Warping Wail


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Uncommon

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Warping Wail


*( represents colourless mana.)

Choose one —

  • Exile target creature with power or toughness 1 or less.
  • Counter target sorcery spell.
  • Put a 1/1 colourless Eldrazi Scion creature token onto the battlefield. It has "Sacrifice this creature: Add to your mana pool.

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Warping Wail Discussion

Odasacarf on Riku Tricks

5 days ago

Sinkies Thank you for your comment!

Actually because of the powerlevel of my playgroup I won't be able to take out the infinite combos if I want to stand a chance to win.

About your deck: You probably want most of the filter lands and pay lands, since you will want to cast some Eldrazis and they give colorless and fixing, maybe also things like Desolate Lighthouse!

Panharmonicon will help you to reuse the ETB effects of your big creatures (with Panharmonicon and Riku of Two Reflections in the battlefield something like Thought-Knot Seer can trigger 6 times, leaving 2 tokens). You might want to check out (if you don't already know them) Triumph of the Hordes and Guided Passage which can be a lot of fun if someone is willing to give you what you need!!!

About counters to protect your creatures i'd recommend things like Pyroblast for the enemmy counters and Cyclonic Rift's, Turn Aside and Intervene for the one target removals and Warping Wail for most areas and some flexibility. Also look for some ramp you can duplicate with Riku of Two Reflections, maybe Yavimaya Elder or Sakura-Tribe Elder.

Hope I was of any help, and good luck with your deck!! Will love to see it finished

ramuzzini on CHEAP MECHA - ELDRAZI

6 days ago

You could drop 2 Ghost Quarter for 2 Sea Gate Wreckage and drop 2 Oblivion Sower for 2 Endbringer to help with card draw. Warping Wail is a way for you remove small creatures early, ramp into your big creatures, or protect from board wipes or removal such as Dreadbore.

I would recommend to switch All Is Dust to the side for Void Winnower. You can bring it in for the larger threats when you face a creature heavy aggro deck. There are a good amount of matchups where it is a dead draw so it can be better suited as a sideboard option.

Hope this helps!

ramuzzini on CHEAP MECHA - ELDRAZI

1 week ago

I think since you are running colorless you should take out Terrarion and Prophetic Prism. You do not want to be trading colorless mana for colored mana if you have no colored spells.

You can replace one of them with Mind Stone which is a mana rock and can be used to draw a card. I would recommend Warping Wail to replace the other and adding Ratchet Bomb to the sideboard for some early game disruption.

You could probably use another big Eldrazi in this deck with 7-10 CMC such as Artisan of Kozilek, Void Winnower, or Kozilek, the Great Distortion. I agree the utility lands are a good idea too.

Good luck!

saturn999 on Little Boy Tron

1 week ago

4x Titan's Presence2x Oblivion Stone2x Relic of Progenitus2x Warping Wail2x Spatial Contortion1x All Is Dust2x Mindslaver

I would honestly try and put more of these in the main as opposed to having them in the side unless you've tested and played this enough where it works well for you! anyhow, take care hope this helps. +1

JuQ on Meren's Path of Diescovery

2 weeks ago

Nice deck and nice primer.

In my Meren deck I use looter effects as selective graveyard fillers: Deal Broker pretty solid card, Gate to the Afterlife (still in testing period), at some point I had Smuggler's Copter but I finally took it out because you need to attack with it and it may die and then you can't animate it, Necromancer's Stockpile testing it in a differen't deck.

Unless you really need to play that third land each turn you could sawp Azusa, Lost but Seeking for the new Wayward Swordtooth, same cost but it's bigger body survives more damage, Demon of Dark Schemes and maybe even Toxic Deluge. And not much later it can make for a decent attacker and blocker.

Warping Wail won't stop Cyclonic Rift but sorceries are still the most powerful effects out there and nobody expects a counterspell from the Golgari player.

