Basilisk Collar


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Worldwake (WWK) Rare

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Basilisk Collar


Equipped creature has deathtouch and lifelink.


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Basilisk Collar Discussion

JuQ on Weenies Who Smile At Death

15 hours ago

I'm preparing a deck with Alesha and your's looks pretty much like what I have in mind.
You probably know already, but creatures that enter the battlefield attacking won't trigger "Whenever this attacks" type abilities, they must be declared attackers for that to happen. So if you bring Ankle Shanker or Tajic, Blade of the Legion with Alesha they won't do their thing that turn.

Do you want more deathtouch? Basilisk Collar to get access lifelink and Quietus Spike to force your oponents to feed creatures to Alesha.

I'm always trying to find a good deck to use Sunforger, this may be it.

These colors have bad card draw, Ghirapur Orrery would be good on this deck.

Retribution of the Meek and Slaughter the Strong are board wipes perfectly tailored for Alesha.

You could swap Palisade Giant for Protector of the Crown lower toughness but it gets you card via monarch, the deck is quite aggressive so getting the crown back shouldn't be a problem, or you can just animate him again.

Ravenous Chupacabra is Nekrataal without restrictions (and a much funnier name).

From your primer:
"Master of Cruelties + Strionic Resonator OR Illusionist's Bracers: For reducing multiple opponents to 1 health"

That doesn't work that way. Master of cruelties' ability doesn't have a target, it just affects the defending player, even if that player has hexproof or shroud. If you copy the ability it will still be affecting the defending player, you can't choose any other.
MoC's ability is a triggered ability and you won't be able to duplicate it with the Illusionist's bracers, they only work on activated abilities that are always written in the form "Cost: Effect."
In your deck Illusionist's Bracers would only be useful with Feldon of the Third Path (technically also work with Kytheon and Mirror entity, but copying their ability is redundant). I dont see the Bracers on your deck list so I guess you took them out already.

Liquidbeaver on [PRIMER] - Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician

16 hours ago

midget_overlord: I like them both, but it depends on how someone structures the rest of their deck.

Gravity Sphere allows spells like Subterranean Tremors,Earthquake, etc... to hit flying creatures, and you can still take advantage of Nemesis Mask, Invasion Plans, and all of Basilisk Collar.

Chaosphere is really nice if you are having issues with flying chump blockers, or if you want to be able to chump block flyers yourself. An extra form of evasion on top of Goblin King never hurts either.

Being less than 1/10th the price it would be hard to justify Gravity over Chaos in a lot of situations, I just like the fact that it removes the flying ability completely, not just modifies combat.

griffstick on NEED HELP with Tromokratis

3 days ago

I have a vision that seems pretty good I don't know your budget but here goes. You commander is gonna be unblocked 90 percent of the time. Rather then making him unblockable make him get blocked. Use him as a creature nuke. Grafted Exoskeleton, they will have to block or they will die to infect. I would run some extra turn stuff. Expropriate and Time Stretch. So you wait for your opponents to tap at least one of thier creatures to make your move. Then boom, CMDR attacks deals lots of damage and then you cast a spell to take an extra turn then boom more CMDR damage take an extra turn again. You get the point.

A card I would suggest. Fatestitcher, this is gonna be great you'll be able to untap you CMDR giving him hexproof back or tapping a creature to make him unblockable or untapping a creature an opponent controls suddenly making your CMDR able to be blocked and making him a nuke because he is equipped with Basilisk Collar.

So there's some really good resources out there and this site is one of the few. There's an app I'm using to help find cards I want it is called mtg fimilar it's only for Android and it's amazing. Download that app it will help tons. Also go to that site should help tons too.

Some random cards that might be good with your CMDR .

Kukemssa Pirates he will steal shit because your CMDR has to be blocked.

Infiltration Lens you'll draw so many cards.

Tideforce Elemental, like I said before, you might find it more useful to untap your opponents creatures, to take then out

Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor, this guy is great defense and other utility

Arbiter of the Ideal, with all the tap and untap stuff this is an easy include.

I'll have more for you another time just tag me.

Onlytruereject on Hard to believe such a calamity!

4 days ago

I built a Zacama deck last week and hopefully will have the joy of testing it out tomorrow night. (Playgroup pending lol). That being said, I picked up a Basilisk Collar today to add to the deck and you should too. Zacama + Trample, Deathtouch, and Lifelink? Yes please, not to mention his red ability plus the collar is scary. Just a suggestion. If you want more ideas, check out my deck. Its not a combo deck like yours just a beatdown. I may merge it to combos, but undecided. Good luck in your games.

Also, upvoted the deck!

Heres my deck Calamity is coming...

Onlytruereject on Calamity is coming...

4 days ago

ReaperDrek I could have sworn I replied to your comment. Very good advice on those cards listed. I decided to follow your suggestion and not add Bow of Nylea. However, I found a much needed card that will be added once I figure out what to replace, but Basilisk Collar is going in. Giving Zacama dearhouch and lifelink, especially with his red ability is far too good to pass up. Ill look into adding the Slayers' Stronghold as well since that card is also amazing.

Onlytruereject on Zacama's Big Mana Calamity

4 days ago

05seb05 I run a Zacama deck as well and I cant believe I neglected Basilisk Collar. That card is too perfect for Zacama

05seb05 on Zacama's Big Mana Calamity

4 days ago

Can I recommend Lurking Predators? Honestly a huge card that wins games. My friend runs a Zacama deck albeit with more high drop dino creatures, and this card to great effect. I also run Basilisk Collar in my Marath, Will of the Wild deck, but it would work the same here as Zacama can deal damage directly to creatures, giving him deathtouch would be easy instant removal.

Cmasa435 on Marath, Will of the Weebs (Primer)

5 days ago

One card I love with Marath is Nightshade Peddler, as giving Marath deathtouch turns his ability into "Remove one counter from Marath, Destroy target creature" (as you no doubt know given Basilisk Collar's inclusion). I also like to run the Birthing Pod line with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker to make infinite tokens, but as you mentioned preferring to play a bit more casually that infinite combo may be a bit much for your playgroup (depending). Ranging Raptors is another card I like with Marath, ping it and ramp into next week. Stoneforge Mystic can be good to fetch up you equipment cards.

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