Lux Cannon


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin Mythic Rare

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Lux Cannon


: Put a charge counter on Lux Cannon.

, Remove three charge counters from Lux Cannon: Destroy target permanent.

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Lux Cannon Discussion

DRmagic2017 on Something Something Something Compleat

23 hours ago

What about Lux Cannon? Ajani Steadfast is also useful with counters.

_SouLLeSS_ on Name is Sparks

1 month ago

HideyoshiYaoi tthe gambit is a good card but it's a waste of space in this deck and i already have Lux Cannonin

HideyoshiYaoi on Name is Sparks

1 month ago

Tezzeret's Gambit as a simple utility card looks like it could work. Lux Cannon is good with proliferate, too.

dsh9470 on Atraxa counters

1 month ago

i'm no atraxa or even EDH master but before i went all-in infect, i was thinking adding in Winding Constrictor, Managorger Hydra, and Ridgescale Tusker for counters, Lifeblood Hydra for late-game card draw, Gyre Sage for ramp. any particular reason you took out Reyhan, Last of the Abzan? also Lux Cannon is repeatable removal, Contagion Clasp and Contagion Engine for more proliferate, Strionic Resonator doubles atraxa's trigger. Cyclonic Rift because blue. Grafted Exoskeleton on atraxa is decent for giving poison counters since she's hard to block. Phyrexian Swarmlord is an infect guy that demands an answer. i have a copy of ezuri i was thinking of slotting in but i'm on the fence about meren, if you add her, let me know how she works out!

Optimator on Uptown Rats

1 month ago

I don't care if you have 20+ rats on the field; if you waste two turns milling someone for 60 cards you're still losing. If you can't win through the rats' damage then remove the barrier that is preventing such. Unstable Obelisk, Scour from Existence, Spine of Ish Sah, and the lesser Lux Cannon perhaps. All Is Dust perhaps. Or just roll over and accept defeat and learn to prevent/disrupt the pillow fort that is being built. Or rely on another player and sweep in after. Anyway, that's my take. I think you might accidentally dilute your strengths with too many "what if" cards. Saccing rats and having Death Pact, Dictate of Erebos, or Butcher of Malakir out can take down defenses like Platinum Angel, Platinum Emperion, Indestructibility + monstrous Hundred-Handed One, and the like. That's also what all the Murder cards are for.

Maybe I'm wrong though. Only playtesting can tell.

If you want things to "go over" defenses like Propaganda, Norn's Annex, Moat, Stormtide Leviathan, or Koskun Falls you'll need to add even more sac outlets and effects like Pain Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat, and a host of others--most of which aren't rats. It's doable and powerful but it will be at least a 10-card commitment.

Phoenix-22 on Atraxa counter shenanigans

1 month ago

I've been tinkering with an Atraxa build in my playgroup. Here is what I'm finding:

Toss in a couple of the Vivid lands (Vivid Marsh). They draw less hate than a storage land and they provide good fixing.

The Storage Lands don't get as much hate as you think. They take some time to get stupid. Most games, people were too concerned about the other things happening. Most land destruction was targeted at dual lands to hamper the mana fixing.

In addition Inexorable Tide, give Contagion Engine a look. The Tide always seems to get blasted quickly, but if you can protect it for a couple of turns then you've won. The Engine is just as bad, plus can be a small board wipe.

I found Fertilid, which serves two purposes. It helps you dig lands, plus it can be a great diplomacy tool. I've hooked up players getting mana screwed in return for some cover. Most players take the trade.

Don't underestimate Etched Oracle. He doesn't draw much attention to himself, and because you have to remove counters to draw, people think he's a one shot. But you can draw an absurd number of cards off him once the deck is humming.

Give Gyre Sage a look too. She's a two drop mana dork with Evolve, so she'll get bigger without a Proliferate engine in play. Most people ignore her for the first few turns until she really starts humming. By then I've had either a storage land or a Prism in play, which really puts my opponents in a bind. Which is the bigger threat?

Lux Cannon. If they leave it alone, it'll wreck their day. Most people will waste the spell to kill it and hate the decision.

I have been testing Mycoloth recently. He's a little pricey and he's guaranteed to draw a kill spell. But he's a game ender if no one has answers.

I also like to find older cards that no one has ever heard of. I found a gem in Temper. It's a sweet little combat trick that can break a game open if you time it right. It's especially dangerous if you use it on a creature like Fathom Mage.

The biggest problem I've found in all my matches is that the table will gang up on an Atraxa deck. Out of the box, the deck is just a bit too slow, and most improvements seem to be aimed at the 3 and 4 slot. I'm trying to find some 1 cost creatures to speed it up. Mikaeus, the Lunarch has been helpful. I'm also looking at creatures like Defiant Elf. It's a cheap drop that has value no matter what stage of the game it lands.

WarknightSoul on Atraxa - Friends in Recession Infect?

1 month ago

I've considered Lux Cannon and am not sure yet, Vraska the Unseen essentially does the same (without lands). And Darksteel Reactor seems kind of slow, I would win with infect before i reach 20 counters on it, or someone would just exile it.

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