Sundial of the Infinite

Sundial of the Infinite


{1},{T}: End the turn. Activate this ability only during your turn.

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Sundial of the Infinite Discussion

EleshNornsFs on Is Competitive Phage Possible?

4 days ago

Ending the turn with Sundial of the Infinite is an effective and repeatable way to stop Phage from killing yourself.

Icaruskid on

4 weeks ago

Hey Mako. Yes Starsky2814 has the answer. Originally I was running Sundial of the Infinite but found it unnecessary with all of the other land = draw effects combined with Song's spell = draw effect. It ends up pushing so many cards on the same turn that the only risk is if there is a boardwipe. And since this deck isn't trying to tutor for Song every game, I dropped some of those more combo pieces for a land sacrifice theme to support Titania, Protector of Argoth and recursion cards.

You could easily build with more enchantment tutors, turn stopping effects, and other enchantment recursion as a central strategy though. I'm still figuring out what strategies to use and in what balance at the moment.

Peoni on Ellie's Elementals

1 month ago

Sundial of the Infinite lol. I'm not sure if I'm serious or not, but hey, it turns Flickerwisp into straight up removal. It also lets you keep whatever you reanimate with Incandescent Soulstoke and Thunderkin Awakener, and you won't have to kill off your poor Lightning Skelementals anymore.

Like I said, this might be a joke, but it also might not be. :^)

Peoni on Wife 2.0

1 month ago

You probably have more than enough ramp for this deck. I'd recommend taking out Fire Diamond since it comes in tapped and replacing Prismatic Lens with Basalt Monolith since you don't need to fix your mana at all and the latter generates infinite mana with Rings of Brighthearth. If you wanted to add in more etb damage effects other than Purphoros, God of the Forge, like Impact Tremors, you could include another Kiki-Jiki wincon with Conspicuous Snoop. On top of that you could include Goblin Recruiter to either set up the combo or fetch whatever variety of goblins from your deck you wanted. You might also want more ways to interact with the stack than just Deflecting Swat. Maybe something like Pyroblast? Or Burnout since you don't even have to target a blue spell with it and you get to draw on the off chance nobody at the table is playing blue. I like your use of Sundial of the Infinite. It's always a fun card to see played. I like your deck! Nice job. :^)

king-saproling on One punch pig

1 month ago

Sundial of the Infinite could be used to keep the pig's friends in play. Activate it when the delayed return to hand trigger goes on the stack, fizzling the trigger and keeping the creature on the field.

You might like these too: Conjurer's Closet (works similar to sundial), Voyager Staff, Seize the Day, Fiendish Duo, It That Betrays, Minion Reflector, War Elemental, Treasonous Ogre, Helm of the Host, Knollspine Dragon, Ogre Battledriver, Dockside Extortionist, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Rapacious One, Chancellor of the Forge

UpperDeckerTaco on Vadrok combos

2 months ago

There is no Jeskai Ascendancy in this list.

Also confused as to how you take "infinite turns"...Chance for Glory makes you lose the game upon end step. So I get you use Tale's End, but you would need 2 bounce effects to be able to recast either, and a create that can be cast at instant speed that has the mutate ability. Wouldn't it just be easier to play Sundial of the Infinite as well as other support cards such as Nimble Obstructionist, Trickbind and Stifle...

Also, how are you getting Omniscience out fast? It feels like this is just a slower version of better Omniscience decks....

dsdude3021 on ...gone...

2 months ago

zapyourtumor,funny enough, I already have Mimic Vat in the deck. Its only 1 of though and only in the sideboard for heavy removal/sac strategies and for sentimental reasons. I LOVE Mimic Vat. I couldn't figure out how to make a deck solely on Mimic Vat, but maybe some day...

Also, I used to use Glimmerpoint Stag and even Galepowder Mage in my builds, but Charming Prince kind of seemed to me like the better option. Sure its not removal, but its very flexible and costs 2 less.

As for Seance, check out my other decks Can you FEEL it? or Azorious Sundial. Seance requires much more graveyard filler cards like Bazaar Trademage and Ideas Unbound. Which is totally an amazing variant of a Sundial of the Infinite deck. As far as i'm concerned, that variant just needs the perfect creature to resurrect to be incredible.

Btw, I haven't found a way to make Chance for Glory and Glorious End work for any deck. I frankly haven't got any idea. I recently tried a variant of sundial that transformed from an esper build, see Grave timing ;), but I don't even see how to use Glorious End in a deck like that. Maybe i'll try a red variant with them again if Splinter Twin ever gets unbanned.

Gobboleone on "Lemme Borrow That"

3 months ago

Hi TwiStaR,

thank you very much for your response! I am super happy that you like the list and even more, that it inspired you to think about building your own! Please leave a link if you decide to do so and have a have a finished list! By the Way: you cant have too many Decks, this is number 23 for me and there I am not stopping to build more....

Those are great suggestions you made and I thought about all of those cards while building the deck, so I can and will give you my reasonings for not including them in the deck.

Greater Good: Is a super strong card and definetely a good choice for Yasova, but I decided against it, because I can not gain additional use for the discarded cards in this deck.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker: Another good card and a very powerful option. The reason I do not play it is, that I have decided to not play infinite combos in this deck.

Song of the Dryads: Very good removal, I just wanted to focus on more flexible instant interaction, thats why it is not included.

Sundial of the Infinite: Now this is important if you decide to build Yasova for your self, Sundial does not work with her effect as you assume it does. It only stops triggers with "at the end of turn" from happening, because it skips the end step. Triggers phrased "until end of turn" happen in the clean up step, and are therefore unaffected by the sundial, since the clean up still happens. Thats also the reason I do not play it here.

Thank you again for the nice response, and I hope to see a decklist of yours in the future!

Best regards,


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