Havengul Lich


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Mythic Rare

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Havengul Lich

Creature — Zombie Wizard

1: You may cast target creature from a graveyard this turn. When you cast that card this turn, Havengul Lich gains all activated abilities of that card until end of turn.

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Havengul Lich Discussion

mikeintosh on [[Primer]]-God of the Rising FULL Moon! Butts Up!!

1 week ago

As for the cards you already play, I would have some candidates for a cut. Rooftop Storm is pretty weak card, especially since you play under 20 zombies. Not worth 7 mana to play 3-4 cmc zombie for free. Paradox Haze seems nice but usually you dont have that much Zombies in play for it to matter (and if you do your opponents are doing something wrong :-)) Endless Ranks of Dead seems also sweet but for it to be relevant you would really have to overextend which usually results in boardwipe.

With such low zombie count I really don't think Gisa and Geralf are that great in the deck, I would rather play Havengul Lich which can cast any creature from ANY graveyard and its also a zombie. Honestly I cut all 4-mana lords, leaving ony 3-mana ones. But it really depends how deep you want to invest into the tribal theme. Right now I am experimenting with Liliana's Reaver and Evil Twin in that slot.

dlamars on zomb trib

1 week ago

Hey just thought I'd recommend the following :

Havengul Lich - easily one of the best zombies in UB.

Patriarch's Bidding - fantastic in a deck focused on a tribal theme.

Having a infinite outlet for Gravecrawler like Phyrexian Altar, Ashnod's Altar or Altar of Dementia will win games.

I'd also say Dictate of Erebos is probably one of the best removal options available, same with gravepact.

Hope it helps!

AverageDragon on Centurion EDH - Join our discord server!

3 weeks ago

mahdik I've played with all 3 of those, and they aren't especially overwhelming. The most competitive decks we've encountered so far are Magus of the Future storm, Havengul Lich grave combo, and Shaman of the Great Hunt midrange mana.

mehtagame on [[Primer]]-God of the Rising FULL Moon! Butts Up!!

3 weeks ago

I could see an argument for Chromatic Lantern because of Havengul Lich's ability. You need to be able to cast the creature you target (applies to opponent's graveyards too).

Instead of Attrition or Deathmark Prelate, I'd suggest Stronghold Assassin for Zombie-flavour reasons.

Playtesting your deck I found the land count to be a bit too low, especially for your curve/average CMC. Try going up to 38? I'd also try to limit the number of non-basics, only leaving in the essentials.

_Kane_ on

3 weeks ago

These are options from EDRec.com

Sidisi, Brood Tyrant - Tutors on a death touch beater.

Drowned Catacomb - Great land.

Havengul Lich

Living Death

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed

Tainted Isle

Choked Estuary

Lich Lord of Unx

Forgotten Creation WOW, this card seems great for this deck.

Rhystic Study - Please don't.


Stoneforge Masterwork - I think you would get more value from a Zombie Lord.

Profaner of the Dead - This card seems out of place. What are you looking for this card to do?

Smuggler's Copter - There are simple and better ways to filter/draw.

Bone Splinters - There is better spot removal. Never

Drunau Corpse Trawler - Lack luster.

Siren of the Silent Song - A potential cut.

jonmaior on The Scarab God Zombie Tribal

3 weeks ago

The Scarab God is by far I think the best zombie commander. I have been trying to make a Scarab God deck , myself. I might add Plague Wind or In Garruk's Wake just because they are good in commander. Vampire Nighthawk is great with The Scarab God s ability. mirror mad phantasm might be a good option to get some cards in your graveyard for The Scarab God . I would run Chromatic Lantern because it is amazing in combination with Havengul Lich.

lamogio on [[Primer]]-God of the Rising FULL Moon! Butts Up!!

1 month ago

VexenX i agree that 34+2 is pretty low for your mana base but i assumed that it worked on your playgroup. Adding a couple of lands or rocks would not compromise your number of spells in a big way. I run with 38+3 and compensate with more card draws. A good mana rock is Chromatic Lantern, especially since the rule about mana of a color not in your commander's identity changed. This will enable your Havengul Lich to cast creatures from your opponents's graveyards as well, regardless of their color. Or if you're looking for utility lands Arcane Lighthouse, Thespian's Stage can be helpful. Reflecting Pool can also assist in colored mana.

Wyyern on Welcome to the Undercity

1 month ago

Nice deck , really appriciate the diplomacy factor.Suggestions are:Trepanation Blade fun little mill and power boostNecrotic Ooze why not enjoy all those cards in the graveyardsFade Away when correctly played, this is an awesome whipeHavengul Lich Geth's assistantDiabolic Vision fav of mine in dimir

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