Auriok Champion


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Rare
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Auriok Champion

Creature — Human Cleric

Protection from black and from red

Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, you may gain 1 life.

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Auriok Champion Discussion

Faded on Ayli, first attempt.

1 day ago

This is a solid list. I run a Teysa, Orzhov Scion deck. Teysa, Orzhov Scion Control that started out as an Ayil build.

Some cards to think about:

Karlov of the Ghost Council - You have a ton of life gain triggers, Karlov is both a beater and removal. Possible cut Drana's Emissary.

Auriok Champion - if you are looking for more life gain, the protection is an added bonus. Potential replacement option for Ajani's Mantra.

Anguished Unmaking - would be fantastic in this build with all your life gain, better than Vindicate. Utter End is also great for the instant speed. You seem to be running a fair amount of board wipes so perhaps you don't need them but if you find you need more spot removal those two are all stars.

Silverdrake on Soul Sisters

2 weeks ago

I know Ajani's Welcome is kinda like another sister, but the fact that it only triggers on your creatures plus the fact that it doesn't bring a body with it makes it a little subpar in my eyes... If you really want a third sister, consider Auriok Champion or potentially Suture Priest. Champion blocks bloodbraid, angler, tasigur, death's shadow, and more all day long so that's the option I'd go for. Mark of Asylum is.. strange to see in a list like this. If you enjoy playing it then go for it, but I think you may be better suited running more threats or anthems. I could understand bringing it in from sideboard against decks playing Anger of the Gods or Sweltering Suns, but mainboard it feels like a wasted slot. Just my opinions though, if you like it the way it is then rock on :)

zephyr_chang on Spinsters Sisters

3 weeks ago

I'm not sure if Soul Sisters is meant to be a swarm and rush type of deck, which looks like what your deck is shaping up to be (with Oketra's Monument and to a lesser extent Whitemane Lion, as well as Brave the Elements). If you are looking to go large, you can consider some copies of Archangel of Thune and then just scrap the whole Monument/Lion package altogether.

I would also suggest, since you are playing Martyr of Sands in the first place, just play 4 copies of her. You always want the best possible chance to see her early. Ajani's Pridemate is likely to be your biggest beater too, so you should also play 4 of him. You can consider some copies of Auriok Champion as a better Soul Sister and she is much cheaper now too.

Not really sure why you have two random fetchlands in the list as well? Also, I think you can take out the 4 Lone Rider  Flips in the sideboard because in what matchup do you think they fare better than any of your existing creatures, and what would you take them out for? I would rather you put in some Rest in Peace or something, you don't have any graveyard hate at all.

galaxyman7 on Rainbow Roids (5 color +1/+1 counters)

1 month ago

After some more thinking about it, I decided to keep in mirrorweave just due to how much of a blowout it is against most decks. It's also the only way I can deal with big threats like emrakul, wurmcoil, etc. I will just have to side it out against the other decks.

Instead, I am cutting 2x Managorger hydra, which proved to be a little too slow against most decks, and died easily. I also am cutting 2x servant of the scale, which were not quite explosive enough. They turned out to be way too defensive, and if they eat removal when they are alone on board, nothing happens.

In their place, I am putting in the 4th walking ballista, and 3 Simic Initiate. Simic initiate can be super explosive with a hardened scales or constrictor, which is what this deck wants to do, and combos really well with most of the deck anyways. It isn't great on it's own, which is why I was hesitant to play it, but I think it makes such a big impact on the other cards that it doesn't matter.

I also added 1 more Llanowar Reborn for the same reason. It's just pure value for a land slot. I took out a forest for it, which does make the deck a little weaker against blood moon, but it's pretty screwed against that anyways, hence the nature's claim and spell pierce in the sideboard.

Sideboard changes:

-2 Battle priest - too slow against burn, and most of the time our creatures don't survive for long anyways

-2 Stubborn denial - again, too hard to get ferocious.

-2 Inspiring call - a disappointing cut, since it's what inspired me to make this deck, but it's just too slow, and only works well if you are already winning. Spell pierce is just much better.

