Kozilek's Return


Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Mythic Rare

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Kozilek's Return


Devoid *(This card has no color.) *

Kozilek's Return deals 2 damage to each creature.

Whenever you cast an Eldrazi creature spell with converted mana cost 7 or greater, you may exile Kozilek's Return from your graveyard. If you do, Kozilek's Return deals 5 damage to each creature.

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Kozilek's Return Discussion

Zondarian on Green/Red

1 day ago

Thanks. I was thinking about Attune with Aether, was just a question of whether I minded the fact I probably wouldn't be using the delirium effect for Traverse the Ulvenwald very often. It does make a lot of sense to switch it out though to fuel Aether Hub.

Everything I read about the Kozilek's Return+Endless One combo was that while on the stack Endless One had a cmc of the value of x, meaning it did trigger Kozilek's Return. I will have to research it more now though to make sure haha.

Thanks very much for the advice, I am not great at deck building, I tend to get distracted by cards I think look cool, help is always appreciated.

Jakivne on Green/Red

2 days ago

Hi, I'm also a new player so take this advice with a grain of salt.

Cryptolith Rite and Harvest Season feels counterproductive to your stated game plan. When I see those cards, I think "Wow I want to play a lot minions so that I can get more mana tappers and more lands from my deck", but your deck and game plan doesn't really want to do that. You sorta just want to play the biggest creature in your hand for the highest mana cost and smash your opponents in the face really hard. That game plan doesn't really allow for a lot of creatures on your side of the board. So I would suggest cutting Cryptolith Rite and Harvest Season for more traditional ramp. I can't suggest any good ones off the top of my head, but more cards like Naga Vitalist that give more unconditional ramp.

Another card I find odd is Traverse the Ulvenwald. Not that its a bad card, but more that the big pay off of the card, the delirium effect, is hard to do. It is easy enough to get a creature, instant, and sorcery in the graveyard for you, but getting the 4th type is hard. In your current deck, you could put either Cryptolith Rite or Arlinn Kord to achieve delirium, both of which are hard to put in the graveyard without hurting your game plan. I would suggest to either tune your deck to make delirium easier for your self (Note: You only need 4 of the following to achieve delirium: land, creature, artifact, enchantment, planeswalker, sorcery, and instant) or switch out Traverse the Ulvenwald for Attune with Aether which has the same effect with the added benefit of providing energy for your Aether Hub.

Finally Kozilek's Return doesn't work the way you intended to, at least the second effect. The way that CMC (Converted Mana Cost) works is that it takes variable mana cost (X) as a 0, meaning that Endless One has a CMC of 0 and therefore does not proc the second effect of Kozilek's Return. I would recommend cards like Radiant Flames or Sweltering Suns for board clears, if you cannot reliably proc the second effect of Kozilek's Return.

EDIT:(I have just read the cards again and realized that I have given you sorcery speed options for your instant speed card. Kozilek's Return is fine then if you value using it on your opponent's turn.)

I hope that my advice has been helpful, and that your deck will work out well for you. Happy Magic-ing!!!

Sargeras on Enigma drake U/R ~35$ (Need help)

4 days ago
  1. If aggro is a huge problem, I'd say you best options are Pyroclasm, Anger of the Gods, Slagstorm, Kozilek's Return, and if you really want to be sneaky, you can play Firespout (because it won't kill your fliers) and it acts like a Slagstorm on an opponent's board! Since you'd likely be more of the control deck game 2 playing a lot fo these would probably give you enough time to cast a finisher and win.

  2. If you are playing anything other then aggro, you may want to board in cards like Negate and Dispel for longer games against control/combo decks.

  3. You might want to play the card known as Izzet Staticaster, as it can deal with tokens and lots of small creatures.

  4. Since you play red, land destruction spells like Stone Rain and Molten Rain may be relevant.

  5. Vandalblast & Shatterstorm are both great at dealing with artifacts.

  6. I've seen many lists run Echoing Truth as a sort of "catch-all" spell, so that they can deal with things like artifacts or enchantments, as well as certain combos/cards. Ratchet Bomb is also good at doing this.

If you need anymore help, feel free to let me know!

Guardians on Need sideboard help for this ...

6 days ago

I think that 3-4 Glorybringer is the best amount. It is very good in most game 1's and is almost always a live draw. It does kind of compete with chandra as a two red mana spell that when resolved demands an answer. I might try 3/2, or 4/1You probably should also have 3-4 Bristling Hydra if control decks are prevalent.

Your plan is to be agressive, but not Lathnu Hellion and Voltaic Brawler agressive. I think 2-4 Channeler Initiate is a good spot to be in,as it is pretty sweet at ramping and getting deep-fiends out.

You probably should run Whirler Virtuoso over Electrostatic Pummeler, you have no Blossoming Defense and no way to make it huge unless you get huge amounts of energy.

