Death Baron

Death Baron

Creature — Zombie Wizard

Skeleton creatures you control and other Zombie creatures you control get +1/+1 and have deathtouch.
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Death Baron Discussion

MagicWolf77 on Sidisi's Zombie Horde

3 weeks ago

Death Baron is actually quite a nice idea I had not previously considered. I think I will find a spot for him in here.

I tried Thought Scour and ended up taking it out as it never really did anything good for me.

GeminiSpartanX on Trade Evaluation Analysis 2

3 weeks ago

Pile A is a 'safer' investment, since many of those cards have kept their prices solid for years or have proven to be staples in their respective formats. Pile B has staples of its own, as well as some cards that have the possibility to greatly fluctuate in price in the oncoming standard rotation or possible future Modern success. If it were me doing the trade, I'd like to get pile A solely for the fact that a $35 card is harder to trade for than a $12 card. If you're the one getting rid of the fetches I'd imagine it would be easier to trade for more Heaths later than trying to get another Bitterblossom (assuming these Heaths are not spare ones you have in addition to a playset you already have). On the other hand, many of the cards in pile A don't have as broad of a market as the cards in pile B, since some of them see very niche play only in certain decks (Death Baron, Primalcrux for example). They're good cards at a nice price, but unless you'll be using them yourself in decks they might prove harder to trade in the future compared to standard cards. I've had a Khalni Hydra in my trade binder for a while now, but have had trouble finding someone who wants it moreso than the $12ish cards I'm looking for in trade.

*Note, this is all assuming the total value of the cards listed is the same. I didn't bother to add up the prices of each pile.

Mandalorian on Sidisi's Zombie Horde

3 weeks ago

Also have you considered any zombie lords like Death Baron

DivineGrace on Trade Evaluation Analysis 2

3 weeks ago

Hey. Another input analysis on a trade. Price, format, viability, utility, and personal preference what pile would you choose.

Note: LMK if these threads are annoying since the only threads I have been making are trade analysis. :( for me these i get alot of insight of what others think so it trains me to what to look for and the variability of trades etc.

Pile A:

Boseiju, Who Shelters All,


Death Baron,

Cabal Therapy,

Burning Wish,


Winding Canyons,

Marchesa, the Black Rose,

Qasali Pridemage x2,

Dismember x3

Pile B:

Windswept Heath x3,

Collected Company x2,

Sarkhan Unbroken,

Evolutionary Leap x3,

Dromoka's Command x5,

Goblin Piledriver,

Pyromancer's Goggles,

Hallowed Moonlight

Desertwolf1 on Zoombies

3 weeks ago

I originally had the Death Baron card in mind when I was making this deck, but unfortunately, it's out of my price range at the moment. I was looking into lords like Undead Warchief or Risen Executioner. I do own the Archetype of Finality card though, but it's a little expensive in the mana cost area.

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