Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) None
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Uncommon
Tempest (TMP) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Return target permanent to its owner's hand.

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Capsize Discussion

luther on Kess, Dissident Mage

2 days ago

Ancient Excavation and Grave Upheaval are good because of the landcycling. Early game you pitch it to hit your land drops, and then when you need to use either you get it with kess later. Demonic Collusion and Capsize do well with kess since you can just buyback instead of exile. Increasing Ambition and Increasing Vengeance can get their flashback bonus for cheaper with kess. A couple of alternate ways to return spells might be nice, but Snapcaster Mage and Torrential Gearhulk can be pricey, so Archaeomancer and Mnemonic Wall would be some okay alternatives.

smashadams83 on Unesh, A Riddle of Sphinges

6 days ago


  1. I think that my number of sphinxes is pretty good right now so i can chain a ton of them into play in one turn psuedo storming off. both ambassador and arbiter have been good but thus far. With the number I have I can basically put almost all of them down sometimes.

  2. I haven't run into trouble w/ getting out unesh early, I would say normally turn 4 is the average.
    I would like to add a Mana Crypt but I dont have one. (And that would be a great target for Tolaria West).

  3. Trading Post looks like so unassuming but it does look like a great utility card. I might give that a try.

  4. I generally target Reliquary Tower or Nykthos with tolaria west. I really try to prioritize getting Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel out as once you start storming off and untapping you just have all the answers and can protect the board state. I've had people just scoop from the sheer card advantage!I've found that the deck is hungry for blue mana so nykthos has been great as well as Gilded Lotus. Again, I think the higher number of sphinx I run might make a difference with nykthos here compared to other builds. I feel like Lotus+Paradox Engine+another mana rock and I can storm off and play a ton of sphinx. This is another reason why I like Sword of Feast and Famine; It can make a difference when you need that colored mana and normally I can push a flyer through for damage. Plus, the sword protects unesh and makes him a faster clock. I need to find room for the sword.

  5. Imprisoned in the Moon is another awesome removal, great for getting rid of commanders as well, love this card.

  6. my other sweeper in addition to Cyclonic Rift and Curse of the Swine would be Capsize and it has worked great for me. I was thinking of putting some mass bounce effects in but they just dont work as the deck relies on mana rocks too much and it would be a huge tempo loss.

thanks for the comments and let me know if you come across any other sweet tech for the deck! Unesh is underrated and people dont see him or the card advantage train coming until its too late.

Managem on Rogue Ninja (Vela the Night-Clad)

1 week ago

+1 Awesome deck for sure!

I feel like with the Ninjitsu you may want to be able to return more of your Ninjas to your hand with their abilities. In conjunction with Crystal Shard I recommend Echoing Truth + Isochron Scepter this is awesome to bounce more things back, but potentially even better is if your opps. create a lot of pesky tokens, you can clear an entire board of 2/2 zombies etc. with this lil combo. I would also suggest Capsize as well.

Riftwing Cloudskate and maybe Temporal Adept

Mike94 on Heart of Night

1 week ago

I think you should try to lower your curve and more mana-rocks like Dimir Signet, Talisman of Dominance and Coalition Relic wouldn't hurt either. It's true that the higher cost minions are pure value but I think it's better to play smaller "threats" to bait removal out while generating some card-advantage trough them. If you are going to stick with the B/U creature based strategy, then here are some suggestions;

You could try to take advantage of your creatures who can swing in without any problem since a lot of them can't be blocked by running Coastal Piracy

I would also try to fit in the Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots, they are great at keeping your value creatures on the battlefield. (Random thought), Maybe even run Quietus Spike to just annihilate opponents with one swing? The Spike combined with Wound Reflection is an insta-kill. Wound Reflection has also perfect synergy with Sorin Markov btw.

If you are playing valuable creatures, you also really need a SacOutlet to protect them from exile or the dreaded copy/steal effects, so Ashnod's Altar or even Phyrexian Altar could also be great additions.

And even though you are running counter spells, you can't counter everything people throw at you so some reanimation could come in handy. This combined with the sacoutlet makes Kokusho and Keiga so much better. Imagine what you could do with the Dragons when Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is on board as well. Mikaeus has a strong combo withTriskelion to, infinite damage ftw.

Last of, running some blue staples could really help you out. Blue is the best color for card advantage so why not take advantage from that with Rhystic Study? Capsize is also really good for controlling the board-state.

MagicalHacker on What mechanics should return for ...

2 weeks ago

Yes, 3x costing Boomerang/Eye of Nowhere/AEther Tradewinds/Capsize/Consign to Dream/Crosis's Charm/Grixis Charm/Recoil/Regress/Rescind/Resounding Wave/Wipe Away mean that either the ability is too powerful or can't go on a commander with blue. But that's not even the worst of it, as there are more wording problems... How would Aether Gale even work with overload?!

smashadams83 on [PRIMER] Unesh, ex Machina!

2 weeks ago

noshadowkick - here is my latest build - Unesh, A Riddle of Sphinges

In playing I have found an infinite mana combo: Gilded Lotus + Paradox Engine + Voltaic Key and a buyback spell - like Capsize to bounce the entire board or Forbid.
obviously this is a 4 card combo, but I thought it was funny that I assembled it without even tutoring while playing today. Im sure there could be more combos w/ all the untapping effects here. The deck has many different lines of play and intricacies which Im a huge fan of.

the deck feels so strong once you get unesh out and get going, chaining your sphinges and spells together. Some cards that Im really liking:Grand Architect for ramp and the +1/+1 buff is just gravy.

Empyrial Plate is great and i also tested Sword of Feast and Famine the other night which proved really strong as well.

Crystal Shard has proven to be really useful.

Rite of Replication is insane when you kick it targeting Consecrated Sphinx!

Stubborn Denial seems great on paper in this deck as well but I haven't been able to try it yet. What do you think about it?

some cards Im still unsure about are: Arcane Adaptation( I have 7 creatures out of 25 which are not sphinx)

Edifice of Authority

Oracle's Vault.

Have you tried these last two? seems only good with untapping effects or a really grindy game. thinking of adding mystical tutor for utility or some more counters/removal.

Chiberia on Turns with Taigam

2 weeks ago

Chain of Vapor

Supreme Verdict


Sphinx's Revelation

and Mirari are also all good cards to include in a control/turn taking deck

StrateN on Talrand EDH

3 weeks ago

Die Capsize-Stasis Kombo hatte ich nicht auf dem Schirm, wrde ich auch drin lassen.

Echoing Truth hat den Vorteil gegenber Token-Decks. Auerdem hast du 3 Moeglichkeiten, die auf 1 zu reduzieren.

Bei Commandeer dachte ich mir schon fast, dass du die deshalb drin hast.Falls es dein Budget nicht noch weiter sprengt, oder auch fuer spaeter, schau dir mal Pact of Negation an

Miscalculation ist ganz nett, aber (meiner Meinung nach) der schwchste Counter in dem Deck. Vor allem im Commander sind im spteren Verauf des Spiels nicht mehr viel

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