Relentless Dead

Relentless Dead

Creature — Zombie

Menace (This creature can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.)

When Relentless Dead dies, you may pay . If you do, return it to its owner's hand.

When Relentless Dead dies, you may pay . If you do, return another target Zombie creature card with converted mana cost X from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Relentless Dead occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Black: 0.12%

Relentless Dead Discussion

12_dwarfs on Tayam Aristocrats Combo

1 day ago

Wow man...this is a,stupid cool deck, I love the combos, I see you have blood artist, here's a,good combo I think would work Blood Artist + Ashnod's Altar + Bog Initiate + Relentless Dead

James13 on Black No.1

2 days ago

Liliana of the Veil works with Bloodghast and to a lesser extent Relentless Dead.

Tylord2894 on Life, Death, and Zombies

1 month ago

Thanks for your comments and upvotes CheapnFast, Swilliam, and fatalzintomyum! I appreciate it.

I'm generally a combo player that doesn't like combat nor tribal decks, so this deck is fairly out of my comfort zone. This deck is a riff on one of my first ever deck that wasn't complete garbage. In that deck, I ran several lord effects in that deck, but I wanted to put a combo twist on this deck. That's were Rally came in. That's the original motivation for this deck (probably something I should put in the description).

I like your suggestions, Swilliam. If you wanted to take the deck a slightly different route, you totally could. I thought about adding Rotting Regisaur while brewing this deck, but I chose Plague Belcher instead for a couple of reasons. First, Belcher can come down and kill your Stitcher's Supplier (something that's not always easy to do). It can eat a zombie token for Diregraf Colossus, so you aren't missing out on too much tempo most times. It also has menace which makes it harder to block. If your opponent has any blockers, they will be put in front of the Belcher before anything else (except for maybe a Diregraf Colossus) most of the time. The same would go for the Regisaur. In that way, the Belcher is dealing more damage because it is stopping more blockers than the Regisaur. I also am not a fan of Foulmire Knight. This might just be preference, but I find myself casting Sign in Blood when I need to dig for land or another creature. Profane Insight costs three and only gets me one card, so it doesn't quite do what I need it to. I think cards like Dread Wanderer and even Relentless Dead do have very interesting synergies that could be worked in, but you'd have to switch the tone of the deck somewhat.

As for your suggestions, CheapnFast, you could easily add in some lord effects. In that case, you might want to cut a copy of Rally and maybe Plague Belcher. Like I said above, the Belcher largely just increases the amount of damage you can do. Lord effects would do the same. If that's how you wanted to go, I think there are only two lords you'd want to consider, Death Baron and Lord of the Accursed. The Baron would help you get in damage earlier by making blocks disadvantageous. You could then drain your opponent as a finisher. The Lord, on the other hand, would be used to finish your opponent with combat while you drain them in the early game. I don't think one is generally better than the other. It would largely depend on your meta and playstyle. The Baron does die to shock, though, and that's unfortunate.

Again, thank you for taking some time to give your suggestions. I'll be updating the description into more of a primer with these options as alternative routes for the build.

fmastrome2008 on The Zombie Deck

1 month ago

I love me some B/W zombies.

Some recommendations:

  1. 4 Damping Sphere is too much and you never want multiple copies. I'd trim that to 3.
  2. They're expensive, but useful. Cavern of Souls. If you have non-zombie sideboard cards, I'd keep it to 3 tops. 2 usually does the trick.
  3. Tidehollow Sculler does work on opponent's hands. Relentless Dead is more of a midrange card with a lot of mana investment. I almost never want multiples of Relentless. From my experience, I'd flip the numbers... 4 Sculler and 3 Dead.
  4. Carrion Feeder has great synergy with Gravecrawler, making him a beat stick. Sac, recast, repeat. He also generates tokens with Diregraf Colossus. Also, sac Geralf's Messenger for extra non-combat damage in a board stall.
  5. If you like zombie sideboard cards: Lifebane Zombie can help tear apart opposing hands, Withered Wretch is extra graveyard hate.
  6. Your curve is a tad high for a zombie build.

Isntitizzet on Menace of the Beasts

1 month ago

Given that all of your creatures already have menace, I feel that Iroas is sort of unnecessary here. His cmc is also high for an aggro deck, so additional 1 drops with menace could take his place. I feel overall this menace build wants to be very low to the ground, mostly 1 and 2 drops with some essential 3s like Sonorous Howlbonder at the top along with possibly cards like Hunted Nightmare. One drops aren't very strong unfortunately,Village Messenger  Flip (gets menace after transformation) Dreadmalkin and Insolent Neonate come to mind as the best available you aren't already playing. However, at 2 Kari Zev, Skyship Raider and Relentless Dead are fairly good here. Even if relentless dead can only get itself back, that's still a decent 2 drop with some resilience to removal spells. Malkin is also a zombie, and Plague Belcher has some great synergy with relentless dead as well. You can put the counters on relentless dead and pay the B to get it back. Its pretty greedy, and the Hunted Nightmare is probably just better, but they both have downsides in their own ways. Unfortunately the good menace creatures seem to clog up the 3 spot. Rampaging Ferocidon, Sin Prodder, Grimdancer and Pestilent Spirit all fall at 3 and you cant play all of them along with Howlbonder and Hunted nightmare.

Wiggyman on Uh... Let Me Read Your Commander Real Quick...

2 months ago

pokemon45: Thanks for the comment! As far as Phyrexian Reclamation goes, I usually don't end up with too many creatures in my graveyard, as I've opted to for the most part limit my sacrificing to the tokens Endrek makes.

As far as the others go, I think Endless Cockroaches and Relentless Dead are a bit too mana-intensive to work super well, but Thopter Assembly is certainly worth a look, because that'll give me 11 tokens a turn as opposed to the much smaller number produced by the others.

Thanks for the upvote!

Gidgetimer on Targeting a creature which is ...

2 months ago

When a card leaves the battlefield and then returns it is a new game object with no memory of or relation to its former self.

How you explained this happening doesn't work though. Relentless Dead's second trigger targets. This means that the creature you want to return must be in the graveyard before Relentless Dead dies because you pick a target when the trigger goes on the stack.

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