Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Mythic Rare

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Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder

Legendary Creature — Ogre Wizard


Whenever Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder deals combat damage to a player, as you cast spells from your hand this turn, they gain cascade. (When you cast the spell, exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a nonland card that costs less. You may cast it without paying its mana cost. Put the exiled cards on the bottom of your library in a random order.)

Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder Discussion

ToshiroU on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

20 hours ago

Hey thegigibeast, ShaperSavant and LabManiac_Sigi,

thanks for updating the list! I definitely agree with moving Thrasios / Tymna into their own tier. I would also appreciate a Thrasios ban for a healthier Metagame.

With Tymna, the "centralizing mini-game" you mentioned isn't that problematic in my opinion, as the strategy of abusing the low creature count in cEDH is quite a common thing (looking at Edric, Spymaster of Trest , Najeela, the Blade-Blossom or even Tana, the Bloodsower ) and is actually contributing to the diversity of the format.

I would like to hint on the lack of the old Tier 1,5 category. To me there are some Commanders that just don't belong into the same tier. For example, a Niv-Mizzet Reborn + Food Chain Strategy with a consistent T3 win would absolutely rank up higher than a fairly inconsistent Godo, Bandit Warlord Strategy around Stax and Helm of the Host ... To me, that also counts for Teferi, Temporal Archmage , Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge , Tasigur, the Golden Fang or Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder . Please consider to add that category again.

To conclude my comment I would like to recommend moving Azami, Lady of Scrolls from High Power into the Competitive Category. I think that Deck can compete with other Mono U Strategys (Baral, Kefnet - not being as strong as Teferi). In my lokal game store I played several times with Azami in the EDH-Tournament against multiple other cEDH-Decks like Breakfast Hulk, Blood Pod, Shimmer Zur, Gitrog... and I still have to lose a single game with it. While it's a very subjective impression, it just feels wrong to me to see it in Tier 3.

BMHKain on Several updates thus far...

5 days ago

Check 1. 2.

Hello, TappedOut Community. If this is considered the wrong forum to put this post, kindly place it where it does fit.

After finishing the Decklist for my Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder CHAOS (Wait. Why no Chaos Tab?), & the development of my first OC Planeswalker (That goes out to you, RaikouRider! ^_^)

This leaves me w/ three decks to still do in the forms of Superfriends/Avengers, Kruphix Infinite & a Pauper deck I've abandoned for so long as I never found a way to make it win by Turn 2.

But, the main reason I'm posting this is that in recent memory (& long before that even.), it seems my infatuation w/ the Meter is still present, & there are varying comments stagings like "It's pointless.", or even "It doesn't matchup to actual Deck Power.". Well, what site even does that thing that TappedOut Staff could learn from? Logically, MTG Salvation is dead, & I can only think of one other thing; Archidekt. But even I dunno it'll work. I'd like some opinions about that. But this is a problem w/ the site nobody wants to fix. Is there even a way? That said, as I still stand by such a Meter in the first place, & that my tastes in fiction are different than everybody else, I swore I'll never reference anything ever again here, but the pact ends now.

“If anyone ever tells me it’s a mistake to have hope, well then, i’ll just tell them they’re wrong. And I’ll keep telling them till they believe. No matter how many times it takes!"

There is only one person on TappedOut who knows this quote, but he & I are literally Yin & Yang.

Well, the next thing I wanted to do after Kruphix, Superfriends, & maybe my Pauper deck, I always wanted to make a Tribal Deck, but running Sliver Overlord w/ the new Slivs (Yeah, 2020 is among us now! Time to cal Slivers Slivs, because They Lied! Movies, TV, Video Games, Literature, the sources broke their promises, ALL OF THEM!), but I wanted a better idea for a Tribe. I also wanted to use Morophon, the Boundless as a Tribe Leader; but I have strict rules for what tribe to use:

  1. Popular tribes I will always say no to.

  2. If any Creature Type is missing even one color of the pie, it's out.

  3. Tribe Leaders for already existing tribes means those tribes are out also.

  4. Eldrazi = OMITTED. The Tribe must have a good balance of all five colors, & one Eldrazi is meaningless.

  5. Be original! Think of a tribe that is underrated, & is good!

  6. Secondary Types are allowed, but remember to use a right balance of creatures of such design; this is why JoshLeeKwai was the first out in GameKnights Ep 27.

