Death Baron

Death Baron

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Creature — Zombie Wizard

Skeleton creatures you control and other Zombie creatures you control get +1/+1 and have deathtouch.

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Death Baron Discussion

DonnyLurch on Grimgrin, Corpse-Born: Gravecrawler's Lament

14 hours ago

Duuude! I have a similar Grimgrin deck, but I can never get it going :( I knew I needed Minamo, School at Water's Edge, but this list made me realize all the great untap mechanics I'm missing!! I don't have any of those! My friend wants to play EDH tomorrow for his birthday, but my last brew was a failure. Lest I reconstruct a cheesy, tired old build, I need to throw something solid together. What would you recommend as replacements for Lord of the Undead, Death Baron, and Syphon Flesh? I want to try out Obsidian Battle-Axe; I have Reanimate to stand in for Necromancy, and I definitely want to include Stitcher Geralf - frankly, I'm disturbed you did not include him. He built Grimgrin, after all!

DavidBray on Athreos Tiny Leaders - HELP WANTED!!!

1 day ago

With Death Baron, while he's a great tribal card, you only have 3 zombie cards in your deck until you can find Xathrid Necromancer (which is a 1 in 50 chance). Without tutors you might find the baron a very disappointing card. Either remove or build your deck around him.

Same with Gravecrawler, he's not going to come back very often unless you find the necromancer. I'd recommend stripping out and going for zombies to support this. Geralf's Messenger is great in with him, especially with Immortal Servitude and Return to the Ranks. So is Carrion Feeder and Reassembling Skeleton (which does work with your Viscera Seer).

Finally, replace Judge Unworthy with Swords to Plowshares. It's pretty cheap nowadays with the reprint.

Overall, a decent deck. +1 from me. If you're interested, take a look at my Tartarus Sauce and give me your thoughts.

borgon on The Living Dead

6 days ago

First off, i'd recommend dropping two of the swamps. second i'd recommend using Contaminated Ground instead of Evil Presence since ground's deals damage to them and covers the same mana disruption and wiping land of their abilities just like presence. But unfortunately there aren't any creatures like Zombie Master except for Death Baron, while he is expensive getting three of him would be worth it. For Diabolic Edict, replace it with Geth's Verdict. I started messing with some the aspects if you want anything else for it but i personally think that you might have to many 5 drops and the fact is that Dictate of Erebos is more of a side board card than a main board. Its just me but trying to minimize how much you interact with the graveyard will decrease the impact of graveyard hate in game 2 of a round.

MagicMarc on Fuck you Kyle. A deck with a story.

6 days ago

I have not seen Kyle's deck. But this one has great synergy. All I would suggest to change it at all would be try to find room to squeeze a tad more blink and some card advantage. Maybe get in 2 copies of Sign in Blood. If this stalls at all those would help goose it back into speed. But I am not sure where I would cut this deck up to make room. Maybe lose a Death Baron and Tidehollow Sculler to sideboard? I don't even want to cut those. I would have to play this to see. It is pretty tight already. Oh yeah, +1 For Cloudshift + Skinrender . I love the art on that card and it has good flavor.

square711 on

1 week ago

Is it Modern or Standard? Those are two wildly different formats, so it's important you clarify which one you're building for before you ask for feedback. That said, your list is obviously a Modern one, so here are some thoughts:

  • The golden rule in Modern is don't play anything with a CMC higher than 3 unless a) it wins you the game right away, like Scapeshift or Splinter Twin, b) it's just too damn good not to play, like Siege Rhino, or c) you're playing control and have already stabilized (usually around turn 5 or 6), so you can play your 4-drop and STILL have open mana/counterspells to protect it. Cards like Liliana Vess, Moan of the Unhallowed, Palace Siege and Zombie Apocalypse fit none of these criteria - in other words, they're just not good enough for Modern, and you should get rid of them in favor of cheaper, faster, more efficient spells. For starters, you want Geralf's Messenger in the main board, not the side. Hand disruption such as Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize is needed to get rid of early threats. Diregraf Ghoul is a good turn 1 play as well.

  • Your mana base is good except for Orzhov Guildgate - never play lands that ETB tapped in Modern, EVER - and Orzhov Basilica - it's fine as a 1-of, but 3 is way too many! What if your opening hand has only Basilicas for land?

  • Endless Ranks of the Dead sounds great on paper, but it takes too long to start paying off. You need 4 zombies in the battlefield to get 2 tokens on your next turn - and trust me, with Modern being as removal-heavy as it is, you'll rarely ever get even more than 3 zombies in there, let alone 4.

  • Play less zombie lords! They're good cards and synergize well with one another, but they're all 3 and 4 drops. You need more 1 and 2-mana creatures to apply early pressure. Start by playing the full 4x Gravecrawler, and maybe getting some Diregraf Ghouls. Oh, and speaking of lords, your list is missing my favorite, Cemetery Reaper, who's strictly better than Death Baron. His ability is great, especially in a mirror match.

  • Hero's Downfall isn't fast enough for Modern. Avoid 3-mana killspells in general, and run more Path to Exiles instead, as well as some Dismember and/or Victim of Night.