Oath of Nissa also probably isn't worth it, you could run Channeler Initiate over it

I'm not sure if you are really attached to Fling, i might cut it if you aren't too attached

My suggestions for the mainboard

+1 Glorybringer (take out a chandra if you want 4)

+1 Bristling Hydra

+2 Whirler Virtuoso

+1 Lumbering Falls

+4 Channeler Initiate

+2 Blossoming Defense/Magma Spray depending on how prevelant control, zombies, mardu, or aetherworks re in your meta

+2 Game Trail

+1 Forest

+1 Manglehorn (it's great at stopping vehicles, Aetherworks Marvel, and other random stuff like clues with its etb)/+1 Whirler Virtuoso

-3 Oath of Nissa

-2 Spirebluff Canal

-1 Cinder Glade

-3 Electrostatic Pummeler

-3 Voltaic Brawler

-3 Fling

Sideboard comments:

Kozilek's Return vs Sweltering Suns/Radiant Flames: Return is only really good against really good against super-aggro decks. Zombies has Transgress the Mind to get rid of cards like Elder Deep-Fiend so return won't be flashed back. It is true, however that Sweltering Suns kills your stuff, so maybe find something else. Chandra, Flamecaller could be good. Or a different card that is good against zombies. Skysovereign is one of those cards, especially good on t4 with a mana dork. I also don't know how prevalent zombies is in your area.

On the topic of control hosers: Bristling Hydra is very good against most control decks, Glorybringer is good against planeswalker control decks, Prowling Serpopard is great against UR, UW, and other blue decks, and Tireless Tracker is good in general. i'd stick with 2-3 of the cat snake for right now, and maybe 1 tracker. You already have it in the main right now so...

+1 Bristling Hydra (very hard for tower, UR control, and sometimes mardu to beat)

+2 Manglehorn/Release the Gremlins (Over Appetite for the Unnatural Manglehorn is especially good as a pre-Deep-Fiend play) You could stick with appetite though.

+2 Sweltering Suns/Radiant Flames/Chandra, Flamecaller

+1 Tireless Tracker

+1 Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

+1 Negate?

-3 Whirler Virtuoso (cuz it's going in the main)

-2 Kozilek's Return

-1 Baral's Expertise

-2 Appetite for the Unnatural

Side note: If you want to keep Fling and stuff, it's your choice. I'm only giving advice. If so:

MB changes:

+1 Voltaic Brawler

+2 Blossoming Defense

+1 Bristling Hydra

+1 Lumbering Falls

+2 Game Trail

+1 Forest

+1 Anything

-3 Electrostatic Pummeler

-3 Oath of Nissa

-2 Spirebluff Canal

-1 Cinder Glade

Side Side Note: Lumbering Falls is great against control! (and in general) Throw em in!

Changes I definitely advocate for:

CUT Electrostatic Pummeler

Add some hexproof stuff like Bristling Hydra, Lumbering Falls, and Blossoming Defense

Skysovereign, Consul Flagship in the side

Kozilek's Return out for Flamecaller, Sweltering Suns, or Radiant Flames

Keep calm and brew on

Huuyga on AKH G/B Ramp As Foretold Eldrazi?!

6 days ago

Fiddled with the mana base a little. Included some dual lands so that I could include 3x Kozilek's Return instead of Haze of Pollen. This means I can not only wipe the board of annoying masses of zombies, but also clear it of bigger threats right as I drop the Bane of Bala Ged.

UpperDeckerTaco on Need sideboard help for this ...

6 days ago

So I have this deck, that seems to do very well with the current meta. There are some questions I want to bring up and would like some assistance in addressing them...

Here's the deck:

Elder Deep-Fling

Standard UpperDeckerTaco

SCORE: 72 | 106 COMMENTS | 10487 VIEWS | IN 32 FOLDERS

The deck's goal is to be aggressive while having a late game finisher to close out games that end up out of reach from getting overpowered on the ground or my board getting swept.

The main issue is the sideboard, but there are some things in the main deck that I would also like to address.

Main deck questions:

How does the curve look?

Do I have the correct number of Bristling Hydras and Glorybringers in the main?

Is Chandra, Torch of Defiance worth it?

Lathnu Hellion seems to eat my energy but does exactly what I want it to do Game 1: be aggressive. Is it perfectly acceptable to run them? Or should I just put Whirler Virtuoso main?

Sideboard questions:

With Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger being a threat that is very hard to deal with for RUG, should I run some number of Declaration in Stone to try to deal with the Eldrazi titan? Or just try to beat them to the punch and hope they don't hit a Turn 4 Ulamog?

Kozilek's Return doesn't seem very good against Zombies because of all the static pump effects they have in the decks, is it worth running because it's good against most other aggro decks? Or should I run Radiant Flames instead for that extra point of damage, even though I will lose out on the synergy with Elder Deep-Fiend?

