Pathrazer of Ulamog

Pathrazer of Ulamog

Creature — Eldrazi

Annihilator 3 (Whenever this creature attacks, defending player sacrifices three permanents.)

Pathrazer of Ulamog can't be blocked except by three or more creatures.

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Uncommon
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Pathrazer of Ulamog occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Pathrazer of Ulamog Discussion

Grind on Feldon, Lonely Necroficer

1 month ago

Have to say, a hasty Pathrazer of Ulamog and that annihilator 3 trigger goes a long way towards making your opponents very uncomfortable.

anubis1ra1 on Lokotor's Cube

1 month ago

too strong:


Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis

Pathrazer of Ulamog

Artisan of Kozilek

Lodestone Golem


Contract from Below (ummm... what?? this is too strong and the ante doesnt exist to balance it)

Hymn to Tourach

Animate Dead



Feather, the Redeemed

Winding Constrictor

Manifold Key

Ulamog's Crusher

Ichorclaw Myr (colorless infect)

Myr Galvanizer

Bounding Krasis

Unburial Rites

Mother of Runes

Archetype of Courage

Village Bell-Ringer

Sun Titan (probably fine)

Porcelain Legionnaire (cheap first strike, hard to kill in reasonable time without using removal spell on a 2 drop)

Battle Screech (or Lingering Souls/Spectral Procession) too many of this effect (too many flying tokens I think)

Winds of Abandon game ending 1 sided wrath (probably just too strong)

Mana Tithe fine card, but not sure why white has counter spells

Peregrine Drake probably fine, but just worth watching for overly easy infinites

Etherium Sculptor potentially too many artifact synergy cards like this in the cube (artifacts might be one of the most well supported archetypes)

Brain Freeze (not really supported?)

Snap again potential infinite mana


Tainted Strike/Phyresis Infect is potentially too strong

Feldon of the Third Path potentially degenerate?

Flameshadow Conjuring (goes infinite with multiple creatures with an iron myr)

Golgari Grave-Troll maybe fine

Sprout Swarm (I've seen this card be silly, but its probably fine)

Groundswell/Scale Up (with infect)

Lanzo493 on Graveyard commander

1 month ago

My personal favorite is Feldon of the Third Path. He gets underestimated because no one ever sees him get played. Being overlooked can be to your great advantage. They don’t underestimate you again after being attacked by 4 copies of Utvara Hellkite or Pathrazer of Ulamog. You can check out the primer I made for him at FELDON EDH PRIMER: FELDON NEEDS SOME LOVE if you’re interested. Although he isn’t as versatile as more traditional, multicolored graveyard commanders.

Grind on Poor Feldon

2 months ago

Feldon is great!
You can run Thrill of Possibility over Tormenting Voice.
Also i have to recommend Pathrazer of Ulamog, really satisfying to see people squirm when a hasty annihilator 3 comes their way. EVERY TURN!!! Hahah

Zomgasa on Jodah

3 months ago

I really like Jodah decks, would defiantly say Warstorm Surge is worth it as an add and it combos with Enter the Infinate and Omniscience REALLY well for a "I hope you can stop this!" sort of turn.

Ancient Brontodon just feels vanilla in this deck, there are more interesting things than a 9/9 dude without trample or something more scary and harder to deal with. cough Blightsteel Colossus cough

Fusion Elemental is cool and you can cast him without NEEDing Jodah on the field, but same argument as the Brontodon, just boring.

Leyline Prowler and Rattleclaw Mystic are nifty, but nothing will be better than a Birds of Paradise or Noble Hierarch for that early game goodness!

I actuall like Pathrazer of Ulamog, he's big and hard to deal with. Ulamog's Crusher however, I'd rather play one of the Eldrazi Gods directly (depending on how the rest of your metta plays).

I don't understand what Wall of Runes, Feral Incarnation, or Opt do for you. Go for more direct land fetching, fix those colors! (by the way, I like the mana filter ideas, solid back-up plan that doesn't require foolish amounts of expensive lands!)

Peer Through Depths and Sift Through Sands are cute, but why not go bigger or something like Rhystic Study?

I love the direction and it looks like it plays well, but I would take it as more aggressive. Mana-ramp to get Jodah out as soon as you can and just start abusing his power!

Vulnoth on Turbo Aggro Grind Time

3 months ago

It's not a bad start, but there are some clear ways to take the deck in a better direction. Firstly, keep in mind your playgroup and the ever-present specter that ruins people, "play group politics". When approaching a deck, always consider how certain cards and interactions will affect the playgroup. Some people will not particularly care until you just dome someone out of nowhere, while other people may just act when they see things they dislike. Playing to politics isn't something Rakdos does well, but the ideal way to approach is through "minimal" bad stuff that helps you keep the target off your back. It's always fun to talk about how oppressive a deck or strategy can be, but once people grow aware and start countering you, the tables will indeed table against you.

But that said, onto the said ways to better this little carnival cruiseliner of doom.


Let's start with the fun stuff. The whole point here is to play every Big Chungus for minimal cost. You should be looking for either beefy dudes to beat your opponents with or high end utility cards that aren't literal neanderthals.

Utility Dudes

Here I'll go over more miscellaneous creatures. You mostly are going to want creatures that either fulfill Rakdos's requirement or are general good stuff.

I'll address the deck further another day as I'm getting tired.

ioniboi on Eldrampzi

3 months ago

multimedia Thanks so much for the suggestions. I really appreciate them.

I don't even argue that card draw and flexibility early wouldn't be a nice asset to have and some of the games i really could use some extra cards to get faster to Kozilek. The problem is just: the only times i got stuck on my way to 10 mana is when my board gets wiped midgame or someone removes a key piece and sets me back. There's been times where that took me out of the game completely.

But if my board does end up getting wiped, most of the times it would remove these tools as well. Not even mentioning how these cards need the synergy with each other. They all run danger of doing a lot of nothing by themselves. My personal experience was (and that might very well be local meta related) that my number one goal is to get to 10 mana, cast Kozilek and try to slowly get a stable grip on the game.

I've had Unwinding Clock and Basalt Monolith in a very early version of the deck and i cut them because i've had so many situations where they didn't do a whole lot.

Desolation Twin - i agree actually. I wish it was a little better. It usually ends up being a slow clunky play. I would cut it.

Pathrazer of Ulamog is quite nice here, because i got so much haste sources and Annihilator effects are my bread and butter.

Platinum Emperion is one of the nicest cards i've recently added to the deck. It single handedly saved my ass in so many games. (But again: might very well be my local meta)

Bane of Bala Ged a cheap annihilator-ish effect for mid game. I kinda love that one.

Wastes - I'm down to cut one.

Overall i really like the idea of making the deck more flexible and quick. Especially with the Deal Broker, Unwinding Clock and Shimmer Myr combination, but to be honest i would have to go back to an older version of the deck like Ashlen's Kozilek I Game Knights #24 (it was actually my jumping of point), which had much more artifact synergies like the Unwinding Clock in it.

The way it's set up right now i would describe as one of the dumbest, yet okay decks in EDH. Ramp and bam! So in a way your suggestions are basically too smart. ;)

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