Trophy Mage


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Trophy Mage

Creature — Human Wizard

When Trophy Mage enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an artifact card with converted mana cost 3, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Trophy Mage Discussion

jubale on Advertise your STANDARD deck!

21 hours ago

Well, I hope that was sufficient help :) I went a little overboard on the idea train. Love the concept.

Marvelous Gifts

Standard jubale


Normal God-Pharaoh's Gift deck I'm open to all ideas that don't involve Red. (Green and black ideas are fine.) In particular, I'm not convinced Thraben Inspector, Walking Ballista, Glint-Nest Crane, Cataclysmic Gearhulk are the cards we want. Trophy Mage seems to be coming in, and after that I just want ideas to make this deck more consistently great in the meta.

Fiplo on Inalla Wizard Tribal

2 days ago

I'm currently looking for upgrades for the Wizards precon deck, so this might help you.

kedrar_pa on Esper Pharoah

3 days ago

Dirty deck.

How about Trophy Mage?


radekofcyrodil on Brago, The King

3 days ago

I'm not usually one to comment but I saw your post on r/edh and am also building Brago in paper. Looking at your list the following stood out:

-It's weird you don't have Lightning Greaves or Whispersilk Cloak. The shroud from either means your counterspells can be used for other things besides protecting Brago. The added benefits of haste or unblockable also play well with the blinking Brago is built for. Swiftfoot Boots may be a more budget option for granting haste but you should definitely grab a cloak since it's also searchable with Trophy Mage.

-On the topic of being searchable, I noticed you only have two targets for Trinket Mage so I would suggest swapping out 1 Island for Seat of the Synod and 1 Plains for Ancient Den since they are lands with CMC 0 making them searchable.

-I'd also recommend some graveyard hate. Relic of Progenitus is great as it's searchable by Trinket Mage and draws a card. Angel of Finality may be worth adding as blinking it repeatedly can suppress graveyard shenanigans. Stonecloaker may be another good inclusion for more instant speed protection for your creatures and getting more ETB triggers by recasting the bounced creature.

-Some alternatives you might want to try would be using Prophetic Prism in place of Tsabo's Web. I'm not sure how relevant the web is for you in locking down your opponents' lands but the mana fixing of the Prism may be preferrable. Also, I'm unsure if the indestructible on the Darksteel Ingot is that useful and if you'd get more mileage out of using Commander's Sphere in the case where you need an extra draw when mana flooded.

That's all I have for now and the above recommendations should be fairly budget. The most important piece of advice I would give would be to understand the way your deck works and what rules interactions you may encounter and/or exploit. For instance, know that you can blink an Angel of Serenity with Cloudshift with the ETB trigger on the stack to permanently remove 3 threats. (This ruling is on the Gatherer page for Angel of Serenity) Another weird rules exploit you may encounter is using Sun Titan to get back Reality Acid an attaching it to a permanent with shroud or hexproof because ruling 303.4f doesn't use the word 'target'. Other than that, have fun with the deck and don't Peregrine Drake loop your opponents too many times.

jubale on Marvelous Gifts

4 days ago

Noxious Gearhulk was superb today. Thoughts to improve the deck: May want a sideboard Cast Out effect, possible Angel of Sanctions. May want to run Trophy Mage over Glint-Nest Crane because it fetches Gate to the Afterlife, or maybe split the two. May want to run some Strategic Planning in place of some Perpetual Timepiece. I find I don't often want multiple timepieces, and sometimes a draw/discard to find something I need (eg. land) would be useful. Overall though I prefer the fast milling the Timepiece affords.

Florg on I Call Her Vera: Sidisi EDH | *PRIMER*

4 days ago

I like this deck a lot, it looks like a ton of fun to play.

My main suggestions would be to cut some of the higher mana cost spells and add some mana acceleration like land searching effects or mana rocks.

I see that you already run some tutors to put things into your graveyard, but it might be nice to add some tutors that put cards in your hand. I know this is a budget list so I'd suggest Dark Petition and Beseech the Queen. Demonic Collusion is also good because the buyback allows you to discard cards to reanimate.

Trophy Mage might be good to search for Basalt Monolith, especially since you can reanimate it after milling it with Mesmeric Orb.

I'm not a big fan of Haunted Dead (Phantasmagorian is more mana efficient), Hell's Caretaker, Embalmer's Tools, or Fraying Sanity.

ComradeJim270 on Inalla Wizardry

4 days ago

Looking at the commander more closely, you've already hit on the Wanderwine Prophets and the Trophy Mage in to infinite mana combos. Now it probably makes sense to look at ways you can more consistently find and execute them.

Mandalorian on Bounce deck

5 days ago

I think that if you are trying to abuse Okretra's Monumnet you should go up to 3 copies since its a main combo piece for the deck. Having some other cards like Wall of Omens that have good ETB would be good as well, cards like Lone Missionary, Blade Splicer, and Angel of Invention. If you add blue you can play Reflector Mage, Spell Queller, and Trophy Mage to search up the Monument with. You should also know, in case you are not aware, that the Lens doubles the opponents white mana as well if you are playing an opponent that has plains. Most people that run Lens play Snow Covered basics like Snow-Covered Plains so that if they are playing an opponent that shares a color with their deck, they are not doubling their mana as well. A couple more removal spells would be nice for the deck too, like Path to Exile.

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