Twilight Prophet


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Mythic Rare

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Twilight Prophet

Creature — Vampire


Ascend (If you control ten or more permanents, you get the city's blessing for the rest of the game.)

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have the city's blessing, reveal the top card of your library and put it into your hand. Each opponent loses X life and you gain X life, where X is that card's converted mana cost.

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Twilight Prophet Discussion

Argy on Flame-Chained

9 hours ago

thegr8jr unfortunately my decks are always built with very specific Sideboards, relevant to my local meta.

Bontu's Last Reckoning comes in against decks that can go wide by the mid to late game.

Or against decks using Carnage Tyrant.

You can use Twilight Prophet to defend with, and in the late game it starts to give you life.

You could use Gonti, Lord of Luxury in the Mainboard, but what are you going to remove?

Glorybringer, and Tetzimoc, Primal Death help you maintain more precise Control through your Creatures, and you really need all the removal spells you can get your hands on for this to function as a consistent Control deck.

I guess you could replace Twilight Prophet, as it is the same mana cost, but you do lose a way to potentially draw, and gain life, in the late game.

That card was a drawing machine for me, tonight.

I like Gonti, Lord of Luxury in the Sideboard as a nasty surprise against Approach of the Second Sun decks, as an extra Creature to run Control decks out of cards, and as a nice extra problem against decks with smaller Creatures.

Its surprise factor is excellent for winning Game 2.

Control decks are notoriously tricky to pilot. You've really got to know your meta back to front in order to get the best out of them.

There are also probably lots of little tricks in this one that you might not be aware of.

It also might not suit your play style. Most brewed decks work well because they are piloted by the person who put them together.

If you think putting more Creatures in this deck would make it work better for you, then by all means you should tweak it.

Just make sure that you don't start shoving in cards that other people tell you that you should, because they have seen them work well in other decks.

This deck has a very specific game plan, and mucking around with that too much may end up weakening it.

Argy on Flame-Chained

16 hours ago

thegr8jr I suggest you DON'T run Treasure Map  Flip instead of Metalspinner's Puzzleknot.

It is MUCH more likely to be removed.

Those people suggesting it are probably just doing so because they have gotten it into to their head that you MUST run that card if you want an Artifact with draw.

I tested with it, and it was hopeless.

You could take out Twilight Prophet for Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, if you must.

Again, people just automatically suggest that card for draw.

If you put early Creatures in a Control deck you run the risk that they will be easily removed, because you don't have many, and people pack early removal.

They are easy targets.

Glad the deck played well for you.

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

"only thing i couldnt deal with easily and effectlively was early card draw"

Were the Opponents getting ahead of you by drawing more cards than you could deal with, or did you feel the need for more early draw yourself?

I find that I have often been playing Metalspinner's Puzzleknot on Turn 2, if I have Cut / Ribbons in hand or need the draw, or on Turn 3 if I have Fatal Push or Magma Spray in hand.

Then I am often able to sac it on my Opponent's Turn 3/4 End Step, if I have mana open, because they didn't play a Creature.

It might just take some getting used to, for you.

teh_grimness on What we do in the shadows over Innistrad

23 hours ago

cards i would strongly consider

cards i would cut:

  • any of the equipment, it feels like more of a swarm deck, which makes the equipment less worthwhile
  • Licia, Sanguine Tribune, shes an ok card, but better as a voltron commander than in the 99 of a swarm deck.
  • Mirri the Cursed seems weak to me
  • Comeuppance and Delerium have way better and lower CMC options
  • i would also cut down to 38 lands, frees up 4 card slots and, with Urza's Incubator and a 3.77 average CMC, i dont think mana will be that big an issue.

Chrisprit on [[Profane Twilight of the Crested Sun]]

1 day ago

Well record tonight was 1-3. Need to lower the curve big time. Mardu Vehicles got me, B/W vampires barely got over the top, U/W control was a nail biter...only played two games, second game he was down to two cards before time so the draw went to him. I won the match against a Doom deck which was his own brew. Back to the drawing board and already have ideas for the deck. Profane Procession  Flip is crazy good and had two games where Twilight Prophet and two Crested Sunmare just went off. Not giving up on the deck. Fun to play even though my record sucked. Learned a lot.

Argy on Flame-Chained

2 days ago

Pabs4444 you've joined this discussion late.

Glint-Sleeve Siphoner has already been talked about.

I will add it to the list of rejected cards.

Twilight Prophet has been great.

This is a Control deck. It wants a long game. Plenty of time to get the City's Blessing, which I have discussed ad nauseum above.

Sorry, but I'm not really interested in looking at a different version of this deck.

This deck has been doing its job.

Someone has just come along and assumed that Scavenger Grounds is not right for this deck, and lots of other people have jumped into the discussion based on that.

This deck can still win if Scavenger Grounds is used.

It just takes a bit longer.

All the extra cards people have been suggesting dilute what this deck wants to do.

Pabs4444 on Flame-Chained

2 days ago

Also, Silent Gravestone shuts down The Scarab God while keeping the cards in the graveyard in the event that you reach the ultimate. Twilight Prophet seems too slow, only because you are dependent on having the cities blessing. Have you considered Glint-Sleeve Siphoner? I don't see it in your 'already considered' section. It's great early-mid game, provides a body that can attack in early and easily against all decks due to menace, provide card advantage, and is also another way to get more energy for Harnessed Lightning. In the event you play against Approach, you can cast Harnessed Lightning just for the energy and use Glint-Sleeve Siphoner to turn that energy into card advantage. Do you mind if I share one of my versions of the deck?

Argy on Flame-Chained

4 days ago

Ardawg123 none of those cards are in my deck.

They are in the Maybeboard.

For what reason would you include Rekindling Phoenix?

I tested with it, and the other Creatures were far better.

This is a Control deck. Everything it does seeks to Control the Opponent.

Yes, the Phoenix is annoying, but it doesn't kill Opponent Creatures, or take their cards, like the other Creatures in the Deck do.

You don't want too many Creatures in a Control deck, so it's EITHER Rekindling Phoenix OR Glorybringer OR Tetzimoc, Primal Death.

The last two Creatures help so much more with the Control aspect.

It could replace Twilight Prophet, but the card draw and life in the late game is proving to be valuable.

Gonti, Lord of Luxury is necessary in the Sideboard against Approach of the Second Sun decks.

Thanks for the idea, but at this stage it's a no go.

Do you know how to link cards? It's much easier to know what you're talking about, if you do.

The tutorials on your Profile will teach you how.

superfuinha on Midrange RIX Vampires

4 days ago

I tried this deck two days ago against a friend. I removed two lands for 2 Twilight Prophet.

Against an incomplete Mardu Vehicles (no Chandra) it struggled a bit, I suppose I've had a 50% winrate, against G/R goodstuff it did well, 3-0, I even bought 6 cards with Champion of Dusk

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