Bonescythe Sliver


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Bonescythe Sliver

Creature — Sliver

Sliver creatures you control have double strike.

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Bonescythe Sliver Discussion

Lophane on Sliver Hive

2 weeks ago

if you need some more finishing power, maybe a Megantic Sliver or two could help push them up in power, though they do cost a lot of mana, i play EDH so I'm not sure n how much mana you are looking to accrue in a game.another few id really suggest are Venom Sliver (makes for great defense, Hunter Sliver (once you get some deathtouch, make em kill themselves on your creatures, and Bonescythe Sliver will help double up on damage while providing that same 'first hit' that Striking Sliver does for death touch to take effect.and if you find you're ever dying too quickly, Syphon Slivers are never a bad thing to help keep your life up

zephramtripp on those crazy slivers...

1 month ago

There are several Sliver I think your amiss in dismissing:

Bonescythe Sliver, for cheap double strike.
Brood Sliver, for massive Sliver production.
Harmonic Sliver, for artifact/enchantment removal.
Heart Sliver, for cheap haste.
Magma Sliver, for massive gains.
Manaweft Sliver, as a backup Gemhide Sliver.
Necrotic Sliver, to turn every Sliver into a Vindicate.
Shifting Sliver, to make your team unblockable.
Sinew Sliver, as another Muscle Sliver.
Virulent Sliver, to only have to deal ten, not 40.
Winged Sliver, for more flying.

Other Slivers you might consider: Basal Sliver, Cautery Sliver, Darkheart Sliver, Essence Sliver, Groundshaker Sliver, Horned Sliver, Spined Sliver, Spitting Sliver, Lymph Sliver, Megantic Sliver, Opaline Sliver, Psionic Sliver, Pulmonic Sliver, Screeching Sliver, Sedge Sliver, Sliver Legion, Sliver Queen, Sliver Overlord, Synapse Sliver, Synchronous Sliver, and Syphon Sliver.

Tribal stuff:
Cavern of Souls, obviously.
Descendants' Path, if you want to go heavy tribal.
Metallic Mimic, for extra buffs at low cost.
Obelisk of Urd, for more huge buffs.
Stoneforge Masterwork, for massive tribal buff.
Belbe's Portal
Urza's Incubator
Patriarch's Bidding

livemagic on 12 Lords

2 months ago

Chickens_are_awesome, Bonescythe Sliver is rare, this is a Pauper deck =]

Grantley91 on Sliver Me Timbers!

3 months ago

I've been running Sliver EDH for awhile now, and thought I should share some of my findings. I personally don't agree with all of your Sliver choices, specifically the Metallic, Darkheart, and the two that do Menace, but that's just me. Metallic is underwhelming, Darkheart is only useful if you're losing, and Menace is one of the worst evasion abilities. I would suggest using Sliver Legion (if you can afford it, if not, Mirror Entity can pack a punch), Taurean Mauler, either Bonescythe Sliver or Fury Sliver, and perhaps dropping a creature for Prismatic Omen. Also, I love using board wipes, but ones that don't let you regenerate waste your Clot Sliver' and Poultice Sliver's potential. Maybe Day of Judgment and Cyclonic Rift would work better?

Hope these help!

jaiaisaiah on They Mostly Come At Night...Mostly

3 months ago

I sometimes read CMC on cards wrong. I thought that Bonescythe Sliver was CMC 3, but clearly it's CMC 4 (which makes it bad enough to not run it.) Basics are essential in every deck, just 1 or 2, because they can't get Wastelanded. Plus, multicolored mana bases aren't too expensive - City of Brass (if you buy the cheapest version) is only $3.00! Mana Confluence is only $5.00! As you can see, there are budget solutions to many-colored decks.

Lame_Duck on They Mostly Come At Night...Mostly

3 months ago

Why do you think I need Basics, jaiaisaiah? Yes, Striking Sliver is better than Talon Sliver and I would like to eventually include it but supporting a 4th colour would require a more expensive mana-base than I can currently afford. Bonescythe Sliver is powerful but 4 mana is a lot for this deck; what are you suggesting I remove to include it?

jaiaisaiah on They Mostly Come At Night...Mostly

3 months ago

Also, Put. Bonescythe Sliver. Back. In. You don't even run Aether Vials, and that's probably the best sliver lord for cost.

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