Faith's Reward


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown Rare
Magic 2013 Rare

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Faith's Reward


Return to the battlefield all permanent cards in your graveyard that were put there from the battlefield this turn.

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Faith's Reward Discussion

AlexRuzhyo on Kaalia of the Vast - "Competitive Aggro"

12 hours ago

Faith's Reward was in the deck at one point, though I think I swapped it out for Ghostway. Ghostway offered more creature-specific protection and at-will ETB abuse, where Faith's Reward either required a sac outlet of an opponent to use a "destroy" to maximize value. In the rare cases you had the 8 mana to cast it and a MLD spell it was pretty neat but games rarely ran on that long.

Razaketh does add more value to Second Sunrise and Faith's Reward, even if you're only sacrificing Kaalia to tutor for a lock piece. Obviously sacrificing more generates more value, but at the same time, you may not always have 2+ other creatures on-board, and sacrificing that much opens you up to a bigger hit should SS/FR get countered.

If you are in a position to abuse SS/FR, I believe the best time to cast would be at the end of an opponent's turn. You could tutor/abuse ETBs and un-tap with Kaalia ready to swing. I think if I were to tutor with Razaketh on my turn with enough mana to cast SS/FR, I'd wrath from the lock piece that turn instead. In that case you'd definitely want something other than Kaalia to use for tutor fodder and keep your value engine going. Losing one beater isn't huge if it means securing the board.

I'll definitely revisit both cards once I have a copy of Razaketh. There's a lot I want to test with him. For one, he pairs greatly with Angel of Serenity - sacrifice her in response to her ETB to permanently exile three cards. In rare cases, can also see swinging with Kaalia and sacrificing her with her trigger on the stack, tutoring for something to bring down on the board.

Ewing46 on Kaalia of the Vast - "Competitive Aggro"

2 days ago

I am excited about the possibilities for Razaketh as well in a competitive Kaalia build. What do you think about Razaketh in combination with Second Sunrise or Faith's Reward that would let you sacrifice your team to fetch the recursion piece plus a lockdown piece to close out the game?

KingOfAllTrades on Rune-Tail and The Six Circles

3 days ago

One easy add for mono-white decks is Emeria, The Sky Ruin. It slots in perfectly in place of a Plains and if the game drags even a little bit it gets so, so good.

If board wipes are bumming you out, try Second Sunrise or Faith's Reward. Played properly, they can completely flip the table.

And if you need them, there are actually quite a few white counterspells! Lapse of Certainty is my favorite of them because it will catch people off-guard every. single. time. Mana Tithe isn't terrible either, but it can be tricky to play. Nothing quite like tithing someone's T1 Sol Ring to tilt them forever, though. Vigilant Martyr might be helpful to your specific archetype.

LeBeerCat on Need help for my friend

5 days ago

I would give the same advice as Panas, but would like to add a card to save from board wipes Faith's Reward, though it wont save from exiled, but that will happen from time to time.

LeaPlath on Eggs, the legacy recipe

5 days ago

Don't forget, in this sort of deck you also have Replenish in place of Faith's Reward.

DarkLaw on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

1 week ago

Let's not forget any of the story questions in Fate Reforged (going off of memory here) like:

Why didn't Bolas kill Ugin rather than just leave him mortally wounded? Didn't he like to eat the more powerful foes he defeated? (Why aren't we getting that demon leviathan planeswalker card?) Why didn't Bolas hurt Sarkhan? How the hell did an echo of Ugin remain that was invisible even to Sorin? How do Ugin's bones still contain that much magic? Shouldn't some Jeskai monk, Temur shaman or Sultai person long since dragged his bones away? (I mean, really, look at Frontier Bivouac.) Weren't Bolas and Ugin pre-mending walkers then? How could Sarkhan remotely compete? Was Sarkhan temporarily a pre-mending walker? How did Sarkhan know exactly what to do? How could Sarkhan never have been born but still exist? How did Sarkhan travel back forwards in time if Ugin was too wounded to do anything? Was that lingering magic from the unwritten timeline? (Why did the guy in See the Unwritten carry on revering dragons?) Why is it that the dragon storms only got stronger when Ugin was wounded, not weaker? If you argue that's how it works, then how come they stop when he dies? What happens when Ugin planeswalks away from Tarkir? Would the tempests temporarily stop? How come we couldn't just resurrect Ugin (there are some spells which allow you to resurrect someone intact - Faith's Reward, for example, and while that exact spell may not work, surely a similar one could)? Why are the dragonlords so angery? And why does Sarkhan have a fetish for dragons that can only be relieved by bringing back dragons on Tarkir in particular?

zannty on Budget Soul Sisters Healing

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions The7thBobba. I definitely like Sunbound and Faith's Reward, but i don't think Serene Steward will be worth it because of the constant mana cost it needs to activate her ability.

Chuff_Bucket on More Life, More Problems

1 week ago

I actually like this build a lot, it seems pretty functional already! Lots of fun little interactions and ways to abuse your lifegain.

That being said, here are my suggestions:

First, you need more sources of card draw - at least a couple more. Harmonize, Ambition's Cost/Ancient Craving, Erebos, God of the Dead, Damnable Pact, Bloodgift Demon, Harvester of Souls, Painful Truths, Promise of Power, and Wretched Confluence are all good options. Decree of Pain pulls double duty in being a board-wipe and a hand-refiller!

In order to make room for a couple of those, I would cut Ghostly Prison and Faith's Reward. For Ghostly Prison, you're already padding your life total a lot, so that will mitigate any attacks coming your way. Additionally, you're playing a lot of big, scary stuff that people aren't going to want to swing in to anyway. It doesn't really seem to go with the gameplan of the deck. With Faith's Reward, I've always found this card to underperform. In a permanent-heavy deck like this, very rarely are you going to want to hold up 4 mana on the off-chance that your opponent uses a boardwipe. And even if you wanted to use this in conjunction with your own, that's a minimum of 8 mana right there. There are better things to be doing at that stage of the game. I can just foresee that a lot of the time, that card will be a dead card in your hand.

Another thing that sticks out to me is that you have a LOT of high-CMC creatures. In fact, of all your creatures currently in the deck, only 5 are below CMC 4. You may want to consider eschewing some of those bigger CMC creatures for smaller ones that will help you out - stuff like Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, Essence Warden, maybe Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim. You don't want to get stuck with an empty board by the time Ikra Shadiqi hits the board!

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