&... That's it I guess, oh & one last thing: Since nobody wanted to approve of a Vorthos Deck idea of a Documentary about a feminist who finds out about the dark truth behind the guys; & has never had the same perspective ever again, you are no longer allowed to say no to such a notion for a Vorthos Deck. From there, it's my Eye of the Jeskai Way/Team America. Then again though, all those Donald Trump Vorthos Decks are probably worse anyways, I mean Gender Wars in the Web is better than Politics on the Web anyway

Well, this is where my status so far ends. I'll finish this up w/ one more quote from the same source material as the one from above; & for the record, it's more than just this part of a franchise that exists you know. See ya:

“It’s not fair to be unhappy. Especially if you’re not doing anything wrong."

Sad to say, that's pretty much me almost all the time... & I relate to Tomoko Kuroki's Stressed Out mind, Introversion, in addition to Izuku "Deku" Midoriya's former lack of Self Esteem. That's the worst part. :( But what does my Personal Color Identity Say after all that?

BMHKain on A Primordial God needs your ...

1 week ago

I'm BUMPING this trash.

I now have a slate for my Tetzimoc, Primal Death deck, I still need help with my Kruphix, God of Horizons deck, as well as my Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder CHAOS deck as well. I even will Deckcycle Kruphix in case anyone cares. Also, the new Chandras from Core Set 2020 look awesome. Maybe a Semi-Competitive Burn Deck has hope after all? That said, I have one last thing to say in this comment. It's about the meter, but what's it for I'll mention after these decks are done. That said, I got a Superfriends deck to handle all on my own...

Will361405 on Yidris and storm

3 weeks ago

If I cast a spell with storm from my hand after triggering Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder and cascading happens from that storn spell will the spell I cascade into count towards storm?

BMHKain on OMG, more help? I fork ...

4 weeks ago

BMH: The Inverted Brainchild (Melek Superstorm)

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Brudiclad, Durdle Emulation

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Otherwise known as: The title above.

Note, don't worry about my status with Tetzimoc, or my ??? Vorthos Deck. Plus, I have been given a chance of a lifetime; Actually making a Sliver Tribal deck; but who to use? The First Sliver , or Sliver Overlord ? But, aside from those, these are what I want help for on their own;

(UPDATE: The Aminatou deck will be transferred from here, to another thread.)

Ol' Melek is back, & as of at least WAR, has some new toys of his own; but I dunno if they really are needed, Ral, Storm Conduit looks awesome, but I wonder if there is hope for that, or even the new stuff for Modern Horizons 1...

I hope this is some good help, if any, I've been working on these for either a while, & the original build long ago needs deleting, or the project just began.

Finally, as a last note; I still am looking for a good template of a x4 Command Zone, Graveyard, Exile Zone, Life Section, Deck Section, etc, that is Grand Prix legal, & Pro Tour (Or whatever it's called.) as a whole. I'd like some ideas while we're at all this.

Good Luck for all this, I'll fork the 5 bucks soon enough... ;p

Update: Mono-Green Deck canned, & I've revised Yidris; just in time for a really good Walker from Modern Horizons: Wrenn, plus Six More, & is all awesome.

Anyways, like I said, I'll put ol' Aminatou elsewhere...

One last thing: I finally have an idea for a Vorthos/Melvin deck of some kind. The problem is that even though it's NOT political (Even though I'm contemplating this as a Jeskai deck w/ Team America properties.), it is based on a very well made Documentary that many like except RottenTomatoes. Starring a female who inadvertently gets herself involved in the true nature of Men's Rights, This Doc is about the idea that Feminists, and Males as a whole use mere retaliation to defend their points, but the men interviewed actually stated some truly good points that result to why the men of our world die in the worst ways possible (One section of this Documentary mentions that in the most recent wars alone, no less than 90% of Male Soldiers die in each of them.). To be more fair for this idea, other references in regards to such a Documentary will also be added, & their source origin cited. Oh, & the Documentary is called "The Red Pill", which the name alone is an homage to THE MATRIX where Thomas Anderson takes the Red Pill; which Morpheus states when taken, Mr. Anderson would "Go deeper into the Rabbit Hole.". If this isn't allowed to be made, I actually recommend you watch "The Red Pill" to know more about the hell both sides take & retaliate against each other, Gender vs Gender. Or some TEDTalks by the Documentary maker herself Cassie Jaye. Oh, & the mention of Mass Male Suicides are also mentioned. It is a truly dark doc, but it's truly a work of genius, & I don't see a reason not to explore such a nightmare both sides go through. So, do you approve of this idea for a Vorthos Deck? How blunt can you be if you say no?

