Eldrazi Monument


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Mythic Rare
Zendikar (ZEN) Mythic Rare

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Eldrazi Monument


Creatures you control get +1/+1 and have flying and indestructible.

At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice a creature. If you can't, sacrifice Eldrazi Monument.

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Eldrazi Monument Discussion

Rekram on Better bring bugspray for this one

5 days ago

magicsheep thanks! Metallic Mimic would be a nice Addition and Coat of Arms for sure aswell but my Problem with Coat of Arms is that it buffes everyones creatures and in my opinion Door of Destinies and Eldrazi Monument are better options. What would you switch for metallic mimic?

PookandPie on Unconventional Tokens

6 days ago

Tigereye Cameo can basically become Talisman of Unity, straight up, and be an upgrade. Yeah, you'd have to pay some life to use it but it's not like that's a big deal to Trostani, and ramping one turn earlier is kind of a big deal for her.

I'm not really big on Soul Foundry. Getting 2 for 1'd when your opponents destroy it kind of sucks because cards are one of the most valuable resources in the game. Spending some life, on the other hand, doesn't seem like such a big deal, so paying 20+ into Phyrexian Processor wouldn't be so painful even if it were to be destroyed. If you have 8 mana total, you can gain the life back immediately with Trostani on the battlefield even if the Processor were to be destroyed, so I find it to be a far safer investment than exiling one of your 19 creature cards. Even if the tokens are black, the card can be used in the deck, so I think that would be a beneficial upgrade even if you wouldn't be able to abuse ETBs as 20/20 or 40/40 tokens for 4 mana that can be populated is stupidly threatening. Besides, you already have Mimic Vat and Blade of Selves for abusing ETBs.

Is Sword of the Paruns just to let you abuse Trostani's activated ability? 6 mana seems like an awfully steep investment but the deck does appear to ramp fairly well once the game hits turn 7-8. Or is it for the damage/toughness bonus? I honestly think Paruns is only worth the slot if you have a way to properly abuse it (like Selvala, Heart of the Wilds with a creature with power 4+ on field, which would give infinite mana and could then produce infinite tokens and life via Trostani, or even Karametra's Acolyte, etc.), as while it can give a needed P/T boost, Cathars' Crusade does that far better in a snowballing token deck, and Eldrazi Monument does it far more safely (indestructible is a very good ability to have and makes your board quite scary), and if you need to untap things, Umbral Mantle is far easier to abuse than Sword of the Paruns, but you don't really have the methods to abuse the untap cards right now outside of Trostani's ability and Stoneforge Mystic's. I don't really find those being so backbreaking that you'd seek out Sword of the Paruns in any game over, say, Seedborn Muse or Blade of Selves to abuse the tokens as these other cards just do that better, in my opinion, and when it comes to buffing power or toughness, Cathar's Crusade and Eldrazi Monument just do that better, in my opinion.

Anyway, to summarize:

I would drop tigereye Cameo for Talisman of Unity, replace Soul Foundry with Phyrexian Processor, and drop Sword of the Paruns for either Cathars' Crusade or Eldrazi Monument (or add more things you can abuse with Sword of the Paruns).

Overall though, this deck is cute. I love playing against Trostani decks because, even if they may be a bit slow, if they can establish opponents will lose to cards they never thought they could lol.

Snacrifice on Tana, the Saproling Herder

1 week ago

Some suggestions for getting out equipments and such to beat face faster: Stonehewer Giant, budget options with Stoneforge Acolyte since Tarl's an Allly or Steelshaper Apprentice.

Appeal might be fun, and Eldrazi Monument would make Tana indestructible. Beast Within gives you removal for anything really gross. Dogpile would give you the double-tap after a swing to kill a separate player. Elder of Laurels is neat-o as well.

Looks neat JBert!

TheNocholas on War Master Aurelia's Angels/Soldiers

1 week ago

You might want to consider putting in some protection for your commander. Eldrazi Monument, Trailblazer's Boots, and Whispersilk Cloak would be my first choices.

capabefi on Purphoros Goblin friends

1 week ago

I have a copy of Goblin Chirurgeon and it worked really well in my Krenko, Mob Boss version of the deck. I didn't include it here, Paranoiac, because i wasn't sure it had the same impact: Krenko, Mob Boss is a goblin and that extra protection was really nice, but with Purphoros, God of the Forge already being really resilient i don't see a good use for it.

