Secure the Wastes


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Rare

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Secure the Wastes


Put X 1/1 white Warrior creature tokens onto the battlefield.

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Secure the Wastes Discussion

phdaemon on Abzan Beatdown

23 hours ago

P.S. The token flooding in my example was Secure the Wastes. Currently mainboarding 4x Lingering Souls that get bumped by Gavony Township Every once in a while works wonderfully, and often very similar to how my old Chief of the Edge + Secure the Wastes / Secure the Wastes + Brutal Hordechief synergies used to work.

_raeofsunlight on White Token Deck

6 days ago

Personally I would take out Growing Ranks and add more Anointed Procession. Gather the Townsfolk might be a smarter move than Captain's Call due to mana, but Secure the Wastes is also pretty cool.

RenagadeJedi on Jeskai Delver(Input Appreciated)

1 week ago

Boros Charm, Emerge Unscathed, and possibly Distortion Strike give the deck better aggressive options. I agree with Nimbleturtle, Young Pyromancer is really not that good in a deck like this, a far better choice would be Monastery Swiftspear, it is an aggressive turn 1 threat that just gets better. unfortunately Nimbleturtle's suggestion that you replace the pyromancers with Lingering Souls is just not as feasible as he suggests, as lingering souls requires black mana in it's flashback cost (don't get me wrong, lingering souls is a phenomenal card, just not in your deck).

if you want 4 tokens for 5 mana I'd recommend Secure the Wastes, it's an instant that gives you as many tokens as you have mana-1. I love waiting for my opponent to swing, and then- suprise! 4 tokens for the block.

for another creature, I have to recommend Bedlam Reveler. it comes out generally for 2-4 mana, and immediately gets you 3 new cards in hand with a nice body to boot. in my opinion there is no better card for a tempo deck.

I do hope that you find a decent replacement for Gitaxian Probe maybe you can use one of the cards that someone suggested here to replace it, but it will be very hard to satisfactorily fill the void left by probe's banning.

butthurt_qrow on Mono White Tokens

2 weeks ago

DeckCrazed In fact, I do run a token deck myself. It is more budget than yours, costing less than 30 dollars, along with it being two colors (Selesnya)

I have been considering Secure the Wastes in my own deck for an instant speed token dump. I believe it would be better than Gather the Townsfolk due to its instant speed.

While I get the whole wanting to be countered thing, but that's not a reason to not have enchantments. You can lure out a counter with the enchantments, letting a Elspeth be able to be cast. And you have Not Forgotten that cannot be countered using Boseiju, so you have that recursion.

I would recommend the Brave the Elements over Gods Willing, as it will let you be able to do an lethal swing, as they will not be able to block with that color. And if you have two Gods Willing, you can have 2 colors of protection.

Always happy to help with a deck. Need anymore help, just gimme a shout.

DeckCrazed on Mono White Tokens

2 weeks ago

butthurt_qrow I was trying to avoid using enchantments in the deck and leave only a handful of cards my opponent can truly be able to counter. Although I must say, Anointed Procession is really tempting to run!

As for my reasoning for main deck 3 Gods Willing, I usually attack with multiple tokens and expect that they can't block them all; so for the one or two that they do block, I wanted a card that helped me get around their creature and plan my next move with it's Scrying ability. If play testing proves them insufficient I do have 3 Brave the Elements to put in instead.

Another card I just stumbled upon is Secure the Wastes, I'm thinking of trading out Gather the Townsfolk for it and see how it plays.

Thank you for your help! Do you run a Token Deck yourself?

Davidjameskeenan on Ghave Tokens and Taxes

3 weeks ago

Hi eddywaters1 thank you for checking out my deck! Secure the Wastes is an excellent idea. I will have to include that one. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who likes to control the game with hate cards. One of my favourite scenarios is to have Ophiomancer, Dictate of Erebos, and Viscera Seer (or equivalent) and control the board. Sometimes it feels good to be bad!

I'll keep tweaking my deck and I will definitely use yours as a guide.

Cheers, David

eddywaters1 on Ghave Tokens and Taxes

3 weeks ago

Sorry still working on learning the formatting. Tried to hyper link my deck. If you look at my decks it's the one called "Ghave a Little Bit (of my Hate to You)".

As for your deck, I really like the inclusion Rishkar, Peema Renegade and Hornet Queen and Ophiomancer. I also came to the conclusion that having lots of tokens out is a greater benefit to the deck than just getting out extra plus one counters.

Have you considered running Secure the Wastes as a token generator? Pretty efficient and instant speed so you can hold it for when your opponent taps out or something.

Sun Titan is another favorite in my deck, as it brings back hatebears and control enchantments like Contamination and Aura of Silence.

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