Death Baron

Death Baron

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Creature — Zombie Wizard

Skeleton creatures you control and other Zombie creatures you control get +1/+1 and have deathtouch.

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Death Baron Discussion

square711 on Zombie aggro

21 hours ago

Some tips:

You want Ghoulcaller's Chant, not Disentomb.

Noxious Revival, not Reclaim.

Lotleth Troll, not Warpath Ghoul (seriously, it just sucks).

Grave Scrabbler, not Gravedigger. (Lotleth Troll allows you to cast it for 2 mana!)

Undead Warchief, not Death Baron (or 2 of each. Death Baron is actually good)

Unbreathing Horde, not Sutured Ghoul. (don't play 7-drops in Modern. Not even casually. Just don't.)

A whole lot more removal (Abrupt Decay, Victim of Night, Go for the Throat, Dismember, maybe some boardwipes such as Damnation or Languish). Believe me, you literally won't win any games if all your deck has is a bunch of creatures and recursion spells. You need to stop the opponent from executing their plan, not just carry on with yours.

And literally ANYTHING is better than Crumbling Colossus. That card is just garbage. Get rid of it.

Also, if you have some spare cash, buy a couple Overgrown Tombs, or at least Woodland Cemetery. And lower your Forest count - you don't have many green spells, so why run that many green lands?

boyspud on Korlash and his Zombie Retinue

2 days ago

I've tried Necromancer's Stockpile in this deck previously, its not bad but as this is a modern deck, I found it a bit too slow. My ideal opening plays would be Diregraf Ghoul/Gravecrawler into Stromgald Crusader into Death Baron into Korlash or Undead Warchief. I cant quite find the time for Necromancer's Stockpile, unless I'm casting it after turn 5.

HydraOoze on Zombie aggro

3 days ago

this deck needs some work, I would add 4x Gravecrawler , 4x Death Baron and bump Cemetery Reaper up to 4x as these are your main zombies. Additional I would add 4x Woodland Cemetery and 4x Temple of Malady to make sure you always get the colors you need. These are the first things to do if you can afford them. Check out my deck Necrosis it might give you some ideas. +1

Tomnofx on Totally Zombified

4 days ago

I've seen that being used quite a lot in mono black zombie builds. Just a mini Stillmoon Cavalier. The protection is nice since it dodges Path to Exile. Not compared to the vampires. I would use Unholy Grotto but I want to keep this modern legal. Lord of the Undead is one of the good zombie lords, if it can be kept on the board for at least a learn or too that'd be great but my opponents would be more bothered to kill Death Baron. Thanks for the suggestions.

Redhorn on Green/Black Zombies

6 days ago

Add Lord of the Undead, more Death Barons, and reduce your green lands. Add some cheap one and two drop zombies

MagicMarc on The Horde

1 week ago

+1 for a nice deck. I have some more zombie suggestions in case you have not thought about them or seen them before;

Corpse Harvester: Because 1/2 korlash and demonic tutor for zombies on a stick is awesome.
Balthor the Defiled: The King of zombie recursion.
Not too serious Black Cat: because zombie cat. and Balthor needs a pet. Could also be Entrails Feaster the first zombie cat.
Lim-Dul the Necromancer: gives regen to every zombie and lets you get zombies from your opponent's dead guys.
Gravespawn Sovereign: After killing their stuff put it into play.
Not so serious Organ Grinder: Because Organ Grinder. Great flavor.
Death Baron: For deathtouch for all your zombies.
Noxious Ghoul: To ruin any kind of creature- based gameplan.
Coffin Queen: Because Balthor needs a mate, gross i know.
Gempalm Polluter: Can cycle and win.
Shepherd of Rot: Can win at instant speed depending on the field. But has to be built around a little bit.
Nefashu: Because zombie and a mutant?
Plaguebearer: More instant speed removal
Gutless Ghoul: Nice to have a little lifegain sometimes.

