Bow of Nylea

Legendary Enchantment Artifact

Attacking creatures you control have deathtouch.

1G, T : Choose one -- Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature; or Bow of Nylea deals 2 damage to target creature with flying; or you gain 3 life; or put up to four target cards from your graveyard on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Bow of Nylea Discussion

Copperlax on B/G Elves

1 week ago

I've had success with Door of Destinies. It may be more helpful than Bow of Nylea since your creatures ought to be pumped up enough that Deathtouch doesn't really matter.

HaunterHunter on Ezuri, the Infectious Host

1 week ago

Dryad Arbor is a good land to consider, works well with Green Sun's Zenith(Which I highly reccomend) Nothing is better than a turn one forest + green sun's zentih for zero and pull out a dryad arbor.

Both Hooded Hydra and Hangarback Walker do the same thing as Chasm Skulker and will probably help more than a Lorescale Coatl or a Lotus Cobra or others.

Consider Wild Beastmaster instead of Cultivator of Blades

Bloodspore Thrinax could also help. It does the same as Master Biomancer

Kalonian Hydra is another option. It doubles the counters which is always welcome.

Honestly, Hardened Scales looks like it runs well but one counter isn't worth the 1/99 slot. consider Inspiring Call, Verdant Confluence, Bow of Nylea, or Asceticism

Mulldrifter is an okay card for the draw and the Ezuri Trigger but consider replacing it with a card that does better like Prime Speaker Zeganna

If you're still in need of any help, come check out my Ezuri Deck None Shall Hinder My Progress, although I'm not running any infect yet and I don't have as many fancy lands.

MagicMat on Fangor Mono Green Stompy

1 week ago

How Bow of Nylea works for you? I'm building a bit different Mono G Stompy deck, still budget, so I'm interested in discover new possibilities

shabow6 on Rise of the Elf

1 week ago

icehit6- Its easy to tell you have a lot of experience with Elf tribal decks, and I appreciate your input. I've built Rise of Elf mainly to play with friends, but I believe this deck is a stepping stone for me to get in to a more competitive realm. I'd like to get Rise of Elf to a more competitive state and play at my local F.N.M., but I feel I will need more help from you guys to make that possible.

I checked out both of your decks listed and both appear to be designed very meticulously, but I was really taken away by your competitive deck;Dwynen's Army of Elves. It actually brought some perspective to a few cards I had initially over looked while building my deck and I wanted to share them with you to get your opinion.

Lead the Stampede has been brought to my attention before, by Daedra117(Quick shout out, Thanks Again!!), but I hadn't seen the value in the the card until I saw its potential in your Dwynen's Army of Elves. This will be valuable to draw creature cards late game when the possibility of running out of a hand is a concern.Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen was another card that captured my interest. Not only will it buff the other elves, but it also allows for life gain as an incentive. This would really be an advantage with a lot of elves on the field(side note I saw your combo with Bow of Nylea, death touch + life gain = Beautiful Combo). My plan would be to replace Gilt-Leaf Archdruid with Dwynen, I was always on the fence about Gilt-Leaf and I feel that the life gain will will be more useful. Let me know what you think.

Sorry that I've made this reply so long, but I get passionate while thinking about magic and conversing about the decks that we design. Thanks again for all the input.

LeaPlath on selesnya legends party

2 weeks ago

Veteran Warleader is just a vanilla beaters here.

Birds of Paradise/Llanowar Elves/Safewright Quest is too low impact.

Mirri, Cat Warrior seems a bit eh compared to other options.

Nature's Revolt doesn't really benefit you compared to other cards?

Heron's Grace Champion seems low impact given your variety.

Serra Ascendant is generally just rude and paints a target on you.

Personally I think your removal and answers are a bit lacking? Like I don't see much in the way of "oh shit" cards like Krosan Grip or more removal.

Couple of other cards to consider Bow of Nylea is an OK value engine. Glissa Sunseeker is a bit awkward but artifact removal. Mangara of Corondor is another bit of tutorable removal for anything. With 1000 year, you can do it twice. And if you can bounce him you can do it again.

StigIt2me on Welcome to the Krallen-HORDE!!

2 weeks ago

Look for more cards you can put in to discourage your opponents from casting spells. The ones you have and mention in your description are already good, but maybe you can add Taurean Mauler or Witchstalker (also the Dragonlair Spider I mentioned before). I did a search on Gatherer to find other good triggers like that, but I didn't see any.

In terms of other good stuff, have you thought about Bow of Nylea? Any turn you can activate it, there's a mode you can use that will come in handy. Plus, there are ways to anthem trample in your deck, so Bow of Nylea giving your dudes deathtouch makes blocking you a really bad idea.

Die4Dethklok on Sarkhan and Friends (Scion EDH)

2 weeks ago

Bow of Nylea does seem quite good. Mostly for the card recycling, tutoring Silumgar, the Drifting Death for situational hexproof is great, but only being able to do it once can be a bit of a downside. I haven't played against Kaalia with Scion, I have found my most troubling match up to be my girlfriends Anafenza, the Foremost deck due to it pretty much being a meta counter. All my dragons become one shots. Haha. Otherwise, a ramp heavy draw can flood the board with huge dragons and planeswalkers quite quickly without ever casting Scion, or in the long game, Scions tutoring and some reanimation will allow you to build up a board and overwhelm your opponent. Atarka, World Render and Dragonlord Dromoka are a great team. Haha.

Bow of Nylea will most likely find a slot in the deck. Maybe or maybe not alongside Reito Lantern

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