Should I run Prowling Serpopard over Tireless Tracker in the sideboard to bring in against control decks? Tracker gives me card advantage, but Cat-Snake allows me to resolve my threats...

*Any other suggestions that are not requested above are welcome.

sledge1048 on Temur Enigma Drake

1 week ago

I saw an awesome deck with this idea in mind. I think enigma drake was the only creature, and he ran; Kozilek's Return, and Radiant Flames for removal, Commencement of Festivities, and Haze of Pollen for staying alive (obviously), Take Inventory, and Cathartic Reunion for card draw. He also utilized Dispel for combo protection. Expedite was awesome with the drake because he could swing, then Fling dealing huge damage. The only other changes were Grapple with the Past the new Nissa, and Saheeli Rai. I know thats a lot of suggestions, but I think it would be awesome to build this deck. Pretty cheap too.

carlthekatt on Madness Aggro

1 week ago

Splashing B really increases your available card pool. Cut / Ribbons and Bone Picker are both very good in a burn/tempo deck. You also get to run Alms of the Vein which is another huge burn spell for B and helps against aggro. Incendiary Flow is good. Collective Defiance is removal, burn, and a madness enabler/hand reset. I would also recommend against running more than 2 Bedlam Reveler since they are awful in multiples and can be hard to cast if you say, draw 2 of them and not enough spells. 15 creatures is too many to have Reveler be consistent. Thermo-Alchemist is insane in a burn deck.

In summary:

-Add B, since it improves the deck whether you're going aggro or burn. It doesn't have to be a big splash, but a lot of good aggro creatures are black (Scrapheap Scrounger and Dread Wanderer), and you get good removal (Unlicensed Disintegration alongside Scrounger or Fatal Push) and sideboard options (Lay Bare the Heart is big right now).

-Decide whether you want to play creature aggro or burn. Bedlam Reveler doesn't really go in the creature version. Bomat Courier, Dread Wanderer, and Scrapheap Scrounger are pretty well set in the aggro version, along with 1-2 Glorybringer and/or 2-3 Hazoret the Fervent as top-end. The 2 and 3 drops are less set; I've seen Forerunner of Slaughter, Pia Nalaar and Weldfast Engineer, or Bloodrage Brawler if you're doing madness. You can also go a stronger artifact theme with Inventor's Apprentice if you have any Heart of Kiran. For the burn version, you want to cut most of the creatures except for 1-2 Bedlam Reveler and 4 Thermo-Alchemist. Bone Picker and Glorybringer also fit if preferred, but ideally the creature count is 8 or less. Goblin Dark-Dwellers is also pretty good if you tailor your spells so it can cast most of them. For spells, 4 Alms of the Vein and 4 Fiery Temper, 3-4 Lightning Axe, 2-3 Collective Defiance, 2 Cut / Ribbons, and either a 2-4 or a 3-3 split between Tormenting Voice and Cathartic Reunion, keeping in mind that Reunion is stronger, but harder to cast in general and much worse against control (since they can counter after you pay the discard cost - sweet 3 for 1). Incendiary Flow is a good card if you want another versatile early burn spell. You also need some number of sweepers. I prefer 2-damage sweepers here like Kozilek's Return or Flaying Tendrils since 3-damage sweepers take out Thermo-Alchemist, even though Sweltering Suns is pretty cool. Chandra, Torch of Defiance is pretty perfect in burn if you have it. You can also go a neat energy variant that runs Harnessed Lightning for removal, Aether Hubs, and 4 Gonti's Machinations. This gives you more survivability against aggro and another 1-cmc 3 damage effect. Not sure how inserting the energy subtheme affects the card totals.

-I don't think you want more than one Insult / Injury, if any. Injury is pretty expensive at 3 mana considering it does nothing without either another burn spell to follow up (hard to do before turn 5-6) or creatures on the field. The card doesn't seem great in aggro either since it's mostly just discard fodder. Injury is expensive for a sorcery burn spell.

-Soul-Scar Mage is fun, but doesn't really go in burn since he encourages you to burn creatures rather than your opponent. I feel like it might make sense as a sideboard card against big creature decks if you plan to try removing their creatures, but it's usually just better to have a fast burn clock against midrange.

-Falkenrath Gorger is pretty meh, unless you're running a vampire theme. It lines up very poorly against Thraben Inspector, probably the most-played 1-drop creature in standard.

This is mostly academic. The best burn deck in standard right now is U/R, but you basically need 4 Torrential Gearhulk (expensive!) and the deck is incredibly soft to Dispossess. You can also always make a U/R or Temur Turbo-Drake deck that just cycles and dumps most of your deck into the grave while casting fogs until you stick an Enigma Drake and Fling it at your opponent's face. The ability to do 50+ damage in a turn is pretty foul.

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