Search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal those cards, and put one onto the battlefield tapped and the other into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Cultivate Discussion

WhyNotZoidberg on Xenagos, God of Fatties

7 hours ago

Finally decided to do a write-up even though Xenagos is pretty straightforward. Here goes:

Why play Xenagos?

You like playing big creatures and winning through combat.

Why not play Xenagos?

The deck is not super interactive. We can one-shot someone so we have that going for us, but against control builds we will struggle.

Wincons and MVPs

We have a few ways to win easily with this deck, including an infinite combat combo. The infinite combo is this: Aggravated Assault + Sword of Feast and Famine. Do note that the sword will make equipped creature an invalid target for Xenagos ability, but that does not matter if you can go infinite.

Next we have Malignus. With Xenagos buffing him we guarantee a one-shot or very close if we can get damage through. Sadly he does not have built-in trample but we can use Kessig Wolf Run or Skarrg, the Rage Pits or Thunderfoot Baloth to give it to him. Kessig is the best choice because we can hopefully give him +X/+X to make sure we get enough damage past whatever blocker(s) our opponent has.

Another solid wincon is Chandra's Ignition targeting something that Xenagos has buffed, usually Worldspine Wurm or Primordial Hydra or Kalonian Hydra. The nice thing about this combo is it usually comes from out of nowhere and can take out the whole table at once. The drawback of this is that if you only manage to take out one player with Chandra's you will have a giant target on you.

Other than the above combos, we are just looking to swing in combat and hopefully take people out in one or two swings. All-stars for straight up combat damage are Balefire Dragon, Hellkite Tyrant, Pathbreaker Ibex, Atarka, World Render and Utvara Hellkite. Note that if you can't afford or don't have Sword of Feast and Famine Blade of Selves is a good replacement and gets crazy if you put it on the Utvara Hellkite.

Early game

Early game we just want to focus on ramp so we can get Xenagos out asap. Mulligan hard for a hand with at least 3 mana and hopefully some form of ramp like Kodama's Reach, Explosive Vegetation, Cultivate, Birds of Paradise, Wood Elves or Skyshroud Claim. Avoid playing enchantments that will not immediately impact the game for you (i.e., don't drop Aggravated Assault Survival of the Fittest or Cream of the Crop as they will just be targets for removal before you get any value from them).

Mid game

Once we get Xenagos out it is usually pretty hard for opponents to get him off the board. Once he is out we need to identify our biggest threat at the table and focus on killing him/her asap (if we don't have a one-shot or infinite combat combo available). If I have a tutor available I will usually go grab Malignus if the board is open enough that I can oneshot someone but you have to be careful here and consider how the remaining players can/will react to it. We have a ton of other solid tutor targets if we pass on Malignus but Archetype of Endurance is often my choice as it gives us hexproof on all our creatures and also prevents opponents' creatures from being able to have it.

End game

If you have lived this long things are looking good. Hopefully we have drawn the pieces we need for one of the nice combos listed at the start but otherwise we just keep beating down whoever is left.

Toolkit, Notable synergies, etc

Other than the combos listed at the start we have some powerful interactions that we can hopefully take advantage of. One of the more powerful non-damage combos is Elemental Bond + Cream of the Crop. Stack the triggers so your Elemental Bond resolves last and you will get to draw whatever card you put on top with Cream of the Crop, very useful against mill decks or decks that can make you shuffle away whatever you leave on top.

alexander.rokicki on Ruric and the Punishers

1 day ago

Since you are heavy creatures, you need as much ramp as possible. I would recommend adding in Mind Stone, Hedron Archive, Gruul Signet, Cultivate etc. I advise you to keep as many ramp spells in there. Lurking Predators and Warstorm Surge are a must. I also highly recommend See the Unwritten because of the amount of creatures you are running. Eternal Witness could be added in instead of Vengeful Rebirth

TheJTrain on Throwing a chainsaw into a room full of my friends

1 day ago

Cards to DEFINITELY 100% take out: Aura Finesse - Cantrip at best, 1/10 times will do anything notable. Simic Guildmage - Again, all auras are already going onto Karnoa anyways. Dawn's Reflection - so many better ramp spells. At best its a constellation trigger after turn 6. Fevered Visions - It contributes nothing to the grand scheme of things.

