Hallowed Fountain


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
Return to Ravnica Rare
Dissension Rare

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Hallowed Fountain

Land — Plains Island

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

As Hallowed Fountain enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Hallowed Fountain enters the battlefield tapped.

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Hallowed Fountain Discussion

DeepbloodEclipse on Life gain control

5 days ago

What is your win condition?

I recommend more creatures. Ajani's Pridemate, Ajani's Sunstriker and Ajani's Mantra is a ridiculously good combo. Also, Flooded strand is an absoloute waste on basic lands. Get more dual lands if you want mana fixing, and if your whole deck is about lifegain, getting shock and pain lands is pretty useful. U/W dual land Prairie Stream has both Plains and Island land type, so it's possible to fetch that with Flooded Strand. There is also Hallowed Fountain, which is an aformentioned shockland

Emzed on Ain't nobody got time for a long match

1 week ago

I was just as reluctant about Carpet of Flowers as you are, but kept seeing the card in all kinds of good EDH lists, so i decided to give it a try. I was very surprised by its power level. If even one opponent has a single island (also counting duals with basic land types such as Hallowed Fountain), it's perfectly okay, but gets absolutely insane for every additional island. It gives you colored mana, and even starts doing so in the second mainphase of the turn you cast it. Sure, there have been games where it has been a dead card for me (rough estimate: 20-30% of the games), but there are other cards which vary in value, such as Reclamation Sage or Swords to Plowshares: They are good or even great most of the time, but sometimes you just don't need them. Even Gaea's Cradle isn't a good draw if there is no other colored land in your opening hand.
If your metagame is really low on blue decks, Carpet of Flowers doesn't make any sense, that's obvious. But don't dismiss this very powerful card just because it's situational. It's really good when it works, and is more reliable than most people think. You don't need to play against multiple decks with 30 basic islands to profit, as long as the color blue is present at the table in some form.

Firebones675 on Enchantments and Angels

1 week ago

Using glacial fortress instead would be fine. With regards to the lands the main reason why they are more expensive is because of fetchlands/shocklands. In a hypothetical white/blue/green deck, A single copy of Flooded Strand can find Hallowed Fountain, Breeding Pool or Temple Garden (in addition to finding regular basics) which is really helpful to make sure you always have each of your colors. In a two color deck this becomes a little less important since Glacial Fortress already gives you both of your colors. The main dowsnides to running fortress is if you draw an opening hand with 4 copies of fortress, they would all be forced to come in tapped compared to a shock/fetch mana base. Also as i mentioned earlier because they have a basic land type they can interact with cards like horizons. (Technically there are a couple other reasons like being to be able to shufle your library at will or thinning your deck slightly but that likely won't come up in your deck)If that's fine with you, running with the fortress mana base instead isn't bad by any stretch and significantly cheaper.

As for your horizon question, what happens when you cast it is that that specific copy of the card exiles the lands. If it leaves play for any reason the lands stay exiled. If another copy is played (or even the same one you played originally) the game sees it as a new card and thus can't choose any of the plains you exiled originally.

The specific wording on magic oracle is as follows (If your not familiar with the site you can google mtg oracle. It has every card ever printed and additional rulings for them)

1)If Endless Horizons leaves the battlefield, the remaining Plains cards stay exiled. If Endless Horizons returns to the battlefield, its a new object with no relation to its previous existence. The previously exiled Plains cards will still stay exiled.

2)If a different player gains control of Endless Horizons, its ability will trigger at the beginning of that players upkeep, but it wont do anything when it resolves.

Hope this helps!

cornpie987387 on Enchantments and Angels

1 week ago

Thank you Firebones675! I did not make those connections. Beyond being able to draw Hallowed Fountain and Prairie Stream with Endless Horizons, is there any other bonuses to using them over Glacial Fortress? I didn't want this deck to cost an absurd amount of money and those special lands are a little expensive. Same reason I didnt jump for Greater Auramancy. Quick question, if I use Endless Horizons and it gets destroyed, do I lose those plains? I would assume I would but I read something weird about how it resolves somewhere. I wanted to put enchanted evening in to prevent players from using cards like Spring Cleaning but I did not realise I would destroy my own lands. Does any one else have other ideas to prevent enchantment board clear cards? Thank you for commenting!

Firebones675 on Enchantments and Angels

1 week ago

I agree with Apakakuta. Keep in mind thatHallowed Fountain and Prairie Stream are plains and Endless Horizon never says the plains has to be a basic plains.

Thalia's Lancers might be a consideration it can fetch Augustin, several angels, and nykthos

I see you are considering Enchanted Evening. Keep in mind that when combined with Starfield of Nyx would cause all your lands to be a 0/0 and immediely be put into the graveyard as a state based action. Just something to be mindful of.

