Primal Wellspring


Primal Amulet  Flip


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) None
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Primal Wellspring


(Transforms from Primal Amulet.)

: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. When that mana is spent to cast an instant or sorcery spell, copy that spell and you may choose new targets for the copy.

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Primal Wellspring Discussion

Rushhy on R/U Control

2 months ago

Hey thanks for the comment defs giving it a go with the Insult / Injury and also yeah ive run a few times with Jaya in there late game she was really good with the + mana ended up getting a great 20 Dmg Banefire with Her and Primal Wellspring  Flip But yeah i think maybe dropping her to just 1 in Sideboard.

cdkime on Storm interactions

3 months ago

I have a correction to Boza’s number four:

The copy created by Primal Wellspring is not cast, so any abilities triggered on the cast will not activate. This includes Storm. You will only end up with seven instances of Grapeshot - the original, the copy from Primal Wellspring, and the five copies from Storm.

Rule 702.39a:

Storm is a triggered ability that functions on the stack. “Storm” means “When you cast this spell, copy it for each other spell that was cast before it this turn. If the spell has any targets, you may choose new targets for any of the copies.” (Emphasis added).

Gatherer Ruling for Primal Wellspring dated 9/29/2017:

If a copy is created, you control the copy. That copy is created on the stack, so it’s not “cast.” Abilities that trigger when a player casts a spell won’t trigger. (Emphasis added).

Boza on Storm interactions

3 months ago
  1. No, splicing a spell just adds its text to the existing spell on the stack.

  2. No, because the copies with storm are simply created on the stack, they are not cast, so neither artifact will trigger.

  3. No, you will get 5 instances of grapeshot (the original + 4 more). If Grapeshot is your next spell, you will get the orginal + 5 more, since your storm count is now 5.

  4. Just original. Primal Wellspring copies spells and storm is a triggered ability. If you cast Grapeshot with Primal Wellspring with storm count 5, you will first get the copy of the original spell with 5 more , then the original spell will resolve and create 5 more copies for a total of 12 grapeshots. Note that copy created by Wellspring is not cast, so it will not increase your storm count.

  5. No, as explained in 1, it simply adds to the text of an existing spell.

HowlingFoxGPH on Embracing the Madness: A Nekusar Primer

3 months ago

Thoughts on Vizier of Tumbling Sands able to untap a permanent for example your Primal Wellspring? And if with Paradox Engine most likely, you would have double wheel effects almost indefinitely as long as you draw a wheel card. Also, I think Leyline of Anticipation would favor this deck to combo faster taking advantage of your opponent's end of turn like casting punish cards at end of your opponent's turn then wheel effects on your turn.

DankStompy on 2x Primal Wellspring

4 months ago

seems pretty obvious to me. both Primal Wellspring have their trigger conditions met, and will resolve unless countered.

Bagern on 2x Primal Wellspring

4 months ago

Does using 2x Primal Wellspring for a spell, stack? Will I get 2 copies?

Wintermoon on In need of blue ramp

6 months ago

Out of the top of my head these are the ones I know Gilded Lotus, Doubling Cube, Lost Vale and Primal Wellspring can help aswell. And because you are playing mono-blue you can always have Clever Impersonator to copy any of the artifacts.

Daggerfella on Potential from Dominaria?

6 months ago

Lrya Dawnbringer (legendary creature 5/5, 5 drop(2 white +3), good if running angels) (good alt: Angel of invention, 5 drop(2 white +3) 2/1 flying, vigilance, lifelink, creates 2 1/1 servo creature tokens, AOI gets 2 +1/+1 counters when it enters, other creatures get +1/+1 )

Song of Freyalise (saga, good if running green aggro and want to summon heavy hitters like Ghalta, and when combined with the Angel of Invention AND/OR Lanowar Elves, bringing out heavy hitters in green would be easy.)

Forebear's Blade (equipment, 3 drop. Equiped creature gets +3/+0 and has vigilance and Trample. when creature dies, attach to target creature you control. Equip 3, good to put on token creatures that get generated.)

Jaya's Immolating Inferno (X+2 red drop, Legendary Sourcery, deals x damage to each of up to three targets, good with Chandra by turn 4-5 to kill 2 creatures and do 7 damage to opponent. Combine with Primal Wellspring  Flip to DOUBLE this effect, so potentially 14 damage or even 16 damage by turn 4-5)

Jaya Ballard (legendary Planeswalker, 5 drop (3 red +2,), +1 add 3 red, spend mana on instant or sourcery spells; Great with Jaya's Immolating Inferno, +1 discard up to 3 cards and draw that many, -8 get emblem with cast instant and sorcery cards from graceyard, if a card is used this way, it gets exiled after graveyard use)

Mox Amber (0 drop add 1 mana of any color among legendary creatures or planeswalkers u control, great with Nissa, Oveya,)

Caligo Skin-Witch (Creature, human wizard, 1/3, 2drop (1 black +1) kick 3+1black, when it enters and is kicked, each opponent discards 2 cards (might be good with Raiders Wake to have them lose a total of 4 life.))

Cabal Paladin (4/2 Human Knight Creature (4 drop, 1 black +3) whenever ya cast a historic spell, this card deals 2 damage to each opponent, artifacts, legendary and sagas are historic, might be a great card in Pauper)

Powerstone shard (3 drop) tap add uncolored mana for each artifact you control named Power Stone Shard and combine it with Mirage Mirror for greater mana generation)

Danitha Capashen, Paragon (Legendary Human Knight Creature 2/2, 3 drop (1 white +2) First Strike, Vigilance, Lifelink, aura and equipment spells you cast cost 1 less to cast (might be good with Forebear's Blade, Pirates Hook, other equipment spells, goes well with blue white potentially)

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