Borderline cards that should be considered being cut: Harvestguard Alseids - If someone can take out a 22/22 Karona, it most likely won't be by combat damage, and it won't save you against karona swining at you. High Priest of Penance - Neat card, but seems out of place. All auras want to be on Karona, so beefing up this guy seems counterintuitive. Lost Auramancers - good in theory, but incredibly slow. Underworld Coinsmith - in a format of 40 life, losing 1 life for two mana is underwhelming. Arrest - So many better removal spells. So. Many. Fencer's Magemark, Guardian's Magemark, and Infiltrator's Magemark - When karona isn't under your control, these are screwing you up bad. Fertile Ground and Trace of Abundance - Enchantment ramp can be destroyed, or that land that is enchanted. Mystic Remora - Awkward card draw spell. Pollenbright Wings - I'm not sure if you get the saporlings from your opponent's combat damage. Seal of Cleansing - again, there's better.

Specific suggestions: Flameblade Angel<>Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs - Kazuul does a better job of saying "hey don't attack me". Harvestguard Alseids<>Eidolon of Blossoms/Whitewater Naiads/Herald of the Pantheon - better constellation effects. Arrest/Seal of Cleansing<>Oblivion Ring/Swords to Plowshares/Path to Exile/Anguished Unmaking/Go for the Throat/any removal spell - self explanatory.

Other Suggested Ideas: Assault Suit Cultivate Ghostly Prison/Propaganda/Sphere of Safety Cyclonic Rift Illusionist's Gambit Solemn Simulacrum Indestructibility Dawnstrider/Prismatic Strands/Spike Weaver/Moment's Peace Blazing Archon/Chronomantic Escape/Elephant Grass

Also, search around for solid auras like Armadillo Cloak, things to replace awkward underwhelming cards like the magemarks or Pollenbright Wings.

Lemky24 on Rhys the Redeemed, Leader of all, Follower of none

2 days ago

Thank you for your recommendations! Having another Cultivate card like Primal Growth is a good recommendation. I will add it to the maybe list and see what i can do. I try to stay away from Triumph of the Hordes for a couple reasons. First I like to stick to one damage type, Either Infect or Normal, thats like milling 90 cards and bringing their life total down to 3, you only get to win once. And most importantly I have a modern infect deck that has brought a LOT of infect hate into my playgroup. But good card and good suggestion.

crydra on Captain Sisay, Legendary Summoner

2 days ago

enpc - Thanks for the suggestions. I do agree with the some of your suggestions and I'll back up the rest of cards as to why I have them here.

  • Cryptolith Rite You are right, the times I have had to use him he hasn't helped me as much as I thought he would.

  • Dosan the Falling Leaf My main weakness is Counter spells and my meta is full of them. This will help early game if I don't have the mana for Dragonlord Dromoka. And compared to Grand Abolisher I can tutor for Dosan with the Captain.

  • Cultivate This is a hard choice to make for me. I like the fact it brings a land to my hand aswell which i can sometimes play with effects from Azusa and such. It's not much but one extra land early game does help.

  • Odric, Master Tactician unless I have Trample on my creatures, they are useless against a field of creatures. It also helps me eliminate the creatures on my opponents side. and now that i will have more haste on the field he will come as a surprise when he attacks straight away.

  • Nylea, God of the Hunt granted Akroma's Memorial offers better boosts, its also easier to remove than a God. They have to exile Nylea and there will be other creatures they will want to target. these are the only two cards that grants all of my creatures Trample.

  • Time of Need I do agree with you on this, but I will be removing Natural Order and keeping Eladamri's Call full time. Time of need just helps me get an extra a creature out in case Sisay is not the field. Although that doesn't really sound like a strong reason to keep it in. On that note, I will consider Survival, I have never seen the card in play before to really understand how great it is. I just don't like putting cards in my graveyard. But I will try him out.

  • Natural Order You are bang on correct with this card. It seemed like the best idea because I got the promo version and wanted to play it. Childish I know lol. An early game Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger has had my opponent scoop on one or two occasions, it's not worth it.

I'm even thinking about removing Vorinclex altogether, he doesn't do as great as i thought he would. Any ideas on a replacement for him?

Thousand-Year Elixir, Swiftfoot Boots And Lightning Greaves. I will Intergrade these cards in as best as I can. Your right, the haste would be insane.

If you have any pointers or healthy arguments to make with the cards I'm backing up please let me know. I mean this in the most non aggressive way possible as you will probably see something I have missed.

And thank you again for the comment. It has been hugely constructive and helpful.

enpc on Captain Sisay, Legendary Summoner

2 days ago

There are a few cards I question here and a few cards you should be running:

Matrixxx999 on Nasty Nath of the Gilt-Leaf

3 days ago
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Pauper Legal

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