Spine of Ish Sah


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Commander 2013 Rare
Mirrodin Besieged Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Phyrexia Rare

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Spine of Ish Sah


When Spine of Ish Sah enters the battlefield, destroy target permanent.When Spine of Ish Sah is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return Spine of Ish Sah to its owner's hand.

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Spine of Ish Sah Discussion

Profet93 on OVERLORD

5 days ago


I LOVE YOUR DECK!! +1 from me!

Thoughts on Trading Post and Mirage Mirror? I use the post to stop my artifacts from getting exiled, make tokens to block with and/or sacrifice the token for artifact recursion. Lastly the token can be used for a Contamination lock. Mirage mirror is just CRAZY versatility which I think can serve this deck quite well.

What is your plan to deal with artifacts and enchantments? From a glance, all I see if Karn. I usually find All Is Dust, Nevinyrral's Disk, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, and Oblivion Stone can help with this (albeit at risk of getting rid of your stuff as well).

Another interesting way to remedy this weakness is with Spine of Ish Sah which you can sacrifice to Claws of Gix or Trading Post.

What are your thoughts of Rings of Brighthearth for the deck? I don't know about your meta's rules for infinite combos, but you can get infinite black mana with Coffers + Urborg + Deserted temple + A couple more lands + Rings.

No Demonic Tutor, Beseech the Queen or Diabolic Tutor? Is that because your commander is a tutor?

Also if you are running the leyline you might want to run Helm of Obedience if you like destroying people's will to play magic.

elitestgen on Neheb, the Eternal - (Burn Deck Wins)

5 days ago

Price of Progress and Comet Storm are some of the best burn cards in EDH. Stuffy Doll is great with most all types of red Blasphemous Act style removal. Speaking of removal: Spine of Ish Sah, Chain Reaction, Pyrohemia, Caldera Hellion are all absent at the moment. Solemn Simulacrum because red ramp. Maybe some doublers Gauntlet of Might, Gauntlet of Power, Caged Sun. Is Whispersilk Cloak more valuable than Darksteel Plate in your meta? Lastly since red draw is minimal you might want to consider Wheel of Fortune, Reforge the Soul, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth.

Hyperalgialysis on The Scorpio Juggernaut

6 days ago

Spine of Ish Sah Unstable Obelisk and Scour from Existence for those pesky enchantments like Solemnity that will ruim your day.

Deepstriker29 on Vampires in Brooklyn

1 week ago


(sorry, I had to)

Anyways, your biggest flaw that I see here is that you have a very large number of creatures at the 5+ CMC stage, despite your commander being a prime mana sink. Between your ability to gain card advantage and hold cards in hand by taking control of other creatures and your severely low land count (should be at 36 at the very least), these big creatures are both unnecessary and risky to keep in. You should look at subbing these out for more stabilizing ramp and draw effects. Sol Ring, Rakdos Signet, Mind Stone, Hedron Archive and Crypt Ghast should round out a good basic ramp package, and you can throw in Neheb, the Eternal if you still crave more but don't want to put in many more artifacts. Necropotence, Read the Bones, Ancient Craving, Skeletal Scrying, Sign in Blood and Wheel of Fortune / Reforge the Soul / Magus of the Wheel can be mixed and matched to put together a powerful draw package as you see fit. It really is critical to use Olivia to steal creatures whenever feasible, as it lets Rakdos have a form of removal that it very rarely gets to have. Your commander gets to use a better version of Spine of Ish Sah at instant speed whenever you please.

Dorotheus on And My X

2 weeks ago

I do not have Karn Liberated because money. And besides Universal Solvent and Spine of Ish Sah. I already have Scour from Existence and Ulamog, ceaseless hunger for just "get that thing outta here" cards, next to all the creature removal that I already have.

Wotc please give mono-black some crap, narrow unplayable outside of EDH card to deal with artifacts and enchantments pls.

KnightxFury on Glissa Won't Let you Do Anything

2 weeks ago

I like it! You also might also want to consider Spine of Ish Sah. That and Sculpting Steel plus an artifact sac outlet are gross.

DrukenReaps on Tinkertoys

2 weeks ago

Aladdin's Lamp and Colossus of Akros seem like good fits here. Some cards that always get into my artifact decks are Trading Post, Pentavus, Dreamstone Hedron, and Spine of Ish Sah. One card I severely underestimated at one time is Clock of Omens which has become an all star for my karn deck but with you has the potential to untap your commander for some ridiculous turns.

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