Bow of Nylea

Bow of Nylea

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Legendary Enchantment Artifact

Attacking creatures you control have deathtouch.

1G, T : Choose one -- Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature; or Bow of Nylea deals 2 damage to target creature with flying; or you gain 3 life; or put up to four target cards from your graveyard on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Bow of Nylea Discussion

pskinn01 on Command the Hull Clade

14 hours ago

some suggested cards to add (cards range from very cheap to fairly expensive, but 16 of these are under $3 as this is marked as budget, but just mentioning the others):
Asceticism - gives your creatures hexproof, and you can regenerate them.
Cyclonic Rift - one sided board wipe(although it only puts them back to their hands, but late game its good.
Thousand-Year Elixir - reuse creature abilities like your commander
Ring of Three Wishes - reusable tutor - you can just put more counters on it
Magistrate's Scepter - get it to 3 counters, double them, take another turn, repeat till win.
Lux Cannon - repeatable permanent destruction is good, being able to get it use it once a turn is great.
Everflowing Chalice - good ramp with this commander.
Eternity Vessel - double the counters, play land, double life, or just play land reset life.
Bow of Nylea - easy way to put counters on creatures.
Astral Cornucopia - another good ramp card for this commander.
Rite of Replication - there are so many good targets for this card in this deck
Sapphire Drake - giving almost everything you control fling is great
Prophet of Kruphix - being able to reuse your commander on each of your opponents turns is great.
Murkfiend Liege - same as above, but doesn't untap lands
Lighthouse Chronologist - extra turns after each opponents turn is good too.
Kalonian Hydra - doubling all creatures counters on attack is good also.
Gyre Sage - ramp is good with this commander right.
Crowned Ceratok - what's the point of having really big creatures, if they can just block it with a 1/1
Spike Weaver - Fog for days in this deck, and another way to put counters on creatures without any.
Seedborn Muse - again, untapping and reusing your commander is good
Primal Vigor - doubling the counters added is great, but be careful of how your opponents will benefit.
Doubling Season - great for this deck, but my most expensive suggestion.
Sol Ring - best commander ramp, should be in any deck that is mana intensive (such as your commander is).
Evolution Vat - easy way to get counters on things that don't have them like the commander of the Master Biomancer

Triforce-Finder on Piles of Counters

1 day ago

You picked some nice cards there. I've been out of the game for a while, so I am having trouble thinking of all the good cards for your deck. I do remember a few though: Ooze Flux, Feed the Pack, Bioshift, Throne of Geth.
A card that deserves special attention is Bow of Nylea. It is very variable, gives deathtouch, which goes well with trample, produces counters, deals with fliers, and can even recover your health or your deck. It's a one-card toolbox.

A simple set of Fog might be a better choice for the early game protection. Dawnstrider will not only cost you a card each time you use it, it will also not work before turn 3. Cast in turn two, summoning sickness, first possible use in opponents turn 3. Cards like Spark Elemental will not be waiting for that.

Slumbering Dragon is great in a counter deck, but I think that adding red to your mana base is destabilizing it too much for those lonely three creatures to be worth it. I would either expand on red cards, maybe by adding cards with hybrid costs (like Pit Fight to deal with fliers) or remove it from this deck.

The same can be said of black. Corpsejack Menace is a vital card in the deck, but maybe some cards like Deathrite Shaman, Slitherhead or Rendclaw Trow might help you get more value out of your black mana. As an alternative, you could get some Doubling Season and just run mono-green.

Strionic Resonator copies triggered effects. Please note that the effects of Corpsejack Menace and Vigor are not triggered effects, but replacement effects. It will work just fine with Kalonian Hydra, Fungal Behemoth, Slumbering Dragon and Death's Presence though.

About mana base design:

  • In low-level casual play, you can often get away with playing the cheapest taplands like Golgari Guildgate. Some others like Temple of Malady will grant additional effects.
  • The next step up would be adding check lands like Woodland Cemetery, but with a sufficient number basic lands to let them enter untapped.
  • You could also use slower fetches like Evolving Wilds or Terramorphic Expanse.
  • When you're starting to get serious, you can go for shock lands like Overgrown Tomb. Note that those have basic land types like the old dual lands, but are not basic lands. That allows them to be searched with cards like Treefolk Harbinger or some fetches.
  • Finally, you can get fetches like Verdant Catacombs. Those can dig any basic land or shock land out of your library with no delay. However, at this point the prices will probably begin to hurt badly. Not worth it for casual play IMO.-there's a few other kinds of lands, like animated lands, pain lands, bounce lands etc. More info here.

