Search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal those cards, and put one onto the battlefield tapped and the other into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Cultivate Discussion

lemmingllama on 3 Nights in Utvara

1 day ago

Mana Flare is not Modern legal. However, Heartbeat of Spring is legal and has the same effect.

Also Braid of Fire and Helix Pinnacle seem a little too slow for modern. I would recommend adding some number of smaller ramp spells like Sakura-Tribe Elder, Search for Tomorrow, or Cultivate to get those dragons and planeswalkers out.

Lastly, Worldspine Wurm costs a bit too much for your deck. I would put another dragon in it's place, something like Thundermaw Hellkite or Stormbreath Dragon.

JuiceboxHero on Hydras, Hydras Everywhere!

3 days ago

Switched out Dawn's Reflection for Cultivate. Lower cost, copy-able, less vulnerable.

Sylo on Gruul Rampant

4 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions. Scouty, while Talisman of Impulse looks pretty decent and definitely worth considering, Gruul Signet feels slow, i think Cultivate does the job better. I don't think Inkmoth Nexus is good in this deck because of the mana requirement for Deus of Calamity and we don't have enough artifacts to justify Galvanic Blast.

I am surprised you think Arbor Elf is bad compared to Llanowar Elves when it can untap Stomping Ground and Cinder Glade for either or . If you look at my creatures section you'll notice I want to run Primeval Titan but I don't have the money. I also mention that both Wooded Foothills (on its way) and Stomping Ground should be added.

firecast92, Sakura-Tribe Elder looks like a good card since it can filter lands from my library. Anger of the Gods is nice but I think Firespout might be better. Fire-Lit Thicket is kind of out of my price range right now and Ghost Quarter is hard to run because of the mana requirement on Deus of Calamity. I will definitely consider Faithless Looting, cheap draw and nice filtering.

WizardRouge on Bane of Bala Dead (Remastered) Super Combo

5 days ago

In my opinion you need more early ramp like Blisterpod and Voyaging Satyr, and maybe one or two elf mystic. Also if for fixing and deck-thining I strongly recommend Manamorphose.

For other cards I prefer Cultivate and Explosive Vegetation over Natural Connection, you just get one more land.

Shrine of the Forsaken Gods would be good here but once you've played 7 lands, you probably have all the ramp you need.

I really like the Herald of Kozilek,Matter Reshaper and Beastcaller Savant they should both be at 4 in this deck.

CosmicTurban on Sandbagging w/ Hazezon

5 days ago

Well I suppose I'd have to agree with you on Cloudshift being great because of its cost and its instant speed. I'm not saying it's bad. It looks amazing in your deck, but in terms of all the cards that do the same thing, this only does it once. The instant speed can definitely be just what you need sometimes. I'm not saying you should drop it, just that Whitemane Lion, Stonecloaker, and Restoration Angel seem stronger. As for Yavimaya Elder, I like it more every time I see it, so I'm starting to see your point. At the risk of sounding like a hypocrit, I'll have to backtrack on my statement and say that it seems better than Farhaven Elf and Cultivate even if it is more expensive. Also, I didn't see it before, but I think Cloudshift beats Liberate.

mtg-shopper on Rafiq of the Many EDH budget

5 days ago

I play some ramp spells like: Kodama's Reach or Cultivate. Try Sol Ring, Hedron Archive and Thran Dynamo for more mana expensive, but game winning creatures, like Simic Sky Swallower or Akroma, Angel of Wrath! Also try playing some more creature removal like Condemn, Rapid Hybridization or Swords to Plowshares. For more versaitle take a look at Simic Charm, Bant Charm or Dawn Charm. If you play multiplayer try Gift of Estates and Oreskos Explorer or bomb spells like Reins of Power.

knight611 on Damia sage of stone-Where's the Tooth and Nail

5 days ago

I am really thankful for the suggestion it affirmed some of the ideas I was already thinking about. I have been considering removing Time Stretch. it has been less then stellar, having said that i have claimed narrow victories off the back of this card. This is also very true of Time Spiral, it has recycled my hand into a win con so many time that I cant count them. Sadly those times are happening less and less, so maybe it is time for a change. I know I need a Grim Monolith but i was thinking Mana Crypt but i have seen it do some much damage i cant justify running it. I was also thinking Gilded Lotus.

When it comes to the "play extra lands" its a strategy that has had its ups and downs. for a while running rocks was very dangerous because had been abusing them so counter measures were taken to remove them. More lands was a safer route to take to get you going. I have other ways of getting lands besides draw. getting extra land drops makes Kodama's Reach and Cultivate much stronger. Crucible with Fetches is another fun one to land turn three. Still it is something to look at and assess.

What are your Thoughts on Toxic Deluge Trickbind and Copy Artifact

RoarMaster on Not-What-You-Think "Colorless" Cube, with Colors

6 days ago

Ok, I know, thats a horrible title for a post, but I had a very difficult time thinking of a way to describe what Im talking about in just a header.

I was talking about Cube ideas on another thread with TheDevicer, Karns_Pyromancer, naynay666, and brokendwarf when I came up with an idea for a cube. Possibly the best cube idea ever, as its not even strictly a cube, more like an alternate cube subformat almost?

Ok, so the idea is this: Its exactly the same as every other cube except... You can spend mana as though it was any color. Pretty simple, right? Basically this allows you to draft any card you wish without worrying about having the correct color of mana required to cast when the time comes.

So I will be the first to admit that I am not the greatest drafter, and have only built one cube before.(it is good though, others say so too :P) So Im probably not the best judge on if this is really that great of an idea, but just hear me out, I think that this could have a lot of potential.

I will list some of the possible pros and cons of this ummm, cube-format-thing. But first, how about some ramblings on the cube format in general?

