Death Baron

Death Baron

Creature — Zombie Wizard

Skeleton creatures you control and other Zombie creatures you control get +1/+1 and have deathtouch.
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Death Baron Discussion

PlatnumxStatuS on Tribalchangelingmadnessextravagansextopiawesome

1 day ago

What about the following: Goblin Chieftain (lord, grants haste), Goblin Warchief (grants haste, makes changelings cheaper to cast), Death Baron (lord, grants deathtouch), Manaweft Sliver (turns your changelings into mana producers), Master of the Pearl Trident (lord, grants islandwalk), Pheres-Band Warchief (lord, grants vigilance, and trample), Scion of Oona (lord, grants shroud), Sedge Sliver (lord if there's a swamp, regenerates your changelings), Timber Protector (lord, grants treefolks and forests indestructible), Mirror Entity (saves your dudes from -X/-X effects, pumps your creatures for game???

Also, Vedalken AEthermage to fetch any wizard or changeling from your deck for 3 mana at instant speed?

I know you don't want slivers in here but Manaweft seems too good to pass up. More mana will let you do more things in the deck.

-Logician on Everlasting GobZombies

1 day ago

I like Lava Zombie with Geralf's Messenger. Nice.

I'm actually not so familiar with skeletons, but sacrificing your own creatures to Kjeldoran Dead actually seems lackluster. Letting them die and come back bigger is good, but then here's the issue. Your opponent didn't have to deal with the fact that your creatures have undying. Before they've died and came back stronger, your opponent has to think about how they're going to defeat a bunch of creatures that don't really die the first time. As soon as you sacrifice them yourself just to have a 3/1 Kjeldoran Dead, you're freeing your opponent from that struggle. Now if you sacrifice your creatures to Mind Slash, then while you're freeing your opponent from the struggles of fighting against undying, you're also attacking their hand. That's okay. That balances out in your favor. Also, if you have Gravecrawler in the graveyard and a zombie in play, Mind Slash basically reads:

  • : Discard a card from your opponent's hand.

Then you just keep doing it to them until they have no cards left. That's a winning strategy.

Try not to sacrifice your creatures unless you're getting card advantage from it with a card like Altar's Reap or Greater Good, or your opponent is discarding from it with something like Mind Slash or flashback Cabal Therapy, or you threaten to sacrifice all of your creatures while you have a Blood Artist in play which threatens to kill your opponent right there on the spot. The act of sacrificing in those ways are strong. The act of sacrificing just to have a creature with good power and toughness is not very good and I would consider that a poor use of resources.

I like including red for the noncreature spells. That's actually a pretty good idea, as red/black gives you access to Terminate, Dreadbore, Lightning Bolt, Kolaghan's Command, and Rakdos Charm (for the sideboard against decks that make infinite creature tokens, you just deal 1 damage to them for each creature they have for infinite damage. It can also exile their graveyard). Also, Olivia Voldaren is just a really damn good card. Splashing any color will have its advantages. Blue, for example, gives you access to Diregraf Captain, Countersquall, Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, and plenty of draw power. Green opens the door to Abrupt Decay, Deathrite Shaman, Maelstrom Pulse, Lotleth Troll, Putrefy, and generally just lots and lots of removal including the ability to destroy both artifacts and enchantments. While red has no problem taking care of artifacts, and white has no problem taking care of enchantments while being okay at dealing with artifacts, green has the best removal for both artifacts and enchantments, for example, Nature's Claim, Naturalize, Krosan Grip etc, and Abrupt Decay usually gets anything anyway and has proven itself as an all-star removal spell in all of magic history. Splashing white gives you access to removal that isn't always "destroy", and good field control in general. Firstly, you get Vindicate, then you get to play Council's Judgment, which is absolutely absurd. You could also play Utter End if you wanted. Of course, you also get Wrath of God and various similar cards to that. You'll notice that while white allows you to have answers to anything, it comes at the cost of a little bit more mana.

