Hero's Downfall


Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

Acquire Hero's Downfall


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Hero's Downfall Discussion

morscerta on The Mardu Butcher!

21 minutes ago

I see what you mean about Dictate of Erebos It was a card i had in here before i had anger to help deal with Carytid and the rushed game of green devotion that is all so popular at my FNM. they'ed play a Genesis hydra or a arbor, id flash in dictate, sacrifice a creature or two for Butcher of the Horde and clear the board. Made enemies everywhere. It is however a touch too expensive for the deck. I dropped it for more Lightning Strike As for Spirit Bonds Im really not a fan of going full token with this deck. When faced with the offensive option of going tall or going wide, I prefer to go tall. Suck when I run into a Hero's Downfall But hey that's what Gods Willing is for. As for Blood Soaked.. I'm still not sold on him. I know hes potentially amazing with Butcher and Purph Buuut He costs 2 mana. for 3 I can keep Mardu charm, pop in two tokens and deal the same amount of damage for 1 less mana. Plus it helps me know whats coming by peeking at their hand. Even if they're running green dev and All i get to see are mana dorks and lands.

reverendvile777 on Jeskai Control | Advice?

42 minutes ago

It's fine to disagree, but seeing as how by his own admission the deck is failing against the most common matchup in the metagame, it would behoove him to try new things. No need to be a condescending prick, especially if you have no counterpoints to offer. Stormbreath Dragon is pretty bad against Abzan, because of all the removal spells they side out, the typical 4 Hero's Downfall will most certainly stay in without a doubt, and even if they never find it, you still have to outrace them, and they will be ahead of you on all fronts. Would you prefer a 7 drop that can't be killed and ends the game quickly, or one that in this matchup will buy you 4 turns at the most and die to all their otherwise dead removal spells. Would you rather Dig Through Time to pick the cards you need, or let your opponent give you the worst of 2 piles? Do you really want that Siege Rhino to get recast because it went back on top of a library? Do you want to play burn based removal that can't kill anything in your worst matchups? Do you want to play removal that will just get removed itself?

Rensler88 on LET GOD GIVE THOU TOUGHNESS. (This shit is broken)

2 hours ago

Ok so there are some definite tweaks needed with this and so there were 4 rounds I lost all of them but I won 2 individual fights, so there is definitely some things going right with this deck but since I am new to magic (like 3 months in, I have play for). So me knowing exactly what is needed for this is still a little on the fence so I had others help me with it. The told me to take out the 3 Abzan Ascendency for the 3 Hero's Downfall . And, have 1 Sorin, Solemn Vistor and 1 Ajani Steadfast .

Complexbullet on Abzan FTW!! (Advice wanted)

5 hours ago

Made some adjustments based on tonights performance, +1 Hero's Downfall , -2 Thoughtseize , -1 High Sentinels of Arashin , +1 Wingmate Roc , -1 Garruk, Apex Predator , +1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion , -1 Spear of Heliod , +2 Banishing Light . Sideboard -2 Banishing Light , -1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion , +2 Stain the Mind , +1 Duneblast . Let me know what you think about the changes or any other ways to improve.

TheHroth on The Rogue Shard of Tarkir

9 hours ago


Two Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is definitely not necessary. I've dropped one for a Swamp. Thanks for catching that - I thought I only had one. Must have added another by mistake.

As for Empty the Pits , I have yet to test it out but has seemed good since it was spoiled. I hasn't seen much play in any tournaments though, and I can't help but wonder why not. It seems awfully good. I'll definitely consider it as a SB option.

AEtherspouts was here originally, but took out when I decided to add Perilous Vault . I really don't need that many boardwipes. The synergy with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver is really good though. I'll think about putting it back in.

I won't add Singing Bell Strike ...I'd rather just have hard kill spells instead.

With a full set of Despise , I'm essentially running 2 full sets of Hero's Downfall . It is amazing, and I personally think it is better than Thoughtseize because over 90% of the time, it will hit the same card.


Thanks! Your deck looks fun :)

Cakner on Dimir Control Suggestions Appreciated

10 hours ago

I'm running a similar deck at the moment and the one thing ive noticed after playtesting is that while you can run other delve cards, just focusing on Dig Through Time as my only Delve card worked much better. Running Murderous Cut was fun, but i when ever i casted it, I usually found it to just be a more expensive Hero's Downfall and then later regretted not being able to use delve for cheap Digs.

Also I'm not sure what your local meta is, but mine is shifting towards Aggro as everyone begin to notice that people don't do much before turn 3 or 4 and, So running some earlier cards that can still be efective later game can be nice, I've been experimenting with running Omenspeaker , Brain Maggot and Dragon's Eye Savants for low drop creatures that can get some good value. Also Bile Blight is just really good.

bigpappyj on Pit of Nightmares

16 hours ago

Maybe a couple Hero's Downfall to help murder things?

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