Eldrazi Monument


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Mythic Rare
Zendikar Mythic Rare

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Eldrazi Monument


Creatures you control get +1/+1 and have flying and indestructible.

At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice a creature. If you can't, sacrifice Eldrazi Monument.

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Eldrazi Monument Discussion

luther on Animar, Soul of Eldrazi

22 hours ago

I just realized you have a pretty bad nonbo in here too with your Chaosphere/Katabatic Winds and Eldrazi Monument/Akroma's Memorial. Sorry for the multiple posts, friend. you have a great concept in here to run with. +1 from me

Daedalus19876 on Red Scare: Zada EDH | *PRIMER*

2 days ago

mtgftw2014: Welcome to the Zada Cult! ;) I hope my list was helpful to you; if so, feel free to leave a +1! :)

Marton Stromgald is fantastic in a combat-focussed build, but I went for more of a combo build here. Knowledge Pool is definitely interesting, I'll have to try it out :) I used to play Eldrazi Monument, but I cut it for more cantrips to increase the density of combos in the deck. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate your feedback ;)

mtgftw2014 on Red Scare: Zada EDH | *PRIMER*

2 days ago

Hey guys, fellow zada abuser here. Just made my deck this week, so I'm still a zada virgin... Two suggestions that my dirty mind can give though are Knowledge Pool and Marton Stromgald. Both I believe are budget. Knowledge is better than Possibility Storm as it lets you cast yours, copy it, then cast an OPPONENTS! With your low cmc, imagine the storm of possibilities with that. Either cut Possibility, or keep both in for even more fun. If not that, I'd suggest cutting Aligned Hedron Network. I apologize if I missed it also, but Eldrazi Monument? That might be a nice addition to combo with Chandra's Ignition, but it's a pretty high mana cost combo. Those are my kind of fun. Keep Possibility because both together would let you choose where your card goes I think. Whether it goes to your deck or to the Pool. It would be fun haha.

Godspeedly on Theomok the token eater *need help*

3 days ago

Thank you all for the suggestions, now my question is, is it worth it to have cards like Survival of the Fittest in there? Or just fill it with tokens with cards like, Eldrazi Monument, Akroma's Memorial and Beastmaster Ascension and my commander?

zaparker on The Inside of My Skull Itches

3 days ago

This is really cool. Might I suggest Trinket Mage as a way to tutor for Skullclamp? It can also search for Sol Ring or Elixir of Immortality if you already have Skullclamp. Also, Eldrazi Monument is a nice way to make all your little locusts bigger and indestructible.

Daedalus19876 on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH

1 week ago

Casey4321: It's a good card for this deck, but it's hard to open a slot in this deck. Eldrazi Monument does something of the same, though of course redundancy is always great. What would you cut for it, if anything?

NV_1980 on Stopping Power!

1 week ago

Hi Gadianten,

Thank you for commenting :) Concerning Concealed Courtyard, I don't really like the 'enters tapped unless you control 2 or fewer lands' thing. This means that unless this card happens to be in my opening hand, it'll enter tapped anyway. Now you might be thinking that's still better than the absolute guarantee that Forsaken Sanctuary enters tapped (and you'd be right), but it's just not worth 5 euros to me.

Eldrazi Monument could work very well in this deck, considering that I have multiple ways of creating tokens (including my commander) to keep the evilness alive :) I'll give some thought to what I'd replace for it.

Don't believe for a minute that I haven't drooled over Serra's Sanctum for long periods of time. It would rule in this deck. But the price, it's just brutal. Where I come from, I wouldn't be able to get one under 50 euros. Maybe some day I'll be able to trade for one, but until that time I'll just keep on dreaming.

I see what you're getting at with Starfield of Nyx and this card actually used to be in this deck. I rewmoved it because of one fatal flaw in it; creatures are a lot easier to remove from the field than enchantments. I found that out several times, the hard way.

You're partly right about Angelic Accord. There are only five ways for me to gain life in this deck. However, I often end up tutoring for one of these; especially when my pillowfort enchantments are already on the field. I'll give this one some more thought.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

Gadianten on Stopping Power!

1 week ago

I have been wanting to make a deck like this for awhile and definitely like where you are taking it.

With that in mind I have a few of recommendations, replace Forsaken Sanctuary with Concealed Courtyard and if you are having trouble with saving your tokens from board-wipes try Eldrazi Monument, and a commander upkeep cost of for flying, indestructible and +1/+1 you really can't go wrong. Price may be an issue but if you are able you may want to replacing New Benalia with Serra's Sanctum, the land seems practically custom made for your commander. Also, try replacing Angelic Accord with Starfield of Nyx, its essentially a Debtors' Knell for enchantments and you don't quite seem to have the life gain to take full advantage of Angelic Accord.

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