Secure the Wastes


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Rare

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Secure the Wastes


Put X 1/1 white Warrior creature tokens onto the battlefield.

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Secure the Wastes Discussion

jcbcrn517 on

1 week ago

ZackBinksThis is actually the older version of the deck. I thought I had erased it. I did end up putting alarms in it and cutting the amount of Secure the Wastes. The birds aren't completely necessary and should figure out if I want midrange or aggro. If it's aggro, I need some more dorks, if not I need more black mana and some hand disruption. I might try to do a slightly greener version of your tokens deck.

Revedeka on Mono-White Defend and Spam

1 week ago

I would find a way to fit in Wall of Omens here, if I were you. Not only a 0/4 for 2, it has defender so it benefits from your other creatures and lets you draw a card. This card draw should not be underestimated. I would play Wall of Omens over Wall of Faith, and Im not sure if Endless Horizons is that great here. I would only run Endless Horizons if you're planning to run a pretty low number of lands, or if it combo's well with another card (even though it combo's here with Ghirapur Orrery). If you want to run more tokens, you could find a way to play Extraplanar Lens maybe, it works well with Ghirapur Orrery and Endless Horizons, and is extremely good with spells with in their mana cost, which most token spells are. If you go that route, you could try Secure the Wastes or Entreat the Angels and maybe soem token pump spells like Intangible Virtue or Elspeth, Sun's Champion.

Good luck with your deck!

lordofthewaves on Kittens and Dragons

2 weeks ago

I like the idea of transforming lots of small creatures into lots of badass dragons and your deck title is definitely an eye catcher. However, I playtested your deck 4 times against a variety of my decks and I wasn't able to play White Sun's Zenith even once. I think there are many more efficient ways to generate creatures to "feed" into Descent of the Dragons such as Timely Reinforcements or Secure the Wastes. This would compromise your Kitten theme but if you are honest to yourself you don't have that many cats in that deck anyways. If you're interested have a look at my deck Gods of Tokens for some inspiration how to generate and utilize tokens in a red-white deck.

herringtonr on Attack of the Elementals

2 weeks ago

Well first off, there are barely any allies in the deck. Secondly, the curve is way to high for modern, considering all but 4 of the spells in the deck cost at least 4 mana, since you won't Secure the Wastes for 0-2. Try to either lower the curve a little bit or put a lot more ramp in.

Sparky41 on

2 weeks ago


So boros tokens is a relatively popular deck, and it has so many options on how to build around it. you can go full tokens with a playset of rabblemaster, Servo Exhibition, Raise the Alarm, Secure the Wastes, Wingmate Roc, Angel of Invention, Hanweir Garrison, Impact Tremors, then throw in some way to pump them and/or give them haste. The big thing is to get rid of the cards that don't have synergy with the strategy, like Seeker of the Way and Goblin Heelcutter, as they aren't that great in any environment.

chriswu98 on Quick and Effective...

2 weeks ago

1st Turn- Student of Warfareis a decent card at first, but when you level it up the card becomes insane a two mana 3/3 with first strike and so on!

2nd Turn- Student of Warfare or a Crusade which makes your current Student a 2/2 as it is a white creature. I don't know how good that is in your meta, but it seems pretty good in mine. You can also cast Thalia, Guardian of Thrabenor Porcelain Legionnaire. I can understand that some players might not understand Porcelain Legionnaire, so I will explain it the best I can. So what you can do is cast him for two mana of any color or colorless mana and then take off two life from your life total- so if you were at 20 you would be at 18 now- or you can spend a Plains land-only a Plains land- and cast him. Thus in that case, he would cost two mana of any color or colorless mana and a Plains land mana making a total of 3 mana. With that all said his symbol is called Phyrexian , this means that his symbol does not count for the Devotion you have in getting Heliod to turn into a creature.

3rd Turn- Okay now you might be scared of what he has on the board. In this case, you use Banishing Light this turn because it is a sorcery, and you cannot play it on his turn. I would recommend to save Banishing Light for things that are not creatures, as this deck does have better removal such as Path to Exile. Unless in the case of hexproof, where you will have to RNG your way into Celestial Flareand hope that he only attacks with only that creature or blocks with only that creature.

3rd Turn (The who cares you will win anyways mentality)- Honestly this is what I do most of the time- I wouldn't recommend it, if you are playing with better players and know that they will counter whatever you do. Play Mirran Crusader, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Hidden Dragonslayer for his 3 cost, Always Watching , Thalia, Heretic Cathar, or any of the Swords depending on which situation. Okay so if you played Mirran Crusader, you would maybe attack with one Student of Warfare. Hidden Dragonslayer is a complete beast when used properly, he plays as three mana 2/2 creature face down- this means that the color is not established and the player does not know what the card is as you just have to say it is a 2/2 creature. Therefore in first encounter games you can really trip up your opponent, anytime you want-yes it is an instant metamorph isn't that just insane- you can flip it over and turn it into a 3/2 Human Warrior with Lifelink and destroy a creature with power 4 or greater. I wouldn't recommend trying to use the metamorph ability on a God as it is indestructible, however gods can still die through -X/-X counters, exile, discard, and so on. Always Watching is the card that allows you to attack with all your non-token creatures. If you placed a Sword then all you would do is attack like you do with Mirran Crusader, as the cost of the equip is still two and you would not have enough mana that turn.

4th Turn- Okay most of these plays are pretty good if you played Elspeth, Knight-Errant I would consider doing the second ability where your creature gets +3/3( looks to be forever) and also flying( this is until end for turn) and then putting that +3/3 onto Mirran Crusader which allows you to attack in the air (only creatures with flying or reach, and are not black, green or both can block), thus without any blocks you will deal 10 damage to the opponent because of double strike( the creature attacks with first strike and then again).Heliod, God of the Sunis just great, when you haven't gotten Always Watching out or Always Watching has been exiled, destroyed, etc. Secure the Wastes( Instant), also gets you 3 white warrior tokens on your turn or enemy turn, I would suggest enemy's turn as you can't attack with them this turn anyways.

Beyond 4th Turn you can do pretty much anything- they should be either dead or close to dead by this tho.

(SIDENOTE- When a Planeswalker is on the field you are unable to counter his abilities. For instance,use the +whatever ability from your planeswalker, he cannot at that moment say I want to kill your planeswalker to counter that ability. The ability will still go through and then he can kill your planeswalker, ultimately achieving nothing but stopping what you might do with your planeswalker next turn)

chirz2792 on

2 weeks ago

Furystoke Giant and Skullclamp are both good in token builds. White Sun's Zenith is another one although personally I'm partial to Secure the Wastes instead. Don't know what your budget is like but if you can afford it then I'd recommend Purphoros, God of the Forge and Xenagos, the Reveler. I ran marath for a long time and let me tell you, he's a really powerful commander. If you're interested I can link the list I ran, although mine wasn't a budget build but you might be able to get some ideas. Anyway +1 from me.

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