Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Anthology Common
Commander (2016 Edition) Common
Commander 2013 Common
Planechase 2012 Edition Common
MTG: Commander Common
2011 Core Set Common
FNM Promos Rare
Promo set for Gatherer Common
Promo Set Common

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Search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal those cards, and put one onto the battlefield tapped and the other into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Cultivate Discussion

Wizno on Saskia - TO Build-a-deck

2 days ago

Hydra Omnivore is a beast with Saskia. I also like Adriana, Captain of the Guard in a deck like this. Blade of Selves or anything with the Myriad mechanic could be solid. I also like Zurgo Helmsmasher as well. You have access to Green so you can ramp for days! Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Explosive Vegetation, etc. My personal favorites in a 4 color deck are Skyshroud Claim, Wood Elves, and Farseek. Chromatic Lantern is also a must. I think a blink enabler would also be good so you can change Saskia's target when you want. Maybe Eldrazi Displacer? Oh and Mirari's Wake would also be a solid inclusion. Best of luck!

MrTristan19 on Derevi Bant Control EDH

2 days ago

I think your deck lacks focus, and it could use a lot of improvements. Please don't take this to be mean, these are just my suggestions.

1: You need way more Ramp, your curve is all over the place and you need lots of ramp cards to get you there. Smooth out the curve for one, but also make cuts for rocks like Chromatic Lantern, The Signets in all your colors, and spells like Cultivate,Kodama's Reach, and Explosive Vegetation

2: Myr Turbine and Xenograft seem really out of place to me. You don't have enough myr synergy to make the turbine that good of an investment for 5 mana. And tbh I don't know why xenograft is in.

3: Choose which direction you'd like to go with: Tokens, Evasive Dudes, or Control. Each one has different cards it wants, but having them all in means you have little power in each.

4: If you want to be a control deck, you need waaay more counterspells, and better ones than what you have listed. Being in Bant, you have access to great stuff like Counterspell, Disallow, Insidious Will, Plasm Capture, and Render Silent. You'd also need way more card draw as well, in order to keep your hand full after depleting their resources. And more board wipes as well, stuff like Day of Judgment and Supreme Verdict.

5: If you'd like to go in Tokens, look at cards that feature in Trostani, Selesnya's Voice or Rhys the Redeemed decks. If you'd want to go more into Evasive Dudes, check out decks featuring Edric, Spymaster of Trest or Ezuri, Claw of Progress. That's all i got now, message me if you have any questions.

StigIt2me on Dergans Dragens

3 days ago

As a support card you might have missed, I suggest you look at Sight of the Scalelords. You have no idea how much scarier it is when for seven mana you can play your 9/9 flying-vigilance-haste commander and bash someone for nine damage, or when your entire flight of Dragons doesn't even have to tap. Palace Siege might be helpful to you as well in getting back Dragons whose wings have been clipped. If your playgroup has a significant number of players who cast counterspells, Spellbreaker Behemoth may come in handy for you, though it isn't a Dragon.

As for cards that speed up the deck, I feel bad suggesting Mana Reflection since you have a budget, but if you don't mind helping speed up the rest of the table, you can instead run Zhur-Taa Ancient, Dictate of Karametra, or Rites of Flourishing. Explosive Vegetation and Cultivate (same effect and cost as Kodama's Reach) can help you find more lands, and you can use Darksteel Ingot if you're looking for another mana rock.

It looks like you don't have any Equipment to protect Karrthus from being targeted, like Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, or Whispersilk Cloak. I gotta warn you that your entire boardstate and game plan can be ruined by anyone who casts Rite of Replication on Karrthus. I'm a Karrthus player myself; I've seen it happen.

My final statement is that if you want to look at my Karrthus deck for ideas, it's Thunder of Dragons. That deck was built with a less strict budget, but the idea and goals are the same. Overall, I like your deck and I want to see more players build on this commander.

