Hero's Downfall

Hero's Downfall


Destroy target creature or planeswalker.
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Hero's Downfall Discussion

Inside on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

3 hours ago

Ugh but still that's just bad design on Magic's part. It's not just limited to one color either, most of the meta in the current modern game has very little to no answer to plays walkers. The best one I can think of is Hero's Downfall. I think white should get something like Hero's Downfall quick. Got recked by some guy running Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. My hand was scoped out to be good but I just had no answers to walkers. In other games I drew Detention Sphere it was pretty bad versus early aggro.

alulien on Evil Will Always Triumph Because Good is Dumb

10 hours ago

I, too, was going to recommend Ruthless Ripper as strictly better than the rats. Definitely think Ob Nixilis, Unshackled is lackluster at best. What about Sidisi, Undead Vizier for top-end support as she's got relevant stats and has good Exploit targets in Bloodsoaked Champion and Despoiler of Souls for the tutor.

Not running any mainboard removal is a mistake, imo, and 4 Sign in Blood is too much. Whip is cool, but you don't have any etb/ltb effects you're abusing, and you only have 2 big beaters (Titan and Master). I'd look at trying something like this:

-4 Typhoid Rats -2 Ob Nixilis, Unshackled -2 Sign in Blood -1 Mogis's Marauder -1 Whip of Erebos

+3 Ruthless Ripper +2 Sidisi, Undead Vizier +3 Hero's Downfall +2 Murderous Cut

braydin72 on Abzan Starfield

12 hours ago

Swapped out the Kruphix's Insight for Evolutionary Leap This will help protect me from Searing Blood by giving me the opportunity to sacrifice the creature in response. I Added 2x Nyx-Fleece Ram to the sideboard, removing one Hero's Downfall and 1 Naturalize. These will side in with Assault Formation for mono red matchups. This is the list I will play tomorrow night at FNM.

jrogers16 on Blue Black Sack

23 hours ago

What Mj3913 is correct. I'm going to be honest with your deck to help you get better as a player; just giving constructed criticism. Your deck currently looks like a paint splatter. There is not much focus in one area, and the areas that are focused don't look good. All the suggestions I'm going to give aren't going to be budget; don't worry about that for now, just understand why these suggestions make a deck better. First; cut the Evolving Wilds and Dismal Backwaters for 4x Polluted Delta and 2x Temple of Deceit. These cards are just better than what you had before in the deck. Also, go down to 24 lands. Your mana curve is low enough to have less lands and more room for threats. Mana fixing is very important, even in a two color deck. Your deck is way too focused on just killing your opponents creatures IMO. Not every deck plays a lot of creatures! If you face a deck with lots of creatures then this is perfect! But if you face a deck with 4 creatures, then 80% of your deck is abloslutely useless. You need to find a balance between removal and threats. You deck lacks creatures itself right now. Now, this isn't a problem because of th amount of creatures; he problem is you have zero winconditions. Nothing in your deck can outright win you the game. You need some late game finishers! Silumgar, the Drifting Death is good due to the fact he has hexproof. Tasigur, the Golden Fang can come out early and put pressure on the opponent. One last thing, it's getting late and I'm tired; your removal is kind of wierd too. I would play more Hero's Downfall, add some Clash of Wills and Murderous Cuts instead of Negate, Cancel, and Silence the Believers. I'll help more later, just ask me. Good luck!

Magicrafter on Khanye

1 day ago

Oh, no, he's a casual and is using his money on a box of BFZ. He likes a lot of these older sets like Innistrad, Zendikar, Mirrodin Besieged, etc. His most expensive rare is like a Hero's Downfall.

nrbianco on Those are some nice creatures you got there...

1 day ago

I see a few problems, first off I would reccomend Temple of Malice or Bloodstained Mire or even Bloodfell Caves as aditions to your mana base. Next I would reccomend Dragon Fodder and Hordeling Outburst for extra creatures to sacrifce. Get rid of the Infernal Scarring and play another Shadows of the Past. I suggest one more Mob Rule. I would play a couple more removal spells. Delve might help, Murderous Cut. Also up the Hero's Downfall and Ultimate Price and the Lightning Strike. Get rid of Gravedigger and Disentomb, you don't really need them. Add a Tormented Thoughts instead of Despise, Lose Calm is great, I would ideally play two of them. Erebos's Titan is a great win condition. You could use Fleshbag Marauder instead of Ogre Marauder, Lightning Strike instead of Lightning Bolt and just get rid of Disentomb if you wanted to make this standard legal.

I see this deck working like:Turn 1: Temple of MaliceTurn 2: Dragon FodderTurn 3: Nantucko Husk or Liliana, Heretical Healer  FlipTurn 4: Act of Treason sacrifice their creature, flip Liliana.Then after that just control the board and continue pissing the opponent off by taking and sacrificing his creatures.

Argeaux on Warriors vs. Elves

2 days ago

You need to shut down their key Elves before they do you damage ie. as soon as they enter the field.

Instant speed removal is the way to go.

Stuff like:

Banishing Light might also prove useful.

Hope that helps.

ComradeJim270 on All is quiet,and in one swift rush, the battle won

2 days ago

I've found with my B/W warriors deck (based on the one you originally posted) that Hero's Downfall is often too mana-intensive. How do you feel about Ultimate Price?

I'm also curious how you came to decide on what is in your sideboard.

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