to funny of a card not to play. I would probably swap out Marshal's Anthem for Into the Maw of Hell instead.

dealumi on Karador Graveshadowborn

2 weeks ago

Good suggestions, especially the mana base. I've more or less left my land selection alone for fear of wanting super-expensive lands. :p I'll definitely put in the ones you've mentioned (possibly excepting the Karoos; I don't like them much). Crypt of Agadeem will be in for sure.

I mainly picked Dread Cacodemon for it being an 8/8 I could fetch with the Apostles, but I just noticed it doesn't have flying, so that will probably go; maybe some changelings will take its place. Bloodgift Demon is sound, but I might leave Indulgent Tormentor in as well just for good measure. I suspect I'll draw more often than not, especially if I pick on people with low life/few creatures. :p Pestilence Demon might go as well; I didn't consider it and the Apostles on-board at the same time.

I have no idea why I put in Plea for Guidance over the other tutors; I guess I was mainly thinking it'd fetch Bloodbond March and one of my shrouds on one card. But I don't really need those, so Increasing Ambition will do nicely in its place.

I'm in love with Leyline of Sanctity; I have two of them in paper, but their online price is an absurd 10 tickets, so I picked alternatives. They're mostly in here because of the dangers of Bojuka Bog; I only wish there was a "cards in your graveyard have hexproof" to supplement it.

I like the suggestion of on-death effects, and I'll consider Teysa, Orzhov Scion. Beastmaster Ascension is hilarious, and might also work nicely. One other thought I had was Descendent's Path, since it might just pop Apostles (or later, demons!) onto the field for free.

I didn't do research on this deck before making it, so things like Edgewalker and Doubling Chant (and Pack Hunt) were random ideas that seemed to work well for me. I'll probably replace either Return to the Ranks or Marshal's Anthem with the new card coming in Fate Reforged, since it's basically Immortal Servitude but one cheaper. (They exile at end step, but if I have a multiple of six I can sacrifice them all for more demons and it won't matter.)

I might also try a completely different build, perhaps BUG, using Verdant Succession and the few blue color-changing effects. But I suspect that wouldn't work well as often as this might.

Thanks for all your help!

sonnet666 on *Looks at a tombstone* *grins*

2 weeks ago

Love the name.

Cuts: Goblin Lore Proclamation of Rebirth Return to the Ranks (you don't have enough 1 and 2 drop creatures to justify those two) Tormenting Voice Torrent of Souls Prophetic Flamespeaker Stingscourger Silverblade Paladin Tymaret, the Murder King Village Bell-Ringer Raid Bombardment (you know the creatures Alesha brings back won't get attack triggers, right?) Crackling Doom Ambition's Cost Ancient Craving (there's better card draw in black) Ankle Shanker (? The attack triggers again, this one's a toss up.) Bog Initiate (doesn't seem all that useful) Goblin Bombardment (there are better sac engines in your colors) All of these cards are either too weak for commander or don't benefit you enough in this particular deck.

Definite adds: Meekstone Attrition Buried Alive Stronghold Assassin Altar of Dementia

Possible adds: Duergar Hedge-Mage Blind Zealot Garza's Assassin Ignition Team King Macar, the Gold-Cursed Liliana's Specter Mindclaw Shaman Mirror Entity Nekrataal Siege-Gang Commander Sin Collector Phyrexian Revoker Viashino Heretic Millikin

Pricier cards you might enjoy Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Necrotic Sliver Serra Ascendant Duplicant Weathered Wayfarer High Market Entomb Phyrexian Tower Wheel of Fortune Dark Confidant

You also need some discard engines so you can skip straight to reanimating things with Alesha: Cunning Lethemancer Necrogen Mists Mindslicer Hammer Mage Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Thought Gorger Undead Gladiator Curse of Chaos Necrogen Mists Mask of Memory

Other things to consider:

Reveillark is a leaves play trigger that does the exact same thing as your commander and can't be reanimated with her, I don't see the point.

Karmic Guide Order of Whiteclay Reveillark Sun Titan Dread Return Immortal Servitude Proclamation of Rebirth Marshal's Anthem Return to the Ranks Unburial Rites Unearth Torrent of Souls Whip of Erebos and Victimize all do the same thing your commander does. That's a tiny bit redundant, don'tcha think? If I were to keep any of them it would be: Karmic Guide because you can tutor it into your graveyard and use it to repeatedly recur things that either Alesha can't hit or that you don't want to have to attack with; Sun Titan because he hits non-creatures and is a total boss; Immortal Servitude mass recursion is after all, mass recursion; and maybe Victimize or Dread Return.

Attack triggers: creatures reanimated with Alesha won't get them. This kind of reduces the effectiveness of Ankle Shanker Fervent Charge Mardu Ascendancy Path of Bravery and Raid Bombardment, but it's up to you whether you still want to include them.

Fantastic tutor engine that runs very well in this deck: Insidious Dreams + Wheel of Fortune/Wheel of Fate/Reforge the Soul. Tutor a whole bunch of cards, drop a bunch of targets for Alesha, get all the cards next turn +a little extra + you get to mess up all your opponent's hands.


Lastly I should mention that I got most of this off of CommanderTheory's Alesha primer, which you can find here:

Not clicking the suggestions thing cause holy shit I linked a lot of cards.

Phaetion on Fate Reforged Commander Talk (Legendaries ...

3 weeks ago

Epochalyptik: I mostly agree with you...except with Alesha. She certainly has some potential. Combine her with sac outlets, ways to keep Alesha alive and nifty stuff like Karmic Guide and Abyssal Gatekeeper. Oh, and while we're at it, let's toss in Dictate of Heliod, Marshal's Anthem, and other anthem effects.

The possibilites are there. We just need to find one or more cards with which to use her, like Strionic Resonator. My Johnny senses are all over Alesha right now.

luther on Giant Tossing

1 month ago

Knight of the White Orchid for Kor Cartographer for sure. Avacyn, Angel of Hope so you don't lose things you dont want to. Martyr's Cause for a little protection and as a way to sac everything after an insurrection. Martyr's Bond as a Grave Pact effect. Eternal Dragon as a recursive creature, plus it serves as a pseudo-ramp with the plains cycling. Masterwork of Ingenuity to copy your sick ass equipment. Nahiri, the Lithomancer for lots of shenanigans (ex. nahiri, Brion Stoutarm, and Argentum Armor are on the field. +2 nahiri to make a 1/1 that auto equips to become a 7/7 to sac each turn). Definitely add Sacred Foundry since the knight of the white orchid and eternal dragon can search for it. If you have the money for it either add Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre or Kozilek, Butcher of Truth so you will never be decked, plus they are super amazing. Lastly, Marshal's Anthem as a way to reuse creatures as well as an anthem effect to make extra combat damage plus stoutarm toss strength.

SanguineousFe3C on Rith's Army (suggestions needed)

1 month ago

Druid of the Anima may be more useful than Avacyn's Pilgrim since it can tap for all of your commander's colors. Beastmaster Ascension comes to mind as a great token pump. Sylvan Offering seems like another good card to add for token ramp. Marshal's Anthem is a great way to bring back your creatures as well a give all of your creatures a slight boost.

ExileThis on Yggdrasil's Children - Selesnya Tokens EDH

2 months ago

Marshal's Anthem is good as an anthem and as late game recursion.

Color(s) White
Cost 2WW
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.21
Avg. cube pick 3.96


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Worldwake Rare

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