Aether Vial


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Rare
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions (MPS) Mythic Rare
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
From the Vault: Relics (V10) Mythic Rare
Darksteel (DST) Uncommon

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Aether Vial


At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a charge counter on Æther Vial.

: You may put a creature card with converted mana cost equal to the number of charge counters on Aether Vial from your hand into play.

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Aether Vial Discussion

OOBS on 5 Color Humans

1 day ago

Sin Collector is great against combo and the occasional control deck that needs specific cards to beat you (like Supreme Verdict). I think that Kataki, War's Wage & Reclamation Sage are great tools even though they aren't human, and while they can look rough to cast I believe they are better than first glance. When I first looked at them I forgot Ancient Ziggurat plays them, so on top of those 4 you get the 4 Horizon Canopys, 2 Seachrome Coast and 1 Plains for a total of 13 sources for Kataki, which is plenty (and that's without taking Aether Vial into account). Rec Sage is a little harder with only 8 usable sources among the ones mentioned, but it truly isn't that bad because it's also a turn later so you're a little more likely to pick it up by that time. Vial just adds to that. So all in all I'd say it is rare for them to be uncastable at a suitable time or even on curve.

Nef on Unity (An Ally Tribal Deck)

2 days ago

Hey ehuez

I haven't really considered Unclaimed Territory yet but I'm unsure if it's better than having fetchables for my sideboard/ CoCos. I'll probably toy around with the landbase a lot in the future.

Jwari Shapeshifter doesn't really "target" a creature. While it is on the stack an opponent can remove a creature from your board but as long as you have another creature, it can become that one. If your opponent removes your LAST creature while shapeshifter is on the stack, THEN you're screwed. Also, my meta was fairly aggro heavy last time so I shouldn't have to worry about removal too much. The shapehshifter is crazy good when played on Akoum Battlesinger and it is the main reason for its inclusion. For the extra explosiveness. It is also the reason for Reckless Bushwhacker. Before I bought a play set of Aether Vial I didn't think the bushwhacker was really worth it. But now Bushwhacker potentially makes a vial not so much of a dead draw as it can help get the surge cost paid. It also isn't horrible off of CoCo as it is an ally trigger and it inherently has haste so it's a little more explosive than other allies.

With 3 Ondu Clerics i have found that I have enough lifegain and that Lantern Scout isn't necessary. Although I may test Lantern Scout as a 1-of instead of Mirror Entity.

ehuez on Unity (An Ally Tribal Deck)

2 days ago

Hi, I love your allies!

I miss Oran-Rief Survivalist Unclaimed Territory and Lantern Scout in your deck list.

Do you think it is good to play Reckless Bushwhacker together with Collected Company and Aether Vial? His ability is useless if you not cast him.

I am also interested how does Jwari Shapeshifter works for you? Is not it too risky to play her? If your opponent bolt / path / destroy etc. creature targeted with her you loose her too.

TristanTaylorsVoice on Sultai Midrange

2 days ago

I tried a Courser build of this deck myself, and while sick with Jace, the Mind Sculptor, I like having the additional threat package of tracker + Karn much better, sweet innovation!

I'm a huge fan of Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet in the sideboard (probably cutting Thrun, the Last Troll). Turning all your removal into exile effects is incredibly powerful in a meta with a lot of sticky threats like Bloodghast, Kitchen Finks or Voice of Resurgence, it trumps burn, after a single activation it beats Gurmag Angler, it's utility can not be understated.

Naturalize is 99 percent of the time worst than Deglamer/Unravel the Aether, Trinket Mage is the only counter example I can think of. A split on those spells is better too: while you don't board then against Aether Vial to avoid Meddling Mage, you will appreciate it against Runed Halo out of mono white stax.

Furthermore, because Jace, the Mind Sculptor helps you find sideboard cards and 1 ofs pretty consistently over a longer game, I would consider some more narrow but powerful options such as Damnation, Creeping Corrosion, Back to Nature, Flaying Tendrils, or Jace, Architect of Thought to supplement the versatile 2 ofs in your board. This strategy can ensure you have plenty of cards for most of the format, while not taking too much room in your sideboard for narrow hosers, yet you still have access to them.

Xica on American Control

2 days ago

...because blowing up Aether Vial game one doesn't matter...

DankStompy on Merfolk Tribal

3 days ago

judging by the lands, i'm guessing you're new not just to modern, but mtg as a whole. Evolving Wilds is basically the "poor man's" dual land. if you really wanna kick up your land base, you need fetchlands like Misty Rainforest and shock lands like Breeding Pool.

in order to increase your decks consistency (the ability to draw what you need, when you need it) don't run just 1 or 2 of so many things. instead pick only the best ones, and run 4 copies.

Aether Vial and Collected Company are, in my opinion, must-haves for UG merfolk.

your Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive is not a merfolk and given your current creature lineup, its ability isn't really relevant here.

Erich_Zann on Honey, why is there a pot roast inside the candle?

4 days ago

Wolfrage76, I used to play Mirri the Cursed, but I realized for 4cmc she is just a card that turns sideways bersus other 4cmc vampires that net me more value. I love her though and she was in here for a while. She's a pet card for me, but lack the room to put her in.

Aether Vial doesn't allow me to trigger Edgar's effect because I have to cast vampire spells to get tokens.

I may consider Basilisk Collar, but the problem is making room. I'm trying to fit one more protection spell in the deck. Either a white protection instant or Cauldron of Souls at instant speed during a board wipe.

Wolfrage76 on Honey, why is there a pot roast inside the candle?

5 days ago

Also, Aether Vial isn't bad for an add with a lot of 1-4 drops.

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