Hero's Downfall

Hero's Downfall

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Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

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Hero's Downfall Discussion

EpicDermis on God of the Mill

5 hours ago

I can understand that. If you can spare the cash, though, I would definitely invest in Dig Through Time.

As for Prognostic Sphinx, he's a good 'just in case' card against typical threats out right now, like Hero's Downfall, Chained to the Rocks, Utter End, Lightning Strike, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, etc... all for a discarded card (which could also help fuel Dig Through Time). He can block and survive threats like Siege Rhino, AND he gives you the ability to scry the hell out of your deck once you establish board control.

There's a reason he's been in quite a few of the Top 8 U/B control SB's. I would consider it. Not to mention, his 5 toughness could help if you need that extra milling power.

On a different side note, I would have to agree with what someone said already and say that the support for mill right now just isn't there. We still have another 2 expansions to be released, so if after extensive play testing you aren't getting the results you want, just bear that in mind. Could also consider getting more control heavy. Just some thoughts I've had.

wormhole65 on Temur Aggro/Midrange

5 hours ago

Fair enough about the Voyaging Satyr, although I personally would take either Elvish Mystic or Kiora's Follower over satyr, but again that is purely personal preference and shouldn't impact your gameplay significantly.

The problem with Aqueous Form is that in the current meta, decks have a nearly unlimited amount of options for creature removal. Enchanting a creature with that card only to have it eat a Hero's Downfall is a really crappy two-for-one card disadvantage, regardless of the one scry you might get out of it. That's pretty much the problem with all aura cards in the current meta, aside from the bestow creatures.

As for Fall of the Hammer versus Setessan Tactics, they get different kinds of value in different situations. For that reason I would recommend at least putting Tactics in the sideboard and bringing it in over Hammer when you're facing aggro, because while Hammer is great spot removal, Tactics has the potential to easily board-wipe your opponent, and against aggro decks especially that kind of tempo swing can make everything they do in their next 5 turns completely irrelevant. I can see hammer being better in the mainboard as it is slightly better when you're behind, provided you can get your Heir of the Wilds on the board.

I personally am not a big fan of Mindswipe because at best it's a bad combination of Crater's Claws and Temur Charm, and at worst it's an expensive Stubborn Denial without the ferocious trigger. Your deck is meant to play proactively and put big threats on the board that your opponent has to deal with, and if you're saving mana for stuff like Mindswipe you're not doing what your deck should be doing. Stubborn Denial is awesome for protecting your creatures from removal, but that is as far as I would go with counters unless you want to dedicate to them and make this a tempo deck that runs 4 each of Temur Charm, Trap Essence, Dissolve, and Stubborn Denial in the mainboard.

Other than that, the deck looks much, much better. One other thought is that Surrak Dragonclaw probably belongs in your mainboard as a win condition. As for that Nylea, God of the Hunt sitting in your sideboard I would drop her for a second Surrak. He does everything you need Nylea for in this deck in addition to being able to be cast at instant speed and being uncounterable (great for the control matchups, still great value in other matchups). Remember that you can declare all your creatures as attackers and watch him chump block your 10/10 Polukranos, World Eater with an Elvish Mystic, then slap down Surrak just before damage resolution to deal 9 points of trample damage. That can either be a really nice bonus damage effect or it could give you lethal damage your opponent wasn't expecting.

Oww99 on newbs Mardu aggro

9 hours ago

Ok. So you have Butcher of the Horde as a 4 of in main. You seem to being doing the sacrifice outlet. Keep the 4, and get 3 or 4 of Goblin Rabblemaster. You have a lot of instants, but Butcher is only good if you have creatures. Take out some pumping spells such as Trumpet Blast (I see it as lackluster becuase +2/+0 to attacking creatures doesnt help when a Bile Blight hits and kill them all) for Hordeling Outburst and Raise the Alarm. Maybe 2 or 3 of each. Wait, you have Hordeling, so Raise. I feel that Mardu Hordechief and Mardu Hateblade are just bad unless in a warrior deck. You also lack a lot of staight creature removal (Minus Crackling Doom of course). Try Hero's Downfall and Bile Blight. Disruption is also always good. Thoughtsieze or Despise for that. I know this is a lot of suggestions and quickly, but really think about it. I think Bile Blight and a few copies of the disruption should be in the side. Cut Zurgo Helmsmasher for this Strat.

Mohjoh on Rakdos Slaughterhouse (Advice Appreciated!)

10 hours ago

Yeah I've been trying to get my hands on a playset of Hero's Downfall for a couple weeks now, it'll happen eventually I'm sure.

Metroid_Hybrid on Help with Mono-Black Aggro/Tempo

11 hours ago

I've been making some final touches on a Mono-Black Aggro deck that has somewhat (slowly) been in the works since before RTR rotated out, and I'm curious as to how effective this particular build could be in the current format.. (as I typically don't play Standard, and I haven't at all since RTR rotated out..)

The way I figured, Aggro decks are all well & good, but this has been (apparently) a very Aggro/Midrange heavy format, so I figured some Tempo play could help combat this.. What do I mean by that? Well... I have (mainboard)--6x copies of hand disruption (Thoughtseize, Despise, Brain Maggot) --8x copies of targeted creature destruction (Bile Blight & Hero's Downfall, plus Agent of the Fates's Heroic trigger) --and 10x creatures with Bestow (thus offering there own advantage)..

Other than that, I also have a single copy of Master of the Feast (and some other stuff) that I could work in there, but I'm liking the way this is starting to look. What do you guys think?

BlackWeenieWins.. Playtest

Standard Metroid_Hybrid


Scorprix on Take me out Back - 1st @ Modern State Championship

12 hours ago

@DomRedhawk: Sorry but Hero's Downfall just really isn't playable in modern. It's too slow.

DomRedhawk on Take me out Back - 1st @ Modern State Championship

13 hours ago

Drop one Liliana of the Veil for a Hero's Downfall. Possibly two if you're willing to lose an Abrupt Decay as all.

Overall +1 for trying to bring back Jund in Modern.

Matthewp741 on God of the Mill

17 hours ago

EpicDermis The only reason I don't use Dig Through Time is because I just don't have it lol. I agree it would be a good choice. I've recently just removed Taigam's Scheming altogether anyways.

I do like the idea of Profane Memento however. I don't think I'll remove it completely, but I may reduce it to 2. Then add another Hero's Downfall and Bile Blight. Also, when do you think Prognostic Sphinx would be a good sideboard? I'm not sure what matchups I would put him in against.

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