Crypt Ghast


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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Crypt Ghast

Creature — Spirit

Extort (Whenever you cast a spell, you may pay . If you do, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain that much life.)

Whenever you tap a swamp for mana, you may add to your mana pool (in addition to the mana the land produces).

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Crypt Ghast Discussion

Church_of_Rakdos on Teysa Karlov Tokens

1 day ago

I feel as if you should move Ghoulcaller Gisa from the side board and consider Elenda, the Dusk Rose especially if you add the pact effects.

I recommend cards like Sheoldred, Whispering One or Sun Titan over Reya Dawnbringer .

If you're looking for more token cards I'd suggest things like Spirit Bonds , Bloodline Keeper  Flip, Ophiomancer , Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet , Secure the Wastes , etc.

If you want some other win cons I'd consider: Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite , Pontiff of Blight , Cathars' Crusade , etc.

If you want to ramp up your ability to control the board cards like Meekstone do the trick

Useful utility cards: Phyrexian Reclamation , Dawn of Hope , Crypt Ghast , Sorin, Lord of Innistrad , Mentor of the Meek , Suture Priest , etc.

Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim is another sac option

kamarupa on Listerine

2 days ago

Thanks for the +1 and folder add, itachi45! I'm very aware of Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood . It's not a good combo because it's crazy slow. The only reason there's 1x Sanguine Bond here is because it works close enough to Tainted Remedy that it could be a hail-mary in the event I can't get a Tainted Remedy down. That said, I have tried to build a SB+EB deck before, just to have something that I could point to that would be almost likely to have a chance of winning. You can see that old decklist here if you're interested. I haven't retooled in a long time, mostly because I think the combo is completely unrealistic in Modern. But for what it's worth, Crypt Ghast seems essential from my perspective. Cheers!

McToters on Gisa & Geralf's Zombification

2 days ago

Crypt Ghast ain't no zombie but it can help guve more manas.

I second Hybrow's suggestion of Gray Merchant of Asphodel . Comes in the clutch many a time.

Gempalm Polluter , Shepherd of Rot , and Graveborn Muse are all dope budget zombies that I use in [my Grim Grin deck].( Gempalm has won me games, and Shepherd has tied many games.


apohl13 on Grenzo, Dungeon Warden - The Slot Machine of Value

4 days ago

I love this deck! I was building my own grenzo list when I saw this and realized this is both more fun and strangely more consistent than what I was originally going for. In my list, I took out Ancient Tomb , Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (and Crypt Ghast ), and with unfoiled cards, got the list down to $120! Anyways, thanks for the help with my list, and +1 from me!

Lord_Olga on Life Drain

1 week ago

Darth_Savage Thanks for giving this so much attention! I'll definitely put some of these in.

Let me go through these here.

Brain Maggot - I like the suggestion to have enchantment creatures and I will definitely add one of the ones you suggested. Not sure if I can completely let go of my Fountain of Renewal though because it's an easy trigger for the infinite combo.

Semblance Anvil - Good catch on enchantment and creature discounts. Combined with Crypt Ghast this stuff is gonna get pretty cheap. Adding it.

Brainspoil - This is certainly better, but not for the reasons you mentioned. I don't think I would ever manage to use it as a kill spell unless Crypt Ghast were out. What makes it better is that fact that Beseech the Queen requires you to get a card with a CMC less than or equal too the amount of lands you have, meaning I could tutor till turn 5 at the earliest. This can be used much earlier. And you're right, I really only meant this to tutor for the game enders.

Noxious Revival - You're a hero for finding this. I can fix my freaking mana finally.

Thanks for all this it really helped my situation. Can't wait to try it all out.

Lord_Olga on Life Drain

1 week ago

Darth_Savage I'm definitely gonna consider switching out to Green. One thing though. The two ramp cards you suggested still don't seem like they would be as efficient or overall useful as Crypt Ghast. So I will probably still have to stick with splashing and keeping my current mana situation. If you were to narrow your suggestions down to only one or two cards, what do you think would be the priority?

multimedia on Malfegor Demon Reanimator

1 week ago

Hey, nice start lots of good cards here, +1

Cards to consider adding:

Cards to consider cutting:

  • 2x Mountain
  • 2x Swamp
  • Blightning
  • Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded
  • Grimoire of the Dead
  • Wild Ricochet
  • Spirit of the Night: least good Demon here.
  • Songs of the Damned
  • Reverberate
  • Macabre Waltz
  • Zombify
  • Dark Suspicions
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