Deathreap Ritual is bananas in this kind of decks, maybe you wanna try it.

Have you realized you have an infinite combo going in your deck with Animation Module, Path of Discovery and Ashnod's Altar?

sylvannos on Budget Tron Help Me Please

1 month ago

My go-to budget Tron list I recommend to help grind FNMs is:

2x Forest
3+ Fungal Reaches OR Pinecrest Ridge
1x Ghost Quarter1x Inventors' Fair
1x Urza's Factory OR Sanctum of Ugin
4x Urza's Mine
4x Urza's Power Plant
4x Urza's Tower

This gives several utility lands, while also having a good balance of colored mana. The important thing to remember: you absolutely cannot have lands come into play tapped and you will lose games to decks like Burn and Death's Shadow if you have to pay life. The obvious choice is Grove of the Burnwillows for this very reason. However, that obviously will eat your entire budget.

Pinecrest Ridge is probably the best replacement. Not only does it have the option to just tap for colorless and come into play untapped, you can get the or you need to search for Tron pieces or cast Pyroclasm.

4x Sylvan Scrying
4x Ancient Stirrings
4x Expedition Map
2x Talisman of Impulse
4x Chromatic Sphere
4x Chromatic Star

This is pretty standard for a Tron list, the exception being Talisman of Impulse. While you don't want to be paying the life against faster decks, having the ability to tap for colored mana and still get Tron on turn 3 is more helpful when you're on a budget. It means you can play multiple World Breakers, add Inferno Titans, or use whatever budget options you have lying around when some of the more expensive fat cards (like Karn Liberated or Kozilek, Butcher of Truth) aren't available. That way, you're not relying a whole lot on cards like Myr Battlesphere or Steel Hellkite.

4x Ratchet Bomb / Oblivion Stone
4x Pyroclasm
1x All Is Dust

You need boardwipes. Pyroclasm is especially important because you will lose to a turn one Slippery Bogle is you do not kill it immediately. They will untap on their turn two and toss an umbra on it. By the time you can use another piece of removal, you'll be so low on life that they can simply play another one or get you with Dryad Arbor. The same is true against turn one Glistener Elf. They will use something like Apostle's Blessing to deal with whatever you have once they untap.

You can skip on red and go straight mono-green, but then you just have to accept that you lose to Infect, Bogles, and Burn. If these aren't in your meta, replace Talisman of Impulse with Mind Stone or Relic of Progenitus and the lands with basic Forests and a 2nd. Ghost Quarter.

The All Is Dust is probably the only non-budget card I'd recommend you have because of how much 3+ color decks get BTFO'd on turn three when you slam it. If it's still out of your budget, replace it with a Platinum Angel.

That's 50 cards total. Your last 10 cards should be:

  • Huge
  • OR win conditions
  • OR removal

Basically, choose a combination of the following that fits into your budget (I put them in order of importance):

Based on what you've posted, I'd recommend something like:

2x Wurmcoil Engine
2x Sundering Titan (you can power this out on turn 3 via Talisman of Impulse and laugh at some Jund player's $2,000 mana base as they concede)
1x Worldbreaker
4x Relic of Progenitus
1x Spatial Contortion

All that's left is your sideboard. Based on the above, I'd go with:

2x Ancient Grudge
1x Defense Grid
1x Ghost Quarter
1x Grafdigger's Cage
3x Nature's Claim
1x Orbs of Warding
1x Spatial Contortion
3x Thragtusk
1x Torpor Orb
1x Warping Wail

PTsmitty on JTMS in Bant Eldrazi?

1 month ago

I have been thinking about taking the Blessed Alliance out for a 3rd EE. Warping Wail could be a good card because I could find use for all 3 of the modes.

Pieguy396 on JTMS in Bant Eldrazi?

1 month ago

I don't think Jace really works all that well without a critical mass of fetchlands. I'd consider something like Warping Wail, Relic of Progenitus, another Engineered Explosives, etc.

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