Jwillette72 on Torrential Jeskai

1 week ago

That's the main problem I've seen with AEtherling so far. It's a great card, being able to up it's attack and make it unblockable, but it's hard to get out in enough time to save my hide. I also really love Thing in the Ice  Flip it's one of the first cards I found that just went perfect with my whole counter everything idea. I'll also keep the Timely Reinforcements I just thought a good thought I think. I'll mention it in two paragraphs down.

I understand that Spell Pierce is awesome and it has saved me on a couple times. The problem I'm having with it, probably the same problem I'll have with Dispel, is that I never seem to get it when I need it. I get it too late. Which it still knocks out 2 mana from the opponent, but that doesn't usually seem to help. That's way I thought of getting rid of it.

I love Scalding Tarn and Arid Mesa, but I just don't have the finance to buy those two cards right now. Much less 2 or 4 of them. I like the idea of Steam Vents, Sacred Foundry, and Hallowed Fountain more then I thought I would. I don't like sacrificing more life then I have too, but after thinking about what you said about Timely Reinforcements being a nice 3 mana turn around for the game. I also started to think of it as a way to gain back the life that I lost via the Shock Lands. So I might find a way to add a second one in, to give me a way to play more shock lands without the fear of losing more life then necessary. I've found a couple games where I just can't play all of the red cards that are in my hand and I really need to be able to play them.

I really like Supreme Verdict and understand that it could be an awesome card in my Mainboard, but I just don't know what to take out to have the room for it.

I had heard of Elspeth, Sun's Champion before, but I didn't remember it's -7 having add flying which is pretty sweet. I'll definitely look into adding a couple of her into my deck. I really like my Jace, Architect of Thought, but I like the idea of being able to add three 1/1 white soldier tokens onto the field each turn too. Nice wall for some defense. Make my life a little easier!

ej133 on Torrential Jeskai

1 week ago

Ok, let's put these in topics:

  • 1.Now I'm thinking to maybe drop Timely Reinforcements and Aetherlings then add 3 Thing in the Ice in their stead

Well, AEtherling is a really cool card, but it's far too slow for modern. By the time you drop him, you will (very likely) be nearly dead already and he won't save you. Still, Timely Reinforcements is one of the most useful white cards ever, because for 3 mana you turn the game around quite effectively. I really like Thing in the Ice  Flip here, and you totally should run 3. So, I'd take out all the AEtherlings, keep the Timely and add 2 Thing's. Don't recommend using 4 of, anyway. They might get stuck in your hand.

  • 2.Next I'll drop Spell Pierce for Dispel

I like this. But don't underestimate Spell Pierce though, this card rocks, but sometimes it shows up too late, then it's good for nothing.

  • 3.Really like the idea of 4x Flooded Strand I might get 2x Hallowed Fountain and replace 1x Plains and 1x Island with them. What would I take out though to put in the 4x Flooded Strand?

Well, I played jeskai already. I know how expensive Zendikar's fetch lands are (Scalding Tarn and/or Arid Mesa, in case you missed it). So, the only fetch land you can buy without leading your family to starvation for a month or two is Flooded Strand. And, trust me, this changes your game. Being able to tutor your lands is mathematically awesome. And Hallowed Fountain, Sacred Foundry and Steam Vents aren't soooo expensive, when you think about the quantity of benefits they bring to your mana management (this sounds weird, right?). You gonna lose a bit more of lifepoints for getting your lands running, but you'll be able to cast any spell any time you want it. That is what a control decks needs.Anyway, you run too many basics. They will lock your game up every once in a while, so having better lands is one less possibility of getting manascrewed.

  • 4.Supreme Verdict seems like a good sideboard add too!

It is. I run it mainboard, because my local meta fucking love creatures. There's collected elves, affinity, kuldotha rebirth, titanshift, infect, naya zoo, suicide zoo, grixis delver, and many more. So, having a turn 4 mass removal is very wise.

  • 5.Lastly, how necessary is it to have a plains walker in your deck? I've thought about swapping them out for a couple other instant Counter/Burn spells.

So, I use Elspeth, Sun's Champion. She's like... a ex-wife taking your shit away...


Although she's a 6-drop, she's quite reliable (don't get bolted) and gives me board presence. In many situations, she ends up being my finisher (trust me, her -7 is INSANE), so I rarely ever side her out for anything. I don't have red, so no burn for me, and my counterspells are very solid in the mainboard already. So, when side in something, I go for specifical solutions for big problems (breaking an AEther Vial or a Blood Moon, or getting rid of a boring Liliana of the Veil).

Hope my comments are getting you somewhere.Thanks!

Jwillette72 on Torrential Jeskai

1 week ago

Really like the idea of 4x Flooded Strand I might get 2x Hallowed Fountain and replace 1x Plains and 1x Island with them. What would I take out though to put in the 4x Flooded Strand? Supreme Verdict seems like a good sideboard add too!

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