Hallowed Fountain


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) Rare
Zendikar Expeditions (EXP) Mythic Rare
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Rare
Dissension (DIS) Rare

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Hallowed Fountain

Land — Plains Island

(: Gain or .)

As Hallowed Fountain enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Hallowed Fountain enters the battlefield tapped.

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Hallowed Fountain Discussion

blackkitty on Ariel Azorius

1 day ago

I would recommend fortifying your mana base sone duel lands such as Hallowed Fountain or Glacial Fortress .

Docvegan on Esper Faeries

3 days ago

MrBiggieD That's a very good point, I'll play it with Remand for awhile! Also waiting on the new Hallowed Fountain artwork, and then this deck is fully finished.

ArchonBlue on Verity Circle In U/W Control?

1 week ago

Honestly Verity Circle looks way too slow for Modern. Maybe if you're playing a deck with a lot of activated abilities that require tapping like Grim Lavamancer you could stick one in the sideboard. Seems way too narrow and lethargic for mainboard play.

I love mainboard Settle the Wreckage because decks don't tend to play around it and its fantastic against any graveyard recursion deck (Dredge, Phoenix, Hollow One, etc.)

I don't think you need Oust or Azorius Charm in your build. They're really subpar cards to begin with and you already have an extra Snappy to hit Paths in your graveyard.

I think Mana Leak should be Logic Knot. Way more solid counterspell. Also why aren't you running Glacial Fortress? Hallowed Fountain as a 4 of seems pretty rough against Burn or any kind of Lightning Bolt deck, of which there are A LOT in the current meta.

I agree with you that Jace should be a 3 of, or else maybe run one less Terminus.

multimedia on EDH Lavinia Detention

2 weeks ago

Hey, Delay is a very good counterspell with Lavinia since your opponent can't cast the spell you countered after the time counters are removed since they pay no mana to cast it. Mana Breach and Overburden are opponent land disruption, good interaction with Lavinia. Mystic Remora and Rhystic Study are powerful draw enchantments with Lavinia. Aven Mindcensor, Containment Priest are two excellent hatebear; stop opponent's tutors and reanimation. Talisman of Progress is a two drop Azorius mana rock that always ETB untapped. Whir of Invention, Tezzeret the Seeker and Reshape are ways to tutor for Pool or Omen and put one of them into play. Hallowed Fountain and Adarkar Wastes are Azorius dual lands to consider.

Cards to consider cutting:

  • Cancel
  • Annul
  • Coldsteel Heart
  • Felidar Sovereign
  • Fog Bank
  • Guard Gomazoa
  • Sphinx of the Final Word
  • Ixalan's Binding
  • Portcullis
  • Endless Horizons
  • Conclave Tribunal
  • Azorius Guildgate
  • Sejiri Refuge

Good luck with your deck.

ANemoAcids on Instant Speed Tribal (<$100 BUDGET)

3 weeks ago

Just a momentary thought: Budget upgrades could include the land upgrades?

Flooded Strand, Minamo, School at Water's Edge, Hallowed Fountain (For those you just take away 2x islands and 1x Plains)

  1. -Island, +Myriad Landscape

  2. -Azorius Guildgate, +Adarkar Wastes

  3. -Meandering River, +Prairie Stream

  4. -Sejiri Refuge, +Glacial Fortress

  5. -Tranquil Cove, +Port Town

Those seem like excellent includes for once you've purchased the other ones and you're looking to finish the job.

Thanks for the upgrades guide, I've made a lot of use of it, adding some into the mainboard, and reserving a few that will be bought along with the 100 in the list, as a 15 card 'sideboard' of sorts, used to add in cards to power up the deck depending on what strengths I'm playing against.

