Crypt Ghast


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Gatecrash Rare

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Crypt Ghast

Creature — Spirit

Extort (Whenever you cast a spell, you may pay . If you do, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain that much life.)

Whenever you tap a swamp for mana, you may add to your mana pool (in addition to the mana the land produces).

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Crypt Ghast Discussion

Cordyceps0 on Lili's B*tches

1 day ago

lol @ rich, competitive snobs. So, I noticed Uborg, and have never used it, but I tend to see it paired with Cabal Coffers which would obviously be amazing in your deck. Magus of the Coffers, Crypt Ghast, or even Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx would also provide redundancy or budget alternatives. But, I've never played monoBlack and maybe you don't need any extra mana. If you ever want to pull more out of your graveyard, I think my Graveyard Factory runs at least 18 reanimators. I'm absolutely in love with Living Death.

EternalBrewmaster on Mono-Black Zombies EDH

4 days ago

Hey this is Ben, the deck looks great! Twisted Abomination, Unbreathing Horde, Wight of Precinct Six, and Victim of Night aren't good enough IMO for EDH. I can tell you're committed to the straight zombies line, but Crypt Ghast and/or Nirkana Revenant are really strong ramp. The same goes for Gauntlet of Power. Considering that your general is Sidisi, Lifeline seems like an auto-include, along with Leyline of the Void to hate out your opponents' creatures (just a good strategy anyways too). I would add more card draw in the form of Dark Prophecy and Necropotence too, which are extra good with Nykthos. Really, everything is open to you since you have a tutor as your general. Lastly, I would suggest Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed because he's amazing for recursion of anything, including your bomb sorceries, and also Phyrexian Reclamation for the most flexible recursion available. Can't wait to see it in real life!

obitus on I die you cry

6 days ago


I am glad I am not the only one that has this problem, its hard to gamble with a 5 drop.

I like Crypt Ghast I love, Magus not so much. I had the same problem with him as well, but less often. You right in thinking he will stick around longer than Black Market. His weakness to removal makes the conditions kind of the same.

I am play testing Black Market again, I may just take your approach and put in Magus.

Vininn126 on Sorin and Avacyn Indestructible Super-Fam

1 week ago

Cool deck idea. Heads up, your commander determines your decks identity. If you want a white/black deck you need a white/black commander.

The most important aspect of commander is Ramp and Card draw. Black helps ramp itself with things like Crypt Ghast and it also does really well at paying life for cards.

Everyouthful on Mikaeus, the Broken EDH

1 week ago

Crypt Ghast isn't EDH legal for an all black deck since it has a white mana symbol in the Rules Text.

Seminex on I die you cry

1 week ago


I love black market but the hate is really hard to handle,causing me often to much aggro in multiplayer rounds.

I played some more round and after plaing against an other mono-black with a harder ramp i decided to rework the mana ramp may with Magus of the Coffers and Crypt Ghast

TearsInRain23 on For All Those Who Died -EDH-

1 week ago

@DarkMagician: Necropotence will more then likely return after I playtested without it. Having gone back on what happened that game my mistake was playing it for draw when I was in a pinch and had to rely on Crypt Ghast for health and literally did not leave 8 to 10 health for nearly 9 rounds of stalling (Thank you Linvala, Keeper of Silence and Blinding Angel for that). It almost cost me the game merely because I couldn't get any card draw without sacrificing health that put me in a very dangerous position the one time I didn't have reliable lifegain already present on the board. I realize now its more user error but still going to play test some before swapping back.

@Daedalus19876: See above to why I am leaning back into favor of Necropotence again after a bout with my own misplays.

I decided to run Rune-Scarred Demon and Indulgent Tormentor/ Desecration Demon to try and have some viable demons thrown in there. I agree on the angels, as much as I love the mythic side having two of them leave little to be desired. I'm thinking Baneslayer Angel and Sorin Markov. Tree of Perdition as well.

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