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Hero's Downfall


Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

Acquire Hero's Downfall


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Hero's Downfall Discussion

StuntmanTheThird on BEST NAME EVER!

6 hours ago

Smoke your modern, I see turn three Generator Servant into SHANK plus some other one drop... that just happens to be deathtouching and first striking. I mean, just give me a moment to dream:

Oh no, Sultai is wiping the board with -X/-X shenanigans!-Mardu Ascendancy , Athreos, God of Passage

Oh no, Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker is totes traitor!- Utter End , Hero's Downfall

Oh no, Azban is being rude and putting up chump blockers!-Mardu Ascendancy AGAIN, Archetype of Aggression

Oh no, I need to change my boxers... MARDU AIN'T GOT TIME FOR DAT.

scrotality on Meta Puncher

6 hours ago

well. i mean. i guess it could be called 'budget' when compared to the price tag on modern Jund :D

jokes aside though, I'm curious - did you see this deck in the budget category or something? wondering if i mislabeled it or something.

Femme_Fatale, TheRedMage, Sogatog, [user:everyoneElse] - I've been meaning to comment on this for a while. I've been going over your suggestions. it pains me to remove all of the jank from this deck :( the original point was to just piss people off. but you're right - Psychic Surgery needed to be yanked. it was fun ( i took out a Lili with it once, haha).

anyways, i am going to be running this on friday in a (small) local modern event. ive updated the list a bit. i tried using Guul Draz Assassin in place of Delver of Secrets  Flip , but it just didn't go off. i didn't have the mana to sink into it and i haven't found a better 1 drop than delver. bottom line, i gotta get my damage in or i lose, lol. so delver is back in and has been flipping pretty reliably. i am also trying out Hero's Downfall - its a little slower but can take care of Lili and Karn. also, i added Vampire Nighthawk mainboard. i generally need a little bump in life late game, and deathtouch is extra special. also updated the sideboard a bit. anyways, if you could take a gander at it, i'd very much appreciate it :D

thanks guys!

EzraTerrestrial on Demonic Devotion 1.2 (Theros/M15)

8 hours ago

Thanks Hills, super helpful! I'm steering clear of Silence the Believers merely because it exiles and I want stuff in the grave. I'll eventually swap out all the Bile Blight with Hero's Downfall as I obtain them. I'm really interested in the Master of the Feast + Tormented Thoughts combo.

CrovaxTheCursed on Weenie Slap (1st @ FNM)

12 hours ago

Thanks! It is a very fun build. The playstyle feels a bit different than my other white decks. This one has a cross-feeling of playing White Weenie with a Voltron aspect. The creature base is somewhat like a Weenie base, but it's more about making one particular guy really dangerous and protecting the crap out of him, rather than flooding the board with these cheap OP dudes. Opponents will likely exhaust all their removal on your buffed guy, while you counter each one with a Gods Willing or Brave the Elements . By the time they refresh their supply, you're swinging for 40 damage. The thing I've noticed is that the opponent always seems to put all their effort into making sure my deck doesn't work, as opposed to making sure their deck does. I feel that gives me a leg up in the matchups because this deck doesn't care one bit what the opponent is doing, it only cares about curving Hero of Iroas into Fabled Hero into Bestowing and attacking. The fact that my opponent will be doing everything in their power to make sure that doesn't happen, means that they will not be playing efficient, they will be playing to stay alive. That makes a huge difference in card advantage. For example, let's say I'm in game two. My opponent has seen my deck, recognized it's capabilities, and sideboarded accordingly. Now since they have brought in so much removal, they have no problem using up a Hero's Downfall on Hero of Iroas . Now to me, this deck can function fine without him, so I've effectively baited them into thinking that I need him to win. This puts a bullseye on his head and gives the illusion of advantage (for the opponent) when they kill him. Next turn I'm dropping a Fabled Hero that they probably wish they had that Downfall back to kill. If you kill him too? Akroan Skyguard will punish you in the air. So there are many ways to turn these little guys into a means of knocking the socks off your opponent. Granted there's only 26 creatures in here, but with all the protection it feels like a lot more because the creatures go a long way. It seems pretty resilient to removal as it just wipes the floor with MBD in my experiences. Wow, sorry for the text book, I'm glad you like the deck lol.

beakedbard on Utter End

12 hours ago

I want 4x now. Damn this appearing with the rest of the removal currently in standard. Between Hero's Downfall , Banishing Light and now this B/W has so much hate for planeswalkers.

GoldGhost012 on Utter End

13 hours ago

Instant speed exile removal? That seems pretty good, even for a 4-drop. It gets rid of Planeswalkers for 1 more mana than Hero's Downfall and can even get rid of Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker when he's +1'ed up. Pretty good flavor text too.

flamemsater on Mono-Black Standard Lifedrain (Suggestions Please)

13 hours ago

Overall a great first deck, +1 from me. Personally I would take out 1 Erebos, God of the Dead and the Nightmare for 2 Hero's Downfall its great removal, also some 4 Bile Blight would be good cards for your sideboard.

Hills on Demonic Devotion 1.2 (Theros/M15)

14 hours ago

My suggestions for you are to mainboard 3-4 Hero's Downfall s and put Bile Blight s in sideboard (equal number to your downfalls) run Duress or Thoughtseize instead of boon. Ob Nixilis, Unshackled is a cool card but he is so unplayable unless you have the right circumstance. replace him for other creatures/cards (my suggestions is 1 more Dictate of Erebos and 1 more Indulgent Tormentor ). You could drop the Nighthowler s to add an extra Herald of Torment s and an extra gray merchant to your mainboard, Mogis's Marauder s are awsome for black devotion too if you want to consider him. for your sideboard i would run 3-4 Silence the Believers , dark betrayals, bile blights, Pharikas Cure (for vs any aggro decks).

Read the Bones is also handy for draw cards so you might want to consider fitting it in somewhere

If you have them replace your Herald of Torment s with Master of the Feast s.

If you really want to play around sacrificing your creatures though you might want to consider cards like Tormented Thoughts , Extinguish All Hope (this card doesn't hit brain maggots but kills almost all other creatures so long as they aren't enchantments), March of the Returned (helps get back a nighthowler or 2 if they have removed him), Returned Centaur , Returned Reveler

A Fun combo for black devotion is Claim of Erebos and Pain Seer