Phenax, God of Deception

Phenax, God of Deception

Legendary Enchantment Creature — God


As long as your devotion to blue or black is less than 7, Phenax isn't a creature

Creatures you control have " (Tap) target player puts top X cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard, where X is that creature's toughness"

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Phenax, God of Deception Discussion

Storm525 on Millk & Cookies

15 hours ago

Phenax, God of Deception can combo with Consuming Aberration pretty nastily. And no offense, but Tome Scour and Mind Sculpt are garbage, they just don't pull their weight as spells, Hedron Crab is actually a damn good creature to get out on the first turn, as it can usually hit for about 9-12 mill while it's on the board, and often times draws out removal spells from your opponent (instead of them killing your aberration). I recommend going up to 22-24 lands, adding in another Extirpate (perhaps switching them out for Surgical Extraction instead, which you can cast without paying mana.) If you decide to use Hedron Crab then also consider Dimir Aqueduct, it's a land that lets you play your other lands twice, getting more mileage from the crab's ability. Pilfered Plans for card draw and a bit of extra mill, and lastly, Psychic Strike,iIt's a hard counter that also mills 2.

Orvos101 on Eater of the Dead God ...

3 days ago

Am I correct in assuming that if i have Phenax, God of Deception and Eater of the Dead in play if someone tries to cast some kind of "kill it" spell on Eater of the Dead I can respond to that by tapping him and put his ability from phenax on the stack. At that point so long as there is a creature card in a graveyard I can then indefinitely tap and untap him to mill and exile creature cards in a graveyard. Right? Even if they were to play another "kill it" spell. Its a confusing mess to explain it out but here it goes. . .

"kill it" spell on Eater of the Dead

tap Eater of the Dead to mill for 4

activate Eater of the Dead's ability to untap him (so long as there is a creature in a GY)

at this point someone decides Eater of the Dead needs to die sooner than when the first spell resolves and casts another "kill it" spell

I can respond to that by tapping Eater of the Dead to mill and activate his ability again over and over again no mater what is put on the stack other than "split second" right? essentially God Mode?

Colten_Lee on U/B mill deck

4 days ago

Phenax, God of Deception and Consuming Aberration get stupid together. (:

fertileorphan on Altar of Blood

4 days ago

Phenax, God of Deception to help with the mill. You have big booty creatures, and if you wanted to run Triton Tactics You could potentially, tap Arbiter of the Ideal to mill, use Triton Tactics and mill again while also utilizing his ability.

muppetpastor on U/B Control Mill

5 days ago

I would add Dragon's Eye Savants to help with the mill-wall Phenax, God of Deception strategy and to be able to look at your opponents hand without shelling out $80 for a playset of Thoughtseize

I am trying to make mill work in standard also and one thing you could do is instead of having so many counterspells, go for a Blue devotion mill strategy.

Replace some of the counterspells with things like Singing Bell Strike//Dictate of Kruphix/Encrust/Eternity Snare//Pin to the Earth to nullify your opponents creatures. Then play as many Altar of the Brood as you can draw.

Once you have a couple Altar of the Brood and your devotion is fairly high, BOOM! Master of Waves. If you bide your time you could easily have 2-3 Altar of the Brood and >10 blue devotion, which is an easy instant 20-30 card mill. Plus, with all that devotion, Phenax, God of Deception is a creature and can tap to mill 7, and so can your Wall of Frost and Dragon's Eye Savants

logansullivan on Graveyard really matters

6 days ago

there's the obvious like Reanimate and Animate Dead and Sheoldred, Whispering One then there's the normal targets like Grave Titan or Wurmcoil Engine then you can run things that can utilize other peoples graveyards like Geth, Lord of the Vault then stuff to fill up your graveyard like Phenax, God of Deception then you can limit your opponents choices with things like Reito Lantern and Bow of Nylea

RovkirHexus on Black/White/Blue Constellation

6 days ago

Ohoho? What's this? I spy a Phenax, God of Deception incoming! Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver is pretty good, but Phenax does almost the same thing for more cards with Aspect of Gorgon + Nyx-Fleece Ram . Top 8 for tapping it? It will be nice to bomb their win cons out of their deck. Milling inbound!

juicytoot on Oh my god Becky...

1 week ago

Phenax, God of Deception loves butts, but he needs a blue splash.

Power / Toughness 4/7
Color(s) Black Blue
Cost 3UB
Converted cost 5
Avg. draft pick 2.65
Avg. cube pick 4.03


Format Legality
MTGO Legal
Casual Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Pre-release Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Born of the Gods Mythic Rare

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