Hope that helps you a bit.

IHATENAMES on Bant Heroic

2 days ago

I once consider making this deck upon seeing Dromoka's Command but decided against it.

Cards I suggest :

Center Soul , Reap What Is Sown , Artful Maneuver , Battle Mastery , Bow of Nylea

Random ideas: Aegis of the Gods ,Ajani Steadfast , Artisan of Forms ,Become Immense ,Centaur Battlemaster

slovakattack on cj96.calimlim

2 days ago

Hey dude! Sorry for getting back to you so late. I'm interested in your foil Chinese blinkmoth nexus. Unfortunately, the griselbrand was traded about a week before you requested it.

If you are interested in Korean cards, I have the following cards in Korean:

Sorin, Solemn Visitor

Fabled Hero

Heliod, God of the Sun

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver (note that there was a set-wide misprint with the Korean Ashioks. They all have her plus ability as +1, not +2 as it should be)

Bruna, Light of Alabaster

Delver of Secrets  Flip

Hinterland Harbor

Zealous Conscripts

Harvester of Souls

Polluted Delta

Bloodstained Mire

Cavern of Souls

Temple of Epiphany

Temple of Malady

Sylvan Caryatid x2

Prophet of Kruphix

Bow of Nylea

Temple of Deceit

The U/B and W/B temples

Mardu Charm

Master of the Feast

The G/W god.

griffstick on The Road Less Traveled By

3 days ago

I think the Bow of Nylea should get cut

Aza11 on Mono Green Counter Attack

4 days ago

Neko069 Great input, thank you! And thanks for the +1!

In answer to your question, as per the Magic rule book, a creature entering the battlefield with counters is considered as having counters placed on it, so Servant of the Scale will trigger off of Hardened Scales.

I entirely agree about Inspiring Call and Incremental Growth and have avoided them for this reason. My background is in mono red aggro, so I hate playing dead cards, lol.

And I'm mixed on Tuskguard Captain. He certainly isn't the ideal card for the slot, but there are many situations in which I find I really need my creatures to have trample. But it's still a toss up. Considering the recent rise of R/G Devotion and Bant Midrange decks, mainboard Bow of Nylea is probably better. Going forward I will probably switch these cards interchangeably depending on what I expect the meta to be.

Thanks again!

Neko069 on Mono Green Counter Attack

4 days ago

Good deck man! +1 for me!

Some things I wonder...

Does Servant of the Scale and Avatar of the Resolute trigger Hardened Scales?? I mean, it looks like they enter the battlefield with a counter already on them, it's not like "a counter would be placed on" them, as the enchantment goes...I'm not so sure, just asking if the Servant goes 2/2 on turn 2 if an enchantment was deployed on turn 1.

Both Incremental Growth and Inspiring Call have a high percentage of being 'dead cards'. If your board has been swiped, or you are responded with a Bile Blight for example, both cards may do nothing at all. You cannot risk that. Tricks are perfect the way they are now in this deck. it's very effective as it is.

Finally, I don't think Tuskguard Captain is a bad card, I mean, he gives trample to other creatures, he doesn't even need to 'Outlast'. However, he is a bad card when you don't have creatures with counters on it, imagine a board with Hardened Scales, Elvish Mystic, and a Boon Satyr. You really wouldn't like to draw this guy. IMO, I'd mainboard Bow of Nylea instead. This enchantment gives deathtouch. If your creatures get blocked by a Siege Rhino or a Thunderbreak Regent, they'll remove them out of combat. If opponent doesn't want to risk his creatures, you're making way for them to Become Immense, or to put more counters on them (Artifacts have 'haste') and keep on striking. It's a win-win situation. Plus, what if opp uses an annoying bird Hushwing Gryff? Well, you can kill it with the bow. And you also don't need to consider blocking an attacking Siege Rhino or a Deathmist Raptor: bow will heal you at EOT. Plus, you get better devotion compared to the creature.

See? I find it waaay more useful than Tuskguard Captain :)

formayor on Collecting elves

6 days ago

In a deck that can easily cast it on turn 2, Bow of Nylea is pretty good. But trying to find it consistently in this deck is way harder than trying to find a creature, since you have Chord of Calling and Collected Company.

Color(s) Green
Cost 1GG
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 2.14
Avg. cube pick 2.74


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare


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