Rakdos, Lord of Riots


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance: Guild Kits (GK2) Mythic Rare
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Mythic Rare

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Rakdos, Lord of Riots

Legendary Creature — Demon

You can't cast Rakdos, Lord of Riots unless an opponent lost life this turn.

Flying, trample

Creature spells you cast cost less to cast for each 1 life your opponents have lost this turn.

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Rakdos, Lord of Riots Discussion

triproberts12 on Malfegor Demon Reanimator

4 days ago

No trouble! I wouldn't sleep on Rakdos, though. Even with a 50% chance of killing each creature, it's probably an equal or better rate than Reaper from the Abyss . I think I'd cut Abyssal Persecutor, since you don't have much that can sac it. If you're looking for early demon plays, Spawn of Mayhem is coming out in the new set. Also, Archdemon of Paliano has no downside outside of its draft format. Mindwrack Demon will help you fill the yard. Rakdos, Lord of Riots plays well into your high CMC stuff. Finally, Taurean Mauler is a staple in most red tribal decks. Also, I would run Bojuka Bog to hose any graveyard deck you're sharing a table with.

CommanderAdventures on [PreCon] Festival of Sins - Rakdos Cult

4 days ago

Thanks CardTyrant,

it's the first draft. I'll wait for what the Guild Kit brings (Hope for an alternate art Rakdos, Lord of Riots ), but I want to stick with full-Rakdos theme. (Alread have a Eldrazi deck: [PreCon] Stain Remover - Eldrazi Tribal)

Land base is based on the PreCon rules. So max. 3 Rare Lands.

Added Showstopper , like it.

DrukenReaps on A new option for Shadowborn ...

1 week ago

So I have a Shadowborn Apostle deck led by Athreos, God of Passage here Reaper Born. Problem is I can't put Malfegor, Master of Cruelties, and Rakdos, Lord of Riots into the deck...

Enter our new Rakdos Blood Witch Judith

enter image description here

Now she isn't as hard to remove as Athreos but I like that she will do 6 damage split where I choose when I activate the Apostles. Currently people just take 6-9 life loss and then I have to use a mass re-animator anyways. Don't get me wrong Athreos is cool and powerful but also quite random and can't always be counted on. I will always know what Judith will do for me. I consider the deck more of a demon deck than an apostle deck too and will get to use more demons like I've been wanting.

Here is what I've got so far Judith's Shadowborn Pact.

I'm just not sure what else should go in or if there are some things to remove?

Thanks for your thoughts.

[email protected]_only on GET READY FOR THE SHOWSTOPPER!!!

1 week ago

I've seen better luck with Rakdos, Lord of Riots and cards with high converted mana costs that were primarily colorless (like Artisan of Kozilek or Exsanguinate). love the building theme though.

odd little demonic combo for you consider - Abyssal Persecutor + Assault Suit

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

3 weeks ago

Not exactly sure what you meant, so:

Stronger a more mana is spent:

Kiora, Guardian of Merfolk

Legendary Planeswalker - Kiora

+2: Untap all permanents which tapped for mana this turn.

-3: Create 3 1/1 blue Merfolk creature tokens.

-14: Search your library for any number of Merfolk creatures and put them onto the battlefield.

Kiora, Guardian of Merfolk can be your commander.


Makes untapping effects stronger:

Kydele the Proselytizer

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard Cleric

If an effect would untap one or more permanents you control, it untaps up to twice that many permanents instead.

Lands you control have ", Exert this land : Add two mana of any one color. "


Make a commander which grants conditional cost reduction, like Rakdos, Lord of Riots or has a drawback, like Heartless Summoning

1con1c97 on Rakdos, Lord of Riots EDH

3 weeks ago

Edit: Replaced Pyrohemia with Goblin Sharpshooter. Reason: More enables below 4 mana for Rakdos, Lord of Riots are needed.

1con1c97 on Rakdos, Lord of Riots EDH

3 weeks ago

Edit: Removed Sin Prodder and replaced with Vithian Stinger. Reason: Vithian Stinger is a more reliable way to get Rakdos, Lord of Riots out. Also, I don't like my opponents being able to just send my big guys to my graveyard. Even if it does a bunch of damage to them, my creatures will be more effective if they actually hit the battlefield, especially since I'm not running any reanimation spells.

1con1c97 on Rakdos, Lord of Riots EDH

3 weeks ago

Edit: Removed Neheb, the Eternal and replaced with Vulshok Sorcerer. Reason: I didn't feel as though Neheb's second ability was really ever needed, and a quick pinger will be effective much more often than Neheb's first ability as it can be used to get Rakdos, Lord of Riots out quickly.

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