Crackling Doom


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare
Khans of Tarkir Rare

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Crackling Doom


Crackling Doom deals 2 damage to each opponent. Each opponent sacrifices a creature with the greatest power among creatures he or she controls.

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Crackling Doom Discussion

jubale on Scales is Suddenly Back Again!

22 hours ago

I agree white is not wanted. Maybe you can rig a fetchland system that lets you get white without slowing down the mana too much. (GW and GR and RB fetches maybe, but I won't.)

In all honesty, Managorger is the single best card here. I would always go 4 Scales, 4 Snake, 4 Managorger, 20 land, and THEN figure out the other 28 cards. If Gorger lives, the game is won. Only Crackling Doom is a serious obstacle.

Spirits on Budget Kaalia

3 days ago

Kaalia of the Vast is awesome cause she can be Budget or Expensive, Fellow player, Kaalia, the Purifier

I think Gisela, Blade of Goldnight is like $4 or $5, good price : play value ratio working within a budget.

Swords to Plowshares is $1 or so I believe for the older (white border) prints.

Grave Upheaval is like $0.50 and reasonably useful.

Archfiend of Depravity is a control FREAK and under $1.

Can't beat Crackling Doom at probably $0.50.

Basandra, Battle Seraph used to be a Kaalia of the Vast staple, for her price nice ability. $1 maybe less.

Hope something here was useful. +1.

DevoidMage on Frontier Removal

3 days ago

The best removal spells are Crackling Doom, Anguished Unmaking, Lightning Strike, Fatal Push, Declaration in Stone, and Languish. They all do different things, but the removal in the format isn't particularly powerful at this point in time.

Femme_Fatale on [Community Discussion]: Frontier Chat

1 week ago

miracleHat, so have I, though I have named it Current all those years before. And also, guess what, Treasure Cruise sees very little play.

On the fetchland ban: Not going to happen. Especially not with Revolt. You are basically removing a very large portion of interactivity between decks that allows for complex plays. Frontier is a very hard format to be able to play competitively in properly as a uncracked fetchland means so much more than just potential mana. Further, 4-colour decks are only consistently plausible in the following forms: slower midrange/control, or 2 colour aggro lightly splashing the other two. There is a lot of aggro decks that are making the inconsistency of 4 colour decks to be a hindrance more often than not: 8-Ensoul, Vehicles, Life-gain Tempo, Abzan/Jund Aggro, Zoo, Atarka Red. And then the combo decks of Aetherworks Marvel, Rally the Ancestors, and the new Saheeli Rai + Felidar Guardian.

Further, Jace, Copter and Flayer are not that powerful anymore. The premier removal in this format are as follows in roughly this order: Fatal Push, Roast, Kolaghan's Command, Dromoka's Command, Crackling Doom, Immolating Glare, Lightning Strike, Abzan Charm, Grasp of Darkness. Only Roast, D-Mand, A-Charm and Crackle can't kill all 3 of those creatures. Also, Grim Flayer does very little. Hitting 4 card types in your graveyard for delirium is actually quite hard early game, making him a 2/2 for generally up to turn 4-6, and you really have to weaken your deck to be able to make him work. Additionally, there are a lot of X/5's and X/4's in the format.

Smuggler's Copter is the only one worthy of a banning right now, as the only decks that don't want to use Copter are the control decks and the combo decks. Every other deck has to run Copter as a 4 of not because it is required to counter Copter (lots of removal kills Copter) but because it is simply so powerful and strong for only 2 mana and Crewable by any creature. In my numerous playtests (nearing a couple of hundred games) I have found that Copter consistently does the most damage and will frequently deal the last points of damage by itself. It also allows you to have consistent draws, making running 4 colour decks less of a hindrance and helps those who don't know how to make a perfect manabase.

Neko069 on Of Demons And Dragons v3.0

2 weeks ago

Mr.grizzly I really like Unlicensed Disintegration, but my deck only has 2 artifacts. Hero's Downfall was always saved up for planeswalkers, unless there was something that had to be removed instantly. For eg, back in the days I let Polukranos strike me for 5, because my turn-3 Rabblemaster would heal me completely with Sorin for at least 6. Or I could drop a Rabblemaster in turn 3 and a Butcher in turn 4 and strike with haste + lifelink, healing what Polukranos did.

Foul-Tongue Invocation is also a card I've already tried, but does not fit here. First, I have several ways to heal myself up, as stated above. And second, you cannot choose what to target like Crackling Doom (I mean, you use it to take out the biggest threat).

That's why I'm using To the Slaughter to deal with planeswalkers. Not as effective as Downfall, but it's the best we have for the moment...

Wizno on Queen Marchesa

2 weeks ago

Hi there! I run a similar style deck with Queen Marchesa so I could share a few ideas that have been effective in my meta.

Quick note: Braids, Cabal Minion is banned in EDH. I'm not sure if your play group is okay with her but just a heads up on that.

Crackling Doom needs to be in this deck. It's incredible removal and can really get around some tough situations (Hexproof, Indestructible).

While not necessary, Kambal, Consul of Allocation has done wonders in my deck and can really add up over time.

Life gain is big in my meta so I've added Erebos, God of the Dead to slow that down and get another draw engine.

If you're looking for token generation, Bitterblossom should definitely be in the deck.

Redundancy can be quite powerful depending on the effect. I would recommend Kismet since it can really throw tempo off and is much harder to remove than your Loxodon.

Upgrading your manabase is probably the biggest suggestion I have. You don't need any super expensive lands (though they always help) but you should definitely be running more dual lands to improve consistency.

If you want to add a pillow-fort subtheme to the deck, I would look at cards like Ghostly Prison or No Mercy. I would also recommend more draw engines like Phyrexian Arena or Necropotence. Lastly, Stranglehold is a great enchantment and can get mean when paired with Maralen of the Mornsong.

Jtpvdmark on Take the Crown

2 weeks ago

Haha voltron Doran, the Siege Tower is indeed unusual xD. Crackling Doom was already in the deck and Kaalia of the Vast is a little bit expensive for now but I'll keep her in mind!

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