Magus of the Disk


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral Rare

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Magus of the Disk

Creature — Human Wizard

Magus of the Disk enters the battlefield tapped.

(1), Tap: Destroy all artifacts, creatures, and enchantments.

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Magus of the Disk Discussion

BPWyndon on Necro-Commander

1 month ago

While Magus of the Disk has its value, I absolutely despise board wiping. I also don't like lock down strategies which is why I removed Dictate of Erebos and Butcher of Malakir from the deck. I only play with friends and those kinds of strategies aren't fun.

GuardGamer on Necro-Commander

1 month ago

Magus of the Disk feels like a good selection for this deck. Yea, there are easier wipes, but with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death's ability you can continually bring him back

Pudding_Pop on Alesha, who smiles at death

1 month ago

Beio53, I was actually answering to foxboy93. It was the only comment at the time, and I honestly didn't expect another. I've never posted a decklist before, and while I know the magic community is pretty nice, I didn't thought that people would go out of their way to provide such helpful comments. So thanks to you! I do really like your version of the deck as well.

I update the deck. Magus of the Disk is one of my favourite suggestion of yours. I didn't know that card. It's a much better fit than nev's disk here. I also add Stern Constable and Mindless Automaton and made a few other changes that improves the deck in the meta it'll be playing in. I think my friend will have a good time with it!

Beio53 on Alesha, who smiles at death

1 month ago

Hi Pudding_PopFirst of all I really like your Agro style of attack with this deck. And making this to teach someone with in mind, I think it's straightforward enough to not confuse anyone so good on you! foxboy93 is right in most of his suggestions though as far as dealing with artifacts and enchantments as well as discard/draw fuel. Mindless Automaton in particular is an unbelievable card in my own Alesha, Who Smiles at Death deck, it does more work than almost any other card. Also, Magus of the Disk is a creature form of the disk that can be recurred with Alesha and is cheap money wise. But I don't see a whole lot of creature removal from your actual creatures, which is a huge opportunity with Alesha. I'd really recommend some cheap creatures like Bone Shredder or Ghitu Slinger, but also since you have more attacking synergy here, there are some cool force blocking cards that would definitely help you keep the board clear. Invasion Plans has almost no downside for an Agro deck like yours since you'll likely be tapped out anyway, and you can ram Tajic, Blade of the Legion into any difficult creatures. Brutal Hordechief does the same thing and drains your opponents when you attack, but you have to pay for the force block. Stern Constable will also help you discard important creatures and tap down blockers or annoying creatures, and at 1 mana, it's a game changing turn 1 play. If you'd like I'm updating my Alesha deck now if you wanna take a look at it, it's more controlling and "deathy" haha but your Agro is something I've considered making mine for a while now. Alesha's smiling ear to ear

JaysomeDecks on Half a Clean Slate

1 month ago

Rzepkanut, thanks for the suggestions. Ancient Tomb was ruled out in the original build due to budget constrictions, and after that was apparently forgotten as I improved upon and increased the budget for the deck. Thanks for reminding me of it, it will likely find a place now.

I already run Emeria, but I may consider Extraplanar Lens if I find the resources to upgrade all my lands into their snow-covered counterparts.

Expedition Map may have its place in some decks where a particular land is of unique import, but that place is not here. As a card, it offers neither acceleration nor card advantage. And as Nykthos rarely nets a profit before Avacyn hits the field, it would be a wasted resource here.

Now Boompile and Serenity are interesting. I did not consider their soft-lock potential once my commander has hit the field. That said, if Avacyn were to be removed, Serenity would abolish my board state, making it unlikely I'd be able to cast my commander again. Boompile is a possibility, but considering that it is unreliable, and both Nevinyrral's Disk and Magus of the Disk are in the deck, I doubt it will end up being valuable enough to remove another part of the deck for it.

Glad you liked the deck, and thanks again for the advice. Once I am willing to spend money on this deck again, I will surely keep your suggestions in mind.

