Twilight Prophet


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Mythic Rare

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Twilight Prophet

Creature — Vampire


Ascend (If you control ten or more permanents, you get the city's blessing for the rest of the game.)

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have the city's blessing, reveal the top card of your library and put it into your hand. Each opponent loses X life and you gain X life, where X is that card's converted mana cost.

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Twilight Prophet Discussion

AnthonyTD on Edgar Markov - Commander

2 days ago

Thanks a ton for that deck link! I kind of have a better understanding of where I want to go with this. I'm thinking of going for more of an Aristocrat build utilizing the tribal theme with the mass of tokens that Edgar Markov will produce. So cards like Kheru Bloodsucker, Blood Artist, Drana's Emissary,Sanctum Seeker,Twilight Prophet, and Zulaport Cutthroat are what I'm thinking of.

I now need to cut roughly 18 cards to get the 30 or so lands that I want. Any suggestions are welcome!

BigBoyBeau on Hyper Markov

2 days ago

usaDiabetic I've updated the description. 30-35 lands is as trim as it can go, haha!

It is true that once there are more than 3 opponents this kind of strategy faces greater opposition. I've played most often with 1-4 opponents but 4, 5, or more opponents would be trouble!

To be fair to the deck, the card draw of Herald's Horn, Skullclamp, The Immortal Sun, Vanquisher's Banner, Asylum Visitor, Champion of Dusk, Dusk Legion Zealot, Forerunner of the Legion, Twilight Prophet, Dark Prophecy, Necropotence, Phyrexian Arena and reanimation of Victimize, Patriarch's Bidding, Living Death, Bloodline Necromancer help sustain after board wipes.

Enough creatures have excellent effects as well to benefit from being knocked out including Kheru Bloodsucker, Paladin of Atonement, Elenda, the Dusk Rose, Kalastria Highborn, Pawn of Ulamog, Voldaren Pariah  Flip, Bloodghast, Oathsworn Vampire, Viscera Seer, Blood Artist, and Falkenrath Noble.

And for disruption/removal there's New Blood, The Immortal Sun, Voldaren Pariah  Flip, Vampire Hexmage, Thief of Blood, Patron of the Vein, Captivating Vampire, Bloodhusk Ritualist, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Guul Draz Assassin, and Bishop of Binding.

I'm open to suggestion though. Any other removal options you might recommend?

Ambsma on Death By Papercuts

3 days ago

furrycombatwombat yeah... I meant to put in a Twilight Prophet. Whoops

qwertyking on We Are Legion

3 days ago

Like the list, gets a +1 from me. . I have a similar list- B/W Vampires- The Quick Constructed MVP which is similar to this list except its more token based, while this list appears to just be based around a midrange vampire strategy. I've noticed that Champion of Dusk is honestly a bomb in the deck, and I would recommend adding it to your main board over Twilight Prophet.

hydrothermia on Give and Take

3 days ago

A lot of things have changed since you last played. No worries though. Just to let you know, Kaladesh/Aether Revolt and Amonkhet/Hour of Devastation will rotate out of Standard in October to make room for Guilds of Ravinica. I will be excluding cards from those four sets so you don't invest in cards cycling out of a format.

I also need to know if you're going for a budget, mid-cost or no limit in cost deck.

Here are some Artifacts, Colorless, Lands and (B/W)Orzhov to look for in Standard are as follows in no particular order.

Cleansing Nova | Vraska's Contempt | Cast Down | Seal Away | Twilight Prophet

Karn, Scion of Urza | Isolated Chapel | Field of Ruin | Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip | Settle the Wreckage

Invoke the Divine | Sovereign's Bite | Arvad the Cursed | Take Vengeance | Aryel, Knight of Windgrace

Baird, Steward of Argive | Benalish Marshal | Danitha Capashen, Paragon | Divest | Duress

Shalai, Voice of Plenty | Resplendent Angel | Axis of Mortality | Bishop of Rebirth | Call to the Feast

Vona, Butcher of Magan | Champion of Dusk | Profane Procession  Flip | Elenda, the Dusk Rose | Legion Lieutenant

hydrothermia on Yuriko - Omae wa mou shindeiru

6 days ago


I should have figured that out. For whatever reason it didn't occur to me that was what you were doing with Draco for the trigger. You could always double up on a similar trigger with Twilight Prophet. Get it at the beginning of your upkeep and combat phase with Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow.

Older20 on Long Live the Queen!

1 week ago

I like your take on Queen Marchesa - very different to my own. Have you thought about adding cards like Alhammarret's Archive, Twilight Prophet and Well of Lost Dreams. I think all of them would work very well in your deck.

chesskiller42 on Isareth's Blood Ravagers

1 week ago

If you are trying to do life gain to support yourself I would suggest throwing in a couple Bishop's Soldier it's a solid attacker with lifelink and on top of that if you were to put in Epicure of Blood you could make them lose life while you are gaining it back which can streamline the process a little. Also if you can get the city's blessing easily enough I would think about side boarding a Twilight Prophet, it can help cycle through your deck pretty quickly which means you can get your combo up easier.

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