Hero's Downfall

Hero's Downfall


Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

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Hero's Downfall Discussion

alulien on Obliterator Vat

2 days ago

Your mana is going to be really inconsistent. I don't think the 2 Lanterns and Birds are enough fixing since you can't hit Lantern reliably and Birds only help so much. Another problem is 20 lands won't be enough, you should be running closer to 24 with your curve to be able to reliably hit Obliterator and Prime Time. Fetches would be really helpful - if you upped to 4x Overgrown Tomb then you could more easily hit for the Obliterator. Verdant Catacombs is expensive, but Wooded Foothills, Bloodstained Mire and Windswept Heath can all fetch the Tomb and can also grab your basics. Woodland Cemetery is another budget option.

Hero's Downfall will be better than Ruinous Path here. I would also strongly suggest decising if you're midrange or aggro - right now you're both and it hurts you. If you go midrange, Abrupt Decay, Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek and Dismember are all worth considering.

ManSauce on X - Wheel of Fortune

2 days ago

Do you every really get your opponents to discard much? I've been running a Nekusar deck for a couple years now and I've never managed to get decent discard going. If my opponents have just a little ramp I basically end up (and this is part of the whole Neku damage strategy) refilling their hands, but never enough as they then play cards and usually sit at between 5 and 7 cards in hand. Sangromancer ended up as nothing more than a flying blocker, Niv-Mizzet pretty much the same for that matter. I've kept Megrim and Lily's Caress in because they have always been popular removal targets, as apparently players fear discard, even if you cant get it going. I've never used Painful Quandary though. Wheel of Fate ended up being too wonky in most games and I could never seem to find the right time to play "target player draws X cards" spells, because there was always something more important to do with my mana. A fair chunk of wheel spells dont discard to add to this. I guess the timing/card was always a bit off of what it was ideally meant to accomplish (for me). Also Font of Mythos and Dictate of Kruphix usually ended up being more reasons to kill Neku and feed my opponents 4 cards each turn, once all my opponents gang up on me, which always happens. What are your experiences?

A card that I can recommend is Hive Mind. Also, Hero's Downfall over Ruinous Path.

Doomz on System of the Downed

4 days ago

I like the idea of using Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and Serum Visions, so I will probably make changes to fit them in. Diregraf Ghoul will be replaced with what you have suggested, most likely Hero's Downfall or more forms of removal. Thank you for the suggestions!

ArchFline on System of the Downed

4 days ago

I like where this deck is going but it seems to lack the kind of support would make it viable in modern. I have few suggestions on cards and a means to fit them into the deck:

3 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in place of 3 Temple of Deceit

Drop 1 Temple of Deceit

Replace 2 Spreading Seas and 2 Remand for 4 Serum Visions

Replace 1 Diregraf Captain, 2 Prized Amalgam and 2 Diregraf Ghoul with 1 Victim of the night, 2 Hero's Downfall and 2 Duress

These changes should help you to remain tribal while still supporting a reactive anti-fun set up. I hope these suggestions helped.

GriffinL on MimeMillFinity

4 days ago

Hero's Downfall instead of Murder?

Rose on Need help beating Meren in ...

5 days ago

Here's what I thought after looking at the deck:

No Mercy is probably worth dropping since it'll only trigger after damage gets dealt to you.

Complete Disregard is still bad. I'd say replace it with Ashes to Ashes just so you don't have such a ridiculous drawback.

If you're actually worried about your life total going down you could consider Sun Droplet or Eternity Vessel

Since you're not running many creatures you could run Perilous Vault (keep in mind that will exile enchantments you have, but it's better than being overrun).

Fevered Visions and Phyrexian Tyranny aren't worth their slots, especially since you have Megrim and Liliana's Caress already.

If you think Sadistic Sacrament is too tough to cast then I see no reason for Underworld Dreams to be in either.

Jace's Archivist could afford to be let go if you wanted. Or if you still wanted that many creatures you could always go with Detritivore for LD. he'd be suspended for awhile and be invulnerable to board wipes until he stopped being suspended.

Go for the Throat should either be cut or changed into Terminate/Dreadbore/Hero's Downfall.

rorofat on c kill a indestructable creature ...

6 days ago

Cards that say destroy like Doom Blade/ Hero's Downfall and damage like Lightning Bolt and Shock can not kill an indestructible creature.

Cards that exile like Path to Exile, return to hand Unsummon, put into other zones like Terminus or reduce toughness (different than damage) like Grasp of Darkness or Dead Weight can kill indestructible creatures.

Next time, respect the rules of the site and link the cards you were thinking of using the bracket structure (formatting guide available here), and don't just write out gibberish.

TheFoilAjani on deathrending power!!!!

6 days ago

Alrighty, so you seem to be off to a good start. I have a couple of suggestions, but first for easy cuts;

-2 Grafted Wargear

-1 It That Betrays

-1 Marrow Chomper

-2 Shadowborn Demon

-2 Grave Pact

-1 Pawn of Ulamog

-1 Blood Artist


Now for swaps; I really like what you have going here, but it seems a little unreliable to make things work properly. Ways to make the deck more consistent;

I would recommend having some split of Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat (3-2). Because Artist targets, Leyline of Sanctity-type effects can ruin that. Zulaport isn't just stricly better because Artist triggers from all deaths.

Nice token producers could be:

The Thalid should be Blisterpod.

Some stronger removal would be nice. If not on a budget, the obvious Abrupt Decay and Maelstrom Pulse would be good. Otherwise, cheap ones like Hero's Downfall and Victim of Night work.

Some cards in your maybe board aren't modern legal: Hypergenesis (banned), Innocent Blood andCarrion Feeder.

Finally, you have the list posted as Pox. Pox is a deck running Smallpox and Death Cloud effects. This is closer to Aristocrats.

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