Secure the Wastes


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Rare

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Secure the Wastes


Put X 1/1 white Warrior creature tokens onto the battlefield.

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Secure the Wastes Discussion

LukeEffe on Emrakul, the Thopter Queen

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions, surely the manabase is easy ti upgrade with shock and fetch lands. Bitterblossom is interessing but way top out of budget. Secure the Wastes is good, It night replace lingering souls. Thoughtseize is something I've considered bit it's a bit out of budget at the moment, bit still in the possibility list. I love splashing black for more interactivity with the opponent and because of hand-hate and cheap removal. Nahiri, the Harbinger is Cool bit I think that in order ti play her i Need to play almost a different deck. Thanks for suggestions, i'll keep those in consideration

Cereal_Killer on Emrakul, the Thopter Queen

1 week ago

Seems very nice, but I'd do some changes: first of all I would change Cast Down into Fatal Push. Then, if it's on budget, I'd increase the numer of Polluted Delta, Flooded Strand and Marsh Flats and I'd cut Nimbus Maze and River of Tears. I'd add also the schocklands, if on budget: Hallowed Fountain, Watery Grave and Godless Shrine, cutting Adarkar Wastes and Underground River. Then, why not a Logic Knot or Mana Leak instead of Negate and Pact of Negation? Also, since you have decided to use only 2x Inquisition of Kozilek, couldn't be better Thoughtseize? Another 2 token spawners I would take in consideration here are: Bitterblossom and Secure the Wastes (since is instant and creates as many tokens you want). Another thing: since you have only 4 black spells, why won't you consider cutting all black from the deck?

Silverdrake on U/W/R Control

3 weeks ago

3x Logic Knot is really high if you aren't running any Thought Scour. Not necessarily to say you should play scour, but rather that you should trim some of the knots. I'd go down 1-2 knot in favor of 1-2 Mana Leak. 25 lands is also a little high even for a control deck if you aren't running any Sphinx's Revelation or Secure the Wastes. I'd recommend cutting a land in favor of either another Gideon of the Trials, the fourth Cryptic Command, or, my personal favorite, a 1x Disallow. Stops Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger cast trigger & can turn Grapeshot into a 1 dmg spell no matter the storm count. Worst case scenario, it's still a Cancel.

SynergyBuild on America (Jeskai Control)

4 weeks ago

I love red control lists like this in modern, I have felt like they were playing whack-a-mole in Magic: The Gathering, like against burn:

Goblin Guide? Whack! (Lightning Bolt)

Eidolon of Blossoms? Whack! (Spell Snare)

Goblin Guide and Skullcrack? Whack! Whack! (Snapcaster Mage the Spell Snare and trade in combat)

On another note, why the Secure the Wastes? Settle the Wreckage seems like more than enough in an aggro meta, unless you meta is just aggro and tokens and stuff, or do you close out games with it?

I'd really recommend the 4th Celestial Colonnade, they close games out like no Secure the Wastes! Also a second Supreme Verdict over Settle the Wreckage would by my choice, but you are the builder, I'd love to hear your opinion!

Dumgoldfish124 on No.

1 month ago

Hey arvish! Thanks for taking the time to suggest some things, I really appreciate it! With the Blessed Alliances in the mainboard I had been thinking of removing them, for 2 Sphinx's Revelations, and your reaction to them finally pushed me into doing so.

As for Lingering Souls and Secure the Wastes the flashback for Lingering Souls needs black mana so it is only a 3 cost for 2 1/1 flyers and Secure the Wastes would just be another win condition that I don't really need since I already have about 4.

I didn't think about the anti-synergy between Rune Snag and Snapcaster Mage/Torrential Gearhulk, so I'll have to try out Mana Leak, and see how it goes, thanks for making me aware of this.

I had Myth Realized in the deck for a little, but unless I had 4 copies I never drew it early enough. It was fun when I did draw it or had it in my opening hand, but it was pretty much a dead card otherwise.

Finally, I didn't know about the general feeling that 8 counterspells was the magic number, so I have changed that by removing the Spell Snares and replacing them with 1 Fog Bank and 1 Jace, Unraveler of Secrets.

Again, thank you heaps for taking a look and suggesting so many things! It really helped me out, and any further help would be welcomed!

bwanabeast5 on Candy Cane

1 month ago

Hey don't listen to this^ guy!!! You arent running alot of mana so I would take out 1x Seal Away, 1x Intangible Virtue, and 2x Secure the Wastes.

arvish on No.

1 month ago

This looks fun to play! Have you considered Lingering Souls, Secure the Wastes, and perhaps Sphinx's Revelation? They all help grind the game down. Blessed alliance is pretty good in the sideboard, but I'm not too sure how I feel about it in the mainboard, has that been working well for you?

Also, if you plan on running Snapcaster Mage and Torrential Gearhulk, then you may be better off running Mana Leak as opposed to Rune Snag as the latter has negative synergy. You may also want to consider Logic Knot in this counter shell as it looks like your graveyard is relatively untouched.

Also, minor note, I think the consensus is that 8 counterspells in the MB is standard in U/B. You may have some flexibility there. Something spicy you could consider is Myth Realized, that seems fun in this shell ;0.

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