Death Baron

Death Baron

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Creature — Zombie Wizard

Skeleton creatures you control and other Zombie creatures you control get +1/+1 and have deathtouch.

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Death Baron Discussion

derickmoore25 on Blight Rising (Zombie Infect)

1 week ago

i'd replace 4 Core Prowler with 4 Death Baron and 2 Phyrexian Vatmother with 2 Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon. Your deck will be more zombie themed plus death touch is crazy when everything has it plus Phyrexian Crusader has first strike making the perfect blocker out of him. Grafted Exoskeleton costs 6 total to play to slow for infect anything using 6 mana should be an immediate game changer. Try something like Geth's Verdict much faster and opens the way for your infect creatures early when you need it. I'd also replaceTumble Magnet with Ghoulcaller's Chant for a lot of cheap reuse abuse.

ApocryphalSaint on goal: token summon

2 weeks ago

well pick a color code you want. five colors is really hard and SUPER expensive to run well. I would say chosing two or three colors would the best thing you could do. Green, White and Red or Black are the best token makers in that order. some people like to pick Tribes. IE Warrior cards, Giants, Angels, elves etcetcetc. for tokens that works really well because there are cards that buff up Tribes. like Captain of the Watch or Daru Warchief or Death Baron. so choose what you want the deck to be themed around past "just tokens" and then we can help you even further

Grenville on Sidisi Presents: The Living Dead (Please Help)

3 weeks ago

What about some Zombie Lords Undead Warchief, Death Baron, etc..

ecmmyers on Alesha Smiles at Zombies

3 weeks ago

Some good Zombie/ Aggro/ Reanimator cards to consider: Oversold Cemetery, Rakdos Charm, Grave Betrayal, Guiltfeeder, Unbreathing Horde, Filth is good with Urborg, Cover of Darkness, Death Baron, Zombie Master

Entomb, Buried Alive, and Mesmeric Orb help get some good stuff in the yard faster.

Good stuff to recur: Liliana's Specter, Bone Dancer, Nekrataal

Sorry, these aren't really familiar colors for me.

Kiez147 on Zombie Budget

3 weeks ago

Death Baron and Undead Warchief seem quite pricey for my budget atm but I will keep them in mind. I already own Gempalm Polluter, however, when creating the deck I didn't end up adding it in. What would you suggest which cards I should take out for Gempalm Polluter and how many should I use? Also, Zombie Trailblazer seems like such a good card for this deck! I love its synergy with Liliana's Reaver. Thanks for the suggestions :)

vaderinoc on Zombie Budget

3 weeks ago

Try Gempalm Polluter and Death BaronYou can put many Zombies like Undead Warchief and 2 of Zombie Trailblazer would be nice

snotice on Lim Dul and his zaaaambies. (Help Wanted)

3 weeks ago

Murderous Cut: a nice kill spell at instant speed.Black Sun's Zenith: a strong board wipe against any creature.Death Baron: strong card with a strong price. Geralf's Messenger: undying is always nice to with.Helldozer: simple land destruction.Liliana's Reaver: more zombies!

Lands:Reliquary Tower: a safety value for you.

Kronie on Zombies on Coke

3 weeks ago

square711 I did end up adding two Death Baron's because they are to good to pass up. Let me know what you think. I believe I trimmed the fat and added a couple of good cards.

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