Bear Umbra


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi Rare

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Bear Umbra

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has "Whenever this creature attack, untap all lands you control."

Totem armor (If enchanted creature would be destroyed, instead remove all damage from it and destroy this Aura.)

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Bear Umbra Discussion

dolphinsgrubb on The Many faces of Scion

3 days ago

E_Hunter Phage the Untouchable is semi reliable due to being paired with Conspiracy which has named Dragons. With Conspiracy out with Scion of the Ur-Dragon I can pay and make him a copy of Phage, which bypasses her "from the hand" clause. This only puts one player out of the game but paired with Aggravated Assault and some cards I will be looking to slot in (Bear Umbra, Sword of Feast and Famine) it can become a table wipe.

greyninja on Staples for the Xenagod?

3 weeks ago

I ran Xenagos, God of Revels for a long time until I swapped to Omnath, Locus of Rage

Atarka, World Render hits for 24 w xenagod. Craterhoof Behemoth ends games. Hydra Omnivore is solid.

Cyclops Gladiator and Mordant Dragon are great for damage and creature removal. Balefire Dragon is a sweeper. Chandra's Ignition flat out ends games with someone like Malignus. Another game winner is Triumph of the Hordes

Extra combat phases are scary too. Relentless Assault, Savage Beating, Seize the Day, etc

I also ran infinite combat phases
Aggravated Assault + Savage Ventmaw
Aggravated Assault + Sword of Feast and Famine + Creature
Aggravated Assault + Bear Umbra + Creature
Aggravated Assault + Nature's Will + Creature
Hellkite Charger + Sword of Feast and Famine
Hellkite Charger + Bear Umbra
Hellkite Charger + Nature's Will

Don't forget to add in a ton of ramp get to get it rippin' and roarin'! Have fun!

Rzepkanut on Cascading Chaos, Decent into Madness

1 month ago

Hey! Got some ideas for your chaos deck....first a combo with cards that are intersting alone but hilarious together, Timesifter + Stranglehold = extra turns for only you, other people get turns too just less often... some more free stuff...Omen Machine, Temporal Aperture, Unexpected Results, Master of Predicaments, Hazoret's Undying Fury, Mind's Dilation, Eye of the Storm ... fun and useful thingys like Clever Impersonator, Mirage Mirror.... Homeward Path combos with the Perplexing Chimera and probably other chaos cards in here already. Teferi's Realm is crazy, Zur's Weirding is troll status for sure plus cascade is unaffected by it, Nature's Will and Bear Umbra because they're so good with Yidris. Good luck :)

Harogi on Omnath, Locus of BIG GUY!

1 month ago

Omnath was my first too, mine was more budget and instead of ramping into big creatures it just ramped mana, made omnath huge, gave him trample and swung for 100's of damage. a bunch of trample cards and all of the enchantments that give extra mana from lands. also you should run Somberwald Sage, Nature's Will and Bear Umbra. keep turning people into fine red pastes TurtleZoom and keep the great decks coming.

h00n on Bearers of Pain

1 month ago

I updated the deck and the description.

I think the most important combo of this deck might be the Winter Orb + Bear Umbra + Dragon-Scarred Bear and therefore I decided to go for a 3, 4, 4 (since you really need those cards).

The second most important thing is removal after cutting the enemie's mana resources, so I decided for 3 Ulvenwald Tracker but kept 2 Predatory Urge since the Tracker needs mana, and mana can be invested better in the lategame.

I've removed the Gnarlid Pack because the lategame potential is already pretty high, looking at the ability to clear the enite battlefield from opposing creatures and being able to create tons of tokens. Because of that I think this deck also doesn't need the Wild Beastmaster.

Yeva, Nature's Herald indeed is spicy, but feels kind of a 2GG waste in my opinion, since you don't really need the flash imho - what's your opponent going to do to you? He can't cast many spells and my creatures can either fight or are bigger.

I removed Kamahl's Summons entirly, just because there needs to be space for better, threshold feeding cards like Insist.

But after all: Thank you very much for you rsuggestions, I simply don't know how I missed the Winter Orb combo.

McKendry2 on Bearers of Pain

1 month ago

Winter Orb + Dragon-Scarred Bear + Bear Umbra = Undying Hilarity as your opponent squirms

McKendry2 on Bearers of Pain

1 month ago

Insist can swap with 1x Bear Umbra 1x Werebear 1x Predatory Urge

You only need to find one Bear Umbra to have instant value. You don't need 2 or 3 so the 4x doesn't feel great.

4x Predatory Urge has the same problem. This deck is looking to eat faces not cardboard.

4x Werebear has the problem where you're spamming mana dorks early to hit a curve that is already attainable just with land drops. You wanna be dropping Werebear when you have Threshold set up for that value 4/4.

Consider Winter Orb as sideboard hate. You're running Bear Umbra you can just force untap all of your lands with a combat step

seshiro_of_the_orochi on How To Maim With Catgons: Wasitora EDH

1 month ago

I vote for Hellkite Charger and Bear Umbra. With your commander and these two, you can sweep your opponent's whole board and then create all the toothless babies you wannt.

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