Havengul Lich


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Mythic Rare

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Havengul Lich

Creature — Zombie Wizard

1: You may cast target creature from a graveyard this turn. When you cast that card this turn, Havengul Lich gains all activated abilities of that card until end of turn.

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Havengul Lich Discussion

AGage7 on i have no friends

2 days ago

Maybe Havengul Lich you dont have alot of creatures so why not use your opponents lol. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur goes with your commander kinda, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind is just another hard creature to get rid of and can change to what you need, I saw you want Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir so why not Seedborn Muse both of them make up Prophet of Kruphix. Sultai Ascendancy and Rashmi, Eternities Crafter help with draw so you know what you are going to draw. Talent of the Telepath lets you play their cards and who know what wonderful things you can get from it hehehe! Expropriate I mean he's on the card and I love this thing if you get to play it its dumb and you have Boseiju, Who Shelters All so it can happen lol. Maybe Seasons Past to get cards back idk. Kruphix, God of Horizons is a good card I think helps with mana and your hand and if they want to get rid of it they have to exhale it. I really like the idea of playing with everyone else deck and your is there to just help you do it. I really like your deck and idea I hope these might help you. Could you look at my deck and see tell me what you think.

My Pet Dinooze Deck

Commander / EDH AGage7


Epochalyptik on Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition

2 weeks ago

@Dankey: There aren't enough Islands in this deck to make Foil worthwhile. Foil is best played in mono-U or U/X decks, where more consistent access to Islands is likely.

@ooop333: I was wondering for a time what the deck would look like if I switched to Leovold, Emissary of Trest as the commander. Any experience in that field?

@Silverf1sh: It depends. I know that's not a great answer, but control decks must be played contextually, and there are really no hard rules for things like Blue Sun's Zenith. Generally, though, I'll use it as a utility card and leave /X up. I try to cast it when most players are tapped down to reduce the change of interference.

@XxFATMAN247xX: I don't play either of those cards for the reasons stated in the primer. They're slow, expensive, and not impactful enough for their costs.

@Pyromancer999: It's true that cantrips generally raise consistency, but they don't make enough of an impact. In a deck clamoring for tutors, counterspells, and ramp, I'm hard-pressed to include "throwaway" spells that replace themselves for only minor benefit. The amount of raw draw and tutor power, plus the shuffle effects, reduces how important cards like Ponder might be.

@budlaorf: This deck is built on a philosophy of efficient, high-impact cards. The cards you mentioned don't really jive with that.

Countersquall's cost is completely saturated, meaning I must pay to cast it (as opposed to /X). This deck wins through combos, and there's really little reason to ping people for 2 life in the interim.

Havengul Lich is expensive and doesn't really do enough to justify paying . This deck also does not play combo creatures ahead of time, so those cards are rarely in the graveyard. I feel I have sufficient alternatives and recursion in case they do ever hit the yard.

Massacre Wurm is very expensive for a board wipe in these colors, and, as I mentioned above, I don't really need to make opponents lose life before I combo. And because I don't really need to attack with this deck, the fact that it's a 6/5 is kind of irrelevant.

Rakshasa Deathdealer has no utility abilities; it's just a 2/2 that can attack or block.

Beast Within was cut from the deck earlier because it was expensive to cast. It's good enough that it could still see inclusion in variations of this deck, but I never cared for casting it.

budlaorf on Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition

2 weeks ago

Hey man, I really love the deck. There are a few cards you should consider adding to the deck though : Countersquall- Counters a spell like Negate, but also takes 2 life from the opponent. Havengul Lich- Brings back any of the creatures important to your combo by paying 1 colorless mana more. Oh, and he also let's you cast every creature from your opponents graveyards too (as long as you have the other colors of mana). Massacre Wurm- He's a big body that can sweep your opponents creatures and gain you life as well. Two other considerations would be Rakshasa Deathdealer and Beast Within.

LeaPlath on Flashbbbback

3 weeks ago

I'm not really sure what your aim is here.

If it is burn, you aren't running good burn spells. If it is combo, you aren't going off.

Like...Flashback focused decks, instead of flashback for value aren't viable, outside casual. But if I was doing a flashback focused deck, I would play Secrets of the Dead and Burning Vengeance as a UR casual deck, maybe with the evoke/Havengul Lich combo.

plusmental on The Dead Don't Shuffle (They Slither)

1 month ago

Havengul Lich + Rooftop Storm can make for some fun stuff especially if you can put in Ashnod's Altar

My sidisi deck plays the above with Gravecrawler for infinite mana, Returned Reveler for infinite mill and infinite zombies, Diregraf Captain for infinite damage and Diregraf Colossus for infinite zombies could add River Kelpie for infinite draw too.

Love my sidisi deck, and love that you're using the monolith. +1

plusmental on The Dead Don't Shuffle (They Slither)

1 month ago

Havengul Lich + Rooftop Storm can make for some fun stuff especially if you can put in Ashnod's Altar

plusmental on Sids Zombie Hoard Win-d-Mill

1 month ago

One thing I'm a bit concerned about is that you don't have as many creatures as I would expect to find in this deck, consider finding a spot for Wonder because flying zombies are fun and you're missing the best zombie lord (in my opinion) - Undead Warchief

I might recommend Ashnod's Altar also, it pairs very very well with Havengul Lich and Rooftop Storm which you already have in here

plusmental on Gisa and Geralf's Zombie Factory

1 month ago

Havengul Lich + Rooftop Storm + Ashnod's Altar = profit. infinite mana at the very least infinite tutoring with the Sidisi, Undead Vizier you have, infinite zombie tokens with Diregraf Colossus which you have.

Suppose it just depends whether you want to play a combo deck or a horde deck

Gravecrawler has great synergy so does Diregraf Captain and Grimgrin, Corpse-Born

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