Crypt Ghast


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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Crypt Ghast

Creature — Spirit

Extort (Whenever you cast a spell, you may pay . If you do, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain that much life.)

Whenever you tap a swamp for mana, you may add to your mana pool (in addition to the mana the land produces).

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Crypt Ghast Discussion

flaminghome on phyrexian combo

23 hours ago

You might look into running Crypt Ghast for more ramp or Phyrexian Unlife to keep you from dying from damage, or if you cant bring your life back up after you take it down. Looks like a fun list!

Siq6Six on Tasigur, the Golden Appropriator

4 days ago

Long overdue update to the deck. Jin is in. As is Crypt Ghast & Animate Dead. Sheoldred ended up in another deck, so hopefully Ill pull one in Iconic for this deck.

cgomes on *Primer* Night of the Living Stax

2 weeks ago

xEth0sx, I've finished reading the description of your Gisa deck and I think I can help you with it. I'll talk about some of my impressions about your primer first, then I'll go over some of your card choices and I'll tell you about a few cards I think should be in the deck.

As far as primers go, I'd say this one is missing a couple of important things. If I had to list them in order of relevance, I'd say that it is missing (a) a single card discussion section; (b) a section about how one should play the deck, what the deck is trying to accomplish, and how it tries to finish the game (e.g., a How to Play the Deck or a Strategy section); (c) why mono-B instead of any other color or color combination?; and (d) why Gisa? There might be other things but those are the items that came to my mind. I get that maybe you've just started writing this primer but moving forward, I believe it would be important to address these issues.

Now, let's talk about the exciting stuff, namely the decklist. The idea to use Ghoulcaller Gisa as a stax commander is an interesting one. It punishes spot removal and it takes advantage of creatures with a recursion ability to make even more creatures, which in turn can be used for stax pieces (e.g., Contamination, Smokestack) and hit face. I like the idea but why did you choose Gisa?

As a mono-B player, you'll need to be proactive about making it hard for your opponents to combo off because you don't have the luxury of running permission spells. The stax plan is very good here and I can see you are also playing a few disruption spells. A+ here. The only strange choice is Cabal Therapy. The sac ability might come handy at times but seems too situational. Duress is hands down a better choice, and I'd consider running Hymn to Tourach and Mind Twist as well. In the same vein, I'd even consider running Ill-Gotten Gains, too. It has great synergy with Waste Not and Leyline of the Void, and if you manage resolve it in the early game, it will set all your opponents back quite a lot (and it's also an additional yard recursion). It's a very versatile card that should be in every mono-B deck in my opinion.

On the stax package, I'd favor Infernal Darkness over Contamination hands down, or play both. Contamination shuts down your own coffers and it is more situational than Inf Darkness--that is, if you can cast darkness, you can keep it going for at least 2 turns, but if you can cast Contamination, you can only keep it going it you can also sac creatures. I understand the role of Tenacious Dead and Reassembling Skeleton but in my mind, I think you could remove both of them and if you really need an alternative, add something like Ophiomancer. Similar to Bitterblossom, Ophio doesn't require you to keep spending mana to create a creature.

One thing I feel you are missing is mana doublers. One advantage of playing a mono colored deck is that it makes it easier to run mana doublers, such as Extraplanar Lens, Bubbling Muck, and Crypt Ghast. If you go that route, you can get additional value with Candelabra of Tawnos (someone suggested before) and I'd also run Snow-Covered Swamps instead.

I have additional suggestions (e.g., Jet Medallion, Snuff Out, Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed, Innocent Blood) but I don't want to make this comment longer than it is. I have a competitive Erebos list (Erebos' Bargain) that might give you a few additional ideas on how to improve your own list. Feel free to check it. Anyway, good stuff you have here. Keep working on it and good luck on future games!

Monomanamaniac on Hocus Pocus (Need Help)

2 weeks ago

Elixir of Immortality for returning your newts, Crypt Ghast to help with mana, Blood Artist great help with the bogbrew combo. Tenacious Dead if you're looking for more sac creatures.

NecroPony on In Respondence

2 weeks ago

Maalfeld Twins is a fun card with gisa. Enough zombies for the whole family. Dark Salvation can bolster your army while acting as spot removal. Mill is weak in commander by default, so I'm personally not a fan of Embalmer's Tools. Zombie Goliath, Undead Minotaur, and Undead Minotaur are vanilla creatures and thus bad. Crypt Ghast is a great way to power out Mana, and the extort ability it a nice way to get some 'damage' in while padding your life.

volttrememaster on Geth, lord of the vault

2 weeks ago

You fellas think I need some more ramp considering my mana curve is on the high side and Geth's ability is pretty expansive to keep using? Surely I already have Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, Nirkana Revenant and Crypt Ghast but I don't know if this is enough.

Konglicker on SAC FO DAYZ. Looking for ...

2 weeks ago

MagicalHacker and enpc: Here's my take on Anowon after further review:

Here's the thing. From the list of steady draw spells MagicalHacker provided (the best for commander), almost all of the budget ones come in the form of a non-Vampire creature. With the exception of Grave Pact and its brethren, which I own, the same can be said for most of the budget permanents that gain value off of death (most, not all, just a lot). Anowon would make me sac those on my upkeep after getting only a few extra draws worth of value. Plus, the ramp in black is super expensive. Stuff like Cabal Coffers, Caged Sun, Doubling Cube. I've got Crypt Ghast, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, and Magus of the Coffers. That's it.

Decks with green in them definitely do win the ramp race, that's for sure.

enpc on Well, Itll eventually be a zombie(needs help)

3 weeks ago

rbar2255: That's not true. The symbol is in reminder text, so is not considered part of the colour identity. Crypt Ghast is fine in this list.

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