Emeria Shepherd


Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare

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Emeria Shepherd

Creature — Angel


Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you may return target nonland permanent card from your graveyard to your hand. If that land is a Plains, you may return that nonland permanent card to the battlefield instead.

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Emeria Shepherd Discussion

miampizza on Karametra, God of Harvests

2 days ago

I made a comment but will need some time to correct it my apologies.

Panas on Need help for my friend

2 days ago

All colours offer something different. I have a friend who enjoys her Karametra, God of Harvests stompy deck very much. She incorporates cards like Heroic Intervention, Selfless Spirit, Dauntless Escort, and Avacyn, Angel of Hope to protect her board from boardwipes. She also included some universal hexproof in Privileged Position and Archetype of Endurance to create a soft-lock against removal to get the time she needs to Overrun us. Add some Sun Titan, Karmic Guide and Emeria Shepherd and you have a very decent package to keep/rebuild your board. Mass exile still gets through and causes lots of problems, but the density of those kind of effects is VERY low.

If your friend is afraid of boardwipes (assuming you meant that by "but he gets nuked a lot") but doesn't want to include more colours, how about shifting to Kamahl, Fist of Krosa. Threaten to turn everyone's lands into creatures if a boardwipe happens and no-one will ever play one!

As already mentioned, black is excellent for recursion as well (e.g. Meren of Clan Nel Toth), and adds the possibility of a reanimator subtheme. Because it's fun to get a Terastodon on turn 2 sometimes...

Vayder84 on Kaalia's air sovereignty

3 days ago

With all the different effects your creatures have i would consider throwing in an Odric, Lunarch Marshal, Cloudshift mainly for the art flavor, but the etb retrigger is nice, Planar Outburst boardwipe, Emeria Shepherd get back some useful cards from your graveyard,Descend upon the Sinful art flavor and board wipe,Goldnight Redeemer life gain per creature, and finally Aegis Angel for commander protection.

kbrauner3005 on Karador, Ghost Chieftain

4 days ago

I used to run Emeria Shepherd but my old list had a very high curve. Because of that I ended up cutting a lot of >6 CMC cards and the Shepherd ended up as one of them. I might consider putting the angel back, but then I need to find something to cut :) Always so painful.

I simply wasn't aware of Squandered Resources. It looks a little aggressive to me, to sac my lands for one mana. Sometimes it will be great, but im a little worried that it may end up as a dead card a little to often..?? What are your experiences with that issue?

And thanks for the comment btw! :)

Mj3913 on Isperia will see your hand

1 week ago

Emeria Shepherd is great for getting your stuff back. Hanna, Ship's Navigator works well too, though not a flier. Conjurer's Closet allows you to reuse any handy etb effects as well.

Hope it helps, here's my less shiny/expensive Isperia build. Who knows, may find other ideas.

Isperia's Flying Circus of Tools

maxon on The Return of Karador

2 weeks ago

I've run graveyard decks and in certain brews Wake the Dead is great fun, and will give you an awesome combat trick. I also can't say enough good things about Emeria Shepherd. It's sooo good if you have enough lands with the plains type.

demon_vayu on Cats With Swords

3 weeks ago

I like it, but it could use a touch more ramp mana wise. Cards like Caged Sun + Extraplanar Lens can help out with that, but I personally would stress the former unless you are willing to swap your plains for snow lands to reduce the amount of players that would share the benefits from the lens. Khalni Gem is another mana rock that can help you ramp, and if you are at all worried about your permanents getting destroyed you could side in a copy of Emeria Shepherd, with her landfall ability you can retrieve things easily enough. If you are looking for another possible good addition that has a big 'butt', perhaps you should look into adding Oketra the True since you more than likely will have enough creatures in play to ignore her limitation.

demon_vayu on Metal Militia

3 weeks ago

I like it! Personally I would add more backup retrieval, like Athreos, God of Passage, Ravos, Soultender, or Emeria Shepherd...but that's just because I love how they interact in the decks I have. This has given me multiple ideas for the Breya deck on my list, thank you!

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