Baral, Chief of Compliance


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare

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Baral, Chief of Compliance

Legendary Creature — Human Wizard

Instant and sorcery spells you cast cost less to cast.

Whenever a spell or ability you control counters a spell, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.

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Baral, Chief of Compliance Discussion

HollowYoshi on Gifts Storm

1 day ago

I've thought about that a lot but it's usually a bad idea to spend mana on a second cost-reducing creature instead of other spells. Usually, if I draw an extra Baral, Chief of Compliance or Goblin Electromancer, I'll happily hold on to it in case my opponent has removal.

Maaagic on Gifts Storm

1 day ago

I think that 3 Baral, Chief of Compliance and 4 Goblin Electromancer would be a better decision, since Baral is legendary.

sepharus30 on Wizards of the Blind Eternities

2 days ago

Wizards are awesome. You can have a lot of fun with flavor and make a great deck. This seems like it is trying to do too much though. If the hundred card thing is part of a rule you have with your play group or something by all means continue. But this almost seems like it is a commander deck without the commander benefits. Stonybrook Banneret helps makes the wizards cheaper and using Sage's Dousing gives you counters and draw power. You're also running almost 4 times as many lands as creatures or Sorcery. You don't need memnarch unless your group is very artifact heavy. You really should just make some edits and make it a commander deck and use like Baral, Chief of Compliance as the commander and make a control deck. I'm just confused is all.

AsagiBoogers on Prismatic Fire (Help Please)

2 days ago

Past in Flames and Burning Vengeance might be solid additions. Help you out on the burn plan and just help recast cards in your graveyard. Runic Repetition may also be worth considering, but it's limited to cards cast with Flashback. Some Retrace spells seem solid too. Specifically Call the Skybreaker, Oona's Grace, Syphon Life, and maaaybe Spitting Image and Worm Harvest. Baral, Chief of Compliance would basically be an easier to cast Goblin Electromancer here as well. Also maybe Meletis Charlatan, since it's like Geistblast's copy ability on a stick.

HollowYoshi on Gifts Storm

2 days ago

The idea is to stick one of the cost-reducer guys (Baral, Chief of Compliance or Goblin Electromancer) as soon as possible and then cast a Gifts Ungiven.

The cards you generally want in your first Gifts are Desperate Ritual, Pyretic Ritual, Manamorphose, and Past in Flames. From there it's super easy to go off, cast Gifts again, and repeat until your storm count is high enough to Grapeshot them.

hubatish on Token Storm Zada

3 days ago

Thanks for the suggestion Foodtime! I tried Silverfur Partisan in the deck for a bit, but that was before I could tutor for Zada consistently (I now have 3, so still spend a decent amount of time without). I also had Triton Fortune Hunter back then, so probably just too many 3 drops.

  1. Any cut suggestions?

  2. Any multitarget or good buff spell suggestions? I have both Jace's Sanctum and Goblin Electromancer (maybe Baral, Chief of Compliance soon too), which are great when going off, but don't really help cast 1 mana spells, which most of my target spells are. So something that costs say 1R would be great.

JustPlayCards on High Fever - Blue/Red Mill - Standard

4 days ago

Antonius86 Thanks for the comment! I agree 100%. That's exactly the idea behind the deck. It can be costly that's why I have Baral, Chief of Compliance and Curious Homunculus  Flip in the deck to lessen the mana costs. It has been a fun deck to play. I will continue to play it every now and then.

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