Bow of Nylea


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare

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Bow of Nylea

Legendary Enchantment Artifact

Attacking creatures you control have deathtouch.

1G, T : Choose one -- Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature; or Bow of Nylea deals 2 damage to target creature with flying; or you gain 3 life; or put up to four target cards from your graveyard on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Bow of Nylea Discussion

isaelis on Budget Simic

8 hours ago

Non-budget reanimator cards that you cant try to fit in:

Nim Deathmantle <- is gonna be tough to squeeze in but would be sweeeeeeet

Progenitor Mimic isn't reanimator but is a good card

Bow of Nylea Might be good?


Seasons Past


14 hours ago

Bow of Nylea would fit nicely here.

Myojin of Life's Web is great for cheating dumb big things into play.

Thragtusk. Do I need to say more there?

You could go the route of Birthing Pod but you would have to radically rethink your curve to accommodate it.

Ghost Quarter. Great when your opponents have degenerate lands that you you need to rid yourself of.

Bane of Progress is a must. It can occasionally be a bomb. Plus artifact removal is not something to scoff at.

Hydra Omnivore is nuts in multiplayer. And big as shit regardless.

Mwonvuli Beast Tracker lets you search for your bombs. Well some of them at least.

Sorry if these suggestions are lackluster. I have little experience in mono-colored builds.

Profet93 on Competitive Captain Sisay

3 days ago


Interesting, I suppose our metas are different and we run the decks differently. Nevertheless, I love what you did with your list.

Do you run Bow of Nylea for the "tuck" effect. If that is the case, then you could always use Mistveil Plains (although it enters tapped, so the tempo loss might not be worth it). Nevertheless, I thought I should mention it as it could free up a spot.

Thoughts on Land Tax for this deck? It could also work well with scroll rack and you have such few lands.

Loyal Retainers is amazing (although with Wheel of sun and moon, maybe not so much) with survival of the fittest as you can search for a bomb, discard it and bring it back immediately.

Perpetual on Selvala's Eldrazi RAMPage!

1 week ago

Some cards that come to mind:

Magus of the Library Can alternate between ramp and card draw.

Gyre Sage Escalating ramp.

Managorger Hydra If it drops early, it grows really fast. Worst case scenario is it will eat a removal spell.

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar The +1 isn't great, but she is cheap for CMC and both of her minus abilities are very nice.

Triumph of Ferocity More card draw.

Creeping Renaissance Recursion

Bow of Nylea For the utility.

Triumph of the Hordes This one may not be as good without many token generators in your deck, but it can be a game finisher.

Soul of the Harvest More card draw.

Archetype of Endurance More protection, and more importantly it is blanket protection.

Shamanic Revelation With this deck there is a very good chance this is better than Harmonize even if it is 1 more mana.

Predator Ooze Much like the Managorger, if this drops early, it will cause headaches for your opponents.

Joraga Treespeaker Takes a bit of growing, but will be better than the other 1-drop mana dorks. Can even make your land fetching elves tap for mana if you invest enough in it.

Elvish Harbinger A mana dork who can pull another mana dork to the top of the deck.

Seasons Past Recursion

As for what I would cut, it would depend on which cards I suggested that you added. Mana dorks would replace lesser mana dorks, Archetype of Endurance would replace a protection equipment, etc.

That said, I would agree with the suggestion to switch to Selvala, Explorer Returned, or better yet Animar, Soul of Elements. I use Animar for my Eldrazi deck, and every now and then I cast 3-4 Eldrazi in a turn for free. My previous commander for Eldrazi was Radha, Heir to Keld as she put a mana dork in my command zone and that seemed like a good idea.

Yesterday on Looking for ways to abuse ...

1 week ago

Both powerful Eldrazi and Birthing Pod are things I'll probably include in some iteration of the deck but decided not to for now. I'm running Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator currently so it's sort of a nonbo with the Eldrazi, and Birthing Pod would actually be a great way to consistently search the library but I sort of need to build a creature curve around it.

Bow of Nylea is actually a great inclusion as is in my deck as something to sink excess mana into, so I think I'll work that one in right away. Thanks everybody!

zelian12 on Looking for ways to abuse ...

1 week ago

Bow of Nylea or you can Birthing Pod it and recast it when you search

Squiid on

1 week ago

The biggest problem with this deck is the tempo. Dragon decks need big threats on the board fast and right now it seems like it will take your deck awhile to get going. The first thing I am going to recommend is Dragonlord's Servant, as it will help bring creatures out faster. The next thing I am going to recommend is replace Hedron Archive for Sol Ring. They do the same thing but Sol Ring is a one drop making the deck faster even still. Up next, I recommend more mana dorks like Elvish Mystic to, again, help with the speed of the deck. My last criticism is your "one of" cards. Consistency is majorly important to a deck so having only one of cards like Bow of Nylea and Sarkhan Vol are fun but it either makes it so if it is a win condition it's low amount makes it less likely to be drawn and if its not a major part of your win condition its taking space in your deck for something that will actually make you win. My favorite decks are dragons, i think they are very fun, and it is a good start to the deck. Keep it up and have fun!

Hobbez9186 on One Hell of an Avalanche

2 weeks ago

Recently added Ramunap Excavator for obvious reasons, and Bow of Nylea as another way to cycle cards from your graveyard back into the deck. Attacking with Deathtouch is nice too, and occasionally the counters or life gain will come in handy. Shooting down small flyers is pretty cool since you don't have Reach on most creatures, but usually you'll have land to throw at them too.

Still love this deck, my friends still don't :)

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