Faith's Reward

Faith's Reward


Return to the battlefield all permanent cards in your graveyard that were put there from the battlefield this turn.

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Faith's Reward Discussion

Joe_Ken_ on mono w soldiers

1 month ago

Some spells I think can just make the deck better are the following.

Finale of Glory You'll never use this for the X=10 part, but doing lets say X=4 will put 4 2/2s on the board which is 8 power total coming out of no where and they'll be ready to swing next turn.

Unbreakable Formation is amazing since it can protect you from a board wipe or be used as an offensive spell on your turn since it'll give your entire team a permanent +1/+1 bonus and leave them up to block after the swing. Make a Stand is similar, but much less effective. Faith's Reward and Eerie Interlude are great since they can dodge the scarier board wipes like Cyclonic Rift and Toxic Deluge

Decree of Justice is good for it's cycling ability. You'll draw a card for 3 mana and you can drain the rest of your mana into it to make that many soldier tokens.

Oketra's Monument is great since while not making soldiers it will give you cost reduction on your creatures and lets you have plenty of expendable bodies.

Marshal's Anthem is a card I use that is very underestimated. In the late game it will help you get some important creatures out of your graveyard and is a great anthem effect to boost your team.

Light from Within will give a good boost to all your non token creatures.

Snap157 on The soul at its highest

1 month ago

Hey, you might need a bit more ramp to push those angles out at a good pace. Mind Stone, Fractured Powerstone, Prismatic Lens, Worn Powerstone, Star Compass, Fellwar Stone, and Verge Rangers are all great options.

For card advantage, consider Mind's Eye, Palace Sentinels, Palace Jailer, Skullclamp, Infiltration Lens, Staff of Nin, and Sun Titan.

Also using fetch lands and Sun Titan, Faith's Reward, and Brought Back can ramp you. I would add in as many plains-fetching lands you can, as well as a Crucible of Worlds. Hope this helps!

Goblin_Guide on I'm the Capashen Now | Gerrard Hero EDH

1 month ago

Interesting deck, mine goes more in the combo direction (based on the word "artifact" instead of "creature"), basically a bad Breya with two less colors and with the opposite piece of text on his cardboard (she's the sacrifice outlet while he's what I think of as a Second Sunrise in the command zone).

I like the use of Gift of Immortality, can't believe I never thought of that -- I even have one floating around somewhere, I think.

Also, I might suggest Second Sunrise and Faith's Reward over or in conjunction with Eerie Interlude and its cousin Ghostway because they can serve much the same purpose and have the added utility of comboing off with Gerrard that way (although I suppose you don't have that third piece of the combo).

Of course, all of this advice comes from a player who's Gerrard deck started as a Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer artifact combo deck that I try not to play to often because turns are annoyingly long, so maybe ignore this comment entirely.

Kyle_Winter on sisay shrines/stax

1 month ago

Greater Auramancy, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, and Soul of New Phyrexia are all ways of keeping your shrines protected.

Also, Starfield of Nyx, Open the Vaults, Sun Titan, Faith's Reward, and Replenish are all great ways to recover your shrines from your graveyard.

Happymaster19 on Part of a Balanced Breakfast [Unrestricted Eggs]

1 month ago

I’ve been swapping win cons a lot. But as for tutoring, just like my other wheel decks they lean on the power of spinning rather than direct tutors. Eventually the kill comes along. Megrim is nice because you can drop it before you’ve hit critical mass. Psyche is my choice of finisher for wheel decks over options that could be vulnerable to Leyline of Sanctity.

This deck isn’t terrible with mana. It may be right to make a pair of Faith's Reward a pair of Windfall. Mana becomes arbitrary at a quicker rate than Hot or Cold Wheels as Second Sunrise/Faith's Reward start bring multiple Jars back.

Crow-Umbra on B/W Life Gain

2 months ago

Just after a quick skim, I'd recommend dropping Dub for Marchesa's Decree or Hissing Miasma if you want some more defense that causes loss of life.

Immortal Servitude could also be cool as a recursion piece if you need one. Faith's Reward can also help to recover from wipes, since a lot of your creatures are small.

Peoyogon on Furry, with claws

2 months ago

Gotta love cat tribal!

How are you on pump spells? If you feel like you need a little more power to close out games, Alpha Status and Stoneforge Masterwork are some of my favorites.

If you find that you are having difficulty connecting your damage, I really like Primal Rage and Glaring Spotlight in agressive combat strategies.

Likewise, if you have people in your play group that run a lot of sweepers, you can run Creeping Renaissance, Faith's Reward, or even Wrap in Vigor to prevent/bounce back from your creatures dying. Of course, you could also use Teferi's Protection if you have the budget for it :)

psionictemplar on Maze's End Alternate Win Conditions

2 months ago

Just cards for considering: Faith's Reward and Scapeshift. It could let you trim a few lands and potentially be faster.

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