Well, I got a little carried away but these are some good zombies and you might like a couple for your deck.

-Logician on

1 week ago

Hi Chickenflaps. Just so you know, this deck is not Modern legal because Dark Ritual is not in Modern. I noticed you have this deck labeled as Modern, so I thought you should know.

Assuming you want this deck to be played in modern, I have several suggestions.

Army of the Damned is certainly a powerful card, but at that cost, it's more for EDH than anything else. If you're entering a tournament, it's not likely that you'll pull that off. If you're playing just with your friends and it works for you, cool. I play the card too and love it, but then again I am playing it in EDH and not Modern.

When I built Zombies, I built it with blue included, because then I get access to Grimgrin, Corpse-Born. Look at how beastly he is! Look at that amazing synergy with Gravecrawler! The deck I made turned out to be an aggressive sacrifice-centric strategy. I played cards with undying like Butcher Ghoul and Geralf's Messenger as well as the Mikaeus, the Unhallowed you're playing so that when I sacrificed a creature, they just come back even bigger. Then, I was able to comfortably play this Grimgrin strategy, as well as a couple others like Altar's Reap and Demonmail Hauberk. To magnify that, I also played Blood Artist (yeah, he's not a zombie, but whatever) and Diregraf Captain to pressure my opponent's life total when these zombies died. As well, I was playing four Mutavaults, so even if I got field wiped, I could animate mutavault and then cast Gravecrawler from my graveyard. Sac Gravecrawler to Demonmail Hauberk to equip to mutavault and swing for 6. It was relentless. I even ran Bloodghast just because it's very strong at recurring (again, I didn't care that it wasn't a zombie). Blue also allowed for me to play a pretty aggressive counterspell in the form of Countersquall.

That said, I think you're probably trying a more token-spamming strategy here that doesn't splash blue, and that's okay too. I think that honestly, Liliana's Reaver isn't very strong, and I think that Undead Warchief is probably the one that should be a four-of. Think about Cellar Door for a moment. You pay two mana to put it out, and then three more mana to try for its ability, and it might net you a creature in your graveyard, which will grant you a single 2/2 zombie. 5 mana MIGHT get you a 2/2 zombie? That card, while it is thematic, is honestly more harm than good.

I'd like to take a brief moment and talk about Grimoire of the Dead. This card is a really cool card, very thematic. Anytime you have a card that doing something with counters, usually you're not using that card to its fullest potential unless you're abusing counters in some way. For example, you could heavily abuse this card by playing Contagion Engine and proliferating those study counters twice. Without that abuse, Grimoire is a 4 mana artifact that will cost you three cards in hand and 3 mana over 3 turns for what might be a really powerful effect. Sure, you could be discard creature cards and those might get reanimated with this artifact, but what if your opponent plays Naturalize after you've spent all those cards in your hand, all that mana and all that time? Grimoire can be powerful, but if you're not legitimately abusing how the mechanics work by rushing counters onto it or untapping it with other effects to speed up the clock on it, it's probably not fast enough for most games. Consider the difference if you just played Sheoldred, Whispering One.

I think Coat of Arms and Obelisk of Urd are on point. You could even pick up a Door of Destinies if you like that angle. Death Baron is great and you should probably get some more.

Zombie Apocalypse seems strong if you set it up properly, but I don't feel like you're milling quite fast enough. and you're kind of going for a token theme, so a lot of cards that you are milling aren't even targets. I'm not going to say its bad, but this deck could certainly be more equipped to break it.

Going with a lot of tokens, I'd be considering adding white to the deck for cards like Intangible Virtue and other buffs for tokens. It's nice to have a theme with both actual zombie nontoken creatures and lots of zombie tokens, but going one way or the other is almost always going to result in a more effective strategy. Make sure not to take ALL of my suggestions. Each suggestion I've made sort of appeals to a different overarching strategy. Try to find a strategy you like, and try to think synergy and breaking mechanics.

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