Bonds of Mortality


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Uncommon

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Bonds of Mortality


When Bonds of Mortality enters the battlefield, draw a card.

: Creatures your opponents control lose hexproof and indestructible until end of turn.

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Bonds of Mortality Discussion

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on Counting Counters

4 weeks ago

Welcome to mtg, dude! my first concern is the mana base, if you down have any pain lands (Llanowar Wastes, Caves of Koilos, Brushland), Sandsteppe Citadel should your only land that comes in tapped. good land count though, usually mtg decks have a 33% of lands, but I would consider more swamps and less plains, with forests staying high (especially with the Verdant Automaton's activated ability). I would take out Renegade Map, it does mana fix, but it doesn't ramp (consider Wayfarer's Bauble, Expedition Map for a good nonbasic land, or Sakura-Tribe Elder). And for combos: consider Barren Glory with Renounce, Spy Kit with Cornered Market/ Rememberance/ Pack Hunt. Also consider Tower Defense, Ranger's Guile, Heroic Intervention, Blossoming Defense, maybe Bonds of Mortality if you put in more removal, Young Wolf, Ghave, Guru of Spores. And if you like abzan colors, check out Fungal Growth. Plus I prefer the commander format over standard, there's lass turn 0 win assholes with Leyline of Anticipation, Lotus Petal, Mana Crypt, Show and Tell, Omniscience, Enter the Infinite. Hope this helps! If you or anyone else needs more help or have any questions, I'm always here.

Maskirovkas on One hit killz

1 month ago

I just ran this through a couple of playtests, and I think this is a pretty solid foundation build.

Pretty nice take on mono green creature destruction, utilizing deathtouch and all. The one thing that would throw a wrench into that is hexproof. To get around that, I'd like to suggestions Bonds of Mortality, at least as a sideboard contender.

As for Grapple with the Past, in the few playtests I ran on this, most every time it came up, I was throwing away non-creature spells more than anything else, and not getting anything back. Perhaps dropping it from 4 to 2 copies? But perhaps you had better luck with pulling creatures and such in a real game, where your creatures would die more readily than a one sided playtest. But having x4 Grapple with the Past and x4 Pulse of Murasa together seems a bit overflooded in creature return.

You might have some better luck throwing in a few more "my creature deals damage to your creature" type cards, like Clear Shot, Rabid Bite, and Nature's Way. All three of those cards allow your creature to deal its damage to another creature, and triggering deathtouch, but without taking damage in return, and thus increasing their longevity, AND are 3 CMC or less.

Additionally, Nature's Way would allow your beefed up Tireless Trackers (beefed up from all the clues you can sacrifice) to bypass most chump blockers via the newly acquired Trample.

But, as I started earlier, I think this is a pretty solid build for a fun deck to play. A friend of mine has an EDH deck with the same idea, utilizing "ranged" deathtouching, and he has a lot of fun with it.

Keep up the good work!!

DeepbloodEclipse on Green Meat

1 month ago

Guiguippp - Much appreciated, I quite like Torpor Orb, I'll probably work it into my other decks as well, it seems useful in many decks, also I do actually own a Bonds of Mortality so that shouldn't be a problem. Ulvenwald Tracker looks really useful, but I can't figure out what to replace. If I remove big creatures, I'll only have small ones to use his ability with, but if I remove the small creatures, I'll slow myself down considerably. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx usefulness I know personally, I'll try to find a couple of extras, it could really benefit this deck because I have so much devotion heavy cards. As for Back to Nature, this can also affect me negatively, I'd rather not use it, which is why I went with single target enchantment removals.

Ripnugget - Yes, they are surprisingly similar, I quite like Strangleroot Geist. I even considered Rancor at some point, but I already had Predator's Strike at hand so I got too lazy to look it up.

SisyMore1337 - No, pakki kirjeldusest on juba suht ilmselge.

Guiguippp on Green Meat

1 month ago

But your deck is pretty nice it seems fun to play, I think you can play Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in your Mainboard so you can cast bigger creatures faster! Also, Ulvenwald Tracker can help you to fight other creatures you don't like. Torpor Orb can be sideboarded as well with Bonds of Mortality to help you against hexproofs decks and enter-the-battlefield abilities

Neotrup on Canopy cover question

1 month ago

If you enchant a creature you control with Canopy Cover it will act like hexproof, allowing you to target your creature and stopping your opponent. The reason it's not like hexproof is if you instead enchant an opponent's creature with Canopy Cover (an odd choice, I know) it will stop them from targeting their own creature while still letting you target it. If it gave the creature hexproof, it would work exactly the same when enchanting your creature (well, except for how it interacts with things like Bonds of Mortality), but very differently when enchanting an opponent's creature.

Redace878 on First Commander Deck

2 months ago

Looks like you're missing three very important things in EDH: Ramp, Removal, and Draw.

Sol Ring is a card found in pretty much every EDH deck.

Temple of the False God could be helpful.

Moss Diamond isn't the best, but it makes colored mana.

Emerald Medallion is useful in a mono-colored deck.

Prism Ring isn't ramp, but it's good in a mono colored deck also.

Green isn't the best with creature removal, but it is good at destroying artifacts & enchantments.

Acidic Slime is in a lot of green decks.

Nessian Demolok can help with annoying artifacts while Nessian Wilds Ravager can get rid of most creatures (unless their tribute is payed).

Green is good at getting very large creatures, so hopefully you won't have to worry about creature removal.

Card advantage is easy to get in green, but I think it's usually attached to some other card ability, like Bonds of Mortality.

For spells just for card draw, Collective Unconscious, Shamanic Revelation, and Regal Force can be fun if you're making lots of tokens.

carpecanum on Bruse and Tana Voltron

2 months ago

One good hit with Tana and Confusion in the Ranks would let you steal every creature on the board.

Possibly throw in Arcane Lighthouse and sideboard Bonds of Mortality to make things more vulnerable to Warstorm Surge and other targeting effects.

Kessig Wolf Run, like Elder of Laurels can make your guys bigger, but the big surprise is when you hit an opponents creature in a multi-player game

Randyballs on The Opposite of Hexproof

2 months ago

I really like Bonds of Mortality, but man Glaring Spotlight is just so much better.

Endless Whispers Wouldn't be that good in my opinion, because the enchantment would never actually resolve on a creature as long as Horobi is out, it would just function as a murder. Even if Horobi isnt out, I dont have very good killing tools, so I cant take advantage of it.

But thank you so much for the suggestions!

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