Death Baron


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Rare
Shards of Alara Rare

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Death Baron

Creature — Zombie Wizard

Skeleton creatures you control and other Zombie creatures you control get +1/+1 and have deathtouch.

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Death Baron Discussion

sylvannos on BUG Zombies in Modern?

1 week ago

With Zombies in Modern, you want to play as many lords as possible. You get access to:

Green gives you Lotleth Troll and Putrid Leech. Diregraf Colossus, Cryptbreaker, Gravecrawler, Relentless Dead, Geralf's Messenger, and Prized Amalgam fill out the rest of the deck.

The only issue is curve. There aren't a whole lot of quality 1-drops in Modern for Zombies. You're pretty much stuck choosing between Cryptbreaker, Gravecrawler, AEther Vial, Diregraf Ghoul, Thoughtseize, and Inquisition of Kozilek.

sylvannos on Looking to make my all-zombie ...

1 week ago

Zombies has some really powerful Lords in Modern. You get Undead Warchief, Lord of the Undead, Death Baron, Risen Executioner, Diregraf Captain, and even Phantasmal Image so you can copy lords/creatures with undying.

You basically stall your opponent or lay the groundwork with Gravecrawlers, then from turn 3 forward your creatures are going to just keep growing.

Compelling Deterrence is going to be the most powerful bounce spell you can get, because it's basically Recoil for less mana.

ragnar_ok on Zombo Combo

2 weeks ago

For the moment at least, I'm ruling out all the cards in my previous comment except for Diregraf Colossus. I'm not really sure it advances plan A (combo kill) in any meaningful way. It does add extra creatures that can be used for the combo kill, but the recursion engines here should handle that part already. If that proves not to be the case, then I'll find room for this card.

As for the others:

  • Death Baron: The other lords in this deck either add graveyard recursion, resilience, or make spells cheaper. The deathtouch offered by Death Baron isn't as valuable in this deck. Admittedly, it makes plan B (combat) a bit better, so if plan B happens more often than I expect, I'll revisit this.

  • Dark Salvation: This only kills one creature. It does add creatures to my board, but these creatures don't really advance the combo plan in a meaningful way. And paying (for example) 9 mana for 4 creatures probably isn't good enough.

  • Cemetery Reaper: This lord offers a P/T buff, and a way to remove my creatures from my graveyard so that I can't recur them. Seems like a nonbo with this deck's plan A (combo kill).

  • Graf Harvest: This adds some evasion for most of my creatures, which is good for plan B (combat). Its activated ability is a nonbo with plan A (combo kill) for the same reason Cemetery Reaper's ability is. If combat ends up being more important for this deck than I think it will be, then I'll revisit this one for the recursion.

Ambre on Zombo Combo

2 weeks ago

Nice looking deck.Have you thought about Death Baron (absolute need in a tribal zombie deck) and Graf Harvest ? I would also recommend Cemetery Reaper, Diregraf Colossus and Dark Salvation.

aholder7 on Zombie Power

3 weeks ago

you need consistancy. there are too many 2 ofs. also you 5+ costed cards, which is extremely slow in modern. the only decks that play 3+ 5 drops (or higher) are usually control decks. you seem to want to be a midrange deck more than anything.

lets take it step by step and see what we can do.

from the top Grave Betrayal. betrayal is a great card. once you play it, Tragic Slip becomes a permanent Confiscate with a +1/+1. the only problem? its 7 mana. you will never survive long enough to play this card. especially not if you have to spend your entire turn to do it (which at 7 mana i can't imagine you wouldn't be). this card should be replaced with a card that you might be able to cast in an average game.

let us descend to the 6 drops. Rooftop Storm isn't the same as betrayal. this one you can play and also follow up with all the zombies in your hand. which sounds pretty awesome at first. but remember. this is a 6 drop. in what scenarios would you still have a large number of zombies in your hand to cast after this hits the field? if you only have 1 or 2, why wouldn't you just play them instead? basically this card sounds good, but isn't really necessary for anything.

Noosegraf Mob is the next 6 drop. 6 mana 5/5 isnt super great, but it can turn into 6 mana 5 2/2s which is actually pretty decent. the only problem is that when it hits the field your opponent is going to cast Terminate/Path to Exile/Maelstrom Pulse/etc and you are left with a regular 2/2 for 6 mana. not a lot of value. especially when you should really be killing people on turn 6 or so. if you waste your entire turn casting this and it resolves, your opponent may not even have to remove it, they might be able to swing for lethal still since you only played 1 blocker. basically you might want to have something that comes down sooner and therefore will be more relevant.

and now we move to the 5 drops. lets start with the Conjurer's Closet. what are you trying to flicker? the mob? the colossus? i mean you don't really have any great targets for this and its basically a 5 mana blank card when you don't have any good flicker targets.

Dictate of Erebos: you don't have a lot of creatures right now. you have 14 creature cards and 3 non creatures that make tokens. you also have 6 creatures that make more creatures but 2 of them are 6 drops and 2 of them require dealing damage to a player so i don't really see them being a consistent way to create creatures. so for this card to be useful you need to have more creatures than your opponent or bet that your opponent has no creatures they are willing to sacrifice to kill you creatures.

Vengeful Pharaoh: i mean this card needs to go to your graveyard consistently to be useful. but since you only have 2 discard outlets and 2 mill options i wouldn't really advise this.

this has taken me a lot longer than expected for several reasons so i'm going to start start making these descriptions shorter and if you need clarification just post a reply at my name and ill get back to you.

Liliana's Reaver: it's nice but it requires you to actually hit the opponent for it to actually work out for you. otherwise its just a 4/3 for 4 which isn't all that impressive.

Unmake is expensive at 3 mana. Sudden Spoiling is 3 mana as well but has some practical uses so i would actually suggest this in your sideboard.

Ultimate Price: good choice. should be at 4.

Vile Rebirth you don't have that many creatures. make sure you have a good way to consistently get creatures in the grave so that this card is usable. dont forget it directly effects how good Ghoulcaller's Chant.

Tragic Slip is fine.

Gisa and Geralf: you don't have really any cards that will care about the mill 4 etb effect. the second effect is good but you either need to hope that you have some decent stuff to rez and hope that this creature survives long enough to work. i guess its fine as a 2 of.

Diregraf Colossus: good stuff for a zombie tribal deck. 4 of.

Diregraf Captain zombie lord is a zombie lord. other ability is nice too.

Cryptbreaker is also fine. maybe a 3 of would be better.

cards you don't have that might be helpful Death Baron,Cemetery Reaper and Lord of the Undead. i don't recall their prices off hand but one of them is cheaper than Cryptbreaker as i recall. the other two are probs out of your price range.

dlaxw7 on Wait Until You Sidisi All These Dead

3 weeks ago

Even though he's getting a little pricey these days, Death Baron is money in any zombie centric build. Rot Farm Skeleton is also great fuel for the self-mill fire.

KGW on Liliana's Unmatched Power [Zombie]

3 weeks ago

I would remove the Door of Destinies. You have 4x Death Baron and 4x Lord of the Undead. They have anthem effects like DoD, but do it for less mana and don't rely on you playing a creature the following turn to activate the anthem effect. Replace it with Altar's Reap for some card draw (and will help to lower your curve, which is way off right now).

Hero's Downfall should also go; in an aggro deck you aren't really going to struggle much against planeswalkers, except Karn Liberated in Tron, which you are going to die to anyway. Consider Doom Blade, Go for the Throat, or Victim of Night instead.

Dr.HAX on monoblack zombies

4 weeks ago

Suggestion for some good synergy in your deck.

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