Shaman of Forgotten Ways

Creature — Human Shaman

: Add two mana in any combination of colours to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast creature spells.

Formidable, : Each player's life total becomes the number of creatures he or she controls. Activate this ability only if creature you control have total power 8 or greater.

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Shaman of Forgotten Ways Discussion

RingoDingo92 on RUG Dragon EDH

1 day ago

I was literally just looking through my cards and came across Surrak Dragonclaw and thought to myself, "You know, there's probably some sweet EDH concepts out there for him." Then I just happen to come across this beauty as soon as I come on here. This deck is so awesome and flavorful! How well does it run for you? Might have some inspiration now. One more thing, I definitely suggest Shaman of Forgotten Ways. He'd be pretty badass here.

epajula on Derevi Stax Technician

1 week ago

+1 from me. It gave me some ideas for my deck. Each deck is different, and I'm still tweaking mine, but if I was going to recommend anything it would be Woodland Bellower, Recruiter of the Guard, Shaman of Forgotten Ways, and Willbreaker. I felt that the cycle duals were dead in my hand, and too slow. Remember you can play the off color fetches like Scalding Tarn to grab Hallowed Fountain.

If you have some time take a look at my deck, Derevi for President!. My maybe board is stuff I've seen in other decks I've liked, but haven't yet acquired/found a spot for.

DJMintEFresh on Swing for the fence

1 week ago

This deck is awesome, I always love the big-creature-beatdown theme! I think there's definitely some room for improvement to make it more competitive. In my opinion, the most important adjustments that should be made are 1) Bigger mana rocks 2) More efficient mana dorks 3) Card draw 4) Eliminating cards that have 0 support.

1) I would suggest Thran Dynamo, Basalt Monolith, Grim Monolith and Mana Vault. Weaker mana rocks aren't going to hold up when you're consistently casting 6, 7, 8+cmc spells. This will make the deck a lot faster.

2) The only two mana creatures you have now are Sacellum Godspeaker and Smokebraider. I think you should replace both because Godspeaker makes you reveal your hand and could possibly produce 0 mana, and Smokebraider is only useful for elementals; and there's only a handful of them in the deck. I would suggest cards like Krosan Restorer, Whisperer of the Wilds, Somberwald Sage and maybe even Shaman of Forgotten Ways and Circle of Elders.

3) Suggestions for colorless/Gruul card draw: Mind's Eye, Rishkar's Expertise, Harmonize, Life's Legacy, Faithless Looting and Domri Rade if you could fit him in.

4) Parallel Lives, Feed the Clan, Rakka Mar, stuff like that. I would also suggest replacing Concordant Crossroads with either Fervor or Fires of Yavimaya. CC gives haste to all creatures, including opponent's.

I hope this helps! Happy deck building.

Nemesis on Elf Deck

1 week ago

Hello! I've gotta say, for a first deck, this is a great start. My first deck was a mess compared to this. I do happen to have a couple tips to help you make this deck better though, so here we go.

First, you should look to cut 16 cards. Since mtg decks have to have a minimum of 60 cards, you want to try to stick as close as possible to that number so that you can increase the odds of drawing the cards that are important to your plan. My advice on what to cut? Basically look at your deck and decide what you want it to do. Anything that doesn't contribute to that game plan is something that probably needs to be cut. for example, If your goal is Shaman of the Pack for most of your damage, you don't need Shaman of Forgotten Ways. Also, you have cards in the mainboard that would be great in a side board, like Naturalize & Plummet, so those are easy moves.

Second, you should be careful with having too many of the same legendary, like Pendelhaven. You can't control more than one of a specific legendary permanent at a time, so if you have a Pendelhaven on the field and draw a second one, it's basically a dead card.

Third, Nissa Revane is not a great card, unfortunately. She forces you to play Nissa's Chosen when there are better elves to choose from, and she doesn't really do enough for the 4 mana cost.

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask away! :)

Addrum on Samut, Voice of Dissent

2 weeks ago

Some suggestions: This deck love some fast plays with abilities, so build with that in mind. Make your ramp be Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves, Avacyn's Pilgrim, Shaman of Forgotten Ways, Somberwald Sage, Priest of Titania, Birds of Paradise and Sylvan Caryatid. There are tons of options out there. Be sure to have something around 10 to 15 ramp cards including Sol Ring. Selvala, Explorer Returned can be both ramp and draw engine.

Copperhorn Scout is a better and cheaper Ahn-Crop Champion.

I don't know whats the win condition tho. Maybe something with the Paradox Engine, like having multiple activations of Fauna Shaman or Birthing Pod to tutor a bunch of creatures and make a combo. Or if you put a little money, Devoted Druid + Vizier of Remedies is a nice combo and that tutor of XGG that's comming in HOU can put it in play really soon.

Some other basic cards you may want are Swords to Plowshares, Decimate Day of Judgment, Sun Titan, Beast Within, and then some tutors, when you decide to put more money into the deck for Chord of Calling, Worldly Tutor and Green Sun's Zenith.

sonnet666 on Xenagos, God of Revels {PRIMER}

2 weeks ago

So, I was going to comment telling you you were off to a good start but had too high of a curve and needed to cut some cards that were expensive and win-more (Stonehoof Chieftain, biggest offender), but then I realized that I was basically rebuilding your deck from the ground up, and that's not really helpful to anybody.

I wound up making this list based off your deck and a Xenagos primer I found here. You can look through both for ideas.

Your main problem was a lack of ramp. Xenagos decks really need to get their tempo tuned right in order to get Xen down early and hit hard, especially since 5 is an odd CMC to ramp to. The general progression is usually: 1-drop mana turn 1, 3 drop mana turn 2, Xenagos turn 3, and fatty to attack with turn 4. Notice how I devoted 28 (!) slots to mana accelerants to make that happen.

To give you an idea of its speed, here's what happened on my first playtest:

I also still had Sneak Attack, Dosan the Falling Leaf and Defense of the Heart left in my hand to play around with.

Capt_telnet on Freyalise the Zoo Keeper

2 weeks ago

All of these suggestions should be under 5$ for ramp you should be running Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx you should take out wayfarers bauble for Emerald Medallion, greenweaver druid for Shaman of Forgotten Ways (the formidable trigger can just kill your opponent occasionally) and fydhorn elder for Priest of Titania or Elvish Archdruid (but probably both because your commander makes elves and you need the mana) other ramp to consider would be Rhonas's Monument and Lifecrafter's Bestiary. I see that you want to run a lot of hydras, consider not including as many as some hydras are less than stellar. If I had to make some suggestions, thorn elemental for Terastodon and mistcutter hydra for Regal Force. I like the decklist overall though, hydra theme is neat!

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