  • Splashing blue isn't worth it. Grimgrin is too clunky, Lich Lord of Unx is terrible, and you don't have anything else with in its mana cost. Stick to B/W only, and replace those SB cards with actual sideboard stuff, i.e. cards that give you an edge against threats you were not initially prepared to deal with. Enchantment hate (Paraselene, Disenchant, Wear, Erase, Patrician's Scorn are the ones that first come to mind), artifact hate (Suppression Field, Stony Silence), burn/discard hate (Leyline of Sanctity) and so on. on Standing on a Rooftop, Seein' Zombies

3 weeks ago

Zombie Master and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth would work wonders here. Death Baron if price is no concern. Unholy Grotto and Havengul Lich would also help.

Talas_Merchant on

3 weeks ago

Hello! I love playing Thraximundar, so I wanted to help you out a little bit. Some constructive criticism, if you will.

First of all, the deck seems very unfocused. You list mill, tribal zombies and voltron as your themes. But you know the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none", right? The same applies to building a deck - you need to keep a set goal in mind.

Let's try and sacrifice weaker parts of one strategy in favour of making other ones stronger. First of all, I wanted to address the "mill" part. You aren't realistically expecting to mill everyone out in a 4-player game with one-shot cards like Mind Sculpt, are you? That's only 7 out of roughly 300 cards... Not to mention, your commander doesn't have direct synergy with the "mill" gameplan. Better commanders for mill are Lazav, Dimir Mastermind - he can take advantage of any milled creature, and Wrexial, the Risen Deep, who can steal your opponent's spells from graveyards. The most potent commander to actually WIN a game through mill, and not just use it as support to steal your opponents' stuff, is Phenax, God of Deception. The mill god can eat decks for days! So, if you want a mill deck or a mill-themed deck that uses graveyards, look into those. But for now, I suggest cutting Memory Sluice, Mind Sculpt, Paranoid Delusions, Tome Scour and Traumatize. We'll use these slots to add more voltron and zombie-related cards.There are more cards I would suggest cutting from this deck, as they won't let you compete in the format. Here's the list with some explanations:Brawler's Plate, Chariot of Victory, Vorrac Battlehorns - I get it that Thraximundar really wants trample, but there are better ways of letting him get through. These cards won't do much without your commander, who is a big target already so he won't stay on the battlefield for long. Same can be said about Neurok Hoversail and Mark of the Vampire. Argentum Armor and Moonsilver Spear are some of the better equipment cards, but grixis colors don't really do all that well with equipment. For instance, any white deck can play the armor with Stonehewer Giant, who can put in on the battlefield attached and ready to go for only 2 mana! Here, you pay 12 for casting and equipping it, and everybody sees that from a mile away. Now, while I understand how you named your deck basically in honour of Moonsilver Spear, and this card is ok, but there are better (budget) cards to be played in its place. Consider Scythe of the Wretched and Unscythe, Killer of Kings for flavourful and potents equips.Next, I see many "equal to the number of swamps" cards in here. With only 7 swamp cards in the deck and no way to fetch Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, cards Quag Sickness, Lashwrithe, Mutilate and Tendrils of Corruption seem really underwhelming. While being perfectly normal cards for a mono-black deck, they just don't belong here. Add Cabal Coffers, and Expedition Map to go with Urborg. You asked if your deck can be faster, and this is a trusted way. Also, 33 lands is a too small of an amount. A regular commander deck needs at least 37-38 lands to function. Remove Coral Atoll (this land is honestly awful) and artifact lands, as you don't seem to have a way to abuse them (unless with Dross Scorpion, which is cute but unproductive here) and artifact lands are more susceptible for destruction by your opponents (Vandalblast and Austere Command are widely played cards). Add more colour fixing lands (like the ones from Khans of Tarkir that enter tapped and gain you 1 life) and basics. Full cycle of vivids would be nice, too!Final cards that seem iffy: Index - doesn't draw you a card like most cantrips do (Ponder, Preordain, etc). In a 4-player game this is no bueno. Play cards that keep you on par with opponents or surpass them in card advantage. Prime and cheap example is Syphon Mind - you get 3 cards while everyone discards 1. Dross Scorpion doesn't fit here, besides, it is rarely even played without the combo (look it up if interested, although I try to stray away from infinite loops in EDH)Now, let's talk about cards that you can add to the deck. Here is the list of my suggestions: Lands - Swiftwater Cliffs, Dismal Backwater, Bloodfell Caves, Vivid Creek, Vivid Marsh, Island, Mountain, Cabal Coffers Zombie stuff: Gravecrawler, Grave Titan, Lord of the Undead, Graveborn Muse, Call to the Grave, Boneknitter, Cemetery Reaper, Corpse Harvester, Death Baron, Endless Ranks of the Dead, Havengul Runebinder, Overseer of the Damned, Shepherd of Rot, Syphon Flesh. Voltron equipment: Unscythe, Killer of Kings, Scythe of the Wretched, Loxodon Warhammer. Thrax is already a 3-hit kill assuming he kills a creature on attack, so I don't think you need too many of those. For good evasion on your commander, there are also Mask of Riddles, Whispersilk Cloak. The card I also love with Thrax is Seize the Day - with right setup, it lets you finish someone off quickly. For straight zombie aggro, Id play any other extra attack step card, though (World at War).

Hope this helped! :)

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