Trophy Mage


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Trophy Mage

Creature — Human Wizard

When Trophy Mage enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an artifact card with converted mana cost 3, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Trophy Mage Discussion

Aric_Haldan on Grixis Artifact Aristocrats

23 hours ago

The reason why Herald of Anguish is in sideboard is because it isn't very good in most match-ups since it's too slow to play it (i don't have that much cheap artifacts and those artifacts tend to be saccrificed to all kinds of purposes), he was originally main deck alongside other more expensive cards like Marionette Master and Sly Requisitioner but the deck was too slow and wasn't really able to get enough advantage out of it. by the time herald came looking i had pretty much already lost the game. He is however useful against control match-ups where my other stuff is getting removed, that's why he's in sideboard.

About Pia's Revolution tbh it adds a lot of value to the deck and would be exactly the kind of card i would want to draw off Reverse Engineer as it is a card that isn't easy to interact with and makes everything I do better for the rest of the game. I kinda would like a maindeck Reverse Engineer, but I don't know what to take out yet, though I already have a lot of draw in this deck with all the artifact fodder replacing themselves. Although the opponent gets the choice,Pia's Revolution can also often function as a drawing mechanism especially if they have walkers on board they don't want dying yet.

Metallic Rebuke might be able to replace some removal in the main-deck to give me a better chance against control game 1, I think i'll try adding 2, replacing 2 Unlicensed Disintegration (though I really like that card :/, rebuke will curve better though)

Trophy Mage is interesting but the deck is already packed full and it isn't completely dependent on one card so it doesn't really need a tutor. Furthermore Scrap Trawler is already kinda on the big side of my mana use so using up another three mana to find it seems like it'd be too clunky. Aethersphere Harvester really isn't at home in this deck, you don't want to sacrifice it, the stuff that crews it either wants to attack itself or gets sacced a lot and overall it doesn't have any synergy with the rest of the deck.

Considering all this, The reason why i don't want to be slowed down too much is because unlike regular aristocrats my artifact fodder can't block and that limits the possibility of me finding enough time to get the value out of these cards. that's why I made this into a much more aggressive mid-range shell that can beat opponents down before losing the value game. Thank you for your suggestions though, i'll be sure to keep them in mind.

multimedia on Grixis Artifact Aristocrats

1 day ago

Aric_Haldan I really like the look of this deck. Grixis are fun colors +1

I feel you're not taking enough advantage of the great improvise cards. You're 2x Herald of Anguish in the sideboard should definitely be main deck they can replace Syndicate Trafficker. The 2x Reverse Engineer can replace Pia's Revolution it can have much more impact drawing into more artifact sac fodder. I would also find room for Metallic Rebuke because it can be a cost Mana Leak in this deck which is powerful.

This is the kind of deck that can also take advantage of Trophy Mage and Aethersphere Harvester interaction. Mage can also tutor for Scrap Trawler.

MCY998 on Dynavolt!

1 day ago

1: I feel like another Dynavolt Tower would be strictly better than a Trophy Mage.

2: I get that you like Torrential Gearhulk but three is pushing it.

3: Boi Shock is mainboard or bust.

4: 0/10 no full art lands

averagenovice74 on Improvise Colossus

1 day ago

I really like this, I would suggest that Foundry Inspector should be MB. The card is absolutely essential to the ramp/eggs strategy of gettting to colossus as early as possible.

A suggestion I would make is Scrap Trawler. The card is insane with the combo/eggs recursion where you play say Hedron Archive, sac it, get back one of your lesser 3CMC eggs. Also it's O.K. Blocker which does the same thing when it dies. Also tutorable with Trophy Mage

legat0049 on Mono Blue Improvise Ramp

2 days ago

DarkHaze is correct. There is no payoff artifact in your deck other than Inspiring Statuary. But it brings this card directly into play. Whereas with the Trophy Mage you still have to cast it. This card ensures you enter Turn 4 with 7+ mana. And I think that is just where you want to be. Trophy Mage makes you one turn slower and not at instant speed. I would add 1-2 other significant Artifacts at the cost of some Eldrazi and go with 3-4 Whirs.

But equipping cost are usually not worth it. The equipment is not siginificant. Tezzeret's Touch fits here, too.

Geo67 on u/w statuary [aer]

2 days ago

I like this direction.

Please check out my deck, that is along this similar path: U/W Statuary Ramping.

Prophetic Prism is great in here.

Funny you should mention Trophy Mage, she serves one purpose...find the statuary. I was actually thinking about putting Endless One in my deck.

Geo67 on Aetherdrazi Storm

2 days ago


Trophy Mage lets you dig for a 3 mana artifact and put it into your hand. She's in my AetherdraziRamp deck.

HezTheGod on Trophy Energy Beatdown

2 days ago

There are 40 standard legal artifacts you can tutor with Trophy Mage some might be worth checking out.[%22Standard%22]&type=+[%22Artifact%22]&cmc=+=[3]

Nice deck I played a similar one during the prerealease.+1

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