Pernicious Deed


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) Rare
Conspiracy (CNS) Mythic Rare
Apocalypse (APC) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Pernicious Deed


, Sacrifice Pernicious Deed: Destroy each artifact, creature, and enchantment with converted mana cost X or less.

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Pernicious Deed Discussion

WizardOfTheNorthernCoast on Saproling Swarm

10 hours ago

Wow! Didn't even know so many Fungus existed :)

Avenger of Zendikar is a real staple for green in EDH and I think it would fit the deck's strategy. Also, Pernicious Deed deals with many things :)

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha: no combos

1 day ago

I'd run Necromancy over Dance of the Dead. I'd also replace Reclamation Sage with Caustic Caterpillar.

As far as suggestions with no particular replacement in mind, consider Elephant Grass, Crystal Vein, Cephalid Coliseum, Pernicious Deed, Golgari Grave-Troll, Stinkweed Imp, and it's not cheap, but she's worth it, Glen Elendra Archmage.

Feel free to check out my list for inspiration. Muldrotha's Madhouse

Zonel55 on Meren

2 days ago


Must have:

Maybe? Seems cool:

legendofa on Sultai Battle of wits: theorizing ...

3 days ago

cdkime That's what I like to hear!

So now, back to seshiro_of_the_orochi and some injudicious suggestions from an outsider:

Crystal Ball is, in my opinion, the best top deck manipulation this side of Sensei's Divining Top.

Since you want to get to 10 mana fast, Explore is gas. Rites of Flourishing is more budget, but also gives your opponent gas. (Juvenile humor FTW) Walking Atlas can also work, as can any of the ritual cards.

Control: Abrupt Decay is awesome but expensive, as is Maelstrom Pulse. Pernicious Deed is something to keep your eye on. The usual suite of Negate, Mana Leak, and Counterspell are all available.

Darkness and Fog are in. If you choose to add white, Ethereal Haze is the best option, and Dawn Charm can go in, depending on what else you have.

Recursion: for when things go bad, Eternal Witness, Noxious Revival, and Regrowth are all reasonably cheap options.

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha's Madhouse

4 days ago

So after these few games, I've come to a few conclusions.

1: It feels like my current win-cons are all too slow. This deck seems to do well the more disruptive it is early though which allows those slow win-cons to work. I either need to add more disruptive lines early or speed up my win-cons. Opinions?

2: My mass removal is too slow or too expensive. Right now this just consists of Nevinyrral's Disk, Cyclonic Rift, and Pernicious Deed and this stops me from tutoring for immediate answers. I need to add Damnation, Toxic Deluge, or something I can hopefully play off the back of a tutor. Opinions?

3: This deck is not the right place for Earthcraft. Not due to lack of basics, but rather a lack of creatures I want to tap, I rarely seem to have more than 3-4 creatures out and my utility creatures all seem to tap first lol. This slot will eventually be Treachery but it's an opening in the meantime.

4: I think I can drop my land count to 35... but I'm not sure what to cut? All 3 cycling lands come to mind and that would free up 1 slot for another utility land as well as 2 more slots in the deck. Any ideas on what to test in the 4 slots that're opening up?

Bigfatlip on Muldrotha's Surf Shop of Horrors

4 days ago

Last_Laugh Thanks! and I like the feel of your deck as well. I ended up stealing a few things and realized I could fit in a nice counter creature package by just cutting 2 cards. As for the other suggestions I dont really want to run that many non permanents and if I had to run any more I would put in Rite of Consumption and Essence Harvest. I have looked at Life from the Loam when I was building the deck and it just doesnt do enough since you dont really care where your lands are and there are better cards that fill the dredge factor like Taigam, Sidisi's Hand and Stinkweed Imp who also is a great blocker. Bear Umbra and Sword of Feast and Famine both fit a more aggressive deck like yours and I dont really care if I attack or not unless my Jarad gets exiled. Diabolic Intent is nice but and would fit ok but just no room for another tutor. Pernicious Deed has been in and out of this deck more times than I can count and I have decided that it just slows me down too much to recast everything when I dont really care what they have on their board unless its graveyard hate and also puts a target on my head more then there already is haha. All in all though thanks for the suggestions since they made me take a step back and put a few new things in!

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha's Surf Shop of Horrors

5 days ago

Nice list but I feel like you went a bit overboard on mana rocks. I have a few suggestions though, consider Glen Elendra Archmage, Diabolic Intent, Bear Umbra, Sword of Feast and Famine, Pernicious Deed, and maybe Life from the Loam/Golgari Grave-Troll for some more dredge.

Anyways, feel free to check out my list for ideas. Muldrotha's Madhouse.

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha's Madhouse

5 days ago

Ok, so I got in my first actual game today and holy crap does this guy generate some value. Got Bojuka Bogged early which got rid of Steve and Lotus Petal the turn before Muldrotha came down and it still barely slowed me down. Pernicious Deed (and Mystic Remora which dug for Deed) was the all-star of the game as it allowed me to clear a scary token swarm with ease.

I do however need to make a cut. My LGS still had Intuition for $25 so I picked up a copy and had them reprice the rest. I'd rather be lucky than good!

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