Bow of Nylea

Bow of Nylea

Legendary Enchantment Artifact

Attacking creatures you control have deathtouch.

1G, T : Choose one -- Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature; or Bow of Nylea deals 2 damage to target creature with flying; or you gain 3 life; or put up to four target cards from your graveyard on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Bow of Nylea Discussion

Dontknowgabe on G/B Elves - Bet you've never seen this before...

3 hours ago

Bow of Nylea would also be good in this deck. I personally like it instead of the Obelisk even though it has Convoke and give all creatures +2/+2. Maybe Something to consider.

Dontknowgabe on Standard Elf Tribal

1 day ago

I know you want Post Origins however til then here are some cards to consider because i see you have some M15 in there. Would recommend Bow of Nylea its a great card for any situation. Reclamation Sage because it can get rid of any artifact of enchantments. Post Origins. One can never go wrong with Collected Company (other then cost of course). Might of the Masses Could also benefit the deck as well.I splashed white for my Elves for Rally the Ancestors just in case of any mill decks or even big board wipes with Languish being a thing now.But since your just running G/B Kills spells would be handy to have some Kill Spells for bigger threats. Duress or Despise maybe to look at hand and take out big treats if you cant afford or dont want the Thoughtseize Out of this whole thread Might of the Masses would probably be the only thing that is good to consider.

ShokuYuki on Lots of Counters

1 day ago

Ajani, Caller of the Pride instead of Ajani, Mentor of Heroes. You can bring down earlier, and his -2 ability is very nice.

I miss some draws out there. Try Inspiring Call, it fits perfectly.

Also, Reap What Is Sown or Travel Preparations to put in more counters.

I also recommend Bow of Nylea, it's very useful.

Also, Abzan Falconer instead of Sunscorch Regent. Less costly and more useful.

pleasiodmakerblooloo on U/B Mill/control and ways to ...

2 days ago

I guess you could just play graveyard reset cards like Cranial Archive or maybe Bow of Nylea or just Siege Rhino to kill them.

Twood015 on 2015-07-29 update of Hydraponics V2

2 days ago

Dark Confidant could give me some card advantage that I definitely don't have, but i question the fact it'd be the only black card in the deck.. Also I have no way to gain life other than the Bow of Nylea. I think this decks worst enemy would be straight burn decks.

Asmodeus_82 on ethereal auras!

3 days ago

You want Silhana Ledgewalker I play a few in my boggles, increases hexproof creature count and the psuedo flying is wicked.

I would also drop the Bow of Nylea and two Spirit Mantle for 3 Path to Exile or other instant speed removal. Path is good against twin and similar decks, just good to have some removal so you have outs in bad situations and Spirit Mantle isn't as useful as you would think, most of the time you are well big enough that trample can does the job for you and you usually have enough trample.

Also have you heard of Kor Spiritdancer? Very strong. A little pricey.Finally if you can get it, more fetchlands, they just make Dryad Arbor way better, you can leave one open to fetch the arbor if your opponent tries to make you sack.

juicytoot on ethereal auras!

3 days ago

Silhana Ledgewalker is the replacement for anointer if you need one. Bow of Nylea confuses me though, seems kinda random.

Dontknowgabe on Eyeblight Eradicators

3 days ago

With Bow of Nylea you can recycle cards and use fetches if you have any to shuffle them back to the top huh huh wink wink nudge nudge :D

Color(s) Green
Cost 1GG
Converted cost 3


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare


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