Spine of Ish Sah


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Commander 2013 Rare
Mirrodin Besieged Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Phyrexia Rare

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Spine of Ish Sah


When Spine of Ish Sah enters the battlefield, destroy target permanent.When Spine of Ish Sah is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return Spine of Ish Sah to its owner's hand.

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Spine of Ish Sah Discussion

MRDOOM3 on Artificer's Satchel

4 days ago

Reality Acid and Spine of Ish Sah go extremely well with Brago's flicker ability.

You also can try out Strionic Resonator + Sol Ring + Brago's combat damage ability for a nice infinite loop.

Conjurer's Closet, Eerie Interlude, and this other white card like Eerie Interlude, but with "Exile all creatures" instead of "Exile any number of target creatures", I can't remember the name, go nicely with any ETB triggers.

ibstudent2200 on Budget Powerful EDH Cards (Under 2 bucks)

1 week ago

Colorless-Ramp: Fellwar Stone, Basalt Monolith.

Colorless-Removal: Nevinyrral's Disk, Scour from Existence, Spine of Ish Sah

Colorless-Draw: Sandstone Oracle, Endbringer.

Colorless-Utility: Silent Arbiter.

R-Removal: Starstorm, Volcanic Offering, Blasphemous Act.

R-Recursion: Scrap Mastery.

I don't think most of the M13 Rings belong on this list.

TheSurgeon on Dead: Legion Elite

3 weeks ago

Drakorya- Generally, Languish and Bile Blight take care of most token decks. i agree that Ratchet Bomb is a better curve fitting removal, but I also need something a bit more on-demand. Sitting on a Bomb with one counter on it is fine, but should they pull a Leyline or Gideon, I have to buy a few turns to take it out, in a deck that can't last long without some progression.

That being said, pickin's are slim, of course. Without Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx curving my mana to cast Spine of Ish Sah, I wouldn't even consider it. I would consider 2x Ratchet Bomb in place of one Fortuitous Find, but I am going to keep the spine for now.

Drakorya on Dead: Legion Elite

3 weeks ago

I'd use Ratchet Bomb over Spine of Ish Sah in the sideboard, as it can be an answer to alot of other decks, like Tokens, Affinity, and any other deck that tends to have a cheap curve.

PartyJ on Sydri Artifacts EDH

3 weeks ago

I have been checking your list and I believe that these cards might prove to be good assests:

Like the user above said, cut back on the amount of tapped lands. But this might also be a choice of budget. Decent budget options could include:

Personally I never played with or against this deck. So tell me how it went in your local meta so far :)


Fuklaw on Stax Enchanter

3 weeks ago

No problem.In a brago deck you have to be careful with your own Orb of Dreams if you don't blink it with Bgrago, when all of your permanents return the will return tapped.

As for creatures for you to add, pretty much any you saw on my Brago list.you already have Karmic Guide and Wall of Omens. Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir is a great addition.

Have a look at:



Lightning Greaves and/or Swiftfoot Boots - haste + hexproof


As I've said most of these are straight from my deck, if you want to go full Brago, just remove the Spirit element and add creatures with ETB.If you see my deck most of my creatures do something like exiling/destroying/copying permanents, drawing card, untap mana or graveyard interaction.

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

3 weeks ago

Change Log 01/05/17

Added colored artifacts for the Dimir artifact archetype. Thought it would be a good idea to include some Dimir/X artifacts as well for some added variance.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I'm a bit worried that this archetype as it is now builds itself too easily. I would prefer to have more cross-pollination among archetypes and less "this card is only good in the artifact deck". There is a risk that having both goblins (which are basically junk cards if no one is in the archetype) and artifacts (many of which are only good in the Dimir archetype) dilute the cube too much, making the less archetype-driven decks worse off due to fewer playables. What do you think?

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