Kozilek's Return


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Mythic Rare

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Kozilek's Return


Devoid *(This card has no color.) *

Kozilek's Return deals 2 damage to each creature.

Whenever you cast an Eldrazi creature spell with converted mana cost 7 or greater, you may exile Kozilek's Return from your graveyard. If you do, Kozilek's Return deals 5 damage to each creature.

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Kozilek's Return Discussion

ExtraEasy on Red White Angels (Modern)

2 weeks ago

xyr0s, Qolorful, landofMordorand Unlife,

Thanks loads for your responses. Ive made most changes you guys have suggested and your feedback is making starting a modern deck way less scary. Im going to play test the new list with the long sideboard and see where that takes me.


-Path to Exile for Stasis Snare, Thanks Xyr0s

-Lightning Bolt for Galvanic Bombardment, Xyr0s

-Anger of the Gods for Kozilek's Return, Qolorful

-sideboard is all a mess thanks to LandofMordor, im planning on throwing lots in there and culling down in play testing.

-lands have been swapped out for more untapped entry thanks to Unlife.

A few things:

-Im going to keep Geier Reach Sanitarium and give it a chance before turfing it.

-Id love to find space for an Authority of the Consuls or two

-Im hesitant of adding more creatures into the deck but i think Linvala, Keeper of Silence is great inclusion into the sideboard.

Thanks for your help so far, im really looking forward to playing this deck!

Qolorful on Red White Angels (Modern)

2 weeks ago

Kozilek's Return doesn't do much here. You aren't running any eldrazi so it is just a meh Anger of the Gods

xyr0s on Red White Angels (Modern)

2 weeks ago

Cards I'm not too sure is a great idea:

  • Geier Reach Sanitarium. Too many opponents get more out of this than you do, even when you discard Drownyard Temple.

  • Galvanic Bombardment. Get Lightning Bolts instead. You are not getting anything extra out of galvanic until you play the third of them, and you can't point it at your opponents face anyway (which is one of the nice features of lightning bolt).

  • Descend upon the Sinful. I get the idea - remove all of it, permanently. But the cost is forbidding, especially against the decks where you want "exile" rather than "destroy" (dredge, I guess, and maybe a couple of others but not to the same extent).

  • Stasis Snare. No one likes giving the opponent land, like Path to Exile does. But path is significantly cheaper. You can play something else on the same turn, and that is important.

Overall, it's an open question how often you get to use your madness/discard cards for their intended purpose - in which case they are good - or just have to hardcast them (and then they are bad). If fast decks with plenty of creatures are a problem (and I guess they are), you could move Kozilek's Return to mainboard.

haysmafia1 on RW Do Nothing

1 month ago

After the PPTQ, Main Deck changes:

-2x Kozilek's Return
-1x Lightning Helix
+2x Blessed Alliance
+1x Abrade (this had been in the main previously. Right before the event, I switched it for a second K Return in fear of Affinity)

Sideboard: Completely revamped.

kmach1ne on Forfks

1 month ago

1 of's galore. Deck is not at all focused and is very inconsistent. We can't always play our favorite cards in one deck which I imagine is what you're doing. If you want to play a ramp deck, play ramp cards like Hedron Archive, Hour of Promise, Beneath the Sands, Servant of the Conduit or even Natural Connection. Play as many 4 of's as you can while still maintaining early interaction. This means play removal like Harnessed Lightning, Abrade, Kozilek's Return, Declaration in Stone or even Cast Out to survive the early game because our late game will essentially be unbeatable. General rule of thumb for ramp decks is have 6 to 10 ramp spells and about 3 to 6 payoffs like Kozilek, the Great Distortion, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and World Breaker. You also want to play roughly 24 to 26 lands with about half of those being basic lands. Look at some of the standard ramp decks on mtggoldfish's website to get a better idea to what I'm saying. Hope this helps.

abenz419 on Sideboard help please

1 month ago

nah, that would be impossible to cast with only 2 red sources in the whole deck and it'd be harder to cast than flashing back Kozilek's Return which does the same amount of damage. The only indestructible creature really is Hazoret the Fervent and I can tap her down with the deep-fiend as I clear the rest of the board. But that leaves me in the same position of trying not to take too much damage early so I can stabilize in the midgame.

There is one of the zombie decks that uses The Scarab God who is a big problem. He dies to the sweepers, but, he can exile creature cards from my graveyard in response to me activating them. Which makes me have to cast deep-fiend at awkward times like in my end step so I can get around The Scarab God end of turn trigger for a turn without him being able to spend the mana from the lands I'm tapping on getting rid of my recursion. It also means I don't get full value from my deep-fiends because he gets to immediately untap. I think I'm going to try replacing the 2x Lightning Axe with a Hour of Glory and a Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and give that some testing. I really need something that can exile and Kalitas seems like a solid option the more I think about it. Being a creature I can return him from the graveyard with Grapple with the Past if he gets milled over early on and I can tutor for him with Traverse the Ulvenwald later in the game. Thanks for the help and suggestions.

abenz419 on Sideboard help please

1 month ago

I've been playing this emerge deck for the last few weeks now.

It's a deck I played long ago and recently updated with Champion of Wits and fixed some numbers of certain cards. The two toughest matchups I have are against mono red aggro and zombies. My first 2 or 3 turns are usually spent playing things like Vessel of Nascency, Grapple with the Past, and Champion of Wits to start the graveyard value and get some card selection. This gives them 2 to 3 turns uncontested and can be the difference in the game if I can't wipe the board and stabilize in time. The zombie matchup is probably the toughest of the two because of their ability to come back from a board wipe with cards like Relentless Dead, Dread Wanderer, and their own Prized Amalgam.

What I'm looking for are some good options that I can bring in for these matchups that will give me some more interaction (so I don't get ran over just getting my deck set up) but also not hurt the synergy of the deck that it does rely on. If I take out too many graveyard enablers I never get the zombie value train going and it makes wiping the board with a Kozilek's Return more difficult. If I take out too many creatures it makes it easier to miss when I mill myself looking for something to return from my yard and subsequently harder to emerge in the large eldrazi. If I take out too many eldrazi I'm never able to trigger k-return in my graveyard which is essentially my main way to interact with my opponents board. This is why I need sideboard options that are matchup relevant but won't affect the synergy's the deck has.

Collective Brutality is a good example of the type of thing I'm looking for. I can pitch something I want in my graveyard to escalate and choosing -2/-2 and the duress-ish mode is good against both decks typically killing a creature and pulling some kind of burn or removal from their hand. It does hurt being sorcery speed a little, but the value is there.

I need more cards like this that are relevant in those matchups because the Lightning Axe needs to be replaced. The 2 red sources are simply so I can hard cast the k-return in relevant matchups, but the red almost has to exclusively be tutored for with Evolving Wilds or traverse the ullenwald making it harder to cast a Lightning Axe early on and if it's not in my opening hand I'm more likely to tutor for necessary colors than I am the one mountain in case I top deck the axe later. Also, being able to permanently answer a Relentless Dead would be the biggest thing I could do in that matchup. Any suggestions?

MadLuckKing on [HOU] Grixis Control

1 month ago

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