Abrupt Decay

Abrupt Decay


This spell can't be countered.

Destroy target nonland permanent with converted mana cost 3 or less.

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Abrupt Decay Discussion

SynergyBuild on My New Custom MTG Format …

2 weeks ago

@TriusMalarky, Abrupt Decay, Assassin's Trophy, Fatal Push, Path to Exile, and Flusterstorm all have been printed at rare. I'm okay with those xD

DragonSliver9001 on My New Custom MTG Format …

2 weeks ago

TriusMalarky you can find removal in the rare slot. theres tons of it. like Abrupt Decay, Assassin's Trophy, and Mythos of Nethroi. i definitely think the format has problems, but i don't think a lack of removal is one of them.

SynergyBuild on Ashaya is REAALLLLLY good

2 weeks ago

Ashaya, Soul of the Wild is better than you think. I promise you, it's better.

You think a 5 mana creature variant of mono-green Cryptolith Rite that is massive is all? Nope.

First off it's bigger than massive, like, a lot bigger. It is monstrous in many decks. Ever seen a lot of lands and creatures out? I see a 40/40 Ashaya. I wonder if Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, Soul's Majesty, Rishkar's Expertise, Traverse the Outlands, or Overwhelming Stampede would be good?

But even in a deck where it isn't that big, Ashaya is REAALLLLLLY good.

Worried about Cyclonic Rift, not on your creatures! Grasp of Fate, Abrupt Decay, Utter End, Anguished Unmaking, Oblivion Ring, etc. all are useless against it.

Not to mention... combos. Oh yeah, so... Quirion Ranger is an interesting card. It lets you bounce a forest to untap a creature.

Idk, what can a creature that's untapped do with Ashaya, Soul of the Wild? Oh, tap for mana. I wonder what's a forest that we can bounce? Oh, Quirion Ranger.

Yep, just those two go infinite together, only infinite casts, as you net even, but a Glimpse of Nature, Beast Whisperer, Primordial Sage, or Soul of the Harvest and you'll be just fine. Remember, it's a land that keeps entering, landfall infinitely, with a Lotus Cobra, Tireless Tracker, or similar, and you'll be well on your way to an easy win.

Have a Priest of Titania? Now you have infinite mana.

(Scryb Ranger can do similarly, another super easy combo)

Arbor Elf... yep, infinite untaps of itself, one Krosan Restorer and a medium graveyard, one Ley Weaver, or one Argothian Elder and you have infinite untaps and mana.

Of course, there is more, Nissa, Who Shakes the World, Timber Protector, etc.

Also, remember you can run Oblivion Stone, and all the rest too.

That's a lot of damage. Not to mention:

  1. This card can be both a powerful commander or mana ramp/combo engine in decks.

  2. Nissa, Who Shakes the World, Nissa, Worldwaker, etc. affect forests, and this is easily one of the best ways to get a ton of forests.

  3. Titania, Steward of Argoth and other lands -> creatures style effects (think Rampaging Baloth) allow you to get a to get a ton of value from your creatures, reusing them for 4/4s and 5/3s.

  4. Liege of the Tangle. Easy, clean reason why this card is hilariously fun!

  5. Howl of the Night Pack, Boundless Realms, etc. There are a million of these combos, literally go look. I'm not even trying.

  6. You can Leyline of Abundance for more value too, didn't mention that. Was gonna click start a new thread and just thought of it. Gonna click it now before I think of ten more!

SynergyBuild on Blooming Onion - The Best Deck in EDH [Primer]

2 weeks ago

Currently planning on testing an Ashaya/Yisan/Untapper package with the following cards:

Priest of Titania, Yisan, the Wanderer Bard, Eldritch Evolution, Ashaya, Soul of the Wild, Quirion Ranger, and Scryb Ranger style effects.

While high cmc, Ashaya immediately protects our field from Cyclonic Rift, Abrupt Decay, Grasp of Fate, etc., gives us immediate access to large swaths of mana, a massive beat stick, and a combo win line that might be a better alternative to one of this deck's or an additional backup.

The combo is simple. Big mana dork like Bloom Tender, Faeburrow Elder, Priest of Titania, then Quirion Ranger or Scryb Ranger, bounce itself to untap the big dork, tap it to recast the untapper and float more mana, rinse and repeat for infinite mana. Using Thrasios, Triton Hero, and the deck is played and you've won in a million different ways!

These cards seem playable individually and together they seem busted. The untapped specifically also combine nicely with Yisan, the Wanderer Bard, given some in-deck synergies lets us piece together an Ashaya combo or make a different combo.

@jaymc1130, @RNR_Gaming, any thoughts on this strategy?

ThisIsMyAccount on Compost Pile

2 weeks ago

I think you really need some enchantment hate in the sideboard because cards like Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void will really ruin your day. Abrupt Decay can handle only some enchantments. Something like Reclamation Sage or Krosan Grip could be worth considering for the board and would also help against artifacts, too.

Inkmoth on Yeva Draw-Grow

3 weeks ago

Alright guys, this one is super spicy and WILD as hell to me, but I am considering Ashaya, Soul of the Wild swapping Thousand-Year Elixir. Here's why:

untap creatures with Deserted Temple, Voyaging Satyr, and Arbor Elf.

Thoughts guys, cause this is starting to look like a shoe-in. Posted again to kickstart the discussion since T/O went down and I didn't even see l13199l's response (which I agree with).

AND to note that Quirion Ranger can bounce/reset itself with Ashaya on the field. This in mind, I think I am going to remove Cloudstone Curio OR Umbral Mantle for Scryb Ranger. Thoughts?

P.S. More SPICE!!

Earthcraft + Ashaya, Soul of the Wild + Quirion Ranger go infinite on their own!

Inkmoth on Yeva Draw-Grow

3 weeks ago

Alright guys, this one is super spicy and WILD as hell to me, but I am considering Ashaya, Soul of the Wild swapping Thousand-Year Elixir. Here's why:

Thoughts guys, cause this is starting to look like a shoe-in.

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