+3 Auriok Champion - doesn't fit the theme of +1/+1 counters really, but its just insane against mono red, pyromancer decks, hollow one, etc. Later when we have stabilized, we can always throw some counters on it for an unblockable, unkillable threat.

+3 Spell Pierce - Replaced stubborn denial. It's just a little more consistent and deals with lots of stuff.

TKDbeast on Soul Sisters (Sky Monument)

2 months ago

Interesting! I love Sky Hussar. Really creative design.

I'd recommend putting a basic island in there, just in case a creature receives a Path to Exile and you need {U}, you're cracking a fetch on low life, or your opponent plays a Blood Moon, you'll still be able to cast your {U} spells.

Perhaps more copies of Auriok Champion should go to your sideboard.

I'm interested as to why you didn't add Ajani's Pridemate. Is the metagame too removal-heavy for it nowadays? Same goes for Kor Skyfisher.

I'd also think about having Sundering Growth instead of Disenchant. In fact, thanks to Detention Sphere, I don't even think you need Disenchant at all! Maybe put a planeswalker or two in its stead, or perhaps a Celestial Purge, although, with all the Auriok Champions, you might not need it. Heck, with the overabundance of Humans, Linvala, Keeper of Silence might be a good choice.

What a really creative twist on Soul Sisters!

Lord_Loss931 on Karlov Drain

3 months ago

Thank you KINGofORESKOS for the suggestions, Deathgreeter and Auriok Champion are ones I missed and I think will defiantly find a way into the deck. Treasury Thrull I have a copy but was worried it was a bit high of a CMC but I think I may throw it in for the recursion which I admit i over looked a tad. Athreos, God of Passage I will defiantly add just waiting on my LGS to get a copy.

PS. I accidentally hit the X for Auriok when i didnt mean to, my bad haha

KINGofORESKOS on Karlov Drain

3 months ago

Nice job with this deck! You seem to have all the key cards, I just have a few suggestions. Deathgreeter is the opposite of the soul sisters (Soul's Attendant & Soul Warden), but he makes your opponents think twice before hurting your creatures. Auriok Champion is basically another soul sister, so you want want to consider him. Athreos, God of Passage is just another fun way to make your opponents lose life. If you like cards with extort, Treasury Thrull might work its way into your deck. Keep up the good work!

jordybear2002 on ManaQueen

3 months ago

Hello there! So I would LOVE to help you out! Ok so as you have read the MOST and I mean ABSOLUTE MOST lands you can have is 40 and higher that is just not needed. In slivers or just making slivers form your sliver queen try getting cards like when a creature enters the battlefield and things like that and be careful of cards that so when you cast a creature spell instead of when a creature enters the battlefield. Artifacts - Keep Ashnod's Altar Chromatic Lantern Gilded Lotus Sol Ring Lands - Keep Canopy Vista Command Tower Dark Depths Flagstones of Trokair Gaea's Cradle Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Pillar of the Paruns Thespian's Stage VesuvaInstants - Enlightened Tutor Vampiric TutorSorceries - Channel the Suns Commune with Nature Demonic Tutor Restore Sylvan Scrying Time of Need Vindicate Creatures - Auriok Champion Courser of Kruphix Essence Warden Hangarback Walker Joiner Adept Linvala, Keeper of Silence Soul's Attendant Soul Warden Urborg ElfEnchantments - Defense of the Heart Exquisite Blood gravepact Land Tax Sanguine Blood Tranquil Grove Ok so those are the cards that I would keep for starters. Cards like Azusa, Lost but Seeking Exploration and Explore will definitely help you out with your land. Plus cards like Authority of the Consuls Thalia, Heretic Cathar and Ghostly Prison help you out early game to get ahead of everybody. Also I know what I said about the whole creatures entering the battlefield and all that but actually Zendikar Resurgent will be a HUGE help for mana and card draw if you got creature which is my assumption. Also Protean Hulk Tishana, Voice of Thunder and Seal of the Guildpact just for extra support. And plus if you want some just plain fun do Sheoldred, Whispering One, Equilibrium, Rhystic Study, and Unexpected Results. Hope this helps!!!!!

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