Deadly Tempest


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare

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Deadly Tempest


Destroy all creatures. Each player loses life equal to the number of creatures he or she controlled that were destroyed this way.

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Deadly Tempest Discussion

Will361405 on Board Wipes

2 weeks ago

Rout Phyrexian Rebirth Life's Finale Decree of Pain Deadly Tempest Planar Outburst Hour of Reckoning Gaze of Granite are all good one's, there are alot more but I can't think of them

evannovak on * needs help Mikaeus EDH*

2 months ago

I had Deadly Tempest lined up as well, so no?

I guess Killing Wave shouldn't be in here either?

pesmerga87 on Tribal Vamps Big Update

3 months ago

When building a commander deck, start with your lands. What seems to be jumping out to everyone is you have far too few.The rule I go by is that your total land base needs to be at least 30 + CMC of your commander + Colors of your commander. Thus, in your case the minimum amount of lands should be 36.

Second, you need to make sure you have enough Ramp/Mana Rocks and Card Draw. I know it's tempting to stuff your deck full of fun cards. However, if you never get to play them, it's not fun. So, get this straight and don't allow yourself to cut them. Generally I try to aim for 8-10 Ramp/Mana Rock cards. (like Sol Ring and Sword of the Animist)Also, 5-8 Card Draw cards. (like Phyrexian Arena, Night's Whisper, and Rogue's Gloves)

Next look at what you want your win condition to be. It seems your going after an attack heavy, tribal beat down theme. So, I think you're on the right track so far. However, 41 creatures seems a bit much. I'd slim that down to 35-38 and then add in some things that are going to play off your tribal theme. For instance, Door of Destinies, Coat of Arms, and/or Obelisk of Urd

Next you need to make sure you have answers to problems. Generally people like to keep minimum 4+ board wipes in their decks. Also, in your particular colors you'll have an extremely tough time dealing with artifacts and enchantments. So, your going to want to include a few cards like Nevinyrral's Disk, Perilous Vault, and Scour from Existence that can take care of them. In addition to or in place of more normal board wipes like Decree of Pain, Mutilate, and Deadly Tempest, that will get rid of creatures if you're getting overrun.

Next add in some fun stuff for your commander. Generally people use deathtouch equipment with Olivia, because it allows you to use her first ability to "Ping" creatures and kill them. Cards like Basilisk Collar and/or Quietus Spike. Also, Blade of the Bloodchief is your only real option for a specifically vampire tribal card.

Finally a few combos for this deck is a good thing, because it's going to pretty weak in the late game. You already mentioned Sanguine Bond and Exquisite BloodAlso, I saw someone mention Bloodchief Ascension and MindcrankI'll include Blood Tribute and Defiant Bloodlord, which can one shot an opponent. Defiant Bloodlord also acts as redundancy for Sanguine Bond.

That should improve your deck immensely.

TheWallinator74 on Y's Day

6 months ago

More wipes, you say? In Mono-Black? Here are some of my favorites:


Deadly Tempest

Extinguish All Hope

Life's Finale

Necromantic Selection

Reiver Demon

In Garruk's Wake

Plague Wind

Dread Cacodemon

Nevinyrral's Disk

I also have a mono-black Commander deck of my own that may provide you with some other ideas:

joecool1299 on Tall, Dark, and Triggered

6 months ago

Pretty good for a first deck built from scratch!

You have two very different paths here. I would either go completely mono black for the best consistency. Erebos, God of the Dead or if you wanna stay cheap Ob Nixilis, Unshackled are both good commanders for this type of deck. Or if you wanna go a little saucier, you can go into B/W enchantments and play stuff like Ghostly Prison, Mesa Enchantress, Sphere of Safety, Enlightened Tutor.

The problem with this in between thing is that there will be games you have all your white cards in hands and no way to cast them or vice versa. You should either refine the mana base with lands like Orzhov Guildgate and Scoured Barrens (Which if you're gonna do that you might as well play more white) or cut the white and embrace the dark side.

The other thing is that there are effect that are great in a vacuum but don't translate well to commander. Death Watch is a good example. You could put it on a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and drain your opponent for ten, but he's probably still above 20 and you've done nothing to your other opponents. Compare that to something like Deadly Tempest which neutralizes everything and effects everyone. In general, if something only effect one person or effects people in a minimal way, it should be cut for something more impactful. There are exceptions, for example you have to run at least a little targeted removal but try to run the very best like Hero's Downfall. But this is a general rule to follow.

