Auriok Champion


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Dawn Rare

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Auriok Champion

Creature — Human Cleric

Protection from black and from red

Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, you may gain 1 life.

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Auriok Champion Discussion

Tethys on B/W Tokens

1 week ago

Elves has consistently been a difficult matchup in my experience, as well as for the other Tokens players in my meta whom I discuss matchup strategy. I have had some successes, of course. On the play, having three 3/2 Flying Lifelink Vigilance Spirits on turn four means we can race them. On the draw, ripping the first lord out of their hand, Pushing/Pathing the next one, then dropping Zealous Persecution to wipe their side of the field sets us up for a likely win.

The issue in my experience is that more often than not, the cards do not line up quite so nicely, and they are able to create an unstoppable board state faster than we can and/or in spite of what disruption and removal we play. Flaying Tendrils is definitely a good card in this matchup. I would run a copy in my board, but nobody in my meta plays Dredge, so its value proposition is considerable diminished in my case.

I agree with you regarding Auriok Champion. It is the single best answer to Burn that BW Tokens can play. That being said, I simply don't need it (and notably, it is a very expensive card). My build has so many ways to gain piles of life that the matchup is almost impossibly uphill for Burn players. Part of the reason I run mainboard Timely is actually so I can have 14 strong Token Generators. Sweepers are extremely prevalent in my meta (so much so that I have been tempted to run a third Selfless Spirit in the sideboard). The higher density of token producers reduces the likelyhood that Anger/Wrath/Damnation is going to be a game ender, and as I'm sure you know, the two best times to play Timely are either as your first token producer or immediately following a sweeper. It is a strong card and one that I think is regularly underrated. Mainboarding it is definitely a meta dependent choice though.

Would I run Auriok Champion if I had a couple of them? Yeah, probably. Do I have any need/desire to drop $50+ on a pair of them? Nope.

BTW, I am a big fan of your build as well. I saw that you ditched your Auriok Champions recently though. Any particular reason?

Vman on BW Tokens

1 week ago

Path to Exile Murderous Cut seem like better removal than Doom Blade. tested this against the modern deck im working on Liliana's Rogue (playtest plus advertising 2 for 1 ehhhhhh) and it goes well untill you dont have an answer other than chump blocking. not just my deck but alot of decks our there run black creatures like the rhino and Death's Shadow. Oblivion Ring is a card i love but much slower.

maybe consider Hero of Bladehold? $4 is budget-y i guess. or Auriok Champion against burn.

Neotrup on Odric, Lunarch Marshal

1 week ago

No. Why would they? If you have Auriok Champion and Concerted Effort then at the beginning of each upkeep all your creatures will get protection from red and black, but Odric, Lunarch Marshal doesn't interact with protection.

Riv329 on Odric, Lunarch Marshal

1 week ago

If I have Auriok Champion out on the battle filed and then bring Odric, Lunarch Marshal out does all my creature now have protection from black and from red at the beginning of combat.

tschiller on Gideon, the overpowered Planeswalker

2 weeks ago

Hi CinnaToastKrunch, lagotripha, mack10k and Silverpandaria! First of all, ty for your inputs. Here are my thoughts on them:

Secure the Wastes: Won't find it's way in. Raise the Alarm is a steady 2 drop which gives two tokens. With Wastes I'd block my mana which I need for the Planeswalkers and flying (!) tokens from drop 3 on. Nevertheless it would have been a great mana sink, but I'll adress this issue later on in my answer.

Utter End and Anguished Unmaking: to costly manawise. With Inquisition of Kozilek and Path to Exile I feel like there's enough control at my hand. If not I'd rather go for a supplementary set of Thoughtseize playable as 1 drop.

Sideboard: Isn't a topic at the moment, see one of my first answers in the comment section ;)

Bitterblossom: Nah.. Just to costly moneywise and I don't think I'd could swallow a constant lifeloss with this deck since it's rather a midranged one. Also the tokens are kind of a subtheme. Maybe in a distant future when I don't know anything else to do with my money :D

Soul Warden and Auriok Champion: Don't fit the theme of this deck in my opinion. It's not Soul Sisters after all. Also I rather have some control at my disposal with the 1 drops.

Westvale Abbey  Flip: It's an interesting card, but also not very beneficial for the deck. Sure I could sac the tokens, but I'd rather use them for a constant damage dealing. But maybe I put one in there just for the lulz after playtesting some more, we'll see :)

Changes: Your inputs, especially Westvale Abbey  Flip and Secure the Wastes made me think about mana sink possibilities. This was an issue which now I worked around with Vault of the Archangel. Also fiddled around with the manabase, welcome Marsh Flats. For these changes went down 2 Plains and 2 Isolated Chapel.

mack10k on Gideon, the overpowered Planeswalker

2 weeks ago

Bitterblossoms should be in any modern BW token deck. I don't know much about modern, (I just started last month with 8 Whack), but BW tokens was a deck I was looking at. Honestly I think Soul Warden and Auriok Champion should be in here as well.

MisterMuffin21 on B/W Tokens

2 weeks ago

From personnal experience, Elf is not such a bad match-up. They really don't like spot-removal on their lords and Hand-disruption often remove the biggest problem card they could have, and we run both in good numbers. Plus, you run two Zealous Persecution, which is very good against them. If you struggle with them, Flaying Tendrils actually works wonder. Plus it's an excellent answer to Dredge.

I also think Auriok Champion is a better answer to burn in general. Timely Reinforcements is also very good, but they often cast Skullcrack or Atarka's Command in response, while Auriok Champion's incremental life gain is very hard to deal with. The only real answer they have for it is Path to Exile and Reality Hemorrhage. Seeing as you already run 12 other token generator, my suggestion would be to replace the mainboard Timely Reinforcements with Auriok Champion.

But even without my suggestions, nice list. Would play with or against.

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