Baral, Chief of Compliance


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Rare

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Baral, Chief of Compliance

Legendary Creature — Human Wizard

Instant and sorcery spells you cast cost less to cast.

Whenever a spell or ability you control counters a spell, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.

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Baral, Chief of Compliance Discussion

Boza on BR Control Deck (Need Help Improving)

1 day ago

For creatures we can use 14 of them:

4 Thing in the Ice  Flip - really good cheap wall that is a ticking clock.
3 Baral, Chief of Compliance - makes everything non-creature in the deck cost less. With counterspells, we can make use of his second ability too.
4 Enigma Drake - cheap and effective wall that grows.
2 Cryptic Serpent - big beater that can be very cheap.
1 Kefnet the Mindful - we can easily maintain a high card count and his ability is nice.

22 lands - I will let you figure out which ones you want to use.

34 instants and sorceries - we want cheaper ones to fill the yard more quickly.

4 Remand - buys time and replaces itself
4 Lightning Bolt - cheap and effective
3 Sweltering Suns - the creatures not named baral survive it and it can be used for cycling too!
4 Mana Leak - we want counters!
3 Staggershock - double triggers all the way.
4 Censor - same as suns, but for countering.
3 Thought Scour - card draw that fills the yard.
4 Opt - cheap filtering
1 Condescend - useful one-of.
1 Think Twice - useful one of.
1 Flame Slash - useful one-of.

This should be about budget. Tell me what you think.

EagleDrake13 on Can't we all just be friends here?

2 days ago

Do y'all think I should add in a Baral, Chief of Compliance and a Jace, Unraveler of Secrets if so what should I sub for

sg_86 on Treasure Production Control

5 days ago

I overlooked the make the spells cheaper on Baral, Chief of Compliance. The part of Primal Amulet that is good is the flip, Primal Wellspring  Flip. Copy a huge Torment of Hailfire for a lot of damage to say the least.

w33m4n on Treasure Production Control

6 days ago

Supreme Will Fetch/Counter

Siren's Ruse Blink/Protection/Draw

Treasure Map Scry/Draw

Opt Scry and draw

Baral, Chief of ComplianceFilter during counter

And shits and gigs I can still run Glimmer of Genius IF I really need to.

w33m4n on Treasure Production Control

6 days ago

sg_86 Mechanized used to be in here and was replaced with Panharmonicon as he is more useful in the treasure production department. Mechanized Production is just too easy to get rid of and otherwise moves too slow in producing treasures. and Baral, Chief of Compliance very much serves his purpose of making my spells cheaper earlier while causing filter. He was chosen over primal amulet being he can come out much sooner allowing me to keep the field relatively clear while playing what I need to in order to get treasures made. As far as Spell Swindle that card will never be removed from this deck. You are right its a five drop which is just fine because when it counters something its usually game ending or otherwise is getting me at bare minimum 3 treasures is the smallest cost item I use on it. It also usually proves fatal when someone turn 5 on curve plays a 5 drop and then all of a sudden I have treasures which is what I need to win the next turn with Marionette Master on turn 6 which so far out of my 14 wins 4 have happened because of just that turn 5 counter for treasures turn 6 marionette for win. As the deck sits nothing is going to change in it really. I have been testing everything people recommended and this is where I have ended up. primal amulet comes out way too late to even matter and the deck on its own wins on average turn 8. If anything speeds it up that number only goes lower cause the deck is quite capable on winning on turn 6. And having 5 wincons has worked out just fine as I can always throw in Herald of Anguish and The Scarab God If I need some extra beat down to happen.

sg_86 on Treasure Production Control

6 days ago

Having only 5 wincons s not great. I now see that Marionette Master is much better than Revel in Riches. I think possibly some more of them and possibly some Mechanized Productions would be great. As you are playing Torment of Hailfire, possibly some Primal Amulets would help maximise a huge amount of damage. I have seen versions of this deck using playsets of Revel in Riches, Mechanized Production, and Marionette Master. Perhaps if you were to include playsets of Marionette Master and possibly 3 or 2 Torment of Hailfire and Mechanized Production. With a larger possibility of drawing one of the wincons, I think there will be an improvement.

As for what you should take out, some of the counter spells possibly? I think Spell Swindle is quite hefty at 5 CMC. Baral, Chief of Compliance is not great in this deck as the aim should be to load a Marionette Master or Torment of Hailfire not to counter a bunch of stuff.

Xica on JeskaiM4n

1 week ago

So regarding turn 3 wins...

I would say they are highly unlikely since if your Baral, Chief of Compliance / Goblin Electromancer eats a Lightning Bolt / Fatal Push / Collective Brutality... etc. on turn 2, you will need a minor miracle to win.

As in such case your rituals produce only .
Which means that you would need 1 ritual to Gifts Ungiven.
and 4 more rituals to be able to cast Past in Flames on turn 3.

And if you run only Grapeshot & Empty the Warrens any sensible player will put those in the grave, and let you whatever else you searched up.

(Creature removal is not exactly rare in modern decks - while your deck doesn't have ways to interact with it when you tap out on turn 2 to cast your creatures (no Disrupting Shoal or Pact of Negation)

I would also like to mention that relying on instant/sorcery cards in the grave to combo off is very risky in modern - there are just to many things that hate on the grave.
Plus everyone sideboards grave hate coz dredge.

Scavenging Ooze, Dryad Militant
Grafdigger's Cage, Relic of Progenitus, Tormod's Crypt
And the worst of all Rest in Peace & Leyline of the Void
(+ pesky Leyline of Sanctity - which screams scoop, if Empty the Warrens fails

Please tell me how do you win on turn 3 in such a situation!

P.s.: Storm Entity may help with going off on t3, as it could be the third target for Gifts Ungiven - but it still can't win in itself.

Kaleo42 on Kess high tide

1 week ago

Gotta love them High Tide shenanigans. Would Bubbling Muck add an extra layer or split your focus too much?

Personally I would run Baral, Chief of Compliance over Dark Confidant since Baral's cost reduction can help smooth combos and looting can be used proactively when trying to storm off by countering your own spells. Dark Confidant doesn't live long or worse the game doesn't go long enough to justify it being played in my meta.

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