Pestilent Spirit


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) Rare

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Pestilent Spirit

Creature — Spirit

Menace, deathtouch

Instant and sorcery spells you control have deathtouch. (Any amount of damage they deal to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

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Pestilent Spirit Discussion

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Serial Killer [Primer Included]

4 months ago

Hey gdm1989, thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately, I don't have any instant or sorcery spells that do damage, so Pestilent Spirit doesn't do anything here. Bolas's Citadel is interesting, and I'll probably give it a try when it comes out! Sensei's Divining Top , however, isn't very good with more ways to interact with the top of my library, so I probably won't add that just for the Citadel. Liliana's Triumph is already in my maybeboard/"to be tried" list. Massacre Girl is a sweet card, and I'm brewing her her own deck, but she doesn't belong here because if she kills anything, she'll kill Toshiro and Crypt Ghast , probably also Chainer, Dementia Master , and those are too important to us.

gdm1989 on Serial Killer [Primer Included]

4 months ago

I would use Pestilent Spirit to make sure that the target will die. and with Bolas's Citadel coming out soon I believe toshiro will hold a edge and we can save mana for better situations. With that said I believe Sensei's Divining Top is needed. I don't know if Massacre Girl will be a good asset. Liliana's Triumph is a good removal card for the deck

ThePhantomOfTheOrzhov on Pestilent Spirit interactions

4 months ago

Scenario: I have a Pestilent Spirit and my opponent has an indestructible creature. I cast Magma Spray targeting their creature. What happens

nobu_the_bard on HeavenSent

4 months ago

Regarding some of the cards in the deck... By the way of course you don't have to cut these, just my opinions.
- Pestilent Spirit - None of the instants or sorceries in your deck right now deal damage, so this doesn't do anything.
- Necrotic Ooze - I count 10 creatures with activated abilities, most are self-sacrifice or defensive in nature. Was this a deliberate inclusion so he can replicate some of those effects if you can't get the creatures back out of the graveyard for some reason? Maybe I'm overlooking a specific synergy.
- Pull from Eternity - I consider this a pretty weak effect in this deck. Is this to try to get back a combo piece that someone exiles? If nothing's exiled it is a dead card though - why not just get one of your other things? And you can only do it once normally. Maybe worth keeping since you have a graveyard focus, but I do not think it is as good a fit as a tutor would be.
- Entreat the Angels - While this is a very powerful card, I normally associate it with decks that do a lot of topdeck manipulation (such as using Scroll Rack ) or decks that intend to draw a lot of cards on other peoples' turns (such as Temple Bell ). It is pretty neat though.
- Orzhov Pontiff - I don't have much experience playing this guy. He seems like he has a really weak effect for the work involved and he self-exiles as part of it so you can't keep doing it.

Surprised you have no extort creatures. Pontiff of Blight seems right up your alley...

jcskew84 on Standard Rakdos Pestilent Spirit

5 months ago

Cool Deck!

I am a big fan of Spawn of Mayhem and Judith, the Scourge Diva I also built a standard Rakdos deck. I love Pestilent Spirit as well, but ended up not using it in my deck.

My only real advice is to work a full play set of Judith in there, maybe cut Hackrobat and then you could add another Spawn as well. I have gotten to the point where Judith is such a target that I play the first split of Revival / Revenge to bring her back.

Our decks are different though, but check out my deck Mayhem if you want to compare

DerektheRed on Making a new deck

5 months ago

Two things: If you want to stick 5-color, I'd be tempted to add cards like Pestilent Spirit and Soulfire Grand Master . Seems like a fun wrinkle.

Two, might be fun to use with the suite of cards that encourage attacking, but not you. ( Assault Suit , the 'Vow' cycle, etc.) I know that's getting away from the theme a little bit.

BlackDeegs on Mayhem

5 months ago

I agree, Pestilent Spirit is undervalued and overlooked. Menace + Deathtouch is an amazing combination and 3/2 for 3 with only a singular black mana requirement is insanely good value. I would just look at his ability as an added extra to make your shocks and sacking a Footlight Fiend that much deadlier.

I would definitely reduce your Judith, the Scourge Diva to three and drop a second Bedevil or a third Risk Factor into your main board. Sword-Point Diplomacy could also be great in this deck as it can cost your opponent up to 9 life.

hippobob on The Void of Mass Confusion and to Many Key Words

5 months ago

The Void of Mass Confusion and Too* Many (Key?)Words ;)

Sweet deck, young planeswalker; it seems most formidable. I have a couple thoughts about ways you can totally max out the value in every card in the deck!

Basically, I think you want to maximize the chances that all the creatures you have on the field are working together.

Swap Out These 14 Cards -3x Vampire Nighthawk -2x Serra Angel -3x Dub -1x Primevals' Glorious Rebirth -2x On Serra's Wings -1x Zetalpa, Primal Dawn -2x Llanowar Elves

For these badboys: +1x Healer's Hawk +2x Lone Rider  Flip +1x Fauna Shaman +2x Thalia's Lancers +1x Isareth the Awakener +2x Sylvan Caryatid +1x Birds of Paradise +2x Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim +1x Vona, Butcher of Magan +1x Aryel, Knight of Windgrace

In general, you want to maximize your chances of game-winning synergy. I think these changes will help smooth out the mana curve, provide reliability to the central combos of the deck, and will add versatility to the things your deck can do in 'edge' cases.

Obviously these are just suggestions to help get your brain buzzin'. Here are some other zesty critters with keyword abilities: Pestilent Spirit Would work well with a more control-y and less aggro-y creature build Ochran Assassin (with a critical mass of creatures already on the battlefield, this could win lots of games) Elenda, the Dusk Rose Gifted Aetherborn

Another cool family of cards to consider is equipment. Odiric and knight exemplar could combo really well with Danitha Capashen, Paragon , Puresteel Paladin , Basilisk Collar , Loxodon Warhammer , and other powerful equipment.

Have fun sorcering! Your Bro

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