The thing is: after a couple of games i realised that one really cool aspect of this deck is that it does not care about board presence (most of the time) so board wipes dont affect me so much. I have great utility goblins like Goblin Welder but not many creatures actually worth fighting for it's survivability.

One of the best changes i made was removing Coat of Arms and adding a Eldrazi Monument mainly to be able to push for damage with evasion and block creatures with flying.

albino34 on Kneel Before Zada

2 weeks ago

Good to know, I figured you might have a good reason. On another note, have you considered Eldrazi Monument with your go wide strategy? I find it helps against board wipes that otherwise leave me a sitting duck afterward. And who doesn't want flying Goblins?

Bill_Door on Gishath, Sun's Avatar

3 weeks ago

Both are great, but I also get not wanting to run cards like purphoros just because it's too combo-y in an aggro deck. Too often it feels like that's the best red has to offer in so many multi-colored decks. Another good addition could be Eldrazi Monument, because gishath almost requires your opponents to boardwipe, it's a great way to give all your dinos indestructible and the flying should guarantee that you're playing enough dinos to sac.

PookandPie on Ghave, guru of fungus sacombo

3 weeks ago

Hey there! I love Ghave as it's one of my favorite decks to play since I got into Commander six years ago. My list is here:

Ghave: Baby Makin' and Alimony

Commander / EDH* PookandPie


Just to give you a perspective of where my advice comes from.

Ghave + a source of +1/+1 counters + any way to make mana = infinite tokens or death triggers. To capitalize on this, I included a bunch of ways to replenish counters in my Ghave deck, like Ivy Lane Denizen, Undying creatures like Young Wolf, Strangleroot Geist, Butcher Ghoul, and Geralf's Messenger, etc., are all extremely useful because they let you turn 1 mana into 1 (or more) token(s) if you have a sacrifice outlet like Yahenni, and goes infinite with Ashnod's Altar (and in the case of Geralf's Messenger, kills everyone before even entering combat. It's one of Ghave's fastest combos not involving Protean Hulk). Ivy Lane Denizen needs no sac outlet, and just lets you make tokens equal to your mana at any time, but the Undying creatures generate value best when a sac outlet is in play- like Viscera Seer or maybe Carrion Feeder. Sadistic Hypnotist is a great option too, and Blasting Station lets you ping off opponent's creatures when combined with Undying creatures pretty easily (1 mana = 1 damage and 1 token, generally).

Fecundity would also be pretty decent in here as you'd draw a bunch off of the creatures you sacrifice. Cryptolith Rite would give you mana for more than two turns. Eldrazi Monument could easily provide a buff, evasion, and indestructible as well, all for the cost of just sacrificing one Saproling.

To fit the aforementioned cards in, I'd recommend removing the following: Gaea's Blessing (shuffling back in with so few tutors will make it very difficult for you to get those cards again. It's also not very good as an anti-mill defense, so Blessing seems mediocre), Necrogenesis just seems to be worse Fungal Plots and I don't see why you'd need two of this effect, and you probably have too much single-target removal. Sweepers function in Commander because you can eliminate multiple threats of your opponents with 1 card, while 1 for 1 answers will leave you needing more cards in hand, badly, especially if your opponents have multiple threats. Things like Fell the Mighty, Slaughter the Strong, Elspeth, Sun's Champion's -2, etc., might be better than running 8 single target creature removal spells (not to mention the enchantment/artifact removal spells, which could probably be consolidated to Nullmage Shepherd or something repeatable).

Beast Within and Anguished Unmaking are two of the best permanent removal options you have, and I would easily recommend dropping Death Mutation (too much mana and sorcery speed is ick) and Seed Spark to fit those in. They hit practically anything, and while you're not producing Saproling tokens by casting them, you have more efficient ways to obtain Saprolings by including more sacrifice outlets and Undying creatures into the deck.

Anyway, long comment, I know, but hopefully this helps. If you need any information on combos, I have a bunch listed in my deck's description.

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