You could also use a little more ramp. Get a Sol Ring. Every deck you ever build should have a Sol Ring. It's that good. Crypt Ghast is also really good in mono black or even half black decks. Thran Dynamo and Burnished Hart are good ramp as well. Card draw is a must, the person with the most resources will most often win the game. Phyrexian Arena, Read the Bones, Farsight Mask if you wanna avoid being attacked. Damnable Pact, Solemn Simulacrum; all cards that you should at least look at.

If you wanna focus on combing off, run a couple tutors to help you find your pieces. Diabolic Tutor, Diabolic Revelation, Beseech the Queen, even Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor if you can afford it. Blood Tribute is hilarious with Sanguine Bond.

Finally here's a piece of secret tech, Ward of Bones. This screws over everybody at the table. Ramp players,

Hopefully this helps! Keep Brewing, it only gets more fun!

Eiti3 on IAmTheWraith

6 months ago

For the reason of not replying by email is that it is easier to show you the cards and combos through here, rather than searching them up on your own time. I suggest despite budget. If you're doing budget, then I honestly can't help. My brain doesn't work that way.

Your goals: Superfriends with a side of Land Love and Reanimator Hate. If I'm correct, read on. Otherwise, read on.

- Atraxa, Praetors' Voice

First Up - Planeswalker Benefitial Stuff:

  • Note: Planeswalkers are up to you. Completely your preference on how to play. Durdle or combo.
  • Call the Gatewatch: Tutoring always helps for certain situations
  • Deploy the Gatewatch: Not the best, especially if you aren't running 15+ planeswalkers. Decent draw if you are going for the Superfriends route, rather than any other subthemes.
  • Oath of Gideon: Dem loyalty counters, just like Doubling Season.
  • Oath of Jace: Scrying is always amazing. Better than Sensei's Divining Top.
  • Oath of Nissa: Decent mana fixer unless you want to run Prismatic Omen, Chromatic Lantern,Celestial Dawn.
  • The Chain Veil: Like Rings of Brighthearth, double the effectiveness of your planeswalkers.
  • Secondly - Land Lovin':

  • Sacred Ground, Terra Eternal, Sigarda, Host of Herons are all ways to keep your lands alive.
  • Thirdly - Reanimator Hatin':

  • Grafdigger's Cage, Leyline of the Void, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet are all ways to hate on reanimator.
  • Lastly - Other Noteworthy Cards:

  • A few of the mass creature removal spells:
  • In Garruk's Wake, Merciless Eviction, Descend upon the Sinful, Final Judgment, Akroma's Vengeance, Austere Command, Catastrophe, Crux of Fate, Damnation, Day of Judgment, Deadly Tempest, Decree of Pain, End Hostilities, Life's Finale, Nevinyrral's Disk, Overwhelming Forces, Phyrexian Rebirth, Supreme Verdict, Wrath of God, Languish, Toxic Deluge.
  • Sphere of Safety: If you run even one more Enchantment, that's + they would have to pay to attack your walkers.
  • Sorry it isn't much. Been busy with a few things but could get you started. Tag me in the deck so I can see your picks and make suggestions from there!

    dreamistt on

    7 months ago


    • Palace Siege (high cmc)
    • Pestilence and Pyrohemia will easily be removed at the first board wipe, so I believe they aren't as good as you might think
    • Grave Upheaval is outclassed by Torrent of Souls
    • Skull Rend is fun, but I don't know if it's good enough.
    • Urabrask the Hidden is expensive and I don't think you actually need him there
    • Maga, Traitor to Mortals (I don't like it all that much... plus, the triple B cost could be bad)
    • Most of the times, people will choose take damage from Combustible Gearhulk, so that you cannot draw cards. Even with Rakdos on the battlefield, that will probably still be the case, so the gearhulk is more useful if you fill your deck with reanimation options. It's a good card, but I don't know if it's all that useful here.
    • I'm unsure about Lobber Crew too.




    • Staff of Nin is almost auto-include. Even though it costs 6 mana, the tap->damage ability allows rakdos to be recast or, if he's in play, it gives you for your next creature spell.
    • Read the Bones for the scry 2 + draw 2 is actually excellent.


    LittleFizzle on Hurt Me Daddy

    7 months ago

    It will definately suit as a good substitute, im not sure if Damnation will ever drop in price so that could work for now, ive been running Deadly Tempest

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