Crucible of Worlds


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions Mythic Rare
Tenth Edition Rare
Fifth Dawn Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Crucible of Worlds


You may play land cards from your graveyard.

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Crucible of Worlds Discussion

WhisperingBlade on Bant Emeria/Titan Control

20 hours ago

First off, I really agree with your analysis of Bant Emeria. I actually thought the manabase would be trash, but it turns out that it works much better than expected! I feel like the green is necessary to get to your late game faster and that blue is necessary for the upgrade in noncreature spells and sideboard countermagic. I'd like to try my hand at an Abzan version, but I feel at first glance that by taking the blue away, it changes what the deck wants to do too drastically without enough payoff, although I still want to explore the concept a bit more in depth.

I actually have an extra Crucible of Worlds lying around (what are the chances, right?), but I'm not certain that they are necessary. Tron seems like it could be a decent matchup provided you can get a Rallier or two to go to town with the Ghost Quarters, but the match should be much better games 2 and 3 with Surgical Extraction (thinking of going up to 3) and Aven Mindcensor taking out my opponent's capabilities to get mana quickly and Negate, Stony Silence, and Qasali Pridemage for the ability to interrupt things like the planeswalkers and artifacts that they'll want to be playing, although if you have any thoughts on this I'd love to hear them! So far in testing (I've only had the chance to play against Affinity, Cheerios, and Grixis Delver) I've been fairly happy to see Court Hussar. It really helps in control for card advantage, and helps you find your sideboard cards if you are given the time. I'm unsure how I like the "I sacrifice myself unless you pay white for me" effect because of Flickerwisp who wants to get value there, but I've been enjoying it with Sun Titan when I'm not super pressed for blockers. As for Courser of Kruphix, it is iffy whether I'd like to replace Court Hussar for them. I'm not a huge fan of the 1GG cost, but I like the card better against aggro with the body and lifegain, and I could see it being decent against control allowing me to remove lands off the top of my library so I can draw into gas, although this gives my opponent a good amount of information that should be taken into account during analysis of the card. With combo I feel that Court Hussar would do a better job because it would allow me to dig for disruption. Not sure what I'd like to do there, but I'll keep an open mind during further testing.

If you wouldn't mind, could I pick your brain a bit? I'm not content with the sideboard as is. I think I have a lot of the right reasons to run the cards in there, but I'm not entirely certain that they are the most efficient or slot in the best. I'm specifically not happy with Dispel, as they seem unnecessary for a deck that generates mana quickly and that overall Negate is a better card in this build. I'm also having trouble with discard and I think that combo could be really bad for me, so I'd love to switch them out with Leyline of Sanctitys, but what do you think?

Thanks for the feedback!

ManWearingHat on Bant Emeria/Titan Control

21 hours ago

I feel like with the printing of Renegade Rallier, the Bant version of this archetype is the most viable of the bunch! Access to blue seems to still be important because of Supreme Verdict and post-board countermagic. But given the deck's preference towards ramping and stalling, I agree that 3-4 Renegade Rallier is correct to play. I've seen more than 6 fetchlands and one or two Courser of Kruphix work very well in Rallier decks, so perhaps that's stronger than the Court Hussar slots? I'm unsure, but I think testing the Coursers and maybe a Crucible of Worlds in the sideboard to go along with the Ghost Quarters out of the board could be very strong! (At a glance, it looked like 3-color midrange/control and Tron decks might be a tad rough, so the Crucible might be good for those, given you can get your hands on one)

Winterblast on Defensive Mono-White

2 days ago

As you play WHITE and aim for a defensive gameplay, I suggest you add more and better mass removals and cards that punish other players for being too fast and too reckless:Cataclysm, Armageddon (+ Ravages of War with a higher budget), Planar Collapse, Humility, Magus of the Tabernacle,...white has a huge lot of absolutely devastating cards.

Crucible of Worlds, Smokestack, Strip Mine, Wasteland, Dust Bowl fit perfectly into your deck as well.

With Land Tax already in the deck you should consider Scroll Rack as an awesome draw engine (you get 4 new cards each turn and put back the ones you don't need).

Megalomania on Apocalypse Project

2 days ago

Heartless summoning is surprisingly effective in this deck. It allows me to combo off a lot earlier and/or leaves me some space for countermagic.

I have tried to take it out countless times but it just performs so well. If I were to put the Engine in, it would probably be for Scroll Rack or Crucible of Worlds. The said cards have been underwhelming as far as their synergy to the deck is concerned.

Snap157 on 50 Shades of Mana-Screwed

3 days ago

Icbrgr Thank you so much, hope you enjoy playing with it as much as I do!

czarkingrex you can replace Damnation in the sideboard with Mutilate dropping the price down from $648 to $424 with almost no impacts on gameplay. Also, you can replace Crucible of Worlds for Price of Knowledge or Temporal Extortion for a weaker version of the deck. If you do add in Price of Knowledge, keep in mind you will also have to replace Liliana's Caress with something else. This will drop the price to around $210. Hope this helps!

Scrib.Nibbler on Upgrading to Marchesa Stax

3 days ago

I've got Smokestack in. I am also running Dictate of Erebos and Butcher of Malakir. For sacrifice outlets, I've got Ashnod's Altar, Blasting Station, Skullclamp, and I've added Viscera Seer for good measure. Since I can't afford Bitterblossom, I've added Ophiomancer for token genetation alongside Assemble the Legion and Elspeth, Knight-Errant. Crucible of Worlds definitely piqued my interest, but it is pretty expensive.

Free_Edgar1 on Upgrading to Marchesa Stax

3 days ago

Well, a stax deck is never complete without its namesake, Smokestack. Also You should run cards like Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos with a lot of sac outlets such as Viscera Seer and token generators like Bitterblossom. If you want to go the land destruction route, and have a higher budget, you could always run Crucible of Worlds and Strip Mine. If you're going full out stax, You'll want to replace a lot of your lands and spells with mana rocks. Dependsing on how "staxy" you want to go, you'll end up with somewhere between 20 - 30 artifacts, 35 or so lands (or less), and the rest will be spells, probably 20 or less creatures. I recommend looking up a Stax Primer.

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