Courser of Kruphix


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Courser of Kruphix

Enchantment Creature — Centaur

Play with the top card of your library revealed.

You may play the top card of your library if it's a land card.

Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life.

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Courser of Kruphix Discussion

HOPMONSTER on I cast this copying this getting to respond to t..

14 hours ago

Nice Deck, here are some other cards to consider. In my opinion, you need to add some more complimentary cards to help Yidris out even more. He's so fun when he's broken.

Creatures: Courser of Kruphix, Kederekt Leviathan, Peregrine Drake, Torrent Elemental.

Artifacts: Fireshrieker, Mask of Riddles, Prowler's Helm, Trailblazer's Boots.

Enchantments: Bear Umbra, Mark of Fury, Nature's Will, Temur Ascendancy.

Spells: Snap, Rude Awakening, Tendrils of Agony, Artful Dodge.

Lands: Hanweir Battlements, Rogue's Passage

Check out my Yidris deck if you want Pouring like an Avalanche coming down the Mt

xyr0s on A Budget Miracle

1 day ago

I would have taken out Thing in the Ice  Flip. It's a good creature, but since it takes time to set up, you really should avoid sweeping it. Anything with an ETB trigger would be good instead (for reuse with Devastation Tide)... something like Kitchen Finks (much funnier when its your etb-trigger-creatures). Then you still have piles of sweepers, and go for a gameplan of making the game run long, and end it with a pile of angels, for preference played in your opponents end step... you know, a jeskai-control strategy :).

Don't know the right number of Think Twice, but I think 3 might be right, since you only need them for the turns where you have no other possibility for drawing cards in your opponents turn.

The reasons for suggesting green was first the Courser of Kruphix lets you see the top card all the time, giving you some control over when to draw cards in your opponents turn, and when to save a draw-spell for later, and because the ramp from that one can get pretty good when it goes along with scrying. Second, two of your miracles have an x in their casting cost, and to maximize those, ramping is one way to go.

xyr0s on A Budget Miracle

2 days ago

Having looked at it again... I'm not sure you can get the Counterbalance lock to work. The other piece of the lock is a creature with toughness 3, in a format where Lightning Bolt is played a lot. And contrary to the spinning top, the creature is expensive - you play it turn 4, it gets bolted/pathed, no mana to counter the bolt. Also, you have a real problem playing against any kind of tron, with the 6-11 cmc spells.

What is the single copy of Mantis Rider doing in the deck? Isn't another Vendilion Clique better?

I think the miracle-part of the deck is a lot better that the counterbalance-part - maybe you could make some kind of miracle-ramp? Courser of Kruphix, scry effects, and miracles sound like it could be funny to play.

Chino90 on Neverending Landfall

3 days ago

Courser of Kruphix and Tireless Tracker also come to mind. The latter may replace Mentor of the Meek.

XSubGuy on Small Heroes, Big Combos

4 days ago

From a playtesting persepective, I have never been mana-less while playing with only 33 (probably thanks in large part to the 98-card reduced deck size). Having Mana Crypt as a mainboard and getting a guaranteed 1-colorless from Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix each turn makes mana consistent enough (But you can never have too much land!). Sometimes the game will drag turn 3-4, but an Azusa, Lost but Seeking + Courser of Kruphix can change that almost immediately. The deck does a lot of spontaneous 1-turn mana blooms like that.

I find Kydele functions a lot like a Commander Cabal Ritual every time a draw-spell is played; turning that Brainstorm into a Dark Ritualfor turn, etc.

Darth_Savage on Devotion Mana Ramp

5 days ago

In Modern I'd be amazed if Prophet of Kruphix makes it into play, past discard or counter, if it does it eats a Lightning Bolt or Path to Exile, or some other removal. That isn't a reason not to play it, but you need to protect it if you are. Basically a card like Heroic Intervention or your own counterspell is the only way to protect the Prophet.

Courser of Kruphix, Voyaging Satyr and Utopia Sprawl are great for green based devotion and only one Nykthos seems wrong, especially since Voyaging Satyr can untap it. Even with the ramp you have, the deck is top heavy and too often your hands will be big threats and no ways to cast them...

You also need card draw, either using red Faithless Looting or green Carven Caryatid, Harmonize. Hope this helps.

joostUSA on Landfall zoo

6 days ago

Today the deck will be tested again, allready added a maybe board which I can add to test out. I do not like Collected Company I think the card is broken, but maybe for the future... Courser of Kruphix and Vizier of the Menagerie are going to be considered as very good cards for this deck. I will post the results tonight! Thanks for all the views allready:)

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