Windgrace's Judgment


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Rare

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Windgrace's Judgment


For any number of opponents, destroy target nonland permanent that player controls.

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Windgrace's Judgment Discussion

elgosu1337 on Lord of Cinder

3 weeks ago

You're missing the core of a lands deck to play lots of lands with things like Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Exploration, Mina and Denn, Wildborn, Oracle of Mul Daya, Storm Cauldron, Wayward Swordtooth, and Burgeoning. Also, recursion from Crucible of Worlds, and more lands that sacrifice. These will be much stronger than the typical ramp cards you are playing like Birds of Paradise and Sylvan Caryatid and Chromatic Lantern.

If you want to play burn, you need Boseiju, Who Shelters All and Vexing Shusher. Jaya's Immolating Inferno is a good X spell that can burn three opponents. Fall of the Titans can hit two.

Rather than all the mana doubling effects that help your opponents, just play Mana Reflection and Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger. Mirari and Wort, the Raidmother can help copy spells. You might as well add in some good removal like Decimate, Windgrace's Judgment, and Lavalanche to copy. You might have too many spells that just copy spells though.

I would cut Doubling Season and all the planeswalkers since they don't contribute much to that strategy.

_Kane_ on The Brown Spider

1 month ago

I cannot wait to see the chaos unfold!

Here are a few quick suggestions; take'em or leave'em:

Remove Foreboding Ruins to add Savage Lands I believe the "Have" land is worse than a Tri-land.

I think you can find better ramp in Cultivate by removing Search for Tomorrow.

Where is Windgrace's Judgment and Decimate! I know you want to give people toys, but having some answers may be needed. Maybe remove a couple enchantments like - Trespasser's Curse and/or Titania's Song

Card I love seeing in this deck: Swarmyard, Endless Whispers

Potential adds: Disrupt Decorum, Fumiko the Lowblood, Tempt with Vengeance?,

hejtmane on

1 month ago

@Italian2stalian I have all those in my maybe it is so hard because there are so many good choices I like your deck as while I even thought of some the cards you are using. I know planesswalker you can leverage the proliferate on the loyalty counters so that is nice. That is the hardest part is deciding what to keep and what to replace. I did take your Lux Cannon in place of Windgrace's Judgment. I am still tinkering on the deck as I get advice and suggestions Thank You.

franknot.19 on Atraxa, legendary Voice,

1 month ago

4th change:

Thanks for the suggestion MurderForBrunch, I didn't think about Imprisoned in the Moon. I'm going to organize my enchantment pretty soon. For Merciless Eviction, it's a great card, but I want to test a new card from the commander 18 edition first.

Now the new change:

Ajani Steadfast for Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

City of Brass for Llanowar Wastes

Windgrace's Judgment for Putrefy

Forge of Heroes for Saltcrusted Steppe (that realy a test)

Elspeth, Sun's Champion for Jace, Architect of Thought

Aminatou, the Fateshifter for Garruk Wildspeaker

BigPaperJelly on Lord Windgrace - Lands EDH

1 month ago

Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely like the addition of Nissa, Vital Force and Windgrace's Judgment. Dakmor Salvage can provide an infinite loop with GitFrog and Seismic Assault, but I would also have to include cards that shuffle back in as well, so maybe if I move the deck away from Toolbox and into dedicated combo it is something I would consider. Storm Cauldron is an interesting puzzle, but I think its ability is a still a big drawback for me as I'm trying to achieve a critical mass of lands.

Forkbeard on The Queen's Egg

1 month ago

Curious to hear your thoughts on Windgrace's Judgment as a removal spell possibility in here. Do the pros (instant, potential for multiple targets) outweigh the cons (steep mana cost)?

elgosu1337 on Lord Windgrace - Lands EDH

1 month ago

Storm Cauldron should be good for more extra land plays and to disrupt opponents when they tap lands for mana. Wayward Swordtooth also gives extra land plays. Nissa, Vital Force can give more card draw. Dakmor Salvage can combo with Gitrog and a discard outlet. Decimate and the new Windgrace's Judgment could be useful removal.

tcw43 on Lord Windgrace Lands | Commander 2018

2 months ago

Jdrawer Not a lot. Other than Lord Windgrace, he only keeps 27 cards from the precon. 3 creatures (Avenger of Zendikar, Nesting Dragon, and Rampaging Baloths), 1 artifact (Sol Ring obviously), 2 instants (Harrow and Windgrace's Judgment), 2 sorceries (Decimate and Worm Harvest), and 19 lands (10 of which are basic).

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