Marshal's Anthem

Marshal's Anthem


Multikicker (You may pay an additional any number of times as you cast this spell.)

Creatures you control get +1/+1.

When Marshal's Anthem enters the battlefield, return up to X target creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield, where X is the number of times Marshal's Anthem was kicked.

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Marshal's Anthem Discussion

Panas on Hixus's Grand Army

2 days ago

Any particular reason you don't run Swords to Plowshares or Path to Exile? More anthems are also good: Mikaeus, the Lunarch, Crusade, Honor of the Pure, Marshal's Anthem, Spear of Heliod, Dictate of Heliod, Cathars' Crusade and Angel of Jubilation are some of the best. Thalia's Lieutenant is also quite bonkers! In commander, assuming you will be playing in multiplayer, one for one removal is not so good as in a normal game of magic. Think big when it comes removing everything and anything. Of course some single targeted unconditional removal is still good but my point is a Grasp of Fate is better than a Stasis Snare. Add some good card draw: Mentor of the Meek is probably your best option here. Also, good job on building your first commander deck! and for being gutsy enough to go with a not so common general! :D

windexnose44 on Mikaeus, the Human

1 week ago

@ PhlyingJinxer - lol, take your time, man.

I've had some more thoughts, these slightly more organized (probably because I slept).

YmPrat on Ayli: Recursive Power!

2 weeks ago

Crypt Ghast will generate good mana for you, and you can use that extra mana to extort your cards. Your opponents won't be too upset at losing 1 life per extorted spell, but gaining 3 (assuming it's a 4 player pod) is pretty good.

To help with reanimation you should consider Necromancy, Debtors' Knell. Day of The Dead, Coffin Queen, Marshal's Anthem, Nim Deathmantle and Reveillark.

Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble are both cards you might consider. They slowly whittle down your opponents down by themselves, make boardwipes cause someone a lot of pain, and can help you combo out. Take for instance Animate Dead + Blood Artist + Leonin Relic-Warder , by repeatedly exiling Animate Dead with the Relic-Warder you can kill off everyone else. (Necromancy or Dance of the Dead also work in place of Animate Dead. The Relic-Warder can also permanently exile an artifact or enchantment if you sacrifice it in response to it's enter the battlefield ability, which is nice since it's much easier to combo out with it in the graveyard.)

A couple of creatures that are fantastic to sacrifice to Ayli are False Prophet and Yosei, the Morning Star, and if you manage to put a Gift of Immortality on either of them it will likely win you the game.

Mimic Vat can stop some infinite combos your opponents try to use, and can alternatively be used to give you additional useage of your own creatures.

Sword of the Animist is a card you might overlook at first, but it's surprisingly good in an Ayli deck. I often get 4+ additional lands out of it before some finds a way to get rid of it. Viridian Longbow is also really good with Ayli since it can repeatedly kill off enemy creatures due to Ayli's deathtouch.

Since your deck seems a bit light on card draw you might consider running Erebos, God of the Dead, Well of Lost Dreams, and Bloodgift Demon.

cerealkyra on Eight-and-a-Half-Tails

3 weeks ago

50 lands seems like way too many for a deck with an average cost of 3.22. Maybe a Mass Calcify to stick with the theme? Strata Scythe seems great, considering how much protection your running. Marshal's Anthem is probably decent too.

GHUrekMazino on Aurelia, the Punisher of Hope

3 weeks ago

All in all it looks pretty solid but here are just some cards i'd like to play. And don't get demotivated this time because an EDH deck is never finished :P Just go on and make it better.

I'm against:

Sword of Body and Mind - just the worst equipment of all the cards you have

Loxodon Warhammer - i dislike it just on a personal basis

Quicksilver Amulet - if you follow my suggestions you won't need it anymore :P

Thought Vessel - i dont think you draw enough to play this card

Land Tax - still no ramp XD

Nahiri, the Lithomancer - no just to bad

Chandra Ablaze - both too bad in edh

Chandra, Flamecaller - see Chandra Ablaze

Hammer of Purphoros - i think it's too weak

and maybe some of the bigger creatures because you seem to want to go wide and not big

Good Cards would be:

Odric, Lunarch Marshal - this card is a bomb

Boros Charm - just a great utility spell

Sunforger - great card with the right package

Return to Dust - you still need removal XD

Hero of Bladehold - get the legion on

Mother of Runes - still a great card

Knight of the White Orchid - Early game and ramp

True Conviction - wins games

Solemn Simulacrum - still great

Legion Loyalist - early game <3

Mirran Crusader - Play this instead of Silverblade Paladin

Brimaz, King of Oreskos - Swarms and is a great card in general

Purphoros, God of the Forge - if you want to go tokens play purphoros

Ogre Battledriver - see Purphoros

Umezawa's Jitte - the best equipment

Batterskull - Just abuse Stoneforge Mystic + Stonehewer Giant

Austere Command - one sided wrath? sign me up

Master Warcraft - wins game alone

Vandalblast - removes artifact pretty easy

Martial Coup - Tokengenerator + Wrath

Legion's Initiative - pretty strong

Enlightened Tutor - pretty selfexplanatory

Marshal's Anthem - Tokens and reanimation

Cathars' Crusade - pumps for every token

Mana Crypt - still a good card but expensive as you mentioned before

Mana Vault - Cheaper than Mana Crypt and still a second Sol Ring

With kind regards


NensouHiebara on Eight-and-a-Half-Tails | Equipment Voltron

1 month ago


Crucible of Worlds - No interest. It's not worth a spot in the deck if its main use is to machine gun Strip Mine effects and make everyone miserable.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence - No current interest. I prefer to have more synergy for my main strategy instead of filling my deck with hate cards. I'd consider using Linvala if creatures with problematic activated abilities becomes more widespread.

