Hero's Downfall

Hero's Downfall

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Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

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Hero's Downfall Discussion

kengiczar on The Rogue Shard of Tarkir

1 hour ago

Um, rjphilla in response to:

"It looses to EVERY single other flyer in competitive magic. All of them. Waste. Of. Time. How many pro games has it won? Zero. As soon as you attack, it's stoked. Or blocked by stormbreath. And stormbreath has protection from it. You want mine? Selling them.like hot cakes."

Have you not seen this? http://mtgtop8.com/event?e=9550&f=ST

That is the reason behind the price spike. Any deck running 4x Stormbreath Dragon without discard loses to control because he's just so easy to deal with. I mean as long as we have Hero's Downfall, Silumgar's Scorn, Murderous Cut, Ultimate Price, Nullify, Dissipate, Dissolve, Disdainful Stroke and even Cancel stormbreath just does not matter to control. So even if we played all white dragons the chances are we have plenty of other answers and if the field is empty and we tap out to play Ojuai, we don't care if the opponent taps out for Stormbreath and swings for 4 with haste because our dragon deals more damage and finds a kill spell or counter.

The pro white was a big deal when Banishing Light was an auto include for nearly every white deck and now it serves to keep everybody from mixing Bile Blight + Valorous Stance but that's about it.

Also any deck running 4x Stormbreath Dragon is very susceptible to Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. I drop her T3 all day against or dragons. Stole some Crater's Claws, Stormbreath Dragon or Thunderbreak Regent? Sweet those can't kill me now.

X Control decks don't need to worry about stormbreath because their man composition is great against it even if they are running 2-3 white dragons. They need to worry about Thoughtseize, Duress and Kolaghan's Command as well as mono .

Harook on MonoBlack Zombie Shenanigans

5 hours ago

To be honest I dont even know if I would go so far as to call the mana splashes, they're so insignificant. I don't actually have to cast Tymaret, the Murder King at all, I just figured taking away a single source from black was worth the possibility I might want to. Ditto for the single source for Treasure Cruise which I won't be casting till very late anyways.

I like Ultimate Price as an idea, I just love Hero's Downfall so much. There will be maybe a few matchups where it's just better, but I think the opportunity cost of bringing it in to the list which is pretty tight noncreature spell-wise isn't worth it. Maybe if the local meta I deal with changes.

The reason I run so many creatures is because without them I have no engine. But if you were trying to do something a little less janky than I am I could very easily see a list with less creatures and more control.

mystara on Dragon Control on a Budget

7 hours ago

veeonix (and anyone else listening), I want to double-check my interpretation of the rules for a combat trick with Pristine Skywise.

702.16b. A permanent or player with protection can't be targeted by spells with the stated quality and can't be targeted by abilities from a source with the stated quality.

I cast, say, Murderous Cut on my own Pristine Skywise in response to a Hero's Downfall. It's ability triggers, goes onto the stack, resolves, and I give the Skywise protection from black. My Murderous Cut and my opponent's Hero's Downfall fizzle due to protection, right?

I have to do a sanity check on this one just to be sure; I'm really digging the shenanigans possible with this card.

LordJiblet on Discard

8 hours ago

I run 8 rack pretty regularly. My advive to you would be to consider Pack Rat Black Cat or Necrogen Mists. Pack Rats and Black Cats can be block fodder and Mists can play the role of Liliana of the Veil. I'd also replace the 3 Ultimate Prices with Hero's Downfall just because it gives you more choices when presented with a board threat. Smallpox works wonders, but that is entirely up to you if you want to use it.

EpsilonOblivion on Scat Rats

8 hours ago

mattrva77, thanks for the suggestion! I didn't even know about Hero's Downfall. That's a definite upgrade.

If you have another other suggestions, I'd love to hear other ways I can improve this!

mattrva77 on Scat Rats

8 hours ago

Definitely replace Murder with Hero's Downfall if you can (they're not too pricey, and strictly better) -- but this is definitely a cool "theme deck" that would be fun to play and have some power behind it!

Obviously there's a lot you could do in order to make it more competitive -- but it's cool for what it is, no doubt!

MagicAnthony on Control, Draw, Kill. *17-4-3* so far

12 hours ago

Utter End was run main board, but was too clunky the majority of the time and I ended up sideboarding it out in 8/10 of matches. I implemented for Perilous Vault over it because it can deal with more than 1 threat and unless the card its targeting HAS to be exiled I find it far too inconsistent. Hero's Downfall I dropped to a 3 of for Thoughtseize because it hits more consistently and I have other spot removal cards in mainboard so until I see a heavy Planeswalker threat 3 is viable in my own personal opinion. I see what you are saying though, it's definitely a matter of meta and personal preference on the numbers and cards! This is mainly suited for my local competitions. Great ideas though definitely something i'll keep for consideration

kameenook on Control, Draw, Kill. *17-4-3* so far

12 hours ago

I would strongly consider Surge of Righteousness in the sideboard. Control does not fare well against aggro, and surge does very well against aggro. I personally like to run 4 Hero's Downfall, and if I'm in the colors, I like the versatility of Utter End, I would consider running a combined number of 4-6.

Color(s) Black
Cost 1BB
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 2.2
Avg. cube pick 2.6


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare
Promo Set Rare


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