Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered Uncommon
Tempest Common
Promo Set Common

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Buyback (You may pay an additional as you play this spell. If you do, put this card into your hand as it resolves.)

Return target permanent to its owner's hand.

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Capsize Discussion

Panas on Baral/How do I Blue?

15 hours ago

Although I am not a blue player at heart, I do play it regularly as a support/protection colour.

To answer your question about counterspells I have to explain the complication that rises in a multiplayer game concerning card advantage and removal (since - let's face it - counterspells are blue removal).

So in a 1v1 scenario, when you use a single target removal (e.g. Doom Blade, Counterspell e.t.c...), you are trading 1 card for 1 card and are probably getting a favourable trade in terms of how much mana was invested in each card. This gets you ahead in the game and makes efficient spot removal VERY strong.

Now imagine the same scenario but add 2 more players. You use your 1 card to deal with 1 card from 1 opponent, while the other two are just happy to watch. This is because it sets you and the unlucky target 1 card behind the other two. This makes spot removal effectively worse.

If you are still following, my suggestion is to treat counterspells as spot removal and include only as much as you need. You will use them to efficiently remove threats that are heavily detrimental to your game plan; you will never be able to counter every threat that is played. Also be wise in their selection: a card like Rewind or Arcane Denial and Dream Fracture do what you want to do while mitigating the disadvantages involved. Run Counterspell of course, the card is insanely powerful, but so is Swan Song. My favourite number is 8-10 for spot removal in a deck.

Alright! Perfect! Now let's talk Baral! He likes countering everything, but he doesn't care if it is through a spell or ability. There are many permanents that counter plays and Baral is fine with them! A Lullmage Mentor activation is just as good to him as Counterspell. Better yet, imprint said spell on an Isochron Scepter! See Glen Elendra Archmage Negateing things. Look for repeatable effects that will not use up your cards. There I cannot help too much as my knowledge in all things blue is relatively limited as to the other colours. I wish you luck and hope this helped a little.

P.S: Cyclonic Rift and Capsize is how you blue afaik!

Grind on Brago Stax - need help ...

4 days ago

Gilded Lotus + Strionic Resonator copy ablink effect, infinite blue mana Capsize gg.
Sol Ring + Strionic Resonator + Wall of Omens = unlimited card draw.
Archaeomancer + Time Warp = extra turns.

yant0028 on Atraxa - Ohhhh, you wanted to play Magic...

4 days ago

Thanks, Delta-117. We're mostly on the same wave length for what cards come in/go out, but my main issue right now is that the main core of the deck still has too many cards in it. I still need to cut 6 cards and am struggling to choose which cards get the axe.

When in doubt, my brain tells me to lower the curve, but I feel like everything plays a role to some degree. I mean, Sun Titan and Nissa, Vital Force, for example, recur Stasis and blown up stax pieces, helping to disrupt other peoples' late games. Is that too narrow, considering how far they are up on the curve? Or could I stand to shave a board wipe like Austere Command or Merciless Eviction? I like these because they're selective and versatile, but maybe I already have enough interaction elsewhere in the list? This is what I'm struggling with mostly... there are so many cards I'd LOVE to find room to include, but I already have too many :/

Obviously there's no substitution for play-testing to answer these questions, but I don't get to do a lot of that these days... I was hoping someone out there with a better "EDH eye" than I have could suggest where to start in terms of cuts.

Regarding some of your other suggestions, I absolutely intend to pick up a copy (or 4) of As Foretold, Gideon of the Trials, Archangel of Thune, Oath of Ajani and Chasm Skulker. I just refuse to buy over-priced Standard cards (or prime reprint targets) knowing that it's only a matter of time before they come down a lot in price. Skulker and Oath are just waiting on a Wishlist notification from my LGS before they're added to my collection :)

Kalonian Hydra seems kinda sweet when you get to live the dream, if maybe a bit win-more? I don't own one but I might I add him to the wish list anyway to pick up at some point. I see it competing for the same slots that cards like Master Biomancer, Forgotten Ancient, Corpsejack Menace currently occupy. Because I'm already struggling to make cuts, which of these would you replace with the Hydra, if any?