3 changes I made though:

  1. -Kefnet the Mindful for Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep (Another cyclonic rift bounce effect vs. Kefnets self bounce for weird card advantage)

  2. -Azami, Lady of Scrolls Solemn Simulacrum (I feel like Simulacrum does what Azami wants to do with better consistency, you only really want to be paying UUU for a creature that is its own excellent engine, such as Arcanis. Azami needs way more wizards in the list to really get pumping, and unlike a Simulacrum, players will immediately respond to an Azami, they know it will generate game-winning card advantage, vs flashing in a chump block simulacrum for pure value-town, much faster than Azami's slow roller. Also, colour-less mana fixing. God bless).

  3. I kept Hushwing Gryff when I added Kira to mainboard, and instead dropped Aven Mindcensor for Kira, Great Glass-Spinner. The reason behind this being my playgroup has a krenko, as well as a bunch of other tribals. Tribal ETB's are powerful, I can't say no to keeping a hushwing in my back pocket. If I verse someone I know will play johnny combo, and search their library, I'll change between Censor and Hushwing accordingly.

My version of your list (which I just ordered as a nice christmas present to myself!):

Enral's Instant Speed Tribal Copy

+1 from me!

itsbuzzi on Jeskai Ascendancy Build In Progress

1 month ago

Hey was just looking this up to test something out and noticed you just put this up. Not sure if you're looking for suggestions and although I don't play this deck my buddy does and we playtest exclusively so I'm pretty sure how it runs. It seems this list very much resembles that guy on the pro tours' deck as I can see the sideboard tech he included and the nagging thoughts. I assume you know what each piece does in the deck after looking it up so i'll just address the changes my buddy and I made.

Not in any order: So the deck dies to any hand disruption because you need to keep a decent hand but once they know what you are playing they know which pieces to take out. 4X Leyline of Sanctity are very important in the sideboard for this reason and helps against burn decks that beat you before you can combo off.

The manabase only needs a few shocks. All green to play manadorks and red, white, and blue for ascendancy. So Hallowed Fountain and Steam Vents are not really needed and you would want more fetches. All the shock lands include green so my buddy uses the red green fetch. Sorry the name eludes me at this moment.

Now for the instants. My buddy plays 1 more Cerulean Wisps because he really likes that card, all the Manamorphose helps out against blood moon because you can play right through it but otherwise the card is subpar compared to other cantrips so I suggested playing 1 Manamorphose in side and 3 main in case game one you need to fetch it from the sideboard you still can. Noxious Revival has proven to be a powerhouse and is the only way to get a combo off on turn 2 because it costs 0 mana. He plays 4 just because other than getting the turn 2 combo it's just an ok card for 0 (it doesn't draw by itself). Silence is Time Walk. But the thing about this is you'll need to save a mana to be able to play it on their turn. Typically you'll want to try to find the combo pieces instead of stalling the opponent (they can still attack). it's really 12 for one and a dozen for another pick and choose with this card.

Although he doesn't run it I can see where Nagging Thoughts is good. You'll need 2 mana dorks (or a Fatestitcher to pull it off typically) but which resolving a card and drawing and discarding your creatures untap and you play another card, could be solid. Not sure but he doesn't run it.

He runs Dryad Arbor at the moment with Expedite along with View from Above just to make things go quicker. Because of this he runs more Abundant Growth to enchant his man land. As for other creatures he dropped a Fatestitcher because you don't need many, you can get him to the grave easy and bring him back fairly easy as well. He also runs a Noble Hierarch. Another 1 drop dork, 12 one a dozen another.

Rest of sideboard: I can see where Grapeshot is used but just use this card instead: Flesh / Blood. Mid combo you search for it, with a Fatestitcher you tap him and whatever other creature you have and whatever creature does 20+ damage to face. You win. Doing it this way frees up a sideboard slot. My buddy runs Meddling Mage. Just 1. It seems fun to search for and play it. There is also Fiery Justice in side. Seems good for little goblin decks or whatever. As for the rest of the sideboard we are still playing around. 1 Wear is good. It seems subpar to just kill one after searching but it still seems alright for Blood Moon or whatever else. The rest of his sideboard is being looked at so nothing else is really in there at the moment.

I think I hit on everything I can think of, hope it helped.

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