Phenax, God of Deception


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods Mythic Rare

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Phenax, God of Deception

Legendary Enchantment Creature — God


As long as your devotion to blue or black is less than 7, Phenax isn't a creature

Creatures you control have " (Tap) target player puts top X cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard, where X is that creature's toughness"

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Phenax, God of Deception Discussion

JA14732 on Mill or not to mill, that is the question...

12 hours ago

Alright, so I'll take a look here. I'm actually kind of a fan of mill in EDH, even if I don't enjoy playing it, but the problem is that Oloro isn't really set up for mill, and you're running a number of cards that are inefficient. So, how do we fix this? Well, there's a couple of ways.

First, if you want to keep your commander as Oloro, by all means, do so. Oloro's the most generic Esper commander, well, ever, and can be the head of basically every deck out there. If you want to have a commander better suiting for mill, however, Szadek, Lord of Secrets, Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker or even Phenax, God of Deception are all good for mill in EDH. This isn't necessary, however.

Alright, so now you're milling people. How do you punish people for getting milled? Well, there happens to be Leyline of the Void and Rest in Peace in your colors! (Keep in mind, that this does Nonbo 100% with Keening Stone, which I will be recommending later.) These cards force your opponents to play YOUR game, and not their own.

Now then, how do we improve efficiency? There's a couple of cards that are noticeably lacking in your list, cards like Mind Grind, Consuming Aberration, Keening Stone, Archive Trap, Glimpse the Unthinkable, Mesmeric Orb, Traumatize, Increasing Confusion, Memory Erosion, Dreamborn Muse, Altar of Dementia, Sands of Delirium, Mindcrank + Bloodchief Ascension, Hinder + Tunnel Vision , Bitter Ordeal, Praetor's Grasp, Sadistic Sacrament, Eater of the Dead (can go infinite really easily with Phenax) and, I guess, just run Helm of Obedience. It goes infinite with either Leyline of the Void or Rest in Peace. Some of these are pretty expensive; I'd recommend just looking for whatever looks good and fits in your budget.

Finally, now that you've improved your efficiency, you need to keep your hand full. Necropotence, Mind's Eye, Howling Mine, etc. to just keep your hand full whilst milling your opponents out.

Anyways, I hope this helps you to improve your deck. It's a bit of a long statement, so let me know what works for you.

RamaLama on It's Not Easy Being Green

3 days ago

It looks like I may have to find a place for the new Paradox Engine in the deck too. I have very few tap activated abilities in the deck, but being able to tap Karametra's Acolyte or Selvala, Heart of the Wilds twice per turn could be pretty sweet, and giving Omnath virtual vigilance so he can both attack and block would be cool also.

In fact, I may need a few of these. My Phenax, God of Deception mill deck needs it for sure.

chaosumbreon87 on Infinite Self Mill Combo

1 week ago

Where do you need the cards to go. Ill just list different types and tell me which you want

Azami, Lady of Scrolls+Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter+Temple Bell

any scry effect+Tunnel Vision

Altar of Dementia+Karmic Guide+Reveillark

Paradise Mantle+Puresight Merrow

Deadeye Navigator+Palinchron+Prime Speaker Zegana

Angel's Grace+ad nauseum

Phenax, God of Deception+Eater of the Dead (limited by creatures in graveyard)

if you need more explanations or combos let me know. now deeper into the forums

jamiem on Lazav wants what you got

1 week ago

Awesome mill combo would be amazing in this deck. Phenax, God of Deception and Eater of the Dead.

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Lazav goodies

1 week ago

Your deck is fairly optimized, but I do see some spots in which I think it could be improved upon.

  1. Lands: You do not need 38 lands, 36 would probably be best. Furthermore you should also have fetches in your colors (i.e. Misty Rainforest. Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, Bloodstained Mire, Marsh Flats, and Scalding Tarn). Trim the lands such as Temple of Deceit and Temple of the False God. Ancient Tomb is a much better option than Temple of the False God. Add Riptide Laboratory as it works well with Venser, Shaper Savant. Homeward Path does not seem worth it, Shizo, Death's Storehouse allows Lazav to get in damage more easily. Nephalia Drownyard is a decent option to give you mill when you have nothing on board.

  2. Planeswalkers: Tamiyo, the Moon Sage does not really do much for the deck and can be cut. I am also not a fan of 7 cmc planeswalkers and think that you should cut either Ugin, the Spirit Dragon or Karn Liberated. I personally think Ugin, the Spirit Dragon does more for the deck as it actually puts things into the graveyard. Jace, Memory Adept and Ob Nixilis Reignited should probably be in the deck.

  3. Enchantments: I'm not a huge fan of Rhystic Study as it gives your opponent a choice, Phyrexian Arena is a much more consistent option.

  4. Creatures: You have wayyyy too many creatures that are just value and do nothing in the way of pushing forward your gameplan with Lazav. Creatures I would cut: Consuming Aberration, Dimir-doppleganger, Diluvian Primordial, Grave Titan, Phenax, God of Deception, Sheoldred, Whispering One, Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon, Wrexial, the Risen Deep, and Wurmcoil Engine. You creature base should mainly consist of cards that draw you cards, ramp you, counter spells, tutor, kill creatures, protect Lazav, lock down the game, or get back something from your graveyard. You will also most likely want a backup win-con usually in an Eldrazi titan, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre being the best candidate. As for the replacements I can suggest Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, Bloodgift Demon, Solemn Simulacrum, Burnished Hart, Noxious Gearhulk, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, Venser, Shaper Savant, and Steel Hellkite.

  5. Artifacts: Mesmeric Orb is a staple for Lazav. I'm not a huge fan of Mindcrank unless your combo-ing with it and as you said you want no combo's. Mind's Eye does not do enough for it's cmc. Lazav should probably have an card that gives him lifelink in either Batterskull or Loxodon Warhammer. Mana Vault should also be in here.

  6. Instants: Desertion is mediocre and is much better off as Mystic Confluence. Dissolve, Hinder, Stifle, and Undermine are all pretty underwhelming as 3 cmc seems to be the spot at which counterspells seem to become average. I'd suggest Forbid, Arcane Denial, Swan Song, Disallow (when it comes out), and Pact of Negation. You also really need at least one kill spell as a catch all for creatures. I would suggest the following Ashes to Ashes, Hero's Downfall, Ruinous Path, Slaughter Pact, and Snuff Out.

  7. Sorcery: I'm not really in love with any of your sorceries except for Demonic Tutor. Temporal Mastery is outclassed by Time Warp. I don't think Rite of Replication is worth it as none of your creatures are really worth copying. As for Bribery, Lazav should always be your primary focus and you should not be relying on your opponent's to win. I could see Rise of the Dark Realms sticking around as a secondary win-con in case the game goes poorly, but you should never really be in that state unless you navigated the game poorly. Traumatize only hits a single player once, Lazav wants something repeatable. Also if Eldrazi titans are big in your meta then Traumatize is pretty bad. Toxic Deluge and Dark Petition should definitely be considerations.

GL and hope this helps!

shame on MTKEDH - Heat Death

1 week ago

this deck needs a Nekusar, the Mindrazer. Some other includes to consider might be Sphinx's Tutelage, Bloodchief Ascension, Phenax, God of Deception and Rise of the Dark Realms

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