Show and Tell


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Mythic Rare
Urza's Saga (USG) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Show and Tell


Each player may put an artifact, creature, enchantment, or land card from his or her hand into play.

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Show and Tell Discussion

strictlyWorse on Zur the Unfair

3 weeks ago

what do you mean by "i know how it feels"...?

I actually had the Deadeye Navigator / Palinchron / Archaeomancer combolation in my deck, because it just seemed "win-more" in here, and i honestly don't need infinite mana.

my playgroup is funny about infinite mana... they won't let it finish a game like a lot of groups are wont to do. you have to have something to do with with the mana, and if you don't... then you just have a buttload of mana and nothing to show for it.

Isochron Scepter / Dramatic Reversal actually slows the deck down, oddly enough. they just don't do much.

Spell Crumple is a great, yet underrated counterspell... if i needed one more i would prob put that one in.

this deck still has a hiccup or two occasionally. My typical wincons involve Doomsday / Ponder or ad nauseum / Phyrexian Unlife / Solemnity combos... you know... pretty standard stuff.

Show and Tell is in there for the sole purpose of dropping Omniscience, then play Enter the Infinite... and that usually ends the game right there.

DarkLaw on Iconic Masters Announced

1 month ago

The weird thing about that is, Wizards intermittently does and doesn't care about reprints. Conspiracy 2 and commander 16? Those were great sets, with great reprints - some great examples are Berserk (which dropped 90%) and Show and Tell (which dropped 75%), both of which also had some gorgeous new artwork. Then, most things up until this set have been pretty "meh". It's like the set designers all want different things and they're in a constant power struggle or something. It's bizarre.

deckhack on Cascade Chaos

1 month ago

Thanks, yeah I know, but its another peace and like I said, it isn't really competitive and with Omniscience i'd have another dead card in my hand until Show and Tell hits the floor, so I could remove Eye of the Storm and add Griselbrand to dig for match winners, like everyone does. But yeah it would be way faster and deadlier, but not as chaotic like I wanted this deck to be. Thank you :)

kamelyan on Screw the catholics with a witch named kess

1 month ago

You do have a lot of cards to filter through your deck for your win cons, which I assume are Reiterate+Turnabout+Enter the Infinite, or using Show and Tell to drop in Omniscience and playing all you can.

With Laboratory Maniac in your deck, why not swap out Rakdos Charm for Demonic Consultation? -Name a card that doesn't exist in your deck, and draw nothing for the win.

Also, Reset works just as well as Turnabout with Reiterate, so long as you can play spells on your opponent's turn. That being said, how about switching it in for Serum Visions? Preordain is better, anyways. (Scry after you draw? So silly.)

Twin Trauma

Commander / EDH kamelyan


Bohemian Bombastry

Commander / EDH kamelyan


filthyc4sual on Cascade Chaos

1 month ago

I would recommend Omniscience so you can play your combo pieces off a single Show and Tell on turn 3.

mazrimtaim on LTmiller

1 month ago

If you have a non foil Show and Tell unlisted I don't mind finding some filler for the trade but I run the Show and Tell in one of my commander decks and need at least one.

LTmiller on mazrimtaim

1 month ago

The only thing I really saw that I wanted or would like to trade for would be your Show and Tell and that's more than the Chrome Mox by a fair bit.

multimedia on Arcane Archmage

1 month ago

Hey, lots of good information here, but it's very hard to read the combos. Consider separating each combo into it's own paragraph? Creating some space between each combo makes for much better readability.

Three card combos are very hard to pull off in Commander and four card ones are near impossible if you're opponents are actually playing the game... While these are powerful you also have to be practical. Omniscience is a part of a lot of these combos, it's ten mana. Counting on a ten mana card that's as powerful as Omniscience is to be in play before you can start a lot of these combos is just not going to work. Unless you cheat Omniscience into play which is very hard if you're not playing white. Show and Tell is an option in blue. Do these combos work without Omniscience? They're only viable options if they do.

Protecting Omniscience seems pretty important here, I recommend Arcane Denial, Swan Song and Negate.

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