The Cube, like the rest of magic, is already "breaking the rules" of the game in many ways. You design whats in the card pool, you design the number of cards in the packs,and you design the size of pool those cards are in. Many people take this further customization further, into niche categories such as the 1 Drop Cubes, Creatureless Cubes, Colorless Cubes(Not the kind Im talking about), Enchantment Cubes, ect ect. Some take it even further, "breaking" the game rules further by adding additional rules or automatic card inclusions. So really it should not be that far of a stretch to simply do away with the color pie.

PROS, CONS, and NEUTRAL EFFECTS:(Not in any sort of order)

1) No more getting color fucked. I hesitate to put this at the start, but I feel it is one of the most obvious effects that this change will have. This will, in general, lead to fewer 'unenjoyable' games where a player simply cannot play half their hand due to lack of colors. This really isnt a big deal, as long as you build a strong mana base, this should rarely occur anyway. Most people play their cubes with people they know, especially the more esoteric ones, and generally everyone is looking to have a good game when they play. Its ummm, more of a 'social format' as Epoch would say I guess.

2) Unlimited Drafting Choices. This hugely lessens your chances of getting screwed over during the drafting process. You wont get stuck fighting over colors with other players, simply fighting over strategies. By the time you are halfway through a regular draft you are fairly set as to what your colors are going to be normally, and if nothing good shows in the last half that is in your colors, you are at a pretty big disadvantage. You need to have some decent stuff come up in your colors, or you are forced to play cards you dont want to. With this new cube-format-thing(Im going to have to figure out what to call it), you will almost always have good cards, as the selection of cards available for you to choose from is so much larger. This doesnt mean that there wont be draft-battles going on as people try and draft cards for similar strategies, leaving that and the fun counter drafting aspects of the game intact, while lessening your odds of just ending up with a bad deck at the end.

3) More Space! Without needing to add a bunch of lands as color smoothing to the cube, you could either fill those spots with cool tech lands, or just donate all of those slots straight to more sweet non-land cards! This is I guess also applicable to artifact rocks, which become far less needed aswell. You dont need to rely on them being colorless in order to initially cast them, and the colored mana many of them are used for is unneeded. Since everyone can draft green cards, Cultivates all around!

4) Upsetting the natural Order. While we are on the topic of Cultivate... Some cards will, IMHO, see changes in how and how often they are drafted. Card abilities that tend to be very one color specific may see a lot of quick pulls, Ramp and counterspells jump to mind first. I cant say if this is really a good or bad thing, just a change, neither positive or negative.

5) Everyone needs an answer. Sometimes you just end up staring down the barrel of a Wheel of Sun and Moon with your Mono-B Dredge deck, and have to scoop. You have no answers in your color. Now everyone has access to the answers they need. Yes, normally the Color Pie balances itself out by restricting access to certain abilities to certain colors, but here there is no pie, the pie is in your head man. The Pie is a lie. There is no Pie.

6) Larger Cube Building Options. This is one of my favs, but Im a bit of a Johnny so... The ability to tailor a cube has always been hampered by the fact that you need to have about X number of each color card in the cube(there are mono and duo, ect ones, just rarer), and all these colors have to be on about the same power level. This can be not just difficult to power balance, but also limits the card selection. Maybe you wanted 150 green creatures in the cube but were only allowed 60 because the other colors only had 60. Maybe you wanted to make a +1/+1 counter cube, but green was too good or you couldnt find enough blue or red guys that interacted with counters to make those colors any good. Now thats not a problem. Run whatever number of whatever color on theme cards as you want.

7) Aggro gets a boost?. Due to always having your colors, Aggro decks will no doubt see a bit of an inherent buff I think, as they are able to run all the good early guys without worry of lacking colors. Think Goblin Guide into strangleroot giest into Geralf's Messenger sorta thing. Although control players also get a lot of nice toys too, I think this color reliability may help aggro a little more. Its tough to say if this would make a huge difference though, and the this speed difference is entirely dependant on the Cube itself, some this would effect more than others.

8) Just Draft the Goodstuff? TheDevicer suggested that one problem that may occur will be that people will just draft the good cards, and the drafting process would I guess become too easy, or 'Solved' as he put it. As I said before, Im not the greatest drafter, and I can easily say that I have not come close to solving any drafting environment Ive been in. But this cube-format-thing isnt theoretically just for me, so I ask the rest of you cubers if you feel this would be an issue as well? Depending on the design of your cube this may or may not have much of an effect. A cube-format-thing Fukkit, working title, I will call it the "ColorMore" Cube, feel free to offer suggestions made out of a Power Cube would feel this effect much more then niche cubes would, as they tend to focus more on card interactions than standalone strength.

9) Quicker Games. A ton of time saved in deckbuilding and cleanup, no more counting your mana symbols and digging out the right number of each land, now all you need is the right number of lands. You would of course use Wastes if you were cool. And cleaning up at the end is always a bitch getting everyone to sort out their land piles and seperating them to be put away for next time, now its easier(your friends probably still wont help you though).

10) Who Would Play it? In my search for new and interesting cube ideas, Ive come across some pretty wacky shit people seem to think it would be a good idea to make. Now I dont know if these people ever actually made them, or if they did if anybody actually agreed to play them, but Im wondering that if one of your magic player circle asked if you were down for a draft of "ColorMore Cube", would you? Or is the idea just too far out there that you think most people would decline?

Anyway, these are my thoughts on the matter. Ive never heard of a cube like this before, and its kind of a hard thing to describe to google accurately, so as far as I can tell, its never been done. Im very much hoping to get some feedback from people, doesnt matter if you have or play cubes or just like to draft :)

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