Flagellum on Token Deck Name

5 days ago

Don't take this the wrong way, but I think this deck needs some direction. It's your first deck and half my decks still need guidance :) By that I mean I see a mix of big stompy creatures, +1/+1 counters, and tokens. To get the most out of Oviya I recommend sticking to either cheap token stuffs or low cost critters. This is so you can create a horde of tokens and then use Oviya to make big baddies.

The big stompy creatures like Dungrove Elder can all be cut since Oviya can make tokens bigger than them. Second, add in some pump spells like Beastmaster Ascension and evasion type stuff like Primal Rage (to go along side of Nylea). Now all your measly 1/1 servos are 6/6 giant tramplers. Bow of Nylea will serve you well and can clear the field with your tokens. Remember if your creatures have d/t and trample you only need to assign 1 point of damage for lethal and then deal the rest to your opponent.

Fabricate is a nice mechanic for Oviya and plays right into the +1/+1 counters theme. Of course you would most likely prefer to use the tokens rather than the counters. I would cut the more expensive ones listed here like Gladehart Cavalry. Champion of Lambholt is an all-star here and you already have her in the deck (Avenger of Zendikar likewise).

The ramp package can be tweaked too. Stuff like Kodama's Reach/Cultivate, Burgeoning, perhaps even Far Wanderings. Cheap mana dorks also add to the effect of Oviya.

Token Generators not listed:

Beacon of Creation

Ant Queen

Hornet Queen

Imperious Perfect

Jade Mage

Rampaging Baloths


Fungal Sprouting

Saproling Symbiosis

Parallel Lives

Doubling Season not budget friendly

Squirrel Nest

Wolfcaller's Howl

Wolfbriar Elemental

These are just a few of the things green has to offer. Note, not all of these will be ideal.

Eiti3 on The Sliver Conspiracy (1 Sliver Overlord)

5 days ago

Recycle and Null Profusion both trigger when I play a land. Meaning, each time I play a land, I draw a card. I understand that they don't trigger with ramp spells, example being Cultivate - except for the spell itself.

I also have, if you might've looked, 6 cards allow me to play additional lands. The point of this deck is to play multiple lands per turn, drawing from the majority of them. I then have mana and cards to play a multitude of spells. This offers the illusion of a storm theme. Most, with a first glance, think this a normal landfall deck, however, it has nothing that benefits from landfall other than drawing. I don't get tokens, do damage, recover cards, etc.

Is this helping your confusion?

the_earl_0f_grey on It's Not Easy Being Green

5 days ago

I agree that Azusa, Lost but Seeking wouldn't really shine in this deck without bigger changes. She only gives as much as she's given and doesn't generate any advantage on her own. If this deck had some Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip, Krosan Tusker, Life from the Loam, Yavimaya Elder, type of ramp it would be ideal, but without it she'll just only work well enough with Oracle of Mul Daya and Lotus Cobra.

This deck is better suited to something like Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

hatten92 on Rubinia Soulsinger

1 week ago

MegaMatt13 Thanks! I appreciate the upvote and the advice! My average CMC is pretty high and sometimes I do run into problems with needing access to more mana. Empress Galina and Expropriate definitely fit the theme but I'm not sure what I'd want to take out for them. Any suggestions? As far as adding in some green ramp, I think that taking out Thought Reflection and Kruphix, God of Horizons for Cultivate and Kodama's Reach makes a lot of sense to me. Thought Reflection serves as card advantage and a way to ensure that I can still draw with Island Sanctuary on the board while keeping its effect up. However, Soothsaying and Future Sight not only work better in concert with each other but with Island Sanctuary overall. On top of that, Thought Reflection leaves me vulnerable to mill with cards like Jace's Archivist floating around my meta. Also, Kruphix, God of Horizons doesn't net me much a lot of the time as a result of a high average cmc (go figure). Typically, my best option as far as getting value out of Kruphix is spend a turn storing mana but that's almost never the most pertinent line of play. Your suggestion also makes me consider dropping Thran Dynamo for Explosive Vegetation. Sol Ring and Thran are the only mana rocks I feel generally worth putting in a deck but ultimately I think I'd rather just get the basics out of my deck permanently.

Again, thanks for your advice!

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