Celestial Crusader - No interest. This deck can't use anthems effectively.

Mistveil Plains - It's a fun utility land. It has great synergy with Equipment tutors, especially Stonehewer Giant. Tuck the Equipment from the grave and tutor it back. It also keeps other players from stealing cards from my graveyard. Since it's a Plains, Eternal Dragon and Knight of the White Orchid can grab it and it counts towards Emeria, The Sky Ruin's ability.

Runed Halo - No interest. I can see it being very effective against certain Commanders, but it would be a massive pain if I needed to reset it.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope - She's completely worth using even with the 8 CMC. She protects my Equipment (along with everything else) and is a standalone threat I can rely on. I don't see her Bribery'd that often. Someone else usually has a more 'interesting' target, like Eldrazi. :P

Deathrender - No interest. It doesn't offer anything for Voltron and I'm not going to use it for the very few high CMC creatures I have.

Marshal's Anthem - No interest. Anthems in general are better in token decks. They flood the field with bodies and can get the most out of the mass +1/+1 boosts.

Commander Eesha - No interest. Too small to do anything by itself and has no utility.

Prison Term - Don't sell it short. It's not a movable Pacifism, it's a movable Arrest! This is the only Aura-based removal option I would ever consider using, mainly because of its ability to move to a new creature. And the new SOI tutor, Open the Armory, makes it more appealing.

Dawn Elemental - No interest. Like Commander Eesha, it's just a low P/T creautre that doesn't do anything. The devotion is wicked high, but not worth adding just for that.

Grafted Wargear - No interest. Aside from the crippling downside, the P/T boost is too small by itself.

Angel of Serenity - Used it before. I mostly used its ability to grab creatures from my grave. Dropped it for the same reason as Karmic Guide.

gzusvictory on Eight-and-a-Half-Tails | Equipment Voltron

1 month ago

Again, thank you for the reasonably-timed response. Tell me your thoughts on these cards

Crucible of Worlds: Recurring land destruction if you want to get mean for once. Somewhat a pricey card though.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence: Shuts down so many things in a one-sided manner, I consider this a staple in my deck regardless of what anyone says. Stops mana abilities, out of bolt range, and evasion so it can hold sword/equipment well.

Celestial Crusader: Uncounterable anthem? It may work in the favor of your opponents though.

Mistveil Plains: How has this card worked for you in game? I had the card, but the entering into play tapped gets annoying for me.

Runed Halo: Has saved me from their biggest dude and increases your chance of winning considering that they have do direct that guy to the other players. Sure, it only stops one creature, but a lot of times it involves some huge commander. You can recur it with Sun Titan to reset the card, adds to Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx mana pretty easily and searchable with Enlightened Tutor.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope: You say no high CMC's, but I see this one. How has she worked out for you? Bribery happens to frequently in my meta to run her, even if we have Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares. Have you ever thought of using Deathrender to cheat her and other creatures into play?

Marshal's Anthem: I know you said you are pretty set on recursion, but this can reanimate and provide a boost? Does it seem too oriented to a token deck?

Commander Eesha: Sweet unblockable goodness, but untargetable by 8.5's effects. Not interested?

Prison Term: A movable pacifism. Pretty sweet, but I am guessing white has better removal. Thoughts?

Dawn Elemental: Evasion, survives big beaters, and definitely adds to Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . Seems a little underpowered at 3 power though, huh.

Grafted Wargear: lol dude, 0 cost to equip. I like it a lot, but the drawback can get nasty. What do you think?

Angel of Serenity: Talk about changing the board state with one card. Does the CMC seem too high? means extra Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx mana! lol

Joumba on The Dreaded Safe Space

1 month ago

When I play this kind of deck in a 1v1 matchup, what helps me the most is protection, recursion and wipes. You got the protection with your enchants and counter spell, though you might want to add AEtherize against a aggro or creature heavy deck.

For the wipes, consider Supreme Verdict which is awesome because its uncounterable. Wrath of God is another great wipe for 4 cmc. Planar Cleansing is good when your opponents pressure you with more then creatures.

As for the recursion, Sun Titan is pretty neat, as he can bring back anything that has 3 or less cmc, that's lands too btw. Remember the Fallen can help you, but not that much since your not that artifact heavy, its up to you to know. Marshal's Anthem can also be awesome, especially since you have infinite mana combos going on. Otherwise, your commander is a good recurser, so its not that bad.

Good luck mate!

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