Another One Last Thing, I'm still working on cEDH Boros . I added another Rock , & a New Land , if the latter is needed, but should I ask around for more quick wincons? Boros seems relentless for this, but one in question still illudes me: how to make Helm of Obedience + Rest in Peace repeatable? Since that Helm doesn't need to be recast, I chose Clock of Omens , but I need a way to do infinite Acrivations; otherwise, It's Altar of the Brood + Ancestral Statue for me, & I'm trying to find a good tutor for creatures in here; but I also want to know is Eldrazi Displacer isn't worth using here?

UPDATE: Might actually run Rashmi, Eternities Crafter based on what shenanigans she can pull off via stuff like Wildest Dreams ; which is an X-Cost spell that exiles itself; but Rashmi can cast it over & over, as if the Exiled Status Doesn't matter; but how can she do this besides Riftsweeper effects? Rashmi has none of that... so how does those Rashmi, Eternities Crafter decks in cEDH work w/ cards in Exile? That all I'm asking about her; they seem to say zilch about this...

DaButtshark on Morophon Tribal Tribal

4 weeks ago

Obligatory Deadeye Navigator mention.

Also the usual EDH clone suspects: Helm of the Host Sakashima the Impostor

Something like Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder might be worth considering also.

And if you're a bad person, he synergizes really well with the slivers Sliver Overlord Sliver Hivelord Sliver Legion Sliver Queen

eliakimras on Clones, Clones everywhere

1 month ago

Congratulations for your deck! I like the idea of cloning stuff, and I am still trying to find a build that works. If I can give you a hint, prefer cards that can clone any creature on the field over the cards that can only clone your creatures (everyone should have a Consecrated Sphinx , right? Not only your opponent).

I don't feel like would help you much with cloning. The best (and maybe only) white card that refers to cloning is Mirrorweave .

If you look at https://edhrec.com/themes/clones, you will see that almost all clone effects are blue: Clone , Vizier of Many Faces , Gigantoplasm , Vesuvan Shapeshifter , Body Double , Mirror Image , Supplant Form , Blatant Thievery , Clone Legion , Mirror Match . If you want to copy spells aswell, Insidious Will , Swarm Intelligence and Spelltwine are there for you.

gives you Mirror Match , Dack's Duplicate , Dualcaster Mage , Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker , Protean Raider , Flameshadow Conjuring and Sunbird's Invocation .

gives you Evil Twin and all black tutors and removal.

gives you Altered Ego , Progenitor Mimic , Spitting Image and all of green ramp and removal. For me, it is the best color to splash on a blue clone deck, because it also allows the Biovisionary alternative win-condition.

As long as commander suggestions are concerned, here are some ideas:

Riku of Two Reflections is the go-to clone commander. He has all the relevant colors for cloning (), but he is crazy expensive at 20 dollars, so it might be good to consider other options:

You can have Keiga, the Tide Star as your commander. This way, you can clone him and let the copy Keiga die to the legend rule. When the Keiga copy dies, you can steal an opponent's creature, while still having the original Keiga.

You can have Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer as your commander. He is a win condition by himself, giving tokens haste and making all of them bigger. Red gives you a lot of token generators: Brass's Bounty , Flameshadow Conjuring , Storm the Vault  Flip among others. Imagine creating a token copy of a Kokusho, the Evening Star , then turn all your tokens into Kokusho, then sacrificing all them to the legend rule, then draining all your oponents for lethal. Great value!

You can have Tatyova, Benthic Druid as your commander. She doesn't refer to a clone strategy, but she gives a lot of card draw by just playing lands (your hand will always be filled). You can clone Rampaging Baloths and Avenger of Zendikar for a massive win. Also, you have access to all the blue-green clones and the Biovisionary + Rite of Replication combo.

If you want to use altogether, you might consider Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder or Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis . Yidris allows you to use Evil Twin and all the black removal. Yidris also increases the value you get from playing spells by cascading into other spells. // K&T, on the other hand, gives you card advantage and makes you less threatening while you build your board. White also gives you access to great boardwipes ( Austere Command ).

All in all, good luck in your deckbuilding and have fun!

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Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%