Every color offers something significant, and red probably offers the fastest deck because Lightning Bolt can be both removal and lethal damage. Like I said, my card knowledge is limited in terms of skeletons, so I can't help you there. Keep in mind that Death Baron is the same as good in your deck without skeletons as it is with skeletons.

ManMeatSpecial on Everlasting GobZombies

1 day ago

I'm leaning more towards zombies now, but not just zombies. I really would like to use the full effects of Death Baron I have quite a few good skeleton cards as well I used to play with a lot. I'd like to implicate maybe some Kjeldoran Dead and a few others. The sacrificing for him would go well with Geralf's Messenger or Butcher Ghoul . The skeletons also work well with Mind Slash since they all have regenerate for 1. But I don't want a straight black deck. I really love the idea of some red in there. Maybe even just for the spells. Do you think that could work well? maybe a couple creatures that could be useful anytime in the game. But mostly zombie/skeletons.

GabeCubed on Blue/Black Zombies

3 days ago

Lower your curve, add cards like the above mentioned Gravecrawler, and others like Geralf's Messenger, Rotting Rats and Bloodghast.

I'd increase the lord count to about 8-10. Probably 4 Death Baron, 2 Diregraf Captain and 2 Lord of the Undead.

Get rid of all of your 4+ drops, except for Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Maybe keep a one-of Grave Titan?

Add some targeted discard and some more removal, such as Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, and Go for the Throat.

Get rid of all of the instants, sorceries and enchantments except for Hero's Downfall.

Also, your lands need some work. The 3-of Cavern of Souls looks good. 2-4 Mutavault would do some work. Get 4 Polluted Delta, and 4 Watery Grave. The rest, you can fill with basics or more fetchlands.

canterlotguardian on ducttapedeckbox

1 week ago

So since you still want the Bolts, how about you add on your Death Baron at $13 and then find about 2 or 3 more dollars of value in my binder to make up the difference.

MrHighscore on Thraximundar Zombie Tribal EDH

2 weeks ago

Hi Backpfeifengesicht1 and welcome to tappedout.

It is easier to give you suggestions if you provide a description that tells us what you want with your deck, what your budget its etc. I'm shooting blind with my suggestions, but I do love zombie tribals :)

I would suggest you add

I think 40 lands are too many, you should cut down to 36 or 37. Get rid of all the dual ETB tapped lands and Mutavault. Add

Your win condition seems to be a beatdown? If so, I'd find room for the rest of the masters

You could cut the following to make room for some of my suggestions


wolfging on the morning dead

2 weeks ago

My advice, get rid of Carrion Crow. I think it might actually be worse than Fugitive Wizard, and that is saying something. Haha. Other than that, you have some fun zombies. I would say add one Undead Warchiefand more of either Cemetery Reaper, Death Baron, or Diregraf Captain. Also, I think maybe Dark Ritual might fit better than Lotus Bloom.

Is your goal to win by milling or to win by damage, cause I see pretty good damage dealing potential here, but if you get out Undead Alchemist you might totally screw over killing your opponent with damage, giving them a few turns while you try and mill them to death. Best just to pick one and roll with it, eh? If you go with milling I would suggest running four alchemists and some sorceries to mill. I.E. Mind Funeral.

Other than that, some better dimir lands might be helpful. Drowned Catacomb is pretty fair priced right now. :)

Hope this helps.

AwesomeName on

2 weeks ago

Here is a list of a bunch if really good zombies:

Unholy Grotto would be an amazing land. Dark Ritual would also help speed things up. Maybe try Go for the Throat instead of Doom Blade because Go for the Throat usually is able to hit what you want. Cabal Coffers is also really good but is really expensive. I just realized a lot of my suggestions are not budget-friendly so if your deck is budget then sorry. I think that you should take out Highborn Ghoul and Entrails Feaster because they aren't as good as other possible cards you can put in. Glad if I could help!

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