Hero's Downfall


Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

Acquire Hero's Downfall


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Hero's Downfall Discussion

LordOfDispair on Sultai Hexproof

27 minutes ago

You should probably run more Hero's Downfall than Murderous Cut if you want to keep your graveyard full for card draw.

rochdalekilla9 on Mardu Mayhem! (Final Build)

2 hours ago

So I built this deck out of curiosity and took it to FNM. Unfortunately I didn't have any Stoke the Flames so I had to replace them with 2x Utter End and 2x Banishing Light . I ended up getting 2nd place at 3-1, only losing to Abzan. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a solid deck that I would tweak for my meta, but the Nyx-Fleece Ram is a good addition for the sb. Anything that may prevent life gain would be good too. Erebos, God of the Dead just doesn't see play.

Round One vs. Abzan: 2-0. Was a younger kid, had a decent deck but I didn't really see much. He had too little mana G1 and got flooded G2. Easy win.

Round 2 vs. Esper Control: 2-1. First game I had a bit of trouble early on. My draws just weren't there. I'd Magma Jet and scry two lands to the bottom of the library just to draw into more lands. Plus, his abundance of planes walkers was overwhelming. I had Hero's Downfall in my sb, so I brought those in and 2x Stormbreath Dragon . G2 and G3 went to me. He couldn't do anything with all of my removal and let's face it, Butcher of the Horde is a beast. Won me basically every game.

Round 3 vs. Selesnya Counters(?): 2-0. I didn't really get to see his deck. He had Hero of Iroas , Hardened Scales , some Banishing Light and I honestly have no idea what else. The games were just over so quickly. This was an easy victory.

Round 4 vs Azban: 0-2. This was for all the marbles and I choked. I should've mulliganed the first game, but I didn't. Easy win for him. Second game I drew a ton of removal but he had an answer around every corner. The game lasted for awhile, but I kept drawing into lands and he kept drawing into answers. He ended up undefeated and I got 2nd place.

I'd like to thank you xGhostx for this great deck. I was originally running a Mardu Token deck but just wasn't pleased with it's lack of consistently. This deck, however, is solid and with a few tweaks for my meta it will be very fun to play.

capriom85 on chrishuffman95

2 hours ago

Hey, would you be interested in my Polukranos, World Eater and (2)Temple of Abandon for your Hero's Downfall and Temple of Malady ?

redino987 on UB hand/deck hate

6 hours ago


I have been shuffling like that at the LGS I play at for almost two months now and no one has ever commented on it, but if it really is that illegal, ill definitely stop.

The switch for more Aqueous Form for fewer Thassa, God of the Sea does seem like a no brainer, as it does the same thing.

There is a playset of Bile Blight in the deck's sideboard, which I didn't actually write up online. I've found that the Hero's Downfall has been an overall better card to run, since I've been seeing lots of planeswalkers fairly early in the game.

I took out the Herald of Torment to fit more lands in as well, but I'm now afraid of not having a board presence at all. Even though I wasn't planning to play the herald as a creature, it could have acted as one in a pinch.

Son-of-Mace on Delve into Control

7 hours ago

it bothers me how Murder used to be common but now if you want three drop removal you have to spend twenty bucks on Hero's Downfall 's, but nice deck, your hand obliteration would wreck my current standard gem: Anti-removal Heroes

Son-of-Mace on R/G early/mid crush

10 hours ago

in standard there are better ways to spend your mana, if you have a 6/6 flier and a 7/7 spend your mana on giving them room to swing not making them bigger, you don't need to hit for 20 on one turn and you dont want to be tapped out when a Hero's Downfall comes at your guys, Ranger's Guile is an amazing card and you should make room for a whole play set of it in the mainboard, if you can trump control and midrange then you will win in standard every tie right now

capriom85 on rockleemyhero

11 hours ago

Hey, I no longer need Siege Rhino . I tacked down all that I need. I would be willing to do a Chord for anything I need. Do you happen to have Rakshasa Deathdealer , Anafenza, the Foremost , Fleecemane Lion , Hero's Downfall , Temple of Malady , Temple of Silence , or Windswept Heath for trade? I need 1 of each (2 Temp of Malady). I am willing to trade ANYTHING in my binder towards 1 or more of them.

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