High Market


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Rare
Commander 2015 (C15) Rare
From the Vault: Realms (V12) Mythic Rare
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Rare

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High Market


: Add to your mana pool.

, Sacrifice a creature: You gain 1 life.

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High Market Discussion

fiction_toast on niambi, caller of daddy

3 days ago

I just playtested it once but it seemed like you could benefit from something like High Market to sac your commander in case something happens to teferi. shame you can't sac teferi himself with it but c'est la vie.

adams333 on Casual Derevi

1 week ago

@ sonalexander

Yes, Alchemist's Refuge is indeed a great card for this build. This being said, I always seems to draw all my colorless mana land early game and I end up mana color screwed. For this reason I stay at 3 or less in the deck.

I cannot cut Homeward Path or High Market ( I wish I could run 4 of each in the deck )

And Gavony Township usually give me the game with seedborn on the field.

Pal00ka on The Infamy of Green Fire

1 week ago

An interesting idea, Flagellum, though you are right about needing a sack outlet. We have a lot of moving pieces so not sure what could make way for one. Maybe High Market so it would not take a slot. I will definitely keep this in mind as I play and see how I want the deck to evolve. Thanks for the great suggestion!

SynergyBuild on Protean Chromium, Elder Dragon

1 week ago

High Market is consitently a good card for sacrificing Academy Rectors, Arena Rectors, and Protean Hulks. Flash is good too.

landofMordor on Kresh Fling (credit to landofMordor)

2 weeks ago

Hey friend! I'm honored you like my Kresh build, and I can vouch for it being an extremely fun deck to bring to an EDH table -- you either win big, or lose quick, but always have fun(:

As for suggestions: I love the idea of Domri and Vraska. I think you could afford to cut down a little bit on the Fling effects -- you've got a critical mass already, some of which are repeatable, so I think you're okay there. In their place, I'd put in more instant-speed sacrifice effects like Viscera Seer and maybe even High Market.

Also, I'd try to convert as many of your ramp spells to creatures as possible, so that when they die, you profit. Your Signets will be great, but you can also have Burnished Hart as a higher-end ramp spell or Llanowar Scout or Yavimaya Elder. I like what you've done already in this regard, with Dawntreader Elk and friends.

In summary, I love this build! I might even edit my own list a bit based on your innovations. Thanks for your support, and cheers!

simonisphording on Horde of lands

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the advise! I agree that the deck definately misses a sac outlet. Was thinking of Doomgape but I think it might be a major downside that it is at the end of your upkeep. Still going to try it though! Another option would be High Market which fits nicely into the land subtheme :) Another thing I'm currently looking at is cutting some of the stuff that reacts with land in the graveyard like Crop Rotation and World Shaper and replacing them with more creatures and maybe a Tooth and Nail or a Green Sun's Zenith.

enpc on Just Stay Dead: cEDH Edition

3 weeks ago

Golfrolax: My issue with both the Boonweaver combo and Hulk is that without a repeatable sac outlet, they just act as a once off tutor. The deck only runs 5 repeatable sac outlets and of that 2 are immediate win conditions, 1 is a card draw engine and the other two generate infinite mana (I can generally set up a card draw engine given infinite mana).

If the deck had access to black, it would be a very different story as I would be running cards like Viscera Seer and Zulaport Cutthroat. However in the current build and in a combo situation I will aready have the sac outlet (say Blasting Station) and fenerally have access to Saffi Eriksdotter already. So at this point both Hulk and Boonwearver are stand-ins for a single creature. The whole beauty of both hulk and boonweaver is that they can assemble multiple combo creatures in one hit, however there isn't generally a requirement for this in the build.

As tutors they are ok, however both are very expensive to play and I'm already running a solid suite of creature tutors, all of which I would like to think are generally better than Hulk or Boonweaver, as well as better than Pattern of Rebirth. My biggest beef with pattern is that you have to both enchant a creature and then sac it. This means that in a worst case scenario, it is not useable to recover from a crappy board state, whereas the other tutors just cost mana. It also leaves a lot more openings for the creature to be removed.

I've thought about running cards like Martyr's Cause, Fanatical Devotion and even Reaper of Flight Moonsilver, however all of these cards are either too conditional, are a nonbo or both. I run Starved Rusalka (it was a toss up between her and Martyred Rusalka - martyred has the better ability but starved is easier to fuel with cradle) which is the closest the deck comes to Viscera Seer however is only good for jump starting combos/getting value, not for infinite loops.

I have looked into lines with Hulk, using rusalka plus Hidden Herbalists and Demonmail Hauberk (which can be fetched with Stoneforge Mystic) however they end up too clunky.

There is one deploy line which is Saffi + High Market into hulk, sacing saffi and then sacing hulk to market getting Academy Rector + Starved Rusalka, then off the second hulk sac (via rusalka) you can get Karmic Guide however this line still feels messy to me as you need 9 mana and High Market (so really 10 mana) to make it work.

That's my thought process on the whole thing, but I am always keen to get others' thoughts too.

Goretast on God of Land Drops

1 month ago

Hey forneyt, I wanted to wait a bit and try out Protean Hulk more before I give you my thoughts. I run two sac outlets High Market and Miren, the Moaning Well. The strategy is to sac Protean Hulk to grab Odric, Lunarch Marshal with all your buffs and gods. I added Beastcaller Savant for haste (If you know a better haste creature please let me know) so that we can swing out the same turn we sac Protean while having Dragonlord Dromoka stopping any responses to our swing. It makes the deck so much more deadly with just an addition of two cards, and you can Mistveil Plains any of the combo pieces you lose as you play. The earliest I've won with Protean is turn 5, and he has yet to be a dead draw late game unless I simply don't have my sac outlets. I think you should give it a shot.

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