Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Mythic Rare

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Creature — Elemental Spirit

Malignus's power and toughness are equal to half the highest life total among your opponents, rounded up.Damage that would be dealt by Malignus cannot be prevented.

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Malignus Discussion

lithium142 on Boros Battalion

3 weeks ago

A deck in this style needs the lowest possible mana costs to be effective. as it sits, you have too many cards in the deck with mana costs 4 and higher. it's ok to have some lategame finishers just in case you dont get through, but right now your early game is weak, and that needs to be your strongest point. also, you need removal. sticking to the theme of being aggressive, Lightning Helix is pretty good, and Lightning Bolt is the most played card in modern for a reason.

now for creatures. you could and should cut the following from the deck. they dont advance your plan, and are too expensive, anyway.

Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder - he doesn't do anything good for your deck, only slows down your hand.

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight - she advances your gameplan, but realistically you wont be able to cast her until turn 10 or later, and you should be winning your games before then.

Heartless Hidetsugu - he's too slow. cutting an opponent's life total in half sounds cool, but by turn 5, that's probably only 4 or 5 damage at the most.

Malignus - same problem as Heartless Hidetsugu

Tajic, Blade of the Legion - this one is finicky. he's actually not bad, i just think we could do better.

last, i have straightup upgrades for Isamaru, Hound of Konda and Bomber Corps


I really like Boros Elite, Legion Loyalist, and Boros Charm in this strategy. they are super fast, and just make your deck a nightmare to deal with. Boros Reckoner is pretty solid too, and Firemane Avenger can clean up games very fast.

here's my recommendations:

Goblin Bushwhacker and Reckless Bushwhacker are insane in a deck like yours. with the ability to double your damage out of left field, I HIGHLY recommend these two cards as 4 of each. um, if you have the money, Goblin Guide. if not, i totally understand.

a personal favorite of mine is Keldon Marauders. they provide a lot of pressure, with the potential for 5 damage for 2 mana.

Mirran Crusader or Vexing Devil could be fun to play with, and if you really want to have more battalion in the deck, Frontline Medic can be a nightmare to deal with.

last, lose the Wind-Scarred Crags. this deck cannot afford to have lands entering tapped. you're better off running Plains and Mountains. although, Contested War Zone and Slayers' Stronghold could be fun to run one or two of. if you want multicolored lands, Inspiring Vantage is still pretty cheap, and im sure you know about Sacred Foundry.

Let me know i you have any questions =) I played this archetype for the better part of two years, so im happy to help you out

frogkill45 on Turn 4 win with Budget Elementals

3 weeks ago

Malignus is also a great sideboard card.

MRDOOM3 on xenagos, god of revels

1 month ago

First of all, I would either cut Ruric Thar or cut a few noncreature spells, since his ability applies to everyone, and all it takes to bring someone down from 40 to 0 is 7 noncreatures.

I would cut Vexing Shusher and replace it with Spellbreaker Behemoth.

Alongside mana dorks, you probably should use extra lands per turn cards such as Mina and Denn, Wildborn and Azusa, Lost but Seeking.

Siege Behemoth and Arlinn Kord  Flip are nice for getting past pesky chump blockers, should your creatures not have trample handy.

Pathbreaker Ibex, Rapacious One, Balefire Dragon, and technically Deus of Calamity are all cards that benefit from Xenago's pump ability.

To protect your fatties during attacking, Stonehoof Chieftain can help with those with deathtouch or protection from red/green and Breaker of Armies helps by being the "attention stealer".

Malignus makes for a very nice early game threat and beater as well.

One lovely synergy I like to run is Dragon Throne of Tarkir+Heroes' Bane. Sure, my 256/256 gets reduced to a mere doorstop, but much worse things happen afterwards.

You can find my Xenagos deck here. Who knows, you may find some cards you like!

Panas on Bashing heads

1 month ago

I would keep 10 sources of land-ramp (i.e. Rampant Growth: getting lands into play is more reliable in the long run as people tend to blow the world up every 2-3 turns in my playgroup). Keep these at most 3 mana to ensure a Xenagos turn 4. After that, I'd look for 7-8 sources of card advantage (Sylvan Library comes to mind, also Harmonize and Mind's Eye). Then get 30-ish anythings that inherently have evasion (like trample: Giant Adephage or flying: Balefire Dragon) or big abilities like Terastodon and Bane of Progress. Fill the gaps with red/green removal such as Beast Within and Chaos Warp, some tutors (Fierce Empath, Worldly Tutor) and other utility (Asceticism). And you will be ready.

Some really nice interactions include Malignus and your cmd, as well as Savage Ventmaw+Aggravated Assault and your cmd.

A nice finisher is Blightsteel Colossus with Chandra's Ignition for when you need a very dead table immediately.

Those are my two cents, hope they were kinda helpful... Getting into single cards and trying to make 20 cuts or so is a bit too tedious for me :(

headrunner on Akiri and Bruse, Ally Equipments EDH

1 month ago

Thanks a ton JaysomeDecks! I had meant to include Malignus but kept forgetting about him whenever i edited my deck. Also, I always forget about the pro-colors affecting my things...

Also, I did not read Heartless Hidetsugu close enough. I did not realize HE dealt the damage. Great artifacts too!

JaysomeDecks on Akiri and Bruse, Ally Equipments EDH

1 month ago

One brief tip about running the swords: if you give a creature protection from white or from red, Bruse won't be able to target them with his ability. That limits your sword options to Feast and Famine, and Body And Mind, at least if you want to maintain synergy with your deck.

Two cards I would suggest are Malignus and Heartless Hidetsugu. The reason behind these two is their unprecedented synergy with Bruse, who, being your commander, you always have access to.

Malignus with double strike is swinging for lethal. If it isn't blocked, that's game. If it is, you still gain a rediculous amount of life.

Tap Heartless Hidetsugu after giving him lifelink from Bruse, not only does everyone except for you lose half their life, but you also gain everything they lost.

These are two of the strongest cards in my deck. (I loved the idea of these partners as well). And the icing on the cake? Together they total about $3.

HOPMONSTER on Alesha, Who Smiles at Her Bank Account (UPDATING)

1 month ago

Haven't looked much into building around Alesha myself. but this looks like a fun build. I think I would try to incorporate more of the x/x power/toughness creatures to explode out of your graveyard like revenant: Geist-Honored Monk, Keldon Warlord, Lost Order of Jarkeld, Malignus, Minion of the Wastes, Mortivore, Serra Avatar, etc.

As a lover of black and reamination, personally I would probably take this in a zombie direction, but that would just be my take.

Snap157 on Blazing Warrior's Soul

1 month ago

Dude... Malignus isn't a warrior but it think this dude would kick ass. Great Deck +1

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