Jace, the Mind Sculptor


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Mythic Rare
Vintage Masters Mythic Rare
From the Vault: Twenty Mythic Rare
Worldwake Mythic Rare

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Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Planeswalker — Jace

+2: Look at the top card of target player's library. You may put that card on the bottom of that player's library.

0: Draw three cards, then put two cards from your hand on top of your library in any order.

-1: Return target creature to its owner's hand.

-12: Exile all cards from target player's library, then that player shuffles his or her hand into his or her library.

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Jace, the Mind Sculptor Discussion

Daedalus19876 on The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

1 day ago

wereotter: Ooh, thanks for highlighting Tolarian Winds! I appreciate it :) and I will try and slot in Throne of the God-Pharaoh.

Rigol: There really does need to be a Jace, the Mind Sculptor here. I just don't have the cash for it right now...Tandem Lookout is a fantastic idea and I definitely need a slot for it. And yes, he does go back to command zone.

iwr09a: No, I agree. This deck isn't meant to be one of my tuned decks, really - it's meant to be kinda silly and janky combo. I do need to stick some disruption in, but I just don't enjoy playing control... Plus, I plan to use this deck in the lower-power circles of my meta (also - it's only 4 days old, I haven't gotten to try it more than once).

(And with regards to your specific card comments, Ivory Tower probably should go, but Propaganda's pretty important since I can't get my Locust swarms until later in the game.)

Rigol on The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

2 days ago

I'm surprised that there is no Jace, the Mind Sculptor in this deck.

Also While playing it i've found that i could make a Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind + Tandem Lookout combo with Synthetic Destiny, but the lookout weren't there! (I'd put Tandem Lookout instead of Kraum, Ludevic's Opus. opponent also maybe wouldn't veer cast second spell..)

I also have a question on how does Synthetic Destiny works with commander. Does He comes back to cmd. zone?

DrLitebur on W: JTMS H: SoFI/SoFF

1 week ago

I have a Spanish Jace, the Mind Sculptor, from Worldwake. Would that be acceptable?

ThisIsBullshit on W: JTMS H: SoFI/SoFF

1 week ago

Hey y'all, looking for one Jace, the Mind Sculptor to finish out my Legacy deck.

I have a Darksteel Sword of Fire and Ice , as well as a Sword of Feast and Famine from Mirrodin Besieged.

And as always I need other smaller things, so take a look at my binder and let's trade!

Rzepkanut on Jeleva The Lone Spellslinger

1 week ago

....Bribery, Blatant Thievery, Cruel Entertainment, Spelltwine, Overburden, Pendrell Mists, Dissipation Field, Metallurgic Summonings, Hero's Downfall, Jace, the Mind Sculptor is always great but especially so here I think. He does everything from stacking your deck with cards from your hand to resetting Jeleva by bouncing her to hand to fatesealing opponents to know what they have to steal, Time Warp and all its variations are awesome for free, Damnation, Toxic Deluge, Thran Dynamo, Rhystic Study, Cyclonic Rift, and i agree with Scroll Rack.

Lots of changes to consider! Good luck and have fun with all that :)

DemonDragonJ on Magic's 25th Anniversary

1 week ago

Wow, this is an overload of awesomeness!

First, the idea of a new un-set is quite neat, and, with planeswalkers now being a card type, I hope that there is a planeswalker card that poke fun at how ridiculously powerful some planeswalkers (most notably, Jace, the Mind Sculptor) are.

It seems that Ixalan is a vaguely Native American-themed plane, but with dinosaurs and pirates, which is a very interesting combination. What about Muraganda? Has that plane been forgotten, akin to Arkhos and Mongseng? Is that where Vraska went when she vanished from Ravnica, or is this set a prequel that provides her backstory? Either way, she definitely looks likes a female version of Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean dressed in that clothing.

Duel Decks: Merfolk versus Goblins will hopefully have some good reprints, but likely nothing too valuable. From the Vault: Transform will likely consist mainly of double-faced cards, so I am not interested in it.

Finally, and most importantly, WotC is returning to Dominaria (again)! I am very excited to learn what has been happening on that plane, recently, and I hope that it has become mostly stable and peaceful since the events of the Time Spiral block.

JV38 on Kruphix, God of Eldrazi

1 week ago

TheWallinator74 great idea!

SuperBacon12 I don't run many artifacts and the ones I do I wouldn't want to sac, so I don't think Tinker would do the trick here. I am now running Blightsteel Colossus as I finally got a copy. I added most of the other recommends, but my budget is definitely under the Tropical Island and Jace, the Mind Sculptor cap.

Gaurdian_Angel I will be making that switch as soon as I grab a copy of Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

Henryen play tested with Urban Burgeoning and wasn't crazy about it actually. Burgeoning has been playing out quite well. Thank you for the tip though!

williamslade did not know it existed, it has a home now!

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