Hallowed Fountain


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions (EXP) Mythic Rare
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Rare
Dissension (DIS) Rare

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Hallowed Fountain

Land — Plains Island

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

As Hallowed Fountain enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Hallowed Fountain enters the battlefield tapped.

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Hallowed Fountain Discussion

itachi45 on H: Cold Hard Cash, W: ...

1 day ago

You want cash? I want cards.

Sacred Foundry

Hallowed Fountain

epajula on Pennies from Phyrexia [[Primer]]

3 days ago

Searches for Plains, Tundra, Scrubland, Hallowed Fountain, and Godless Shrine. It doesn't have the green mana symbol in the text so it's still within color identity of the commander.

ArchonBlue on Abusive Azor Law

4 days ago

Wall of Denial should be Wall of Omens, Negate is usually a one of with another in the sideboard because there isn't always a target for the second one. Mana Leak as a 4 of is excessive, it's only helpful early to mid game. Blustersquall should be replaced with hard removal like Path to Exile or Condemn for budget purposes. I'd replace the two Leaks with two Spell Snare and the three Negate with one Logic Knot and then either two Cryptic Command or two Render Silent depending on your budget. Evolving Wilds is terrible, replace with either Flooded Strand or Adarkar Wastes for budget. Consider Hallowed Fountain too, they're only like 6 bucks. Also as a budget wincon I've really enjoyed AEtherling, he dodges pretty much anything, pumps himself up, and is unblockable.

Epochalyptik on 3 Color Mana Base

5 days ago

A lot of it comes down to making sure the lands themselves are chosen smartly.

Tricolor mana bases can stretch a budget, but they don't necessarily have to. You do want to make sure you include good cycles of reliable dual lands, most of which are, thankfully, affordable.

- Check lands (Glacial Fortress)
- Pain lands (Adarkar Wastes)
- Trilands (Seaside Citadel)
- Shock lands (Hallowed Fountain)

That is usually enough to get you started.

Then, augment your land base with omnilands like Command Tower, Reflecting Pool, City of Brass, Exotic Orchard, etc. as your budget and situation allows.

If you're building G/X/Y, I strongly recommend including shock lands because you can tutor them with great ramp spells like Nature's Lore, Farseek, Skyshroud Claim, and others. They also set you up nicely to support check lands because they cover multiple basic land types. If you can afford them, fetches (start with the three on-color fetched and add more if you can) help improve consistency.

You can complement shocks with the slower fetchable lands from BFZ and Amonkhet (Prairie Stream, Irrigated Farmland).

Mana dorks, such as Birds of Paradise, Lotus Cobra, and Bloom Tender are very powerful options, and you'll want to include those that suit your deck, but I recommend focusing first on the lands.

Saint_Charles_VII on Aggressive Jeskai Jace

2 weeks ago

This is an awesome deck list.

On the debate between Opt and Serum Visions, as much as I love Opt and hate running 4 sorceries in an otherwise instant deck, I must recommend Serum Visions simply because it is more efficient and scales better as turns pass. Opt just doesn't do as much when you have a lot of open mana and the interaction with Jace's brainstorm is simply a bonus.

Ancestral Vision doesn't seem as good just because it is so slow to pull off.

In terms of counter spells, Logic Knot and Spell Snare seems to be the way most people go, but Mana Leak is perfectly serviceable too. Remand isn't as good as it used to be due to the lower cmc of a lot of relevant spells.

Supreme Verdict and Chandra, Torch of Defiance both seem good in the sideboard as you have them.

Also, regarding you land base, Wandering Fumarole seems to just be worse than Celestial Colonnade unless its for budget reasons and I think that your fourth Island could be another land like a Hallowed Fountain. You don't really need that many basics.

mahanhen on 4 Color Alarm

2 weeks ago

this mana base needs some work, i recommend Sacred Foundry so you can get red white with either fetchland, as well as Hallowed Fountain and Stomping Ground for the same reasons, cut a couple of each shock to make room and it will make your mana much much better

ArchonBlue on Never Doubt the Power of a Miracle

3 weeks ago

I really like this deck! I'd be interested to see how it would play out. I do have a few suggestions:

  1. I think you are running too many basics. I'd cut 2 basics and one Hallowed Fountain for 3 more Glacial Fortress. You're already dealing damage to yourself with Noxious Revival and most decks don't run more than two Hallowed Fountain anyway.

  2. Personally I think Detention Sphere as a 2 of is more versatile and effective than Runed Halo.

  3. Serum Visions is a better cantrip than opt, especially for this deck because you're trying to manipulate your draws for Miracle casts. I'd cut both Opt and two Remand.

  4. As a previous commenter mentioned, this deck is a little low on hard answers. Instead of running Remand I'd run another Condescend, just because the Scry ability is great for this deck, and then maybe a hard counterspell like Logic Knot or even Cryptic Command.

Cereal_Killer on Please Don't Leave

3 weeks ago

For the lands, since you don't want to spend money on Flooded Strand, Hallowed Fountain, Polluted Delta or Mystic Gate, I think you have chosen the best ones.
Then, I'd remove Think Twice and add Serum Visions, reduce up to 2 Supreme Verdict (put another one in side maybe) and add some Mana Leak (Remand and Cryptic Command would be other good counters, but they are too expensive, right?).
I'm not sure how Sphinx's Revelation could be a win-con. Having more life than an opponent (and less cards in the deck!) isn't always synonym of victory. Then just one Elspeth, Sun's Champion isn't enough. What if an opponent maages to kill her?
I really can't understand why Esper Charm is there: probably you won't need it's first ability since you have counters (and cards in sideboard), second ability is just and Opt or Serum Visions that costs too much and third is, basically, Inquisition of Kozilek or even Castigate / Thoughtseize / Raven's Crime that needs 3 specifical mana to be used.
Secure the Wastes is a win-con if used in token decks that use also Intangible Virtue, Honor of the Pure, Zealous Persecution and Vault of the Archangel. Now it's used only as a 1/1 creature spammer.
I'll also consider Gideon, Ally of Zendikar or Gideon of the Trials as an alternative win-con.
As for the sideboard I'll just give you some ideas: Tormod's Crypt (if you can afford it maybe also better a Relic of Progenitus or Rest in Peace); 1x Supreme Verdict (if you reduce them up to 2 in main); Kataki, War's Wage or Rest in Peace would be perfect against artifact decks; Pithing Needle or Sorcerous Spyglass; Grafdigger's Cage; even, if you want more budget things Blessed Alliance, Negate, Dismember.
Hope my ideas could help the development of your deck.

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