I actually sold my playset of Primordial Hydras a little while ago... Everyone knows what the card is capable of so it has a huge target on its head. At the end of the day, it's still just a single threat. It dies to removal, gets tapped down with a single Opposition or Staff of Domination activation, gets nullified by a Capsize every couple turns, etc. Not saying the card is bad for these reasons, I just like the 4 cards mentioned in the previous paragraph a bit more because if they're allowed to do their thing, at least they distribute their power/effect across multiple threats, even if the buildup is slower.

I will give some more thought to Lifeblood Hydra... I initially dismissed it because GGG in a 4-color deck seems like asking for it, but it is a late-game card so that should be less of a concern. That said, I also have no sac outlets in the deck, so unless I'm going to spend one of my own "destroy a creature" cards on it, it gets exiled or bounced for zero value. That's a big investment of mana for potentially zero return. In a deck running green that also plays a few sac outlets though? Sure, the Hydra provides a great late-game threat with a built-in insurance policy :)

Lastly, I'm not sure I need the "no max hand size" cards, but I suppose I could try running Reliquary Tower in place of another colorless land like Dreadship Reef. I probably don't need 3 storage lands in here anyway.

Thanks for your suggestions, and sorry if it seems like I'm not open to your suggestions, I'm just at the stage of deck-building with this deck that I need to be very analytical about my choices. There's SO MANY cool cards that can do into a 4-color, versatile commander list like Atraxa that it's already really hard to find space for anything.

P.S. Pro-tip: Before you submit any form online (e.g. a forum thread or comment on tappedout), do a quick CTRL+A -> CTRL+C to copy your post to your clipboard. If your session has expired or there's an error in the middle of the submission, you still have your post in its entirety in your clipboard ready to be pasted in again. Or just write your really long posts in a text editor first! This has saved me quite a bit of time/frustration on several occasions now :)

mattpartridge on UW Arbiter Control - Commander

2 weeks ago

Things to Drop


Brainstorm - one time not enough. Consider Sensei's Divining Top, Pongify/Rapid Hybridization - Ok. Consider Path to Exile and Stasis Snare


Potentially getting to the point of too many sweepers, but I think its ok.


Archangel of Tithes - Just ok., Filigree Familiar - Not enough, Heliod, God of the Sun - Really not that great, Palisade Giant - Probably better served as another enchantment


Mind Unbound - Consider the fact that it isnt a may ability


Dovin Baan - Really not that great

Things to Consider

Sol Ring!!!!, Enlightened Tutor, Mystical Tutor, Sun Titan, Blind Obedience - Technically just a white color identity, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, Luminarch Ascension, Land Tax, Frozen AEther, Chromatic Lantern, Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Cryptic Command, Capsize!!!, Forbid, MindStone, Commander's Sphere, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, AEtherize, Mystic Confluence, Quarantine Field, Austere Command, Entreat the Angels, Mystic Remora, Thassa, God of the Sea, Jace, Architect of Thought, Venser, Shaper Savant

kizzet373 on This one

3 weeks ago

This looks fun, I would play Nivix Guildmage with the Reset. I would play less of the double colored mana spells, because you don't gain enough value off of Mizzix of the Izmagnus, Goblin Electromancer, and Baral, Chief of Compliance. If you are playing with high tide, you would want to take out Arcane Lighthouse for sure and some other lands for Volcanic Island and more islands. Capsize is awesome, because buyback is part of the "Cost" to resolve the spell. And everything that reduces costs doesn't specify that it reduces mana cost. It just costs less to cast. So I love the X spells, Buyback, Kicker, Retrace, and Flashback are all beautiful things.

dreamistt on

4 weeks ago

My Suggestions:

I think your mana base is a little messy.

As for ramp in itself:

  • Gilded Lotus is amazing, but it only nets you one color of mana, which can be a bummer at times.
  • I always advocate for the use of all available signets (Simic Signet, Izzet Signet and Gruul Signet in your case), since they fix your colors in the early game and help you ramp up a bit (plus, a Sol Ring + Signet starting hand can go crazy pretty fast)
  • Thought Vessel and Mind Stone are other 2-mana artifacts with some great extra utility.

Cards I don't like/I don't find useful enough:

Other suggestions (mostly more creatures to use as a toolbox):

acht_deck_manager on Talrand Counter Bounce

1 month ago

Some other "inexpensive" cards that could be fun:

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