JaysomeDecks on Half a Clean Slate

2 months ago

NV_1980, with 16 mana ramp cards, (plus Herald of War and Gift of Estates, which I wouldn't count with the dedicated ramp), and a turn 4 average for casting my commander, (turn 2 greaved and swinging at best), I don't see that adding any more ramp would be particularly useful.

I also must point out that the two cards you suggested, Weathered Wayfarer and Land Tax, are not actually mana ramp. They simply put land to hand, ensuring your land drops, but without accelerating the deck. My original build ran cards like these, including Land Tax and even Armillary Sphere, but unless you regularly miss land drops early game, these just create dead lands in your hand. (I do still run Gift of Estates for these purposes however)

I like the suggestion of Sword of the Animist, and have toyed with adding it a few times. The reason it has not found a spot is that the first creature I cast is usually Avacyn.

Make a Stand and Survive the Night are good against a deck like this, but do little for it. They are single use, and only protect creatures, or even just "creature." Plus, they would have to be cast in the same turn as my boardwipe, adding an extra 3 mana to their cost. At the very least, they aren't worth the deck spot.

Soul of New Phyrexia and Elspeth, Knight-Errant are good suggestions though. I love Elspeth in all forms, and her ult would be a nice backup to this deck. My qualm with her is it takes 4 turns after casting her to actually activate it, and that's assuming no damage goes through. Ultimately it's unreliable at best, so I opted not to give it a slot.

Soul of New Phyrexia may actually make it in, especially since his ability soecifies "permanents." The deck produces enough mana to play him easily, and to pay for his ability. While it would be difficult to both cast a boardwipe and activate his ability in one turn, he would go wonderfully with Magus of the Disk and Nevinyrral's Disk, and he would protect my mana-rock based ramp from opponent's destruction.

Thanks for the suggestions, and I'm glad you liked the deck.

StopShot on Teysa - Queen of Engines

2 months ago

Sadly Painter's Servant is banned in EDH, because Grindstone goes infinite with it and every EDH deck would run it since its colorless sadly. A viable replacement I'd recommend is possibly another boardwipe card such as Day of Judgment, Toxic Deluge, Black Sun's Zenith, Oblivion Stone or Austere Command.

Humorously you could try running a fun combo such as Magus of the Disk + Darksteel Plate. Since the Magus's effect doesn't remove itself you have a repeatable boardwipe effect for one mana if you equip him with an effect that gives him indestructible. Fated Return also works, but can be a bit costly mana-wise.

JaysomeDecks on Avacyn EDH v2

2 months ago

I'd suggest Magus of the Disk. It's a second Disk effect, which as you know, is incredible with your commander.

I'd also strongly suggest you remove some lands and add in more ramp instead. The average in EDH is 36-38 lands, otherwise you tend to end up mana-flooded. I know you have a high cost commander, but more lands doesn't mean she gets out faster, and at 1 land per turn, having her out on turn 8 is a bit late.

Mana ramp I would add:

  • Wayfarer's Bauble: One of the best early game land-ramp cards you can get outside of green. Land-ramp is the best form of ramp as it is far more permanent than mana rocks, which are easily and often removed. (Also, Wayfarer's Bauble forms somewhat of a limited combo with Emeria Shepherd

  • Knight of the White Orchid: You're playing mono-white. Someone will always have more land than you. You may not be able to play him turn two, but turn three you can always play him before your land for turn, guaranteeing your ramp.

  • Burnished Hart: Two lands. Definitely a good ramp card to get your commander out early.

  • Kor Cartographer: Poor man's Solemn Simulacrum, but in white it's still land-ramp.

  • Coalition Relic: This is a fantastic mana rock. Tap it every turn for the charge counter, and it provides one mana of any color per turn. But on the turn you need to summon Avacyn, you can use the charge counter and then tap it for mana to net 2 off of it, getting her out one turn early.

Just these 5 ramp cards alone would put you at 37 lands, dead center of the average, and would greatly accelerate your commander cast time.

If you're insterested, I also run an Avacyn deck, if you wanna check it out